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Christmas 2009

Happy Holidays to All, So hard to believe that another year has come and gone… As the Year comes to a close we all tend to reflect on the year’s accomplishments; Ryan has completed much in his post high school education, and continues to work part time to help restore his Classic Honda, Tiffany Dances her way through the year as a member of the High School Dance Team the “Raiderettes” and enjoys the social network of friends, Samantha an avid swimmer, Enjoyed her visit with all her Relatives during Thanksgiving in Atlanta, and continues to use imagination in her Art Work. Our Family has been Blessed with Good Health this year, good grades in School, and Personal Achievements that Memories are made of. We Pass on Our Blessings to You and Your Family, and may the Happiness of the Holiday Season be Upon You!!!

Love, Dave, Ryan, Tiffany & Samantha Vallish

Jacksonville & Orange Park, Florida

Christmas Letter 2009  

Christmas Letter to All