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About us Originated from the idea that Vietnamese students have not had many chances to discover and develop their potentials for future use, AIESEC FTU HCMC introduces the iChange Project. iChange is expected to create opportunities for high school students to exchange culture and knowledge with foreign friends, to develop their soft skills and to become a global citizen who is later on, creates positive impacts on the society.

iChange 2014 consists of a series of event including iSee (Global Village), iLearn(Workshop, Contest), iDo (Field trip, Amazing Race) and other outside activities to deliver necessary competencies to high school students Department interns will be working for: iGCDP

ICHANGE in number (In the last term)

10 camps were organized 3 high schools cooperated with us More than 1000 Vietnamese students attended our camps

25 international students took this experience We delivered what we promised! We will go on!

General information

ď ą Duration: Phase 1 is for 6 weeks from April 15th to May 31st. Phase 2 is for 6 weeks from June 15th to July 31th ď ą Target customer: Vietnamese High School Student

Intern’s JOB DESCRIPTION Co - operate with OC Content to build detailed plans for all events of iChange Project Prepare cultural materials that are required for Global Village as well as all materials for Workshop and other Sessions in Camps

In iChange, you will

Managing internal and external communication channels while executing the plan Co - operate with Organizing Committee members to execute all events of iChange project (Global Village activities, Contest, Field Trip, Outdoor Activities, etc.)

Support other projects and events in LC if possible Impact showcasing: sharing stories, follow-up meeting with students

Matching Process Dewi Tri Kusumah (Indonesia)

Raise (Feb 25th)

It was amazing having a project in Vietnam. The Aiesec Vietnam gave me the best accommodation. They picked me up at the airport and to the workplace. For the accommodation, I stayed with local. I had a nice and friendly host family and the place was comfortable. Even before I came to Vietnam, they had explained to me my job description very clearly. The events were also very great and did help me grow and develop a lot. Never have I had an amazing experience like this. I love Vietnam. I love iChange project. I wish I could work for this project again in the future

Match (March 1st – May 31st )

Realize (From April to June – 2 phases)

Intern’s servIces Accommodation • Intern House where all interns live together with modern facilities in High – Quality Residential Area. • Host family: being friendly and supportive with nice room

Bonding | Buddy Service • Integration activities (welcome and farewell parties, city tour, Orientation Day, Cooking Day, Language Day) • Support during Realization • Visa & flight ticket support and online training before realization

AIESEC activities • Local Committee Meeting • Other projects • LEAD program for Interns

KEY LEARNING POINTS Event organizing skills Professional working style in an international environment

Diverse cultural understanding and international relationship Deeply understanding of culture and people of Vietnam

Negotiation, Teamwork and Communication skills Self – awareness and self - motivation

REQUIREMENTS  Ensure project duration and understanding  Be able to work proactively under high pressure and willing to integrate with Vietnamese friends  Have deep knowledge of your country  Be active, supportive, hard working, enthusiastic and NEVER GIVE UP  Be confident to perform in front of people  Be supportive in filling 3 iGCDP's surveys

AIESEC VIETNAM AIESEC FTU HCMC iChange project CONTACT US Dang Viet My Duyen (Ms.) - TN Manager Email: Phone: +84 1254 555 000

Pham Xuan Vinh (Mr.) Organizing Committee President Email: Phone: +84 0121 6886 920

TN ID (Sample) TN-In-VN-HF-2013-441 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-442 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-438 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-371 TN-In-VN-HF-2013-374

Ichange project 2014 intern package  
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