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PORTFOLIO Du, Xingying

WORK EXPERIENCE WeWork -Powered by We

Interior Design Intern - Work directly with Creative Director - Help with concept development and design strategy

EDUCATION Feb. 2018 - Present

’2018 MFA in Interior Design GPA: 3.70

University of Florida

Dentonhouse Design Studio

Achitectural Intern Jan. 2018 - Feb. 2018 - Help with construction documents and finish schedules - Make FF&E schedule, design updates and material spec sheets

Calvert Wright Architecture PC Interior Design Intern

Pratt Institute

June 2017 - Aug. 2017

Projects - The Feminist Institute at Hunter College: Squadron A Armory Towers- Adaptive Reuse and Historical Preservation (2017, Predesign) - Hunter College Athletics Project (2017, Design) Responsibilities - Site research, existing conditions documentation - Design development, 2D and 3D rendering - General information management

ADRI-HUST Urban Planner/ Designer Nov. 2011 - May. 2015 Projects - Historical Preservation of Historical Cities and Villages in Shanxi Province (2015) - Historical Village Preservation of Shangfu Village, Shanxi province (2013,Built) - Historical City Controlled Detailed Planning of Xinjiang, Shanxi Province (2012, Built) - Urban Design of Historical District in Ningbo Bund Area, Jiangsu Province (2011, Built) Responsibilities - Prepare concept and detailing for Historical Preservation Projects - Design concepts and detailing for Historical Districts - Site analysis and site reseach in history, culture, society and custom - Conduct the area calculations and land-use Balance

’2014 MS in Sustainable Design GPA: 3.92 Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology ’2015 M.Eng. in Historical Preservation ’2012 B.Eng. in Urban Planning Minor in Architecture

AWARDS - 2018 ASID Student Portfolio Competition Winner - Graduate with Distinction of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2012 & 2015)

EXHIBITIONS - “Journey”, You Are Here NYC: Art, Information and Mapping, New York (2017) - “ Poché / The Space Between ”, SOFA EXPO, Chicago (2016)

SKILLS Professional Skill Acad






Digital Tech Assistant Sep. 2017 - Present - Provide support for students in the INT department related to 2D and 3D design - Work with a faculty advisor to provide technical support for digital media related to coursework offered in the department







Pratt Institute -Budget Office

Microsoft Office


Graduate Assistant Aug. 2016- Dec. 2017 - Calculate and analyze monthly revenue report and enrollment report - Analyze and compare financial reports monthly

Concept Sketch


Hand Drawing








Pratt Institute- Interior Design Department

FUNDED RESEARCH Research “The Theory and Application Research of Four-dimensional City” supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China NO. 51278211

LANGUAGE English Mandarin

Individual Skill Life long curious leaner Passion for design Enjoy collaborative work

CONTENTS ACADEMIC at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY ( 2015-2018)

Exhibition Design / Brooklyn Museum of Art and Design Office Design / Slow Life for Fast Fashion Healthcare Design / Curve Layering Decoration/ Chinese Paper Cutting Retail Design / Pastel Cafe 3D Printing Design / Squares

PROFESSIONAL at Calvert Wright Architecture PC ( June 2017 - Aug. 2017)

at ADRI-HUST ( Dec. 2011 - May 2015)

EXHIBITION ( 2016 - 2017)

Squadron A Armory Towers Project Hunter College Athletics Project

Historical Village Preservation Plan Industrial Heritage Reconstruction

Poché / The Space Between ”, SOFA EXPO Journey : Disconnected and Reconnected

Brooklyn Museum of Art and Design Program / Exhibition Location / Brooklyn Naval Hospital Area / 60,022 sqft. Skill Used /Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Research, Furniture Selection The Brooklyn Museum of Art and Design (BMAD) is an annex of the Manhattan based MAD. The mission of BMAD is to cultivate and enhance the visitor’s perception and understanding of art, design, and craft with expanded exhibition space as well as increasing community involvement through classes, lectures, cultural activities, and artists’ studios.


By inserting linear wood transitional structures between the existing building structures and new perforated metal boxes I have defined three categories of space: “old”, “new”, and “transitional”. Based on the different classifications of art, design, and craft, and the sometimes blurred boundaries between them, I have proposed three typologies of spatial combinations to house them: detached (inside and outside), adjacent (in and between) and time share. These three spatial typologies define a landscape for the visitor to explore the works in the Art Gallery, Design Gallery, and Craft Gallery (also containing classrooms and studios) and the interstitial zones where the boundaries between them are not so clearly defined.

Ruth Asawa’s wire sculptures

Linear Transitional Space

New Perforated Box

Existing Structures




The Brooklyn Museum of Art and Design (BMAD) is an addition of its Manhattan institute. It is located in Navy Yard, Brooklyn and reused the historical building Brooklyn Naval Hospital. The mission of BMAD is to guide and enhance visitors’ understanding of art, design and craft.



Art & Craft &Design









Naval Yard Hospital Army based hospital →→Abandoned



Site Plan


Art & Craft & Design Object




High/Low Level


Abstract Intuitive





Functional Interdisciplinary







Architectural Language In order to emphasize different ideas towards art, design and craft, the project uses different strategies to create exhibition space within different types of spaces. Each item on display is located according to different spatial relationship. Art is subject and abstract, and it is difficult to tell the difference. The architectural language in Art Gallery is about “inside and outside”. The artworks are located both inside and outside. It force people to see and move both inside and outside, in order to feel the complexity and contrast of art.

Section A-A

Design is multidisciplinary, and it is blurring its boundaries with different categories. The architectural language in Design Gallery is about “In and Between”. The relatively onefold design works are located in the galleries, while the works between two or more disciplines are located in the space between the galleries. Visitors will sense how different design fields are melding now. Craft is relatively achievable, and it can be learned through education and practice. The architectural language in Craft Gallery is about “separate and shared”. The Craft gallery is connected with the education programs-classrooms through shared spaces.


Section B-B






Section C-C


Jewelry Gallery


3 D Printing Center

Coat Check





Artists Studio


Public Library

Lounge Area

Art Gallery

Private Library

Art-Design Gallery

Especial Exhibition


Furniture Gallery

Mechanical Room

Storage & Education

Textile Gallery

Bar & Restaurant

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Second Floor

First Floor

Ground Floor

Art Gallery Subjective, Abstract Old and New Outside and Inside

Design Gallery Interdisciplinary In and Between

Craft Gallery + Classroom Achivable Separate and Shared Time Share


First Floor Plan

Stair: First Level to Ground Level

Stair: First Level to Second Level

Entrance & Lobby

First Floor Plan

Lobby & Entrance

Bar & Cafe

Ground Floor Plan

Slow Life for Fast Fashion Company Program / Office Location / Industrial City, Brooklyn Area / 13,044 sqft. Skill Used / Hand Rendering, Auto CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch, Research, Furniture Selection This company is a fashion branding company that seeks to guide “fast” fashion brands to a more sustainable and “slow life” value system. To illustrate this shift from fast fashion values to sustainable fashion values I have activated a method of melding materials, colors ands spaces to emphasize a conscious bringing together of the fashion’s cultural landscape.

Company Profile

Creative Groups Office Area

Slow down within Site Located in between 34th Street and 35th Street in the Industrial City, and next to a green courtyard, the site make people slowing down from the outside noisy city.

Melding with Programs The program of the working spaces is a melding of communal and private spaces to enhance communication throughout the firm.

Fluid with Materials The floor scape is a series of felt and wool landscape platforms that illustrates the fluid nature of the ideas in this space. The communal space is made of OXY, a dark tone textured reclaimed ceramic tile. The wall materials are minimal transparent surfaces that exhibit fluidity in the spaces.

Grey Wool Carpet Reclaimed Wood OXY

Changing with Colors The colors are soft and changeable according to their relationship to the natural light and programs, again illustrating the soft transparency of a “slow life�.

Communal Space

Creative Area





Interactive Designer

Vedio Den

Meeting Room

Strategic Planning




Human Resource

New Business

Art Director


Graphic Designer





Account Manager


Broadcast + Media



Mail Room

First Floor Plan


Second Floor Plan



Section A-A

Materials Grey Wool Carpet Reclaimed Wood OXY

Section B-B



Lounge Area

Enclave Space



Partners Area

Accounting Area

Stairs + Lounge Area

Creative Area

Reception Area

Physical Model-Communal Stair

Physical Model-Communal Ramp

Interactive Health Center: Curve Layering Program / Healthcare Location / Bayard–Condict Building, Manhattan Area / 5,782 sqft. Skill Used / Research, Sketch, Revit, Auto CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Furniture Selection The Integrative health center is focusing on healing depression people by offering medical support, providing workout facilities (Yoga & Meditation) and creating more opportunities for depressed people to communicate. The project uses curve layers to build interior, in order to create a smooth and fluid interior environment.

The Bayard–Condict Building at 65 Bleecker Street between Broadway and Lafayette Street, at the head of Crosby Street in the SoHo neighbourhood of Manhattan, NYC.

Depression is a mental health disorder, a psychiatric condition. Specially, it is a mood disorder characterized by persistently low mood in which there is a feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

Site Mapping

Diragrams of Depression

Urban Fabric-Density


Feel Isolated


Pattern & Ornament



Feel Broken


Feel Dowm

Concept The project seeks to generate a spatial language—Curved Layers, in order to build a interior environment which is continous, smooth and fluid, in order to encourage depressed people to communicate. · Use layers as furniture (Ergonomics) · Use Curves to generate interior · Use layers to diffuse or boost light

Concept Section

Perspective from Entrance

Concept Sketch

Design Strategy=Curve+Layer


Sketch-Examination Room

Area Diagram

Area Diagram-Square footage

Area Diagram-Communication

Area Diagram-Sound

Area Diagram-Sunlight

Communicating Stairs


Lower Level Floor Plan

Upper Level Floor Plan

Yoga Room

Admin. Office


Administrative Office

Yoga Room

Retail Design Book Shop

Inspired by methods of chineses paper cutting, the project design a module used for both floor and ceiling decoration for a book shop. The modules are consisted of circles and triangles and they are connected together to generate different shapes.

Pastel Cafe Program / Retail Location / 525 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn Area / 1,771 sqft. Skill Used / Revit, Photoshop, Research, Illustrator, InDesign, Furniture Selection Boerum Hill, Brooklyn is a brownstone neighborhood which has an early Dutch settlement history. It has shown a mid-century color tone and Scandinavian influences. Now Boerum Hill is known for its independent boutiques, restaurants and rows of brownstones. The project seeks to bring the pastel color from outside to the inside and has a small range of several Scandinavia furniture and art collections. One color has a slightly variations on different surfaces, which also shows a smooth diversity.


Restroom Restroom

Bar Dining




Floor Plan

Furniture Selection

1950s Pastel Color Trend

Dining Area + Bar


Breeze Block Design: Squares Design a 12” X 12” X 4” breeze block module and make it in to 3D printing product. This breeze block uses the idea of direction and force to build the shape and offer different views of interior and exterior.

Concept With the idea of force and direction, the breeze block is created by lofting between two different-sized square cut-outs. On the two sides of slops are stepped and it strengthens diagonal direction towards the little square. The layout of the blocks is about contrast: one side is framed and with complicated random patterns; the other side is plat with simple regular square cut-outs.

Tilting Map

Interior Elevation

Exterior Elevation

Interior Perspective

Exterior Perspective

Squadron A Armory Towers- Adaptive Reuse and Historical Preservation Fulltime Internship at Calvert Wright Architecture PC (2017 Summer)

Program / Adaptive Reuse, Historical Preservation Location / 51 E 94th St, Manhattan, NY. Area / 12,768 sqft. Skill Used / Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Vectorworks, Google Earth, Furniture Selection

Hunter College Athletics Project

Fulltime Internship at Calvert Wright Architecture PC (2017 Summer) Program / Institutional, Interior Renovation Location / 695 Park Ave, Manhattan, NY. Skill Used / Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Vectorworks, Google Earth, Furniture Selection

Existing Plan

B3 Floor Proposed Plan

B2 Floor

B3 Floor

Historical Village Preservation Plan

Urban Designer at Architectural and Urban Planning Design & Research Institute of HUST, China (2013)

Shangfu Village is a typical commercial road cultural village in Shanxi province, China. It thrived and declined all because of commercial road. “Dragon Street” is the main commercial road of the Shangfu Village and its preservation and restoration will all focus this key “line”.

Shangfu History

Shangfu Ancient Castle

Shangfu Village Formed

Shangfu Village Thrived

Shangfu Village_Today

Built-Current Satellite Screenshot

Industrial Heritage Reconstruction

Urban Designer at Architectural and Urban Planning Design & Research Institute of HUST, China (2011)

Historical Silhouette Mission & Concept The reconstruction is based on the feature of Ningbo Bund Area, which is combination of Western culture - previouly a foreign bank, and Chinese industrial culture- later a fishery company. The idea is to use the concept of “Historical Silhouette� to linking the time from past to present.

Linking the Time

Journeys: Disconnected—Reconnected

“You Are Here NYC: Art, Information and Mapping, New York (2017)

Hart Island is New York City’s unknown island. It is the home of 850,000 souls who were either unclaimed or given up voluntarily for city burial. This project looks at 66 of the residents’ journeys by tracking them back to their international homelands through their stories of immigration to the United States, and how they came to all coexist on Hart Island. My responsibiity is Concept and Concept Development. This project was done in collaboration with Michelle Htar and Jessica Silverman (Research).

An anlysis of stories collected by Melissa Hunt for Hart Island Project reveiled the various pathways by which foreigners came to New York and ended on Hart Island. Reading the stories it was evident that there was no singular way people ended up on Hart Island, but it was a series of different paths that culminated at the same end desitination. A database was created using the stories collected by Melissa Hunt, of 66 immigrants whose fnal resting place are on Hart Island.

Concept Drawing: Hand drawing by myself

“ Poché / The Space Between ”, SOFA EXPO, Chicago (2016) Our Pratt team explored the concept of poché, a French architectural term meaning “the space between.” Using white, silver, and transparent vinyl in combination with recycled cardboard, the team constructed an occupiable architectonic rendering of an urban city skyline. The design itself was composed of a series of pre-fabricated inflatables with collapsible cardboard furniture inside evoking a cityscape. My responsibiity is Concept and Full Scale Installation. This project was done in collaboration with Prefab Interior Options Lab and Interior Options Lab.


Du, Xingying Pratt Institute Contact:

Du, Xingying-Portfolio  

Personal Academic Project in Pratt Institute from 2015-2017.

Du, Xingying-Portfolio  

Personal Academic Project in Pratt Institute from 2015-2017.