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Need your help with the name! The winner gets two tickets to the Florida State vs. Boston College game on Saturday, October 13 at Doak Campbell Stadium located in the COE Week block section. An $80 value! Time of the game TBA.

We are finally opening 3201 STB as our newest technology-enhanced facility in a couple of weeks (when furniture arrives). The room repairs and furniture were funded by the college. Technology was primarily purchased using student technology fees (FSU funded project and OIIT central allocation). The purpose of the room is to create a dynamic learning environment where our College of Education students could learn and practice using various instructional technologies and tools and have clear understanding on how they can be embedded into real life teaching, learning, assessment, and research. This facility (open space type) houses technologies that are currently in use or will be used in PreK-12, continuing and higher education, and other educational organizations, allowing our students to meet rigorous accreditation requirements, state standards, and accomplished practices and preparing our graduates for successful professional careers. As of now we have SmartBoard, Smart interactive projector, Smart 3d doc cam, 3D area, gaming area, ipad, e-readers, tablets, LiveScribe pens, and some other technologies. And we will be happy to expand and include other technologies and tools recommended by students and faculty. Our activities will be directly aligned with the COE Strategic Plan. We hope they will facilitate teaching and learning and will contribute to further grant acquisitions for COE faculty. The room also has a designated workshop area and BYOD area (bring your own device). To support students, faculty, and staff we also maintain a BlackBoard organization site (self-enroll) called COE Tech Resources • Login to and click the Organizations tab at the top • On the left, look for the Organization Search box • Type "resources" and click Go • Under "Organization Name" you will see "COE Tech Resources" • To the left of that, look for "(SCD_19341_org)" and notice the drop down menu (2 arrows pointing down) • Click those arrows, and select Enroll • On the next page that opens, click Submit

You are now enrolled. This organization will be under the 'Home' tab, and it will immediately show up after you log in to your Bb. This Bb site contains many helpful tips, handbooks, links to tutorials, and suggestions for using technology in education. But coming back to the name issue! We need your help with the name! We have called the room EPCOT (Electronic Prototype of the Classroom of Tomorrow). But cannot really do this as “EPCOT” is branded by Disney. We also called it Sandbox, which is true in spirit but not in content.


Thus, we need a name for our new facility. Please come up with something descriptive, creative, catchy, and fun! Abbreviations and their meaning will be fine too (no EPCOT please). Please submit your name suggestion to by September 20. The winner (selected by the COE Technology Fees Advisory Committee and the Dean) will be announced October 10 (COE Technology Showcase Day). I realize it is difficult to come up with the name without seeing the room, so I will be happy to show you what we have now, just let me know.

Thank you. Dina Dina Vyortkina, PhD Director Office of Information and Instructional Technologies The Florida State University College of Education 1301 D Stone Building 1114 West Call Street Tallahassee, Fl 32306-4450 850.644.9623


Need your help with the name!  
Need your help with the name!  

New COE tech facility.