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MISSION At I.B.I.M., we believe that the most important attributes you can possess are positive self-worth and motivation. Great success is only achieved through the knowledge and belief of self. Knowledge of self creates love for self, and love for self means believing that you are valuable. How else will you accomplish your goals if you can’t first believe in yourself? When you come to I.B.I.M., it is our goal to make sure that you engrain these attributes into your thought process. It is our mission to help you channel positive energy into your mind, body and soul. We want to assist in rebuilding broken self-esteem while planting a seed of inspiration one person at a time. We are creating a positive movement for ourselves and our future generations! So often people had dreams of becoming this-and-that as children, but once they've become an adult, the things in life we weren’t prepared for bog us down with monotonous, routine responsibility just to “get by”. All of our childhood dreams are crushed or constantly pushed back, causing some of us to never realize the possibilities of what could have been or what should’ve been done. We designed our t-shirts very strategically. When you look in the mirror wearing our shirt, it should be a constant reminder to say to yourself "I believe in me" (I.B.I.M.). As you walk and handle your daily activities, anyone behind you will read the question "do you believe in you?" We hope that question resonates in the minds of those reading it. If you haven’t taken the time or constantly pushed back the things you want to do in life, ask yourself do you believe that you can do whatever you will strive for? Do you believe that your worth it? We do. We believe in you! If so, please text “ibim” to 55469 for event schedules and updates. I believe in you because I believe in me!

ABOUT US Terrence and Sha-Nia Porter take pride in being Samaritans. They both have an embedded passion for helping others reach their dreams because anyone can achieve anything they put their minds to. Born in Portsmouth, Va., Terrence was raised in a single-parent home. His innercity upbringing in Washington, D.C., caused him to be surrounded by traumatic images of drugs, alcohol and violence. Despite his disparaging circumstances, a praying family and ambition for a better life, Terrence was determined to make a positive change. A series of swift career changes led Terrence to believe that there was a greater purpose for his life. Life wasn’t just about making a living; it was about doing meaningful that made life worth living. He took a leap of faith and became a business owner with an Inc 500 network marketing company, and from that moment, his life was changed. His dreams started coming to life. Sha-Nia was born in Kansas City. She grew up with both parents along with her four siblings in the suburb of Grandview. Although she excelled in school, “Nia” was the more rebellious of her siblings. Whatever was expected of her, she chose to do the opposite and became associated with a negative crowd. Like Terrence’s childhood, violence, drugs and alcohol also pervaded Sha-Nia’s. After realizing the life she was living would eventually get her into trouble, “Nia” chose to leave her family and hometown to join the Air Force shortly after graduating high school at 16. Although she often felt disconnected and alone, the Air Force allowed her to travel the world and experience new opportunities that changed her mind about what “living” was. She ended up in Andrews AFB, Md., where she met Terrence, now the love of her life. After receiving her (master’s, bachelor’s) degree in Human Resources at the University of Maryland at (insert city), Sha-Nia had several ideas for the things she would do after the Air Force. Both Sha-Nia and Terrence complimented each other’s zeal for showing others that sometimes changes lifestyle have to be made to see a change in life’s outcomes. Together, Terrence and Sha-Nia are a dynamic duo. His go-getter personality combined with her business sense makes for a well-rounded team. Now with two children, Bryce and Blake, their focus changed and they started building a legacy for their children! The dream they wanted for themselves could now be passed down to their kids. Together they have traveled the country inspiring individuals and couples to

understand the importance of a positive mindset in spite of life’s unyielding circumstances. Their mission is rooted in their faith in God as they take pride in being conduits of his love. Their motto is “I believe in you, because I.B.I.M!�

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