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October 2020

Issue 2

A Publication for Women on the Journey to Queenhood



Embrace the anointed Word of God that encourages women to own the role of being a Queen in God's Kingdom... to Populate the Palace


A list of must-have products to keep your skin healthy throughout the daily grind


Women share their SINGLED OUT stories and transformation journeys


Celebrating the academic achievements of DAUGHTERS of QUEENS


October is Breast Cancer Awareness




THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The editor in chief introduces the second issue of Singled Out Magazine. and highlights the mission of the magazine- to empower, inspire and celabrate women.

PAGE 5 NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER Shamelia Simpson-Mckenzie, the Publisher acknowledges contributors, readers, advertisers and all who make the magazine a reality.

PAGE 8 WHEN A MOTHER PRAYS The Publisher interviews her mother, Elaine Simpson. The two talk about the moment that set in motion a journey that makes this project a reality - the prayer that changed everything.

PAGE 12 SINGLED OUT THE CONCEPT Shamelia shares the background of the Singled Out Concept to provide clarity about the purpose of the magazine project- to enhance women's lives.





Meet Queens who have experienced their out Singled Out moments; they share their transformational stories to inspire other women to take the journey.

The third quarter of 2020 ended on September 30. The quarterly Birthday Celebration event was held on Saturday September 26. See highlights of the event .



POPULATING THE PALACE As women, we desire fulfillment as we journey through life; purpose is the reward of walking by faith. Women are invitation to draw closer to God and play their role in His Kingdom.


BLESS WITH A DRESS PROJECT Lady Giselle (Zenaide Whittley) shares her vision: D.A.I.N.T.Y. Ladies Circle. Join her project to inspire women: BLESS WITH A DRESS. .

PAGE 26 CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE The Singled Out Queens have given birth to a new generation of Queens who are staying focused on their academic journeys. Read about their CSEC Success Stories.


THE REBIRTH - FEATURED GUEST Our Featured Guest, Ineke Murray knows very well how this story began; In an interview with the Publisher, she shares her story of challenges, rebirth and discovering and pursuing her purpose.





Chef Tiffany Barrett shares a recipe for a delicious Parmesan Coated Chicken Breast

Christine shares how she discovered her purpose through revelation of a vision.

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Are you excited about the second issue? I’d like to welcome you all to the second issue of Singled Out Magazine. The publication is an expression of my passion for Women Empowerment. Undoubtedly, the idea has proven to be one that has the potential to be successful. This is evident in the many wonderful and beautiful women who make it possible. The focus of Singled Out Magazine will always be on the welfare of females. The mission is to create a space for expressing faith, showcasing creativity and celebrating the unique greatness that every woman embodies. I know with all my heart that time will mold the publication; the message will get clearer with each published issue. One thing is for sure; it will only get better with TIME.

We hope you enjoy this issue SHAMELIA A. SIMPSON-MCKENZIE Editor-In-Chief PAGE 4| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

Editor-In-Chief / Publisher



NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER It is true that I wear many hats in this project, and I desire to put some of them on other heads in the near future. At this stage of the project, I am prepared to play the roles I need to in order to keep the vision alive, and make it a reality month after month. I have been blessed with the presence of some wonderful women who believe in the vision and continue to show up, to take the time to contribute and indulge in the content of the publication; there are many who share it with others. The words following this one would mean absolutely nothing unless these words are said first...THANK YOU... to all visionaries, contributors, readers, sharers, downloaders, peepers:-) I APPRECIATE YOU.!!! After only thirty (30) days since the first issue of Singled Out Magazine was published, the second issue is now a reality. How did it all happen? BECAUSE OF YOU!!! It was inspiring to know several persons read some aspect of the magazine everyday since it was published. Your eyes on this page, reading these words is the catalyst for the vision becoming a reality. The mission of Singled Out Magazine is to celebrate women who are committed to activating their faith. To dare to believe God to be Who He is; to discover, pursue and fulfil their life purpose as a testament to accepting their unique calls and enjoy the "Singled Out experience. Through this publication is about women growing in grace. We will take and make every opportunity to celebrate women who dare to walk in faith. This is a stage for your to share your stories so other women are inspired, empowered and encouraged. Our God is doing great things in the earth; His daughters are an important part of His plans. Let us step up, do our work with joy, and be celebrated. Our lives will be true worship unto God; His faithfulness towards us is undeniable. Let's celebrate!! SHAMELIA A. SIMPSON-MCKENZIE Publisher PAGE 5| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE



Indulge in inspiring stories about remarkable women who are on the journey to QUEENHOOD INSPIRING



Encourage yourself and the women in your life.

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I remember her having her Bible in whichever room she was in; I couldn't understand why, but now I do. I am referring to my mother, Elaine Simpson, a PRAYING WOMAN who takes her every concern to the Throne of God. Concerning me, she prayed too, and I am better for it. Today I will talk with my mother about that PRAYER THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING. I believe that this conversation is important because it will encourage mothers and remind them of the POWER OF PRAYER. The reality of this magazine is because of my mother's prayer. She has been the greatest supporter I could ask for, not to mention the value of her fervent prayers. She is undoubtedly the co-publisher of this magazine; she stays on the phone way after midnight listening to my ideas and making her valuable contribution. I am taking the opportunity and pleasure to speak with my mother about the PRAYER THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING. I believe that this conversation is so important to understanding the mission of the magazine as well as to encourage and inspire mothers who need to know that the ears of God are wide open.

Meet Elaine A wife, mother, grand mother, great grand mother, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a friend... Certified Mediator, Justice of the Peace, Certified Life Coach PAGE 8| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

A Heart to Heart with Elaine 18

Hello Queen Mother Elaine, how are you? Hi Shamelia. I am doing great; I am blessed and highly favoured. That's great!! This is a unique opportunity for us to have a conversation we never really took the time to have. I believe the time has come; what do you think? I totally agree; I am so excited and can't wait. Awesome!!! So when I thought about a topic for our discussion, the first thing that came to my mind was: When a Mother Prays. Tell me what happens the. What I know now is that at the moment a mothers prays God hears. He then begins to set everything in motion to respond to the request, but obedience is required. I remember in the first issue of Singled Out Magazine you shared a story about a dream you had about me; you said you were led to pray. Tell me about that moment. The dream was more a like a nightmare to be honest. I saw you in a destitute state, looking wild and bewildered. I became frightened and asked the Lord to reveal the meaning of the dream and what He wanted me to do.



What happened after that?

The Lord reminded me of a Scripture I had had read Proverbs 3:9-10. It speaks about honouring the Lord with your substance, with the first fruit of ALL your increase. When I read it, I didn't understand the message; so I asked for clarity. The Lord revealed that requires the first fruit for His heritage; you are my first born so He asked me to dedicate you to Him. Wow!! So what is the lesson you learned about the benefit of praying for your children? Prayer is the fuel that ignites the possibility of miracles. Children are gifts from God; our role is to pray for direction to nurture them so that they can be guided to fulfil the purpose for which they were created. Considering how your prayers have changed my life, what would be your advice to other mothers? I would encourage a mother to pray about every aspect of her children's lives ; leave nothing to chance. Its important to be watchful and prayerful at every age and stage as motherhood is a lifetime assignment. God cares and listens, so we should always pray.

Your prayers have taught me that PRAYING works. I appreciate that employed prayer as a weapon to rescue my soul. The Lord God revealed to me that prayer is a lifeline to Him. All through the scriptures we can see the power of a praying mother; Hannah was barren, when she prayed she was blessed with a child Samuel. He became a righteous Judge in Israel. I believed she prayed for every area of her son's life in order for him to fulfill his purpose. After I received the revelation from the Lord. I prayed and today I am grateful to God for rescuing your soul. I am proud that you are fulfilling the purpose for which you were created and I give all glory to God. Well, my dearest mother, I want you to know that I don't just soak up your prayers, I pray for you too (laughs) Thank you my darling for your prayers. We are encouraged to pray for each other; I pray for you, and you pray for me. I know that God desire is for us to support each other to fulfill purpose; I am truly grateful.




Shamelia's Reflection It only takes a SPARK to get a FIRE going; and soon all THOSE around will WARM UP to its GLOWING... The words above is from a song I learned in High School; I just realized how much I loved singing that song during general devotions at Merl Grove High School. I think of that one prayer (SPARK) that started the new journey (FIRE) that now impacts (WARMS UP) so many other lives. With that said, I encourage us all as mothers to pray for our children without ceasing . I can never forget the day that my life was turned around. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for my mother's love and support. I can't help but to give deep thought to how one prayer changed the course of my life. There were so many other directions my life could have taken; but for a prayer. In being the beneficiary of PRAYER, I have accepted the mantle the Lord has given me as The Virtuous Woman Project. It is my life work; to share with women the joy of having an intimate relationship with God and to encourage women to PRAY; is a gift that keeps on giving. The Bible states: "If my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land. ( 2 Chronicles 7:14) If then we pray, then we will be healed from every affliction. If we are humble, then God will exalt us. We should know that we not alone; motherhood is a beautiful gift and our Creator is available to guide us if we invite Him on the journey of parenting our children. It's never too late to start praying for your children, no matter how old they are there is still time, and God is waiting to hear from you. LET US PRAY FOR OUR CHILDREN

... I'm Rolling Out the Red Carpet for a Praying Mother PAGE 10 | SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

Guardian of Your Satisfaction Safe





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SINGLED OUT THE CONCEPT This issue of Singled Out Magazine is the second of what is expected to be many more in the months and years to come. I believe that a person who creates a thing has the responsibility to clearly state the purpose of it. I am taking the time to share the meaning of Singled Out as a concept so that you are clear about where we are heading. SINGLED OUT is about a woman being the target of God's affection. It's about opening her heart to receive God's love. PAGE 12| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

In my personal relationship By: Shamelia Simpson- McKenzie with God, I have paid close I believe that for any attention to how He relates to human being, to be the me as a woman. I have direct target of God's learned that His desire is to affection is the highest connect with every other honour. woman. There is a special place in God's heart for you; no one else can take that place. Hence, when God targets you, what He has in store for you is unique. For this reason, it is so important to respond to God's expressions of love for you. Having experienced my personal SINGLED OUT moment; I am convinced that God desires to be close to you too.

I encourage you to pay close attention to those moments when God reaches towards you. Open your heart and let His love you. He is the greatest lover of all time.



The Concept

God calls you because you are SPECIAL

The possibilities of having a Divinely Unforgettable experience are endless; I know this because I experience it. Here is how it started; over fifteen years ago I had an epiphany. It was April 9, 2002, a day I will never forget. What was the revelation: God is especially fond of me. I felt an emotion I had never felt before and I knew from that point that it would be the beginning of the rest of my life. I embraced my SINGLED OUT moment; I took it personal and made an investment in my spiritual life. Soon, I would have another ahaa moment; this time it involved spreading the good news of the SINGLED OUT Concept. I learned that every soul is precious in God's sight and He wants every person to know this. My moment of realizing how much God loves me metamorphized into understanding how much He loves everyone. I embrace this especially unique mission to focus on spreading the good news of God's love, especially for women. Hence, the SINGLED OUT Concept is the mission to help women to identify that special moment or moments when God directs His affection and fondness of them. I learned during my journey that there are so many times when God extends His hand to us and we miss it continually, looking around for a lifeline that we already have. Through the SINGLED OUT Concept we help women to realize those moments so they can respond appropriately to God's love. We provide the support so that a woman's decision to exercise faith in God is an easier and more pleasant process. SINGLED OUT Magazine is the medium where the faith of women is recognized and celebrated. Let us know if thi is a valuable concept?

The path of Faith is a lifetime investment, and a most valuable treasure. On this path are numerous opportunities to create a legacy that will benefit generations to come - Yet, OBEDIENCE is the key. I encourage us as women to be deliberate about investing in the relationship that we share with our Creator and make the journey interesting, fun and memorable. In the end, our individual and collective lives will tell a story that is recorded in the Heavens; it will be said of us: "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. PAGE 13| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE (Proverbs 31:29)

n e om W of r y l l a i c ps e E



Author: Stormie Omartian

The Power of the Praying Woman is authored by Bestselling Author, Stormie Omartian Join our

Monthly Online Book Club 31 Short and Engaging Chapters Video Conference Discussions FREE Workbook Participation Certificate


Queens' Diane Prince My "Singled Out" experience began on February 22, 2020. I received an invitation from Shamelia Simpson McKenzie to attend a Birthday Celebration and Crowning Ceremony. I was so elated. I did not expect the experience I had; that unforgettable moment was being crowned as Daughter of the King. It was an extremely special and beautiful moment. It has been been seven months since that day, my life has been transformed in many ways: I spend quality time in God's presence I hear the voice of God clearly, and am able to be obedient My faith has increased My overall attitude has improved. I am more patient. I am so grateful to God for making me the object of His love and affection. He is the Manager, Programmer, Creator and Organizer of the universe . I so appreciate the beautiful gift of a Singled Out life; the peace I have and the many lessons I learn help me to be a better version of myself everyday.


Christine Stewart-Good On November 2005, the Lord appeared to me in a dream and revealed the areas in my life I needed to change, and direction in which I needed to go. Since that time my faith in God grew as I experienced His love for me. I began to feel that there must be something more for me to do to please the Lord. So, I asked the Him to lead me to find my purpose, and He did. On February 22, 2020, a new transformation began that stirred up new and exciting emotions. I was compelled to reflect on my journey with God. I now had a new perspective about my relationship with God: I met my King. I was encouraged to get closer to my King through new birth by making a new pledge. I received a crown that signified that I am a QUEEN. I was introduced to the book ‘The Power of a Praying Woman, written by Stormie Omartian. In May 2020, I participated in the Book Club where we read the book, studied the Word of God, and shared life experiences. Itwas a great experience for me and my prayer life improved. PAGE 15| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE


Chateau De La Rose

Chauteau De La Rose


Located in Ironshore in the resort city of Montego Bay, Jamaica; the property is perched on a hill with great sea view, an outdoor swimming pool, shared lounge, a garden and terrace and free private parking. The villa also features car hire for guests who want to explore the surrounding area.

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I appreciate the beautiful gift of a Singled Out life... I learn lessons that help me to be a better version of myself everyday. Diane Prince It has been seven (7) months since my crowning and unforgettable "Singled Out" moment. My transformation is amazing; there are so many new things to learn each day as my relationship with God grows closer and deeper. My spiritual life in enhanced in many ways: I pray and worship more frequently. I read and study the Word of God to get a clearer understanding of my purpose so I can please God. I am more obedient to the will of God because I pray, wait, and listen for Him to answer me. I pray and seek God’s permission for everything that grabs my attention and interest. Praise and worship has become a habit for me, especially during a crisis. I extend love and humility by sharing physical gifts and my own experience with God on my spiritual journey. I appreciate the presence of God more during my intimate worship session.

Queens' Stories

There are new things to learn each day as my relationship with GOD grows closer and deeper. Christine Stewart-Good

Don't be SHY... Contact us to share and inspire other women +1 (876) 460-9985 PAGE 17| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

Celebrating Queens

Queens Persevere...

Celebrating July, August and September born Queens PRESERVING THE CULTURE

The mission of the brand, Virtuous Spring Water is to celebrate women. As a culture, we host quarterly birthday celebrations to recognize the Queens in our family. The third quarter Birthday celebration was due in September. While it is customary to plan themed events, the realities of COVID19 prevented our Queen Family from getting together in the usual fashion. As relentless as we are, we decided not let the restrictions prevent us from ensuring that our third quarter Queens know that they are special.

Front: Shallian Lewis-Mclean - September 14 Middle: Kemoy Thomas-Reid - July 10 Back: Brittany Thompson - July 28

SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE The plan was to meet for Brunch at the Bellefield Great House, located in Montego Bay. St. James. As a Queen Family we strive to honour God through our fellowship with each other. Life is so precious, and every day is priceless. When we are blessed to be alive for another year, this is something to celebrate. For the third quarter, there were three Queens who celebrated their birthdays between July and September. We wish them all God's richest blessings, and encourage them to continue on the path of righteousness.

Venue: Bellefield Great House Dining Area Montego Bay, St. James Jamaica, WI PAGE 18| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

As usual, the experience was pleasant; it always is when we are in the company of each other. We thank God for the gift of such enriching relationships as we grow closer and deeper.


s n e e u Q y a d Birth

na a D & y n a t t Bri Front: Kemoy Thomas-Reid - July 10 Middle: Brittany Thompson - July 28 July Back: Shallian Lewis-Mclean - September 14

ke a c s e e h C ay d h t Bir PAGE 20| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

All the Que ens

Left to Right: Lavern O'Hara-Jenkins, Diane Prince, Kemoy Thomas-Reid, Brittany Thompson, Shamelia Simpson-McKenzie, Christine Stewart-Good

POPULATING THE PALACE AN INVITATION FIT FOR A QUEEN So, you may be wondering, "what is she talking about?" This is my answer: Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ said this: The Kingdom of God is like a King who


prepared a wedding banquet..."

At every point we will spread the new that

(St. Matthew 22:2)


You may have read that passage of Scripture several time, but have you given deep thought to what it means? Here is the message of the passage: Your God, Who is King continually makes

Time has brought to pass the truth about life; as women we now all know that we are

plans to celebrate you...He always wants to have you in His presence.

powerful beyond measure. Please take a moment to celebrate your strength; reflect

Then you say:

on what your life has been; how much you

But I am already saved; I've been baptized , I

have endured and how you have

pray and live as a Christian for many years.


Here is what Jesus says: You did not choose me, but I chose you, and

The spirit that is within us is unbeatable; yet

appointed you that you might go and bear

sometimes we forget what we have, who

fruit... ( St. John 15:16)

were are and Whose we are. You are a QUEEN; made in the image of God, Who is KING, since birth you have been ROYALTY. Now is the time to play the role.


Soul Food

A Queen Nourishes Her Spirit

POPULATING THE PALACE The invitation from God is to POPULATE

Jesus, our Lord tells us:

HIS PALACE. It is commendable that as

" I will go and prepare a place for you, I will come

women we make the effort to invest in our

back and welcome you... (St. John 14:3)

spiritual lives; for the most part, we learned

The place of which Jesus speaks is prepared

this behaviour from our parents and grand

specifically for Royalty; if He is KING, then we

parents. They instilled in us the need to

are QUEENS and we ought to be ready to take

acknowledge the Creator. This is great; in

our place at the PALACE that He has prepared.

fact it is a solid foundation on which we can build; yet Jesus tells us that the choice is

There is one thing I know, and I know it for sure;

His; you and I have already been chosen by

God is doing a NEW THING. It's a NEW


SEASON; one in which we as women have a great work to do. Our crowns and thrones wait;

Do you believe that you have been chosen?

our work has been outlined; we need only to

If you do, how are you demonstrating that

take our place as the QUEENS we are. God's ear

you are? I have come to learn that culture

is attentive to us, so we ought to PRAY.

sometimes influences our behaviours; we adopt habits and attitudes for survival.

Whatever it will take, Singled Out Magazine will

Being independent is one trait that many

continue to share this Good News. You must

women are forced to take on; oftentimes

know that you are the target of God's affection;

when we are extended help we decline

you are invited to POPULATE THE PALACE.

because we have conditioned our mind to think that: "I got this". But God want to be our help; it is in His nature is to give His children aid. In these times, we should have a clearer understanding of the Bible than our ancestors. We have access to so much more information than our parents and grand parents; there is so much more awareness. There is a saying: "to whom much is given, much is expected". In this season; at this moment in history, we are invited by God to climb higher.

The process is about taking small steps daily to grow in knowledge and understanding. God will reveal His plans and clarify your role. This is a family that provides support so you can fulfil your purpose. WILL YOU JOIN US TO POPULATE THE PALACE? PAGE 23| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE


Bless with a Dress A Worthy Cause Meet

Zenaide Whittley

The founder of

D.A.I.N.T.Y Ladies Circle.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to share my vision in the second issue of Singled Out Magazine. I possess a burning passion for the souls of young women who desire to live their lives for the Lord. The DAINTY Ladies Circle embraces the mission to support females in their efforts to live in a way that pleases God. The project Bless with a Dress is a project to donate dresses to women who need them. The aim is to help them to look and feel good as they pursue the heart of God. I invite you to support this worthy cause. I appreciate your support; thank you in advance. Please contact me if you need further information.


Shaneika Good Extraordinary Achievement

Singled Out Magazine is delighted to be able to celebrate the achievement of a Queen in the Making - Shaneika Good. Sheneika is a 17 year old student at Mt. Alvernia High School in Montego Bay, St. James. Jamaica. She is the daughter of one of our "Singled Out" Queens, Christine Stewart-Good. The Team at Singled Out Magazine is proud of you; we join your family to celebrate your excellence in the Caribbean External Examinations, CSEC. Shaneika has embraced the standard of excellence and performed exceptionally well earning 7 distinctions and 1 credit in her CSEC Subjects.

Future Physician: Shaneika Good on Graduation Day

Shaneika was successful in her application for 6th Form at Mt. Alvernia High School and will be pursuing studies in Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) as a precursor to her further studies in Medicine.

We wish you all the best and will keep you in our prayers. Congratulations!!! PAGE 26| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

Shaneika and her mom, Christine

Latevia Walker Excellence in Academics Singled Out Magazine continues to celebrate. Excellence is the standard for another Queen in the Making - Latevia Walker. Latevia is 18 years old and attended Mt. Alvernia High School in Montego Bay, St. James. Jamaica. She is the daughter of one of our "Singled Out" Queens, Shallian LewisMcLean. The Team at Singled Out Magazine is delighted to have the opportunity to celebrate your excellence in the Caribbean External Examinations, CSEC. Latevia Walker on Graduation Day

Latevia has performed with excellence, earning 7 credits and 1 distinction in her CSEC Subjects. Latevia was successful in her application to Montego Bay Community College. She will be pursuing an Associate Degree in Business Administration.

We wish you all the best and will keep you in our prayers. Congratulations!!! Latevia and her mom, Shallian PAGE 27| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE



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The Story of How I was Lost and Then Found Ineke Murray - a woman with a Singled Out story that is unique and interesting.

SSM: Hi Ineke, how are you? IM: I am doing great thanks; I am excited to be here. How are you doing? SSM: I am doing just wonderful and delighted to have the pleasure of hearing your story. Welcome to Singled Out Magazine. IM: Thank you Shamelia for the opportunity.

When our minds are transformed, we are unstoppable Ineke Murray is an Author, Blogger, Entrepreneur

SSM: We discussed the mission Singled Out Magazine being to celebrate the journeys of women who dare to believe in their greatness and boldly take the steps to realize their dreams. How do you fit that mold? IM: Well, my story is about just that. My life story is about being ignorant of what God requires to being enlightened in a way that I experienced being REBORN, hence, THE REBIRTH. SSM: So, let us talk about your journey of REBIRTH; how you moved from spiritual stagnancy to discovering and pursuing your life purpose. IM: Let's talk Chica SSM: So, tell us how did it all began; the NEWNESS experience? IM: Well like you, my journey started fourteen years ago. I would say though that I didn't quite understand what I was experiencing, I was unsure of what God required of me, so there were many learning moments for me. At that time, I did not have the level of faith to keep me focused on God. I needed to learn the truth about God, Who He is and what He requires of me so I could stay the course.


SSM: What kept you from being focused? IM: I used to believe that God only worked for some people, though He is Creator of us all, I believed that He did not love us all the same. I did not deem it necessary to serve God with all of me. It was not until years later after having let go off His hand that He spoke to my heart. One day I felt I could go no further I made the decision to revive my relationship with God; I listened to the promptings of His voice and He began to show me how much He loves all of me. He revealed to me that He had a great work for me to do that was important to His Kingdom. SO: What is different about where you are today? IM: Well before the rebirth, I felt as if I was blinded somehow, you know, like there were scales over my eyes. I believe that it obscured my spiritual vision. Then, as I began to open myself to God I began to see from a different perspective. I call that period: " the un-scaling". Fast forward to today, for the past four years I have renewed my relationship with God; I am now fully committed to Him and embrace His purpose for my life.

THE REBIRTH SSM: What is your advise to other women who will experience their own SINGLED OUT moment? IM: My advice would be this: When God calls JUST ANSWER, DON'T RUN!!! The journey is by no means always easy; challenges will come, but when they do, just hold on to God's promises. There will be moments when you may want to give up but persevere. The call of God is a blessing that money cannot buy. Accept the call and pray for the strength, He will enable you to stand. It is worth the struggle, but in order to experience the blessings and peace that is promised you must be all in!!! Give God everything!!! SO: What would you say is the reward of your journey? IM: Knowing that I am Singled Out by God, I feel joy; even in the midst of chaos I am able to experience peace, in the midst of all uncertainty of this day I am able to rest in God's promises, and trust that I will not sink, I will not burn, I will not fail.

SO: How has your Transformational Journey been up to this point ?

SO: What about your life work, I hear you have been doing a whole lot in that area?

IM: My transformation up to this point has been an interesting one; in the sense that I have had to learn truly what it means to serve God with all of me. I had to learn the art of daily surrender so that it is now a lifestyle. I make the conscious choice to slay "self" so that God's Holy Spirit can work in and through me. Through the highs and lows God has been there for me, He never left me and I felt supported and nurtured as I learn and grow to understand His Word and His nature more and more.

IM: Currently I am the Director of a charity organization called: Precous GEMMS. We provide school supplies, clothing and other essentials to schools and nursing homes in Jamaica. I have also written a Devotional titled: Pearls for Everyday Living; it's available on Recently I opened an online boutique called Peace Reigns Boutique.

SO: What would you change about your journey if you could? IM: To stay on the path I started on 14 years ago; my disobedience set me back a lot. I know if I had stayed the course I would be further on my journey. Nevertheless I appreciate the lessons I learned; they have helped to strengthen my faith and character. PAGE 30| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

SO: Ineke, congratulations on your achievements, your living your purpose. Your story is inspiring. I 'm sure many women will read your story and be encouraged . Thanks a million for sharing your story. IM: you Shamelia. I sure hope so, and they will skip the disobedience step. (laughs). It was my pleasure speaking with you. Thank you for the opportunity.

Word of Encouragement from Ineke


Being "Singled Out" is an invitation to live God's way. This option is definitely more fulfilling than the life we would design for ourselves. By nature, we tend to resort to doing things on our own; this often gets us on the wrong path. When we falter, we then have to go back to God, His Word and His directives. It is best to take the guess-work out of things and just live from a place of obedience while allowing God to pour into us so that we can breathe the essence of Himself. Reflecting the image of God and being an example for others is more effective to advance the plans that God has for His children; the rewards are so great. I encourage you to yield yourself to the Creator. Indeed, the journey may seem hard especially because we have gotten accustomed to relying on our own strength. There is aid available. What is important to keep at the forefront of our minds is that we are spirit beings, made in God's image; as such we can do all things through Christ. When we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit within us at every step of the way, when our minds are transformed we become unstoppable.

Ineke Murray

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This Devotional, Pearls for Everyday Living is part of my life work. I wrote it during the earlier months of the lockdown due to COVID-19. During this time I was forced to be still; I was able to hear the voice of God clearly. I received Divine inspiration to compile the writings I had in my archive for years. Each of us are born with a gift - a passion, a purpose - something that makes us unique, makes us special, makes us... simply want to soar beyond the ordinary, if we so desire!! BUY NOW PAGE 31| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE



The nation's leading creative lifestyle brand is here! Walls









The Birth of a Vision

IF YOU LISTEN CAREFULLY YOU WILL HEAR I always reflect on how the flame in my heart started. I remember it like it was yesterday; I was commencing the third year of my studies in university. I was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. As the first semester progressed I became overwhelmed by the extensive research and culinary practical, all while preparing for final exams. I imagined that the academic year would have been challenging but not so soon. Before I returned to campus that semester, I had prayed and asked the Lord for fresh wind and new beginnings. My prayers didn't stop my worry; I soon became overly concerned about my exam results, hoping I would pass them all. I always had a fear of exams. I can recall one morning during one of my devotion exercises, the Lord instructed me to begin a period of fasting and prayer for seven (7) days. While on the fast, I remember asking the Lord for strength and favour to complete my final year. On the last day, to close the fast in the early hours of the morning I had a dream. In this dream, I was on a hill, climbing a tree full of leaves and thorns. Larger trees blocked the view, but I felt like I was searching for something, so I decided to climb a little further.

While climbing the tree I realized that the branches began to look and feel flexible; a strong wind shook the tree as I gripped tighter for fear of falling. The higher I climbed the stronger the wind blew and the more the tree swayed. I thought it best to get down before the branch broke free. Yet there was another voice in my mind saying do not let go, the storm will soon pass. So, I held on even though the branch bent so far that I could touch the ground. The wind soon calmed down and I was able to see. There was nothing above the trees. I could see a beautiful and clear view of the ocean touching the sky. I then awoke from this dream feeling nervous and wondered what it meant. I immediately prayed and asked God to reveal its true meaning to me. I decided to call my sister who was living in Grand Cayman to share the details of the dream. My sister asked, “Are you worried about anything?” Of course I was; I was concerned about my exams. She explained her understanding of my dream. She replied, “God is going to elevate you in your studies, but you will be faced with situations that will discourage you. The road to success is going to be prickly but hold on to Jesus". Based on what my sister said, so it happened; . The new school year began, it was time for the work to begin. Soon after I began to experience feelings of depression and fear of not being able to complete my final semesters. There were constant negative thoughts in my mind.


There were plaguing thought saying: "you are not good enough,’ ‘you are stupid".

The Birth of a Vision

With all that was going on, I needed a business name so I could complete my course work and please let this name be one that I can use in the future as a business "‘you are nothing so just give up now because it doesn’t name. Let your will be done in Jesus’ name I make sense to continue.’ pray, Amen.” I knew they were lies and were not from God. The thoughts continued:

I refused to give up, I remembered my sister's words and I tried to hold on and press onward in faith.

The next morning during my devotion exercises these words come to my thoughts, French (sapide) SAPID, SAPID PALACE. "It has a nice ring to it, I said: "thank I remember I had specific individual coursework to you Lord." do, that required each person to make a menu and I searched Google dictionary and found the Entrée had to be paired with a wine. I had different dictionaries with the same meaning. already completed the pre-requisites in year one The French spelling is (sapeed) SAPIDE (1), two (2), and three (3), so thought it would be meaning tasty. easy. I also had two children going to school during While the English spelling is SAPID that time, one in high school and the other in meaning (1) flavourful, (2) having a pleasant Preparatory school, so I was overwhelmed with taste helping my children and completing my own The opposite of sapid is insipid which work on time. means lacking flavour and taste. (feel oblige) One evening after a long day of lectures and an unpleasant evening class, I attempted a draft of my menu but I could not come up with a suitable name. That weekend I did draft after draft, however; I still could not find a suitable name. The feeling of depression worsened. (I will share in another testimony); I then remembered the scripture that says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13). I broke and cried; I called on the name of Jesus Christ. I prayed the Word of God: “Lord you did not give me the spirit of fear, but a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7). I realized that I decided to believe God's Word and stand on His promises to show me favour and grace and mercy.


I thought either spelling was a good idea so I chose the English spelling. I can also remember closer to the end of that semester, a classmate and I were discussing healthy eating habits. We talked about opening a juice bar or salad bistro as a business after school. I thought of the idea to make sugarless and eggless pastries, to serve healthy as alternatives. Two years later a good friend asked me to join her in a pastry business. I told her my idea is a little different and that I had already started to do my research on developing a strong structure for implementing these products in the market place.

The Birth of a Vision I explained to her that the Lord had given me recipes for products, and He revealed the product that would be great for the menu. I imagine that if I had given in to depression I would not be where I am today, nor would I be doing what I am doing today. Thanks be to God. Below is the progress of the vision to date.


Sapid Palace Cuisine Flyer


Sapid Palace Pastries Business Card

Christine Stewart-Good is a professional Pastry Chef, the owner of Sapid Palace Pastries. She conceptualized the idea of creating recipes for healthy desserts to encourage healthy eating habits. She is an avid researcher as she seeks knowledge to develop her skills to create healthy desserts. PAGE 35| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

Parmesan Coated Chicken Breast BY:





4 oz. Parmesan Cheese, grated 1 tsp. Paprika Powder 1 Chicken Breast; deboned and skin removed 1 egg; whisked 4 oz. AP Flour 2 oz. 100% Whole Milk 3 oz. Bread Crumbs Salt and Black Pepper to taste 2 oz. Vegetable Oil for frying

Tiffany Barret is a professional chef with a passion for cuisine. She creates delicious meals and is keen on quality, taste and presentation. PAGE 36| SINGLED OUT MAGAZINE

1. Wash chicken breast and dry with paper towel 2. Use mallet to beat chicken breast 3. Make a breaded station with all ingredients, except chicken breast 4. Coat the chicken in the breaded mixture, shake to remove excess flour and place on a side plate 5. in a small frying pan, heat oil on medium flame 6. Fry chicken breast lightly on both sides for apprximately 3-5 minutes until well done 7. Serve with tomato sauce and garnish plate with fresh basil leaf


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