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"26 Year Old Brit Rakes In $2.63 Million/yr with ClickBank, By Unfairly Exploiting Other People's Hard Work... " And here's the PROOF: Just 6 of my 30+ ClickBank accounts.... Over $2 million in cold hard cash paid to me via wire transfer in 2008


" How ClickBank Could Change Your Life Today... " Fellow Internet Wealth-Seeker, Picture This... Imagine your life as it is now, except with a little something extra... • Nothing time-consuming - just something you find yourself thinking about when you're in the car or watching the T.V. • Something that sends a shiver down your spine, something that could well lead to some big money... • You might watch your profits climbing while sitting at the desk at work... • You could wake up one morning to see a sudden influx of cash deposits... This is the story of how I went from dreaming of the Internet living it everyday. The inside scoop on how I went from being broke and unemployed to being a cash millionaire at the age of 25. It's the story of how I went from knowing nothing about ClickBank, Google Adwords or any money-making tactics at all... breaking several sales records, building a list of over 220,000 loyal subscribers, ...generating as much as a consistent $4,000 per day from one Google affiliate promotion,

...and making $169,000 in a single day from a simple e-book. It's the story of how I discovered ClickBank... rewrote the Internet Marketing rules, made a million... and proved the little guy could succeed. And this incredible story starts with me sitting in your seat, almost four years ago...

From unemployed no-hoper to cash millionaire... I'll start by telling you what I'm not. I'm not a guru, or Internet expert. I have no formal education, I've only been to 3 seminars in my life. In fact, when I started out I had nothing. Some would say less than nothing... No contacts. No capital. No knowledge of any Internet marketing. Back in 2005, I was working in a call center, making a pittance. Here's my end of year "P60" pay slips for proof - note the 2005 end of year amount - ÂŁ4,901, just under $8,000....

I resented working for a penny over minimum wage. I hated the 7am starts, the hour-long commutes, having to break my back for someone else for a pittance. Slowly, it grated on me until one day, I had enough. I still remember my hands shaking as I asked my box for a quiet word in private, and walked with her into the meeting room. I can still see the look of shock on her face as I said the most important two words of my life at that point...

"I QUIT!" And with that I was a free man. I just had one problem now: how the #$%! was I going to stay alive without ANY job, ANY prospects and ANY cash? And then one day a friend of mine introduced me to the world of business opportunities. Right away, out of sheer desperation, I became a rabid buyer.

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar... Over the next few months, I tried every business opportunity going. The first opportunity I tried was promoting products with little classified ads - the ad cost me ÂŁ150 ($250), which was a quarter of the cash I had from my last pay slip. It rapidly went downhill from there. I went on to dabble with trading, classified ads, drop-shipping, white-labeling, paid-to-shop guides, survey systems, MLM, eBay, AdSense and gambling systems. None of them worked. Now I was really in trouble. So when I say I've been in your shoes, I mean it. Luckily, in early 2006, I had my first break. My gambles finally paid off. I hit on affiliate marketing. It seemed like it was the perfect, low-capital, easy-to-implement business I had been looking for. No stock, no overheads, no customer service.

I knew instantly that this was the business for me. At the time I thought that simply being an affiliate was enough to guarantee me financial freedom and take away all of my worries. Sadly, I was wrong. At the time, I bought all the popular guides in them and followed them down to a tee. I used all the popular methods you have probably tried - Google Adwords, list building, article marketing... I tried them all, but nothing worked. Nothing.

And then one day, out of sheer desperation, I made a few changes to some of my affiliate promotions, and left my computer. When I retuned, I was stunned. I knew my affiliate account would be the same...but instead what I saw was sales. Several hundred dollars worth!

This might not seem like much to you, but at the time it meant everything. That single moment validated my dreams, all the hard work I had put in. My friends could no longer laugh at me, discourage me from pursuing my vision of a life of freedom. That night, I made that very same change to all of my affiliate campaigns, and within a few weeks, my earnings exploded exponentially. My income hit $50 a day, then $200... until, in September 2006, I was making over $1,000 a day with ClickBank and Google. And then, sitting in a hotel room in Rome, it came to me... I had to create a blueprint that detailed precisely how I had gone from zero to $1,000 a day in well under a year...

(remember the old ClickBank green and purple bars?)

Within hours, all hell broke loose That blueprint, known as "Affiliate Project X" finally went live on October 6th 2006. Instantly, all hell broke loose. Despite no "formal launch", the information went viral. Almost 6,000 failing affiliates scrambled to discover how I was able to make so much money, so quickly. The records fell one after the other, and yet the real results were happening in homes across the planet: affiliates began to finally convert from Adwords ads, and some of those who took action made as much as $800 in their first 24 hours.

The reason the ebook was such an instant hit was that I did something that no other affiliate had ever done before: I revealed the closely held secrets I swiped from the underground wealthseekers. I wasn't trying to play the game of holding back on information that had made me rich. I wanted to reveal all, spill my guts to the entire online community and alert struggling affiliates about the techniques that I had personally profited from, while 99% of affiliates languished in poverty, spinning their wheels, and getting nowhere fast. I told all in my guide, and I paid the price for it: the gurus all hated me for it.

But 6,000 affiliates became my fans overnight. And then, as the madness peaked, I decided to disappear from view - for six months I went underground yet again. This time, I sought out the most profitable affiliates on the planet, met with them, and aggressively assimilated their knowledge. After the release of Affiliate Project X, I suddenly had access to a brand new and powerful world, where I began to meet some of the world's most successful Internet Entrepreneurs. I was thrust head first into this crazy world where I met people making more in a single day than I made in an entire month! Now, I just had to find out what these guys were doing. So I embarked on a year long journey that took me across several continents and numerous countries, meeting all these top underground marketers to learn their secrets. The information I "swiped" from the best in the game pushed my income to the $1million/year level,... and in January 2007, I took stock of my progress yet again...

The records all fell a second time. I decided, it was time to switch the game up one last time, and on February 3rd, 2007, I released a guide which would finally set the record straight, a guide you may know as Day Job Killer. The internet marketing world was in shock at what happened next: word of mouth drove hundreds of thousands of affiliates to my site for the truth. In the first 24 hours alone, over 5,000 copies were sold. Once more, the smart affiliates took action and, once more, the most dedicated ones made as much as $600 their first day applying my devastating new tactics. In fact, this site netted me $169,000 in one day alone and set a record for highest ClickBank gravity at the time:

Over the next two years, we buttressed our status as the kings of the underground. We stunned the Internet Marketing world again in November 2007, when we developed our ground-breaking revolutionary software tool, the Google Assassin. It was a massive success beyond even our expectations: we enrolled over 5,000 members within the first week of launch, yet again enabling many members to 'claw' their way out of the rat race. Then we released Google Nemesis, and shattered our own records, pulling in over 10,000 sales in its first week of release.

Despite all of this what really excites me most is seeing my students succeed... Some of students have enjoyed massive success. In fact, hundreds of students have used my tactics to generate consistent second incomes from home, and there are a few "major success stories", including one who actually beat my own ClickBank gravity with his own guide (Alex Goad hit a gravity of 970 back in 2008), ...and another who surpassed me as an affiliate and harvested a single keyword for $3,000 a day...

But what really excites me is when I see grass-roots ClickBank profiteers enjoy job-killing success.

Here's just a few of the testimonials I've received over the years... “I have to admit Chris, I was pretty skeptical when I heard about your latest system... but today, I have to admit, I am pretty shocked. The first campaign I launched [with your system] has made me over $970 of ClickBank sales in the last 3 days...” Anthony Joshua ---“Before this... I had been using adwords for several months and I was losing money so fast I was to the point of giving up on PPC altogether. I decided to give it one more shot.... Now, wth your methods, instead of quitting adwords altogether I am now banking thousands in checks from Clickbank twice a month!” ... Jamie Botts ---“I am a newbie to Internet Marketing and been sitting on the side lines, doing nothing for TWO YEARS until I bought your e-book... It inspired me to take action straight away. Just as you showed ... I started an Adwords campaign (my 1st! LOL) Well, that was Friday, 9th, February,2007. Within two days I had my 1st sales coming in! Sales commissions by the end of Sunday were nearly $300 ! It's wild...I still don't believe it. Monday I made $550 in commissions! Tuesday I made $300 in commissions! Wednesday .. I got ...drum roll please....$3300 in commissions! ... what a money monster...” Terry Howsham --“I want to thank you and your team for your wonderful ebook... I have been in affiliate marketing in the past 3 years and I sincerely never made any headway. My best has been $122.50 on any

campaign... I set up a adwords campaign ... as suggested in your ebook. I spent a total of $57.50 on the campaign and, would you believe it, I made 4 sales for a total commission of $295. I couldn't believe my eyes. Since then, I have run a few other campaigns with similar results. Your ebook is great. ....To you Chris and your team, I say thank you so much....” Samuel Emilefo ---“Since implementing the strategies, my online income has gone from ZERO to around $70 a day, which is just amazing. For me, $70 a day means everything, as it supplements my other income, meaning the bills aren't a stress any more. Thank you” Paul Jones, Australia ---“When I applied the leech method I made £200+ (about $380) in a day. I think it's worth mentioning that I actually made a mistake in using the technique (which I realised later on) BUT, the technique still worked... I'm fairly new to "outside-the-box" IM and this is one heck of an introduction I can tell you that!” Ash Ford ---

Why I believe you can succeed with ClickBank Now, one of the few things I've always had on my side is a firm belief in my ability to achieve whatever I set my mind to. And I don't think that applies just to me. I think anyone can achieve anything if they are given the right information and stick at it. That's one of the

reasons I've always given out not just proof, but actual profitable campaigns before anything I release. In fact, with my first guide, Affiliate Project X, I gave away a live $200 a day income stream for free (one subscriber told me she quit her job off this free method - now that's what I call a testimonial!). Then, just before I released the Day Job Killer, I carried on this tradition and revealed a secret niche which made me over $300,000. And then, for Google Nemesis, almost at a whim, I have given away a campaign that has been making me as much as $2,000 a day.

Many of my business partners have called me crazy - but they just don't get it. I'm not worried about doing this because I can make so much more than this, I have so many ways to make money online, I can afford to give away a few secrets here and there. Truly, I'm operating from a mindset of "abundance" here, not "scarcity."

There's more than enough cash to go round, and I strongly believe that everyone can do well at this. The fact that I give out my secrets and top campaigns for free is the stuff of Internet marketing legends. It's been proven dozens of times over, a matter of pure historical fact - and that's exactly what I'm going to do again right here, right now. Here's a screenshot from a site I setup last summer. It pulled in $47,000 for me. But here's what makes it so incredible. I didn't write the product, do any support or even write the sales letter. And I didn't pay a single cent up-front to get it all done. You can check out the site at if you want to have a root around. Here's what I made from this rapid cash grab...

That's just a small taster of what can be done... and the numbers from that example aren't large by any means. In fact, here are two sites that each made me more than $500,000 last year:

But, the truth is those sites require much more work. They each took several weeks, in one case months, to get going. The first example took me less than 7 days, didn't require me to do any writing, or pay any up-front costs.

And it's this kind of quick-hit "profit grabs" that I will be discussing indepth inside CB Quantum. For too long, being an e-book vendor has been reserved for the hard-working, skilled, expert author and copywriter. I'm now going to level the playing field and open the floodgates for anyone to profit. Now, while I'm on the subject of proof, I want to give you a sneak peek of what's coming up over the next few days. As I've mentioned, I believe very strongly in PROVING something works before I sell it. Which is why, for CB Quantum, I'm going to be releasing a PPC campaign that made me over $469,000 last year, and pulled in a total of 96,000 leads: I did absolutely NO work on the campaign throughout all of 2008, and yet still netted a passive income of almost half a million dollars - and built a list of almost 10,000 in every month of the year. This was largely down to a new and unique Google Adwords tactic I discovered in 2007. I haven't been ready to release it onto the public domain before,... but if you stick around you will get it for free later this week. Now, let's take a look at the engine that drives all of this - the CB Quantum Formula... CB Quantum is basically a brain-dump from two of the top wealthbuilders in the world - myself and Andrew Fox. Together we've generated millions of dollars with ClickBank, and now we are giving out the formula that made it all happen.

But first, let's look at what makes ClickBank such a phenomenal site...

Why you should consider ClickBank as a practical money-making opportunity... Like me, you've probably heard of ClickBank, and know it's some kind of affiliate website. I first dismissed it as a site where a load of techno-geeks and clued up people cleaned up, leaving the little guy on the sidelines. I was seriously wrong. ClickBank is of course a massive affiliate network - with two ways to profit. You can make money as an affiliate (promoting other people's products for a cut of the sale), or an e-book vendor (creating your own product so affiliates can promote it for you). Using ClickBank can be massively lucrative and rewarding. Get it right and you can become financially independent for life. Here's why... 1. ClickBank is huge. And getting bigger everyday. ClickBank is the world's largest affiliate network for digital products, with over 1 million affiliates worldwide (and over 200,000 of whom are active). They take millions of dollars of sales each week, and with so much up for grabs, there's plenty of room for everyone to have a piece of the action. 2. ClickBank gives the "little guy" the chance to profit. You know it yourself. The traditional Internet marketing game is dominated by BIG players who get together and carve up the net for their own

benefit. Result? The little guy doesn’t stand a chance, since the elite, super-rich competition hold all the aces. This is not the case with ClickBank... 3. ClickBank has over 200,000 active affiliates and 10,000 active publishers (30,000 in total) - so the profit potential is enormous. With their massive network, and thousands of new members joining each month, now is the ideal time to cash in on the lucrative opportunities available. In fact it's not just the best time to get up, get going and get rich as soon as possible... it's essential. 4. ClickBank deals solely in info products - the key to financial freedom with info products is the crazily high margins. Most businesses run at 10% profit margins. With ClickBank, it's almost all profit. If you're selling an e-book for $97, and making $90 after fees, you don't need too many sales to generate a large torrent of cash. So there you have it. You know ClickBank is the most surefire way to profit on-line. And you should see that there's no-one better poised to teach you the insider tactics to profiting with this incredible opportunity. So, let's take a sneak peak under the hood and see what lies inside your CB Quantum system...

I'm throwing in $100,000 worth of training, software and coaching for a fraction of it's value... Even if you have no knowledge, capital or time to invest, Ken (my business partner), Andrew & myself can quickly help you build your income with ClickBank. After all, we've sold over 40,000 products on ClickBank, made as much as $169,000 from just one e-book in one day, have been

invited to speak at seminars around the world - and have trained up people who've gone on to net as much as seven figures themselves. Quantum is effectively a blueprint of how we did all this. It's the most comprehensive package on ClickBank ever created. The launch package will include hours of comprehensive video ...real-life coaching with 3 reclusive millionaires... a series of hard-boiled "quick start" e-books, ...a business in a box proven to generate hundreds of thousands... and copy-and-paste templates. The goal here is to give you all the tools you need to start profiting right away. Let's delve deeper into this incredible opportunity... • ClickBank Project X e-book - a laser-focused system manual with no waffle, padding or filler - just hard boiled, up-to-date and authoritative information on these hidden opportunities. The original "Affiliate Project X" was my first big hit, released in October 2006, and selling over 6,000 copies out of nowhere in 7 days. Inside I blew the lid on the affiliate game and changed the affiliate marketing playing field overnight. Now it's time to rewrite the make-money history books and release my first, last and only tellall guide on how I made a cool million from creating and selling ebooks using ClickBank. This is real "over the shoulder" intel, the kind of material that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, whether you are a complete newbie or a millionaire, ClickBank-dominating purist. Inside I shed light on how I've been making quick and easy profit-grabs with e-books I didn't even create, with NO up-front costs or advanced skills needed. • Personal coaching- At the moment, if you wanted to gain access to my personal tuition, you'd be looking at paying around $10,000 for a day's coaching - and probably around the same if Andrew was to offer his services. Now, for the first time we are including full 6 week Q&A /coaching sessions on every aspect of ClickBank marketing - we are going to personally answer your questions and coach you through the material. Myself (Chris), Ken & Andrew will

all be present, and on-hand to coach you and walk you by the hand to quick ClickBank profit. Whether your question relates to Google Adwords, e-book creation, selling reseller products with ClickBank or whatever - it's your chance to personally grill 3 reclusive ClickBank millionaires. • In-depth video training set - that you can watch on your PC at your own pace, where I will personally demonstrate, screen-by-screen, how to set this proven Internet moneymaker up from scratch -even if you have no prior experience of the web. I will personally show you how easy it really is to pocket regular payments of $47, $97 or even $1097 online, practically on demand... even if you've never tried any kind of online business before. Every aspect of ClickBank will be blown open by myself, Andrew & Ken. We are going to discuss PPC marketing, SEO, list-building, creating info products the easy way - all in easy-to-follow video format. • Ready-made internet business in a box - one which has already generated over $500,000 profit. This is the centerpiece of our offer - a copy-and-paste project that you can set up in a day - with no money down - even if you've never tried to make money online before. I propose to gift you with a ready-to-go project that's already proven to sell thousands of copies, taken direct from my personal wealth-vault and coming to you with full licenses and step-by-step instructions on how to cash-in. There are no legal contracts (I handle every business deal on trust), no big expenses (it's all digital so no stock outlay or printing costs), and no additional licensing fees. Just one ready-for-market red-hot product which you can profit from right away. Nobody else is allowed to sell these without my permission - just my CB Quantum buyers. I'm just going to hand this to you on a plate, saving you the hassle and huge expense of starting out. Your license means you can sell as many copies as you like and keep all the money for yourself without paying a single additional cent. The package includes the exact sales copy, product and marketing materials which have collectively grossed over $500,000. We will literally hand you all of this on a silver platter, giving you the perfect launchpad to carve out their own ClickBank niche.

• Copy & Paste templates for PPC, e-mail promotions, sales copy, and JV contacts - the only tool more helpful than a step-by-step system and real-life coaching is "swipe and profit" templates, which is why we will be giving away the exact templates we have used to generate $110,000 in commissions from an e-mail promotion, $1,400 a day from an Adwords campaign, and $900,000 from a single sales letter - along with various cutting-edge templates we use for everything else (such as a single e-mail which will get someone else to write your first product for free, a PPC website template that practically forces people to buy through your affiliate link and so much more...) Because of my own amazing journey, my goal is to help a small handful of individuals to make maximum money in minimum time. So I've done something rather special with this - I am literally giving you everything you need to dive right in and siphon off your share of the ClickBank money pile.

One Final Point.... Understand: this will very likely sell out in a matter of hours. I normally wait a few days before increasing the price on my releases. With Quantum, I expect the buzz to be such that this will sell out in a matter of moments. So, make sure you keep an eye on the CB Quantum site at 3pm EST on Tuesday June 2nd. Regards, Chris, Ken (Day Job Killer) & Andrew Fox CB Quantum

CB Quantum Control - Clickbank Secrets Exposed  

CB Quantum Control - 26 Year Old Brit Rakes In $2.63 Million/year with ClickBank, By Unfairly Exploiting Other People's Hard Work... And her...