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Margarine Margarine is a commonly used product when cooking food. Therefore, it is necessary to find the optimal price.

No-Frills: Becel Margarine $3.49

Walmart: Becel Margarine $4.97

Chocolate Milk Chocolate milk is in high demand. Many people like its taste and many families constantly buy it. It is important to find a cheap price.

Foodland: 2Lx2 $4.49

FreshCo: 2Lx2 $2.00

Towels It may not be noticeable, but towels are an important everyday product. It is important to find the cheapest price for the towels you need

Walmart: Bath towels 54’’x30’’ $5.97

Target: Bath towels 54’’x30’’ $7.99

Laptop Laptops are a great way to pass the time. The majority of families in the modern world owns at least one laptop. Finding a good price for a laptop is a good idea for how to save money.

Future shop: Intel touch laptop 15.6’’ screen $799.99

Best buy: Intel touch laptop 15.6’’ screen $999.99

Coca Cola Coca Cola is a very famous and often bought drink. If your family love coke, it is important to find the best price

Food Basics: Coca Cola 4L $3.00

Shoppers: Coca Cola 12.78L $9.99

Cheap products power point  
Cheap products power point