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WEEK OF JUNE 26-JULY 2, 2009

Influence Of Real Life Father Helps Local Producer/Actor Dwayne Boyd Gain Black Film Festival Nomination By Tracy Allen CALL Staff Writer

Boyd loves his parents and his father, who instilled in him it’s not where you start out that matters, it’s how you finish the race and life. “4 Minutes” is a film that speaks about fatherhood on three different levels. What a great example of Had it not been for his firefighting Dad, George Boyd, Dwayne Boyd could have gotten mixed up in a that with George Boyd. The film is distinguished among over 100 entries in the category and at least 600 lot of things life offers. entries to the festival overall. Then again, had it not been for his love for the stage and big screen, Boyd wouldn’t be considered “I know that God has blessed me because he was in my life, he made a difference in me,” said Boyd among rising young African American filmmakers this country has to offer. of his father. “I wanted to make sure that George Boyd showed up in this film, and in a sense, he did. This week, Boyd is learning just how good his talent is becoming. My relationship with my father, there was a time he was molding me into a man, he definitely someone A finalist in the “Best Narrative Film” category for his film, “4 Minutes” at the 13th annual American I grew up respecting and I know the community respects him. For me, just having him, that was a great Black Film Festival in Miami through Saturday, says a lot about Boyd’s talent. But most example. Without my father, I don’t know where I would be. I know he is proud beimportantly, it also points how this Kansas City native and now, Atlanta filmmaker cause I’m not out doing something negative, I’m doing something positive and it’s all and actor, learned from one of the most important role models in his life, retired fire because of him.” captain George Boyd. Even Boyd admits, his father, and mother’s influence was key to “I’ll always give him the credit he deserves,” Boyd said of his Dad. not let his surroundings diminish what he aspired to become -- an actor and producer/ Growing up near Prospect and Linwood, Boyd said it would have been easy to fall director. Boyd was raised around 34th and Askew, yet, he says it didn’t stop him from by the wayside. He didn’t and he encourages other youth and young adults in inner going forth with his dreams. city Kansas City to not let the streets determine their fate. The fact that the 1990 Van Horn High school graduate, who also attended D.A. Hol“Growing up around Prospect and all, there was all that negativity back in the day,” mes, Sanford B. Ladd Elementary schools and Central Junior and Nowlin Junior High said Boyd. “I have to credit even my mother for meeting my father, and I was blessed schools, has named his film company, 34th and Askew Productions, after his childthat she met the kind of man that he. He and my mother both, definitely helped me hood neighborhood home, says a lot about what Boyd wants kids raised in his inner to understand that in the midst of the madness of being in neighborhood that was city neighborhood to realize -- dreams can come true. At least for Boyd, it has. at times, poverty stricken, a lot of drugs and different aspects we had to deal with His acting credentials alone have taken him far. In 2005, he starred as Oscar in the coming up, me and my sister, we could have easily ended up on drugs, in and out of Screen Gems production, “The Gospel”, opposite Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba and Omar prison, but it didn’t happen because we had a positive example like George Boyd in Gooding. His television credits include appearances in episodes of NBC’s “Surface”, front of us.” the Black Family Channel’s “Playhouse 22”, and Lifetime’s “Army Wives.” Said Boyd, “While my father was well respected in the city, I want to be well reBoyd’s latest, “4 Minutes” introduces movie fans to the character of Terrance (Jaspected in my industry.” son Sylvain), a school teacher whose priority is to be the dad his father, Carl (GreLike so many black producers/directors, Boyd wants to make films that speak galan Williams, “Remember the Titans) was not. Boyd stars as Terrance best friend, about urban life, but also, gives both sides to the story. Omar, a womanizer who tells any lie he can to get with as many women as possible. “I understand where we (as blacks) come from so you can’t really move forward Of course, Omar cons Terrance into some wild adventure and funny moments with unless you understand where we’ve been,” said Boyd. “I remember when the Blaxwomen they meet and, who they hope to have relationships. ploitation era blew up and it became profitable in Hollywood. There was nothing DWAYNE BOYD Boyd says the film itself, which has been on the table for some time even while wrong with that. But what happened was when it started getting watered down and it filming his “The Gospel” role, and the nomination for “Best Narrative” have all been wasn’t as profitable and they stopped making films. Then, you saw, Spike Lee coming pleasant moments in a rising career. back in ‘86 and he started the movement all over again. When he started doing films “It’s so much more fun to be on the creative side,” said Boyd, who admits, he still loves acting. “Taking like “Do The Right Thing”, or “Coming to America”, films like that, those all were classics. We need ownership of a project from start to finish is such a good thing. Every time I think about it, I think about to continue that trend. There are much more stories out there, some that have yet to be told. We have the poster, the premiere, everything, the fact that it was all in my imagination, that is a thrill in itself. I to have that platform. Let’s face it, Hollywood is going to stick with what they know. And they’ll stick to just enjoy this process.” what they think is urban comedy. But, the more you get behind the independent film movement, you’ll With “4 Minutes” being the first film that Boyd has produced, he’s glad that he didn’t listen to any con- see different voices, different stories emerge.” cerns producers and directors run into when it comes to finishing a project. “It just goes to show what In Boyd’s case, it’s a story about urban life that he says all blacks can relate to, regardless of family we can do,” says Boyd of his latest work. upbringing. “Anytime you’re a first-time director or producer, you want to make sure you have people on board “I’m all about stories that say, ‘hey, it’s a little different here but it is a story that I can relate,’” said that can help bring that vision to life,” Boyd said. “I didn’t know a lot about writing, I didn’t know a lot Boyd. but I had to have credible people that understood what needed to happen here and there. . . That’s what A story that Boyd hopes continues receiving interest. A Kansas City premiere is planned in late July we did with “4 Minutes”. We made people understand what these characters are, you can feel for them and Boyd can’t wait to come home. He also has advice for local film nuts interested in getting in the busiand actually relate to them.” ness: “Shoot your film no matter what. You have access to equipment now. We’re in a time now where What happened is a “best” film nomination, something which is just a beginning to a possible strong affordable equipment is more accessible than ever before. Also, have a platform. Use the internet. Now, film and stage career for this Kansas City native. “I knew that we had a great script and that’s where it has there is no need not to make a movie. Put your stuff out there.” to start,” Boyd said. “I knew that the story had to be told a certain way.” But of course, Boyd’s path can be mostly credited with good parenting. It’s not hard to understand why

Fast And Furious: New ‘Transformers’ Still Operating With All Its Craziness By Tracy Allen CALL Staff Writer Okay, fasten your seat belt and don’t look far off base until you reach your destination. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is your typical action, spectacular big spending film filled with suspense, craziness, nonsense and a little plot. As expected, another summer blockbuster takes center stage and it isn’t hard to figure out what the second rendition of Paramount’s Transformer is all about -- yeah, lots of wild suspense, potty mouth humor, loud noise and as always, moments of nonsense. Okay, here is how the latest Transformers goes in speed format: Beginning starts off with basic car wreck gone real bad in Shanghei, China. Part of the Asian city goes up in smoke thanks to smash effects by dreadful machines. Story takes a turn: Goes from serious destruction to plenty of laughter. Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) and his family are worst than “My Wife and Kids” characters -- silly mom Judy Witwicky (Julie White) is your basic nut case, son Sam has rebel tendencies -- although he is off to college, and dad, Ron Witwicky (Kevin Dunn) well, he is a little more sane than Al but still has moments of kookiness. Best part of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen “My Wife and Kids” version is when Sam heads off to college. Before leaving for his collegiate experience, his house is invaded by little machines who perform

the Fallen. If you’re looking for a plot, and lots of it, well, take a notepad: it might be hard to find at times, during this three-hour journey.

REUNITED. . . Bumblebee (left) is reunited with Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf, right) in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” -- Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures a tremendous “Toy Soldiers” performance at the house (in short, house “mates” turn into mean little machines whose only goal -- aim, shoot, fire). This Transformers does like you expect -- it takes so many different twists that you never stay on the same plot scene at once. That’s right, you’ll go from a crazed college campus with babes and hunks running around -- including a “super freak” whose only intentions is to nab the new college freshman Sam. You’ll get everything from machines blowing up Sam’s college, to scenes with h gorgeous girlfriend, Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox), to trips to Egypt to once

Man Sentenced For Stalking Tyra Banks NEW YORK (AP) -- A man convicted of stalking Tyra Banks has been sentenced to a year’s probation and ordered to complete a treatment program for stalkers. Brady Green must also stay away from the supermodel-turned-TV host for the next two years under an order of protection.

and for all, end all this machine madness with the help of the Autobots. And oh yes, we can never forget those Autobots that made the first Transformers movie fun to watch. This time though, these “potty mouth” hoods sound more like mechanical “hoodrats” than machines ready to do some damage. While it will be a long night for those who see this latest summer show -- approximately two and a half hours seems a bit too long, if you like lots of action, you enjoy watching machines blow things up and you enjoy some moments of raunchy humor, you will like Transformers: Revenge of

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke warned the 39-year-old Green that he would face 90 days in jail if he disobeys any of the orders. Green was convicted in April of stalking Banks from California to New York -- calling her offices, showing up at her TV studios and sending her flowers. Police say when Green was arrested March 18, 2008, at a restaurant near Banks’ Manhattan studio, he told officers they “had a thing together.’’

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