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==== ==== Long Term Food Storage Secrets ==== ====

I have bought food in small packages. Is the best thing for long-term storage to leave them in the original bag, or transfer to another container? Have you ever asked yourself this question? The short answer depends. Read on. COMMERCIALLY PREPARED MEALS It depends on whether or not the food you bought is commercially prepared meals. Is it in packages with a best before date? If so, leave it in its original package, put it in short-term food storage and use it by the best before date. These sorts of prepared foods are NOT meant to be used for long-term food storage. MRE's There are ready-made foods that are meant for long-term storage.They're called MRE's; short for meals-ready-to-eat. They can't be bought in a grocery store, but some of the emergency supply stores carry them. If these sound like something you'd like to add to your family preparedness plans, maybe in your 72-hour kits for instance, I would strongly suggest trying a few different meals to see if you actually like them. It doesn't make any sense to store food you don't like even if it does last up to 5 years. LONG-TERM STORAGE ITEMS If, however, it is long-term storage items like beans or oats that you have bought in small packages, just remove them from their packaging and redo them in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Oxygen and light are essential to human life, but NOT what you want finding their way into your long term-food storage! You also need to put the sealed Mylar bags into some kind of air-tight packaging if you want it to last several years. The common solution is to put sealed bags into storage buckets with gasket lids. You can find the right kind of pail for free, or at least very cheaply, at bakeries, grocery stores that have a bakery, restaurants, delis and bulk food stores. Speak to someone behind the counter and ask them to save used pails for you, and be nice. Pick them up when you say you will! You may want to buy new lids, but other than that a good wash and the buckets are reusable for food storage. Except for pickle buckets...please, don't reused those! EXCEPTIONS TO THE OXYGEN ABSORBER Two EXCEPTIONS that don't need an oxygen absorber are SUGAR and SALT. Oxygen just

doesn't affect them so you won't need to use oxygen packs when packing. The issue here is serious, mega-clumping. It won't hurt the quality of the sugar or salt. It will just be a pain to deal with.

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==== ==== Long Term Food Storage Secrets ==== ====

Do I Leave Food in the Original Bag for Long-Term Food Storage or Transfer to Another Container