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Abstract After you define the business plan, create the product/services, calculating the price and ready to deliver your product/services to • your target customers, what is left ? Yes, it’s promotion. There is no other way how masses out there will know your business, product/services without promotion. No matter you use personal selling, create special offer, advertise at television, radio spot, print-ad at newspaper-magazine, create website, update your status at social media, put your eye catching signage, brochure, posters, send your valuable customers a greeting card or you create buzz through events, CSR programs, build excellent service so people or media will talk about your business and other creative way where only sky is the limit… Those all are promotion or we called it marketing communication.

Profile • D’view media is the marketing communication brand of PT. Imaji Cipta, established on 2009 in Surabaya and expand to Bali, Jakarta and• Bandung on 2010 Purpose • To provide integrated marketing communication tools for businesses in each area by covering 4 dimensions ; printed and electronic media publication, long exposure frequency, vast distribution and reliable cost. Approach • Using specific business directory contain category of business with full page with integrated exposure in book, website and mobile with expansion through event and specific need of promotion.

Our Group Media Guide Books • Surabaya, Bali, Jakarta, Bandung • • Guide books with specific needs – each cities may vary: • Restaurant, Guide • School (Pre until University) Guide, • Shopping/Goods Guide, • Automotive, • Sleeping (accommodation), • Info Guide (general) • Fashion Guide • Home & Living Guide • Travel Guide • Will follow others • Distribution : • Points (more than 300 points) • Local, National, International book shops • Online Shops • Event, Community, Gathering • Segment : SES A, B, C + • Language : English / Indonesia

Our Media Website •

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Each publication guide have it’s own website, which integrate the communication message. Every website contain every categories same as in the printed version. Searchable and accessible anytime, everywhere Great for start-up, support SEO optimization for current website

Our Media Mobile Application •

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Every mobile applications are available for each printed version. Align with today’s mobile lifestyle Free download for any brands of smart phone; with android, symbian, blackberry OS, I-phone. Can be access and search through search engine or Surabayarestoguide already downloaded 4,169 times Balirestoguide already downloaded 2,540 times.

Our Media at D’view Bali Bali Resto Guide m. This guide launch since 2010, specific only for restaurants, café, bakery, coffee shops, bar and lifestyle places in Bali. The aim is to provide effective guide information to readers know about culinary and place to hang out. •Publish : February, May, August, November • Cover : A5, FC, AP 260gsm, Doff Finished, Hot Print • Language : English / Indonesia • Inside Pgs : A5, FC, Matte AP 120 gsm • Duration : 3 monthly • Sell Price : IDR 100.000 • Issues : 5.000 – 20.000 books/edition •Content : All types of cuisine menu category (Indonesian, International, Western, Italian, Seafood, Japanese, Asian & Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vegetarian), Coffee Shop, Café, Bakery, Bar, Lifestyle • Target Market : Family, Travelers (Domestic, Foreign), Food Lovers • Segment : SES A, B, C+

Complimentary Services Black Berry Blast + 11.000 Pin BB Add us at 28175E74

Email Blast + 3000 email addresses

Content Give more details about your special promotion, event, updates. Call us for more details to use our blast services

Distribution Our Book Distribution are 30% (Selling) stores : • Gramedia (Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung) • Toga Mas (Java, selected stores) • Periplus, Java Books (Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta) • Local stores and supermarkets in Bali 70% Direct Distribution (Free) : • Consulates (Bali) • Public Places, crowd traffic • Event, Community, Gathering • Mailboxes of potential persons • Government office and Associations Distribution We are able to manage specific distribution to advertisers need to their potential customer, please contact us

Bali Free Distribution Area in 2011-2012

Free Distribution All free distributions are well recorded and reliable, where we only give to specific person with received proof

Bali Distribution Points in 2011-2012

Free Distribution All free distributions are well recorded and reliable, where we only give to specific person with received proof

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Our Media Advantages are only for you No matter where the position of your business cycles are; development-new launch productsservices-business, introduction, growth, mature, rejuvenate; our integrated media solution could be your most cost effective promotion. Here are some ideas for you how to use our media solutions : • Brand and Business Building Awareness • Occasional and Regular Promotion and Publication • Gift / Souvenirs • Complimentary • Membership program • Sales Tools • Strengthening Integrated Marketing Communication Program • Increase target customers visit traffic • Maintain current and loyal customer • Cross selling among target markets and customers

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D’view is brand of PT. Imaji Cipta Perumahan Permata Indah 1 no. 2 Kebo Iwa Utara, Denpasar, Bali

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Bali Resto Guide  
Bali Resto Guide  

A media to promote Restaurants, cafe, coffee shops and lifestyle in Bali make Bali to be cuisine destination.