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==== ==== Jogging to Relax ==== ==== There is a lesser amount of time for us to think everyday, and except that we give a special effort to it. Even the people who is good at thinking doesn't have sufficient time to think deeply. Nevertheless, running can change this situation. When we are running, we have much time to think about. And there is no phone ring and the guest. Even through twenty minutes, we can even count that period of time as our own time. As long as we like, we can use the time to consider our special issues. I am writing books about general games, intelligence games and people's intelligence, I always solve the problems in jogging. It is a procedure of hard working, and I am not good at using pen and paper. But if I am concentrate on something, I often can be accomplished. Nevertheless, when I am running I like carrying ponder. So the style of free ponder is much more crucial than the contents of the matters. Some people don't want to face with the whole problems. When they are running, they find that running and thinking are pleasant sports. Jogging is a wonderful way to relax from the busy life. Jogging has to follow your own pace of life. In the majority of our life, we often impose our schedules for other people. Running can help us get rid of this kind of situation. We can go wherever we want. We can run in a fast speed and a slow speed. We could jog alone, and we may jog with best companies. The group running is helpful to change the boring mind, but also could improve the state of the mind. Running in the group can strength the morale, confidence, creativity and happy mood. If you have much time you'd better go to the physical club. In the body club, people could build body and know others. We can go out for seven days in a week, or we are out for a few days or less. We could ponder the problems, and just jogging without any questions. The whole matters are completely along with us. In addition, we can change the contents by our needs and interests. The manager of the national institute of mental health found that the rhythm is like our flesh and blood, it is one part of our physical structure. Therefore, running can accord the pace to adjust our life. When our rhythm is at low ebb, we can run carefully. So running in a low speed is a kind of short time sport. When we are in the powerful and firm condition, we could make a trial. We could run up the steep hills, and wade through creeks. Or we may jump through a dead tree. The only we should do is to running without any hesitation. No matter what we need now, running can give the answers to us. What people need in the daily life could be supported by the jogging. Jogging can not be finished in a short time. If you are always in a parallel rate of march, you couldn't find your own advancement. You'd better shift the jogging style in your daily life.

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==== ==== Jogging to Relax ==== ====

Jogging to relax  

Some people don't want to face with the whole problems. When they are running, they find that running and thinking are pleasant sports. Jogg...