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INTERVIEWING BILL The questions I asked Bill were What are your favorite videogames ? He answered me. I like GTA 5. I like Fifa 14. I like Battlefield 4. I also like Call Of Duty Ghosts. Why did you created Microsoft? I wanted to work with computers and technology. Why did you send someone to create XBOX? I wanted kids to play on consoles with more technology. Why did you go to jail? I outstand traffic violations. Who inspired you? Ed Roberts Will you be leaving money to your kids? It is better that kids get there own money. Where you friend of Steve Jobs? He and I respected each other. The day we were more together was when were creating the mac.


Ping pong Contest Today at KCP they are doing a ping pong contest. The one who wins the contest will receive a special price including an ice cream party. Stucco members have it as a surprise and do not want to reveal the price. Everyone is exited for winning. Good news Luis Fernando Zambrano has revealed one of the prices. One of the prices will be some racquets. Two members from each grade will get to the q quarter Finals. Six grade leaders are Roberto Garcia and Juan Jose Castro. We do not know for sure who are the leaders of seventh and eighth grade. Everyone is informing me that it is difficult to play in those tables because they are made out of bricks. Who is going to be the winner in this contest? Well we will know in 1 month. Everyone is telling me that there are possibilities that an eight grader wins the contest. If you want more information of the ping pong contest you can go to Mr. Matuseski. He is the one who knows who is in first place for each grade. Oh another thing if you find a white ball take it to Mr. Matuseski. You will know more information about it in next weeks magazine.

This spectacular game is called GTA 5. This new game includes online. In online you can play with friends or other people playing online. On online you can do races or many other things. Get money in jobs so you can buy cars and apartments. Rank up to win weapons or to win car unlocks. You can do your own avatar. You like to change you avatar clothe. Win money go to Pons boys to buy them. This game does not only have online. In story mode you have 3 characters. Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Do story missions to win money to buy stuff. At the end you will have to stay with only two characters. The creators of this game are Rock star Games. But forget story mode because when you have online you will not want to play story. Because on Online you can get to do many other cool stuff. Get all you updates done so you can get new vehicles and weapons. I strongly recommend this game. It is one of my favorites. I guaranty you that hundreds of people are playing right now. If this game is incredible and you do not want to stop playing it. Can you imagine how GTA 6 is going to be.

This spectacular game is called Fifa 14. If you like sports especially soccer, this is the game you should play. This magnificent game includes on Ultimate team in Xbox consoles legends. It is almost impossible to get legends. But when you do the smartest thing to do is to sell them so you can buy many good players and form a great team. This game is recommended by almost everyone. It has hundreds of people playing right now. This game does not only Ultimate team. If you like playing careers and tournaments or only practicing or just playing kick off you will like this game. But that stuff is a little bit boring. The most recommended thing to do is enjoying Ultimate Team. This game was created by EA sports. EA Sports do not only have Fifa. If you like basketball or something else you can go to EA and but any sport game you want. But of course FIFA is the best game of all those. The best player of FIFA 14 is Pele the king of soccer. It is almost impossible to take away the ball from him. It is not only good it is also known of the player that costs more. If you want to buy him you will need to waste a lot of money but it will help you a lot in the matches against other people. But the bad thing is that you can only use him in Ultimate team.

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