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MARCH 29 2018



Despite losses to Foothill and Amador, the Wildcats held their heads high after a sweep against Livermore Cowboys, putting Dougherty’s league record at 1-3. On March 1, the Foothill Falcons defeated the Dougherty Valley Wildcats. Dougherty’s offense was unable to respond as they were consistently held to below 15 points by the Falcons, with each set’s score being 13-25, 1225, and 11-25 respectively. This was Dougherty’s second loss of the season. Dougherty’s men’s volleyball team had to undergo a transition to a new varsity coach. Gary Reznik, who has coached volleyball for over 30 years, and currently runs the East Bay Volleyball Club (which many DV players are a part of), has come to coach the varsity team this year. In addition to a new coach, many new players made the varsity team this year, and new adjustments are needed. “We really only lost the game because of mistakes on our end and once we clean up our game and play more cohesively, I know we’ll do a lot better,” said fourth-year varsity player Sankalp Panigrahi. Set one looked strong for both teams. Dougherty’s senior setter Pedro Menezes opened the game with an ace, driving the momentum for

the Wildcats. However, Foothill’s outside Daniel Qian powered through Dougherty’s defense and helped Foothill take the first set. The remaining two sets followed a similar pattern: Dougherty came out strong but simply could not stop Qian and Foothill’s offense. Qian finished the game with 12 kills. “Next time we play Foothill we’ll really be focused on shutting down Daniel,” said Panigrahi. “He was able to pick apart our defense and find the holes in our blocks.” The Wildcats were not discouraged. Despite the loss, they went up against Livermore on March 6 with determination. The Wildcats finished with an overall game score of 3-0. The first set was tight throughout but the Wildcats came out on top, winning 26-24. From there they took games two and three, finishing 2521 and 25-12 respectively. “A definite change we had was in our morale,” said Menezes. “As we kept winning, each set our morale boost grew which directly correlated to our score growing in each set, so that was magnificent.” With higher confidence also came better performance. Many of the players and the coach felt that this game was a much better demonstration of their skill and teamwork. “Without a doubt, our serve receive, our passing, was remarkably better against Livermore than it was against Foothill. If you can’t pass and serve receive, it’s really hard to win or score points at all,” said Coach Reznick.

With new mental and physical changes, the team faced their toughest opponent, Amador Valley High School, on March 8. Dougherty suffered a loss against the Dons in three sets. This was Dougherty’s third loss of the season. The first set was a rusty start for both teams, with many serving and hitting errors on both sides of the net. However, once Amador began to get in the swing of things, they ran away with the first set 25-16. Set two was a close sideout game all throughout. Dougherty played significant defense and was able to keep up with Amador by putting up a strong block against their tough offense. However, Amador’s offense persevered. Junior Colton Brooks from Amador, outside hitter, dominated from both the front and back row, putting the Dons back on top to finish the game. The Wildcats still performed well against the Dons, with Panigrahi and senior outside Shanwen Lo having 10 kills in the game. But it wasn’t enough to defeat the powerhouse offense, and the Dons stole away the win. “I think that we tried our best against them. We did some really good things and we figured out what we didn’t do,” said Menezes, “We went point-for-point with them, we matched them in skill most of the time.” The team is still confident, despite the crushing defeat. More than half the season lies ahead for the Wildcats. Coach Reznik, along with Menezes and Panigrahi, has high hopes

STUNT TUMBLES THEIR WAY TO VICTORY BY CAROLINE LOBEL & CLAIRE ZHANG Staff Writers Dougherty Valley High School’s STUNT team has started the 2018 season off with a bang, with an overall EBAL league score of 4-0. The team’s most recent game against the Livermore Cowboys on Mar. 20 was a close match. The game finally ended with DV winning 16-11. The first quarter, Partner Stunts, ended with DV in the lead by 3-1. The second quarter, Pyramids and Tosses, was more action-packed than the first. It concluded with DV winning 5-4. During this quarter, there is one tie, and the Wildcats forfeited a total of 2 routines, namely, routine 6 and routine 5. The team is currently working on the two routines. Jenna Scheiner, the head coach, said, “The first priority is completing the final two routines that we haven’t played yet.” Jumps and Tumbling, the third quarter, is Dougherty Valley’s best event. “I think that’s our strongest quarter because of the technique of their jumping and tumbling skills are better than others,” stated Coach Scheiner. The third quarter was especially close. DV and Livermore tied two times in this quarter. The quarter ended with the Wildcats still in the lead 9-6. The game finally concluded with the fourth quarter, Team Performance. It was a suspenseful quarter due to the possibility of a Cowboys comeback, but the Wildcats eventually took the game home, 16-11. Although their last match was a close game, the Wildcats continue to hold their ground. They work on their stunts and their teamwork everyday

for the team and the season. “It’s a turtle and the hare; we may not do well the first couple of points, but eventually we’ll get going and we’ll beat them with sheer tenacity,” said Menezes. The Wildcats will face off the Granada Matadors next at a home game on March 30.

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EDITORS Stunt celebrates their Senior Night victory. // DVHS STUNT INSTAGRAM

after school. “We need to improve on trusting each other and the technique of our skills,” one of the three captains, senior Sara White, said. To remedy this, the team has a team dinner every week. They also have group chats through which the team members can connect. STUNT, although fun, puts the team members under a lot of stress. The sport requires consistency and execution under pressure to win. Freshman Chloe Richard stated, “They call routines on the spot, so you never know what’s going to happen and being able to do it under pressure and to stay on track with what’s happening can get difficult.” They have to memorize the routines before their practices so they can focus on just executing the routines. The team still enjoys the sport even after all the grueling work that they put in. Hailey Heyes, senior, said, “I like

BASEBALL: Season: 6 - 1 League: 1 - 0


Jarom Kuaea serves the ball overhand. // RIYA BINDLISH

GOLF: Season: 3 - 1 League: 3 - 1

BADMINTON: Season: 2 - 0 League: 0 - 0 LACROSSE(M): Season: 4 - 4 League: 2 - 3

STUNT because we have a really good team. Our bonding is great and we get to meet the new team. It’s fun being a flyer.” Being on the STUNT team requires a lot more work and effort than what is presented during the games. Coach Scheiner said, “Each of the athletes [have to] take ownership of their positions and routines. You have to be really smart to play STUNT and to memorize it. I think they are smart to memorize their accounts.” In order to master the routines as a team, they have rigorous practice everyday. Applying that much commitment also takes a lot of motivation. Senior Jasmin Miranda said, “Winning a lot of the games [motivates us] because we have an undefeated record. We want to keep that up.” The team is set to play California High on Apr. 10. Their last set game will be against San Ramon on Apr. 17.

TENNIS: Season: 4 - 0 League: 4 - 0


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SOFTBALL: Season: 3 - 0 League: 0 - 0

SWIMMING: Season: 3 - 0 League: 2 - 0

VOLLEYBALL: Season: 2 - 9 League: 1 - 6 LACROSSE(W): Season: 3 - 5 League: 2 - 2

STUNT: Season: 4 - 0 League: 4 - 0

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