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Services for protection of intellectual property rights

Our activities


 Services for protection of intellectual property     

rights; Market surveys and industry commodity markets; Analysis of foreign markets; Analytical consulting. Customs information for strategic decisionmaking; Conducting business meetings and conferences on foreign trade.

Mission: Our mission is to exceed our customers' expectations by providing services for the protection of intellectual property rights , taking as a basis the principles of integrity , objectivity and high quality using the global experience of the best experts. We - a team of professionals , which is developing dynamically and aims to provide efficient and quality services. Key aspects of our work are: stability , objectivity, and a deep understanding of the client's business . Our desire - based on professional knowledge and diverse industry experience to make our clients' businesses more intuitive and efficient . We act quickly and made ​responsible for the advice we give . Reputation and holistic approach - our greatest value. We are working to improve the customer's business and the future of our team.

Tools anti counterfeit actions : Monitoring Verification with the original products. Identification data Identification data suppression of sales / Distribution / counterfeiting. Legal support Informing the media about the results of the identified anti counterfeit activities.


Monitoring of foreign trade

Activity tracking tools online

Activity tracking tools is online

Social networks

Main place of activity of counterfeit products

Online stores

wholesale sale


Manufacturing / butchery.

Ad sites

Spam mailing

Verification with the original products.  Documenting evidence to support sales or    

detection of counterfeit products ; Identification of plagiarism concerning the brand name itself , shares , logos , promotions and so on ; Investigative measures aimed at the identification of the storage and distribution of counterfeit goods ; Checking on counterfeit products through its acquisition; Verification, aimed at identifying persons or persons involved in illegal actions against your company.

Preventive procedures counterfeit

Collect information on persons directly related to the spread of counterfeit products.

Documentation of violations related to the proliferation of counterfeit goods

Implementation of legal action and technical measures to stop the spread of counterfeit products and illegal use of a brand

Legal support  Legal registration of counterfeit products found.

 Complaint procedures .  Penalty for use of counterfeit money.

 Representation in courts.

Informing the media about the results of the identified anti counterfeit activities.

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NO Counterfeit services Ukraine  
NO Counterfeit services Ukraine  

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