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Marinated shrimps wrapped in spring roll sheet & shallow fried

curry sauce with egg plant, chili & Thai hot basil

17 • GAI SATAY AED24 Grilled marinated chicken on skewers, served with peanut butter

25 • PA-NENG GAI AED 25 / NEUA AED 28 / GOONG AED35 Chicken AED 25 beef AED 28 prawns AED35 cooked in thick red curry sauce, flavoured with lime leaves.

18 • KEON TOD AED 25 Chicken wantons with sweet and sour sauce 19 • TOD MAN PLA AED22 Curry flavoured fish cakes served with plum or cucumber sauce 20 • GOOG TODPRAWN TEMPURA AED 35 Prawn Tempura - Batter fried prawns served with sweet chili sauce 21 • MANGSAVIRAT VEGETABLE TEMPRA AED 20 Vegetable Tempura - Batter fried vegetables & tofu served with sweet chili sauce 22 • GAI TAKAI AED 23 Marinated minced chicken with lemon grass 23 • CURRY LEAF MIXED PLATTER AED 38 Fish cake, vegetable spring roll, chicken satay & prawn tempura served with chili sauce

MAIN COURSE 24 • GAI YANG AED 25 Boneless chicken marinated with garlic, lemon grass & ginger, grilled served with sweet chili sauce GENG KIEW WAN GAI AED 25 / NEUA AED 28 / KOONG AED35 Chicken AED 25 beef AED 28 AED prawns in green

26 • NANYA GAI CURRY AED 28 Chicken in yellow curry sauce with lemon grass and cashew nuts 27 • PAD PRIEW WAN GAI AED 25 Deep fried chicken with cucumber, pineapple in sweet & sour sauce 28• GAI PAD MED MA MUANG AED 25.00 Stir fried chicken with capsicum, dried chili & cashew nuts 29 • NEUA PAD NAM MON HOY AED28 Sliced beef cooked in oyster sauce with mushroom, capsicum & onion. 30 • GAI OR NEUA PAD BAI KRA PHAO AED28 Minced chicken or beef stir fried with chopped garlic, chilies and basil leaves 31 • NEUA PAD PRIQ TAI DUM AED 28 Stir fried beef with onion, capsicum in black pepper sauce 32 • GOONG TOD KRATIOM AED 35 Jumbo prawns fried with chopped garlic 33 • GOONG PAD PRIQ THAI DUM AED 35 Stir fried prawns with onion, capsicum in black pepper sauce

Thai SALAD 1 • SOM TAM AED 25 Vegetarian AED 20 Green papaya salad with prawns, roasted pea nuts, chili, garlic & lime juice 2 • YUM TALAY AED 25 Mixed seafood with onion, Thai celery in spicy lime dressing 3 • YAM NEUA - YANG AED 24 Grilled beef salad with celery, cucumber, tomato, onion & Thai spices. 4• YAM GAI YANG AED 24 Grilled chicken salad with celery, cucumber, tomato, onion & Thai spices. 5 • LABB GAI OR NEUA AED25 Minced Chicken or Beef Salad with roasted rice, onion & Red chili powder

SOUP 9 • TOM YAM GOONG AED 30 Thai spicy & sour prawn soup with mushrooms & lemon grass 10 • TOM KHA GAI AED24 A coconut Milk Based Soup with tomato, galangal & Lemon Grass 11 • KAENG CHUED WOON SEN AED28 Vermicelli soup with Chicken & Shrimp 12 • KAUY TEAW AED28 Noodle soup with Chicken, Beef or Vegetable 13 • TOM YAM JE AED25 Tofu, mushroom, baby corn & tomato soup 14 • KAENG CHUED AED 22 Tofu soup


6 • YAM WOON SEN AED 25 Spicy glass noodle salad with seafood & minced chicken in spicy dressing

15 • POH PIA TOD AED 18 Chicken or vegetable spring rolls Served with sweet chili sauce

7 • YAM TALAY AED 32 Spicy seafood salad flavoured with fresh lemon grass and chili


8 • PEEK GAI YAT SAI AED 28 Chicken wings filled with glass noodles, minced chicken, coriander, spring onion with black pepper served with chili sauce

steamed rice & vegetable spring rolls spring rolls 55 KANG PAD PAK AED 28 Vegetable red curry with stir fried noodles and vegetable 56 TEMPURA AED 38 Batter fried prawns, squids, fish fillet, assorted vegetables served with a spicy mustard/ soya sauce and vegetable fried rice 57 FUSION SEA FOOD COMBO AED 35 Spicy prawn & squid Tom Yum soup with penne pasta & garlic bread 58 FUSION CHICKEN & BEEF AED 25 Stir fried chicken & beef with Fusilli or Penne 59 CHICKEN / PASTA Ginger chicken with Spaghetti tossed in virgin olive oil & hot basil leaves DESSERT 60 TAB TIM KROB AED10 Corn and chestnuts mixed with rice flour topped with coconut and steamed 61 KHAO NIEW MA MUANG AED20 Sticky rice with coconut milk and sweet mango

Indian SALAD

62 ALOO CHAAT AED12 Diced boiled potatoes with lime juice & spices 63 KACHUMBER SALAD AED10 Julian’s of carrot, cucumber, onion, cabbage, tomato with lime juice, chili & salt

64 RASIKO SALAD AED 12 White onion, green chutney with papadi SOUP 65 LENTIL SHORBA AED12 A puree of lentils cooked with cream & herbs 66 CHICKEN SHORBA AED13 Clear Chicken Soup with Coriander 67 TOMATO SHORBA AED12.00 Fresh tomato soup garnished with fried bread croutons with Thai spinach LITE BITES 68 VEGETABLE PAKODAS AED13 Batter fried mixed vegetables 69 PANEER PAKODAS AED15 Batter fried cottage cheese 70 SHAMMI KEBAB AED16 Minced meat cutlets bread crumbed & fried 71 KATHI KEBAB AED16.00 shredded chicken tikka with lettuce, onion, spices & mayonnaise wrapped 8 72 HARA BARA KEBABS AED 14 Mince of assorted vegetables grilled & served with green chutney 73 PANJABI SAMBOSA AED 2PCS AED 12 Dough filled with green peas, potato, cashew, pea nuts, green chill & coriander 74 CHICKEN LOLLYPOPS AED 15 Batter fried chicken wings served with potato chips & a spicy tomato sauce

34 • PAD PRIEW WAN GOONG AED 35 PLA AED 28 Wok fried crispy prawns AED 35 fish AED 28 with pineapple & pineapple in sweet & sour sauce. 35 • GOONG KANA NAM MAN HOY AED35 Fresh shrimps and Thai broccoli cooked in oyster Sauce 36 • PH36AD PHONG KA-REE TALAY AED40 A combination shrimps, squid and crab in a yellow curry sauce 37 • CHU CHEE PLA TOO AED 28.00 Deep-fried whole Mackerel Fish red curry with basilic 38 • PLA RAAD PRIQ AED 28.00 Deep fried Hamour Fillet with chill, garlic and lemon leaves 39 • PLA MA KHAM AED 28 Deep fried crispy fish with sweet & sour tamarind sauce 40 • PLA NUNG MA NOW AED 28 Steamed fish fillet with chili, garlic & lime dressing.

44 • PAD SEE-EIW Stir fried noodles in soya sauce with kale leaves & carrot Prawns AED 30 chicken AED 25 beef AED 25 vegetable AED 19 45 • PAD KEY-MOA Wok fried flat noodles with fresh chili & hot basil Prawns AED 30 chicken AED 25 beef AED 25 vegetable AED 19 46 • RAD NAA Wok fried flat noodles with thick gravy, carrot & broccoli Prawns AED 30 chicken AED 25 beef AED 25 vegetable AED 19

41 • KAYAT SAI AED 20 Omelet filled with assorted sautéed vegetables

47 • THAI STYLE SUKIYAKI AED 32 Wok fried glass noodles with prawns, squid & fish with onions, bean sprouts & sauce

42 • KAEN PHED JE AED22 Mixed vegetable red curry with coconut milk ALL MAIN COURSES ARE SERVED WITH STEAMED RICE RICE & NOODLES

48 • KAOU PAD RAUM MIT AED 35 Mixed fried rice with Chicken, Beef & Prawns

43 • PAD THAI Traditional wok fried rice noodles with tofu & bean sprouts Prawns AED 30 chicken AED 25 beef AED 25 vegetable AED 19

49 • SPAGHETTI PHAD KEE MAO Spaghetti stir fried with hot basil, garlic and chili Chicken AED 25 beef ED 25 50 • KHAO PAD KRA-PRAW Thai fried rice with chili & Thai hot basil Prawns AED 30 Chicken AED 25 beef AED 25 vegetable AED 19 COMBO MEALS 52 • PRAD KA PROW KAI AED 28 Stir fried Chicken breast with sauté vegetables and steamed rice AED 28.00 53 • KHIO WAN KAI AED 28 Chicken in green curry sauce with steamed rice and stir fried vegetables 54 PLA PIAW WON AED 28 Sweet & sour fish with

Boneless tandoori chicken tikka with coriander, coocked in an onion and tomato gravy 96 MURGH KHORMA AED27 Boneless chicken coocked in a thick cashew and yorgout source with cream 97 ROGAN-E-GOSHT AED30 Tender lamb pieces cooked with Kashmiri chillies and tomato puree 98 BHUNA GOSHT AED30 Fennel flavoured dry boneless lamb preparation 99 KADAI GOSHT AED29 Boneless lamb cooked with onion & capcicum in brown sauce 100 ACHARI GOSHT AED30 Lamb pieces cooked in pickled masala 101 GOAN SHRIMPS CURRY AED40 Shrimps marinated with spices and cooked in coconut milk 102 TAWA FRIED MACHLI AED30 Fillet of hamour marinated with red masala and pan fried CURRY CORNER (VEGETARIAN) 104 MALAI KOFTA DIL BAHAR AED22 Minced potato and cottage cheese, with raisins coked n almond source 105 PANEER BUTTER MASALA AED22 Cottage cheese cooked in tomato and cashew gravy with cream and butter 106 VEGETABLE KADAI AED16 Mixed vegetables cooked in a spicy sauce 107 GREEN PEAS MASALA AED16 Green peas dry curry

108 ASSORTED VEGETABLE CURRY AED16 With red curry masala 109 DHAL MAKHANI AED16 A combination of black & red lentil cooked in fresh tomato puree & butter sauce 110 DHAL PALAK AED16 Dhal cooked with spinach leaves 111 DHAL TADKA AED16 Dhal curry with sautĂŠed garlic & chili powder 112 DHAL FRY AED16 Thick dry yellow lentil curry ALL MAIN COURSES ARE SERVED WITH STEAMED RICE OR BIRIYANI RICE OR PARATHA OR NAAN


113 Seekh Kebab Biriyani AED24 114 Chicken Tikka Biriyani AED 24 115 Tandoor Prawn Biriyani AED 55 116 Fish Tikka Biriyani AED30 117 Vegetable Biriyani AED18 118 KEBAB PLATTER AED75 Combination of chicken tikka, malai kebab, pahadi kebab, rashmi kebab, patta kebab with French fries, Salad & green chutney (Enough for 4 persons)

75 CURRY LEAF COMBINATION AED 29 Vegetable pakodas / shami kebab / kathi kebab / Panjabi sambosa

MAIN COURSE TANDOOR KHAZANA NON VEGETARIAN ALL TANDOORI DISHES ARE COOKED IN A CLAY OVEN 76 CHICKEN TIKKA AED28 Chunks of chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt 77 KALI MOTIA TIKKA AED28 Tandoori chcken krbabs marinated in black pepper 78 TADOORI MOTIA TIKKA AED28 Pungent garlic chicken kebabs 79 RASHMI KEBAB AED30 Boneless chicken flavoured with Indian spices 80 PAHADI KEBAB AED28 Chunks of chicken marinated in green masala & yoghurt 81 MALAI KEBAB AED30 Chunks of chicken marinated with cheese, cashew paste coriander & yoghurt 82 CHATPATA MURUGH TIKKA AED30 Boneless chicken marinated in a tangy masala 83 NOORI MALAI TIKKA AED30 Boneless chicken cubes in a mild marinating with yoghurt & spices 84 PATTA SHEEKH KEBAB AED35 Minced mutton with herbs & spices

85 KHATTI MEETHI PUDINA CHOPS AED35 Succulent mutton chops marinated in yoghurt & spices 86 RAJASTHANI BOTI KEBABS AED35 Chunks of lamb in a home maid blend of red spices 87 MAHI TIKKA AJWANI AED30 Hammour fillet marinated in yoghurt & ajwain 88 KHATTI MEETHI MACHILI AED35 Fresh chunks of fish marinated in tamarind and jaggery 89 LAHOORI JHEENGA AED55 Jumbo prawns marinated in spices & yoghurt TANDOOR KHAZANA VEGETARIAN 90 SOFIYA ACHARI PANEER TIKKA AED22 Cottage cheese marinated with pickled spices 91 TANDOORI ACHARI KHUMB AED18 Fresh mushrooms marinated in spices & yoghurt 92 SURKH LAL TANDOORI ALOO AED16 Whole potato filled with cottage cheese, spices and shahi jeera 93 SEEKH SUBZ BAHAR AED16 Fine mince of assorted vegetables with spices 10 CURRY CORNER (NON VEGETARIAN) 94 MURGH MAKHANNI AED27 Boneless chicken cooked in fresh tomato puree & butter sauce 95 MURGH TIKKA LABABDAR AED27

137 FISH OR BEEF CUTLETS [6pcs] AED 15 Smoked, minced mackerels or minced beef well seasonned mixed with potato, mint leaves & spices, bread crumbed and fried to a crisp golden brown 138 BAKED CHICKEN OR BEEF OR FISH OR VEGETABLE PATTEIS [3pcs] AED 9 A light dough filled with a mince of chicken or beef or fish or vegetable and baked to a golden brown 139 14 CHICKEN OR MUTTON OR FISH ROLLS 5pcs 16 Mince of chicken or mutton or fish and diced potato wrapped in a pancake, bread crumbed and fried to a crisp finish. 140 ROTI - VEGETABLE, CHICKEN, OR BEEF [3 pcs] AED 10 Gothamba roti wrapped with a fine mixer of vegetable or chicken or beef grilled to a golden brown 141 BUN FISH OR CHICKEN OR BEEF OR SEENI SAMBOL [3 pcs] AED10 A savoury Bun filled moderately spiced fish or chicken 0r beef or tangy sautéed onions. 142 YELLOW CAPCICUMS - FRIED 6 pcs AED 22 Sri Lankan yellow capsicums filled with minced fish with herbs or minced mutton with herbs, bread crumbed & shallow fried. 143 KIMBULA BUNS Crocodile shaped bun topped with

granulated sugar 144 SEENI BUNIS A soft bun sprinkled with sugar 145 ACHCHU PAAN (BREAD) With pol sambol, tempered dhal and salmon curry 146 ROAST PAAN (TOAST) With sweet onion sambol & tempered potatoes 147 CURRY LEAF SNACK PACK AED 20/Rolls chicken 2 pcs / patties vegetable 2 pcs / fish cutlets 3 pcs / roti beef 2 pcs THE COLONIEL SAFE 148 STEAK & MUSHROOM PIE 3 pcs AED 14 Generous cuts of beef fillet with mushrooms 149 MUTTON POTATO & ONION PIE 3 pcs AED 16 Chunks of mutton with diced potatoes and onion 150 FISH PIE 3 pcs AED 13 Fish flake & diced potatoes tempered with curry powder 151 CURRY PUFFS 3 pcs AED 12 An assortment of finely shredded vegetables sautéed with curry powder 152 SAUSAGE, BACON & OMELET PUFF 3 pcs AED 15 Flaky puff parcel with sausage, bacon & egg 153

128 GAJAR HALWA AED15 Grated fresh carrots cooked gently in milk & sugar garnished with almonds 129 Fresh Fruit Salad AED20 Diced assorted fresh fruits in season 13

119 SEAFOOD PLATTER AED90 Combination of prawn tikka, hariyali fish, fish tikka, & deep fried prawns with French fries & salad (Enough for four persons)


120 MALAI KEBAB AED 28 Boneless chicken kebabs marinated in cheese, yoghurt & spices served with Aloo matar, dhal masala, biruyani rice & chapati 121 CHICKEN TIKKA AED 28 Served with dhal palak, jeera rice & naan FISH TIKKA MASALA AED 28 Served with, bindi fry, yellow rice & methi kulcha 123 TAWA FRIED PRAWNS / CHICKEN KHORMA AED 35 Served with malai kofta, dhal fry, garlic rice & naan roti PANEER TIKKA AED 25 Served with vegetable kadai, steamed rice & tandoor roti 124 ACHARI ALOO AED 20 Served with dhal makkani, vegetable pulao & tandoori kulcha 125 KATHI WRAP , ALOO PARATA & PANJABI SAMBOSA AED 22 Rumali roti filled with paneer tikka, aloo parata & Panjabi sambosa served with channa masala & green spicy chutney


126 GULAB JAMUN WITH ICE CREAM AED14 A delicacy made with special dough, fried golden brown, served In sugar syrup 127 RAS MALAI AED12 Steamed Indian cheese patties, served in a rich flavoured cold cream sauce with pist chios

Sri Lankan SALAD

130 TOMATO & ONION SALAD AED10 Tomato slices and onion rings with lime dressing 131 MIXED SALAD AED12 Lettuce cucumber, tomato, green pepper & pineapple with a coriander dressing 132 GOTUKOLA SALAD AED 10.00 Finely chopped pennywort leaves with freshly grated coconut, onion and tomato with fresh lime juice 133 MACKERAL SALAD AED 15 Smoked chunks of mackerel tossed with onion rings, diced tomato, cucumber batons & green pepper with a mild lemon dressing


134 VEGETABLE & COUNTRY RICE BROTH AED 12 Assorted juliennes of vegetables cooked in vegetable stock

135 BEEF & BARLEY SOUP BROTH AED Shredded beef with barley in vegetable stock 136 MULLIGATAWNY AED12 A curry flavoured soup with chicken stock


KIRI MAALU AED 17 (WHITE FISH CURRY) King fish marinated with herbs & spices, cooked in thick coconut gravy 173 MIRIS MAALU AED 17 (RED FISH CURRY) King fish cooked in a red chilli gravy 174 TUNA AMBULTHIYAL AED15 Chunks of fresh tuna marinated with gambouge, Roast curry powder, garlic, ginger, curry leaves & baked 175 CUTTLE FISH CURRY AED17 Squids cooked in red curry sauce 176 CRAB CURRY AED 18 Fresh Crabs cooked in a thick curry sauce 177 PRAWN CURRY AED Fresh Prawns cooked in a red curry sauce. 178 BISTAKE (BEEF STEAK) AED 19 Slices of beef fillet simmered in coconut vinegar, peppercorns, curry leaves, Onion rings, tomatoes & potatoes 179 BEEF CURRY AED 15 Prime fillet of beef with roasted curry powder & chili simmered in thick coconut milk 180 CHICKEN CURRY AED 14 Chicken marinated in roast curry powder & spices, cooked in coconut milk 181 MUTTON CURRY AED23 A dry curry with succulent pieces of mutton delicately spiced 182 TRIPE CURRY (BABATH / BOKU) AED 18 Thin cuts of tripe marinated

with roast curry powder, vinegar & herbs


Badum dishes are stir fried to a fiery red with coarsely ground chilies & onions 183 PRAWNS AED 35 184 KING FISH AED 22 185 SARDINE FISH AED 15 186 SQUIDS AED 17 187 BEEF FILLET AED 16 188 CHICKEN BONE ON AED 16 18


189 CASHEW / GREEN PEAS CURRY AED28 Cashew nuts & green peas simmered in a white curry 190 BRINJAL PAHI AED 10 Fried brinjal cubes with onion tomato & green chili, cooked in vinegar & mustard sauce 191 DHAL CURRY AED 9 Lentils cooked in coconut milk & tempered 192 POTATO WHITE CURRY AED 9 Cooked in coconut milk & flavoured curry powder 193 POTATOES OR ONION LEAVES TEMPERED AED 11 Diced boiled potatoes or finely cut onion leaves sautĂŠed with onions, coarse chili, turmeric, curry leaves & green chilies (Maldives fish added on request) 194

CHEESE & MUSHROOM PUFFS 3pcs AED 11 Crispy puff pocket filled with sautéed mushroom topped with cheese

MAIN COURSES KOTTU A delicious combination of Gothamba Roti strips with egg & vegetables combined with any one of the following dishes tossed on a scalding hot griddle. (Topped with cheese & gratinated additional AED8) 154 EGG & VEGETABLE AED12 155 CURRIED CHICKEN OR ROAST CHICKEN AED 16 156 CURRIED BEEF AED 16 157 Mixed - with vegetable, egg, chicken & beef curried or fried AED 24 158 CURRIED MUTTON AED 20 159 CURRIED PRAWN AED 28 160 CURRIED FISH OR FRIED FISH AED 21 STRING HOPPER PILAU Steamed shredded medallions of rice flour vermicelli sautéed with juliennes’ of vegetables & egg served with or tossed together with any one of the following dishes 161 EGG & VEGETABLE AED12 162 CURRIED CHICKEN OR ROAST CHICKEN AED 16 163 CURRIED BEEF AED 16

164 CURRIED MUTTON AED 20 165 CURRIED PRAWN AED 28 166 CURRIED FISH AED 21 167 CURRIED MIXED SEAFOOD AED 40 168 LAMPRAIS AED 18 An old Dutch inheritance of tempered rice with cashew nuts & a generous portion of boneless Chicken curry baked chicken, brinjal pahi, fish cutlets, boiled egg, blachan & sweet onion Sambol wrapped in a banana leaf. 169 ORIGINALLY SPELT - LOMPRIJST – LATER LAMPRAYAS – TODAY LAMPRAIS AED 24 (By order only) Thin grained rice cooked in chicken stock with 4 meats of chicken, beef, mutton & ox liver, seeni sambol with Maldivefish, blachan, frikkadels or forced beef meat balls & brinjal pahi wrapped in a banana leaf. 170 TRADITIONAL RICE & CURRY SET (Lunch only) AED 16 Red or white steamed rice with three different vegetable preparations, pickle, papadam & chicken or beef or fish or egg


(NON VEGETARIAN) Curries & Badum dishes are recommended to be served with Hoppers, string hoppers, pol pittu, mani pittu, pol roti, gothamba roti or steamed rice 171 MUSTARD FISH AED 19 King fish simmered in coconut milk, ground mustard & spices 172

sugar whisked & baked 213 WOOD APPLE CREAM AED 12 Fresh wood apple blended together with fresh thick Coconut milk & sugar CHINESE SALAD 214 SWEET & SOUR CABBAGE SALAD AES 12 Boiled crispy cabbage rolls with sweet & sour sauce 215 SPINACH, LETTUCE , ZUCHINI & TOMATO SALAD AED 12 With sweet red vinegar dressing 216 CELERY & CHICKEN SALAD AED 14 With sesame seed oil dressing SOUP 217 EGG DROP SOUP AED 12 Chicken stock with ginger, garlic, sesame oil, Black pepper & topped with egg 21 218 SOUR HOT PEPPER SOUP AED11 Mushrooms, cabbage, carrot, tomatoes simmered in vegetable stock & finished with an egg 219 SWEET CORN & EGG SOUP AED11 Vegetable or chicken 210 MUSHROOM SOUP AED 11 Cream of mushroom soup with chopped dry black mushrooms 211 CHICKEN WANTON SOUP 12 Chicken broth with wantons 212 FISh SOUP WITH CORRIANDER AED 16 Fish broth with coriander. LITE BITES 213 EGG FOO YUNG Prawns AED 20, chicken AED 15 Mushroom AED 13 214 SESAME SHRIMP TOAST AED 18 Deep fried toast with shrimps & sesame 215 VEGETABLE SESAME TOAST AED 12 Deep fried toast with vegetable & ses-

ame 216 FISH PARCEL AED 18 Marinated thinly sliced fish fillet in a wrapper , shallow fried 217 DIMSUM AED 20 Steamed or fried 218 PRAWN CUTLETS AED 28 Prawns dipped in egg and corn flour, shallow fried and s served with black bean sauce MAIN COURSES DEVILLED DISHES Devilled dishes are tempered with capsicums, onion, tomatoes & coarse chili, finished with a spicy tomato sauce 22 219 Prawns AED 30 220 Fish AED 18 221 Squids AED 16 222 Beef AED 18 223 Chicken boneless AED 17 224 CHILLI CHICKEN WITH CASHEW NUTS AED 18 Boneless chicken & cashew nuts cooked in chilly sauce 225 CHILLI CHICKEN WITH MUSHROOMS AED 16 Boneless chicken & mushrooms cooked in chilly sauce 226 CHICKEN MANCHURIAN AED 17 Boneless chicken & vegetables cooked in Worcestershire Sauce, tomato sauce, soya sauce, vinegar with pepper & ginger garlic paste 227 SZECHUAN CHICKEN AED 17 Boneless chicken in a spicy cayenne pepper & crushed chilly sauce 228 CHICKEN GINGER GARLIC AED 17 Boneless chicken cooked in a ginger & garlic sauce 229 CHICKEN KANKUN AED 19 Boneless marinated chicken stir fried with a leafy vegetable 230 CHICKEN HOT BUTTER AED 16

KANKUN & GARLIC BADUM AED 12 Kankun stir fried with coarsely ground red chilies & onion 195 COCONUT SAMBOL (Pol sambol) AED 7 Scraped fresh coconut mixed with chili powder, onion, lime Juice & salt. (Maldives fish added on request) 196 SWEET ONION SAMBOL (Seeni sambol) AED 12 Sliced onions sautéed with garlic, ginger, cloves, cardamoms, Curry leaves, pandon leaves & tamarind. (Maldives fish added on request) ACCOMPANIMENTS 197 STRING HOPPERS—KIRI HODI—POL SAMBOL AED 13 12 Pcs—Steamed jumbo Medallions of rice flour vermicelli with coconut milk based gravy or potato curry & coconut sambol 198 HOPPERS—LUNU MIRIS—SWEET ONION SAMBOL AED 13 (Aappam) Signature dish of Sri Lanka. Egg sunny side up in a crispy rice flour pancake with 3 plain hoppers & lunu miris or sweet onion sambol. 19 199 GOTHAMBA ROTI - SWEET ONION SAMBOL AED13 3 plain + 1 egg roti with sweet onion sambol. A fine thin sheet of special dough cooked on a griddle 200 POL ROTI —LUNU MIRIS AED13 (3pcs) Refined flour dough mixed with onions, green chili, curry leaves served with lunu miris. 201 MANI PITTU OR POL PITTU - LUNU

MIRIS—KIRI HODI AED13 A blend of steamed rice flour and grated coconut served with a coconut milk based gravy & lunu miris. COMBOS 202 SRTING HOPPER 10 pcs AED 20 String hoppers with Kiri Hodi, coconut sambol, potato badum & chicken curry 203 POL PITTU 1 pc & MANI PITU 1 pc AED 25 With potato white curry, lunu miris and beef or chicken or tripe curry 204 POL ROTI 2 pcs & PLAIN GOTHAMBA ROTI 3 3pcs AED 24 With garlic curry, lunu miris, seeni sambol and tuna red fish curry 205 CHEESE KOTTU - CHICKEN & BEEF AED 22 Mixed fried chicken & curried beef kottu topped with cheese, served with a spicy onion, green chili & tomato salad 206 ALL DAY COMBO AED 18 Spicy savory omelet with, chicken rolls pcs 2 & tempered salmon sandwich pcs 4 207 FRIDAY FIESTA AED 20 Fried chicken beryani with whole boiled egg, cashew & peas curry, Malay pickle & spicy mint chutney, brinjal pakodas, special hot sauce & garnished with fried onions. 208 (By order only) MILK RICE (KIRI BATH) pcs 12 sufficient for four persons AED 48 With tuna ambulthyal, fried brinjal salad, Katta sambol, dhal curry 20 209 VEGIE MELANGE AED 24 String pulao & mani pittu with peas & potato white curry, mushroom badum, tempered dhal, lunu miris DESSERT 210 WATALAPPAN AED 9 Coconut milk, jaggery and eggs infused with cardamom and cinnamon, steamed & and served with roasted cashewnuts 211 CHOCOLATE BISCUIT PUDDING AED 9 Crisp biscuits layered with cream & chocolate 212 CREAM CARAMEL AED 8 A fine mix of condensed milk, egg &

CRAB GINGER GARLIC AED 22 Fresh crabs cooked in a ginger & garlic sauce RICE AND NOODLE DISHES With Chili Paste 256 Egg AED15 257 Chicken or Beef AED 17 258 Mixed AED 22 With egg, diced chicken, diced beef, squid rings, baby shrimps & assorted shredded vegetables 259 Szechuan Mixed AED 23 With egg, diced chicken, diced beef, squid rings, baby shrimps & assorted shredded vegetables tossed with spicy Szechuan sauce 260 Fish AED 20 25 261 Prawn AED 25 262 Mixed sea food AED 25 With egg, pieces of fish, squid rings, baby shrimps & assorted vegetables 263 Mixed sea food chili garlic AED 25 With egg, pieces of fish, squid rings, baby shrimps & assorted Vegetables with chili garlic sauce 264 CHICKEN CHOW MEIN AED 19 Stir fried chicken & vegetables served on a bed of fried crispy Noodles 265 MIXED SEA FOOD CHOWMEIN AED 25 Stir fried prawns, squids, fish & vegetables served on a bed of Fried crispy noodles 266 PRAWN NOODLE PLATTER AED 28 The Curry Leaf special Mixed fried noodles or rice with prawns topped with a fried egg 267 NASIGORENG AED 28 Indonesian mixed fried rice topped with fried egg, fried chicken and prawn crackers with chili paste VEGETARIAN 268

KANKUN CHILLI GARLIC AED 13 Leafy vegetable stir fried with coarse red chili & garlic flakes & soya sauce 269 VEGETABLE CHOPSUEY AED 19 With fried rice or noodles 270 DEVILLED MUSHROOMS AED 18 COMBOS 271 FRIED RICE OR NOODLES AED 24 With devilled chicken, beef or fish accompanied by spring rolls and prawn crackers 272 CHILLY GARLIC RICE AED 23 Served with chilly chicken & prawn sesame toast 26 273 EGG FOO YUNG CHICKEN AED 19 Served with stir fried vegetables & buttered noodles 274 SURF & TURF AED 25 Chilly crab served with shredded beef stir fried with noodles 275 FRIED FISH FILLET & PRAWNS AED 35 Topped with sweet & sour sauce, served with stir fried vegetables 276 BEAN CURD & PASTA AED 20 Stir fried bean curd, mushrooms & spinach tossed with penne 277 SZECHUAN VEGETABLES AED 18 Served with vegetable fried rice DESSERT 278 WATER CHESNUT CAKE AED12 Layers of cake sponge cake with glazed water chestnuts 279 CHINESE SPONGE CAKE AED10 Topped with chocolate sauce

Boneless marinated chicken coated with corn flour, cooked in hot butter 231 CHICKEN SWEET & SOUR AED 17 Boneless chicken cooked in sweet and sour sauce 232 BEER KANKUN AED 18 Marinated fillet of beef stir fried with a leafy vegetable 233 BEEF OYSTER SAUCE AED 17 Beef fillet finely sliced cooked in oyster sauce 23 234 BEEF HOT GARLIC SAUCE AED 17 Fillet of beef cooked in a spicy garlic sauce 235 BEEF SZECHWAN AED 17 Beef fillet finely sliced in a spicy cayenne pepper & crushed chilly sauce 236 BEEF STIR FRY AED 16 Fillet of beef strips stir fried with assorted vegetables 237 HOT BUTTER PRAWNS AED 28 Jumbo prawns marinated & coated with corn flour and cooked in a hot butter sauce 238 PRAWNS GINGER GARLIC AED 28 Fresh jumbo prawns with ginger & garlic sauce 239 PRAWNS CHILLI GARLIC FRY AED 28 Fresh jumbo prawns sautéed with garlic & chilly paste 240 PRAWNS LEMON BUTTER GARLIC AED 28 Prawns sautéed in lemon butter & garlic 241 PRAWNS SWEET & SOUR AED 30

Prawns cooked in sweet & sour sauce 242 PRAWNS MANCHURIAN AED 28 Jumbo prawns & vegetables cooked in Worcestershire Sauce, tomato sauce, soya sauce, vinegar with pepper & ginger garlic paste 243 PRAWNS SZECHWAN AED 28 Jumbo prawns in a spicy cayenne pepper & crushed chilly sauce 244 SQUID CHILLI GARLIC AED 16 Squid rings sautéed with garlic & chilly paste 245 SQUID HOT BUTTER AED 16 Squid rings marinated & coated with corn flour, cooked in a hot butter sauce 246 SQUID SWEET & SOUR AED 18 Squid rings cooked in sweet & sour sauce 24 247 STIR FRIED SQUID AED 16 Squid rings stir fried with assorted vegetables 248 FISH SWEET & SOUR AED 19 Fillet of fish cooked with sweet & sour sauce 249 FISH HOT BUTTER AED 17 Fish fillet marinated & coated with corn flour, cooked in a hot butter sauce 250 FISH BLACK BEAN SAUCE AED 18 Fish fillet cooked in black bean sauce 251 FISH CHILLI GARLIC AED 18 Squid rings sautéed with garlic & chilly paste 252 SINGAPORE CHILI CRAB AED 22 Fresh crabs cooked in chili paste, oyster & soya sauce, tamarind paste With ginger, garlic & fresh green chilies 253 BLACK PEPPER CRAB AED 22 Fresh crabs deep fried and cooked in black pepper & other herbs 254 CRAB HOT BUTTER AED 22 Fresh crabs, marinated & coated with corn flour, cooked in hot butter 255

BEVERAGES COLD Soft Drinks 250 ML AED 3 Soft Drinks 500 ML AED 4 Water Lg AED 3 Water Sm AED 2 FRESH JUICES Orange AED 10 Pineapple AED 10 Papaya AED 10 Water melon AED 10 Sweet melon AED 10 Avocado AED 14 Grapes AED 12 Apple AED 10 Mango AED 12 Lime AED 10 Pomegranate AED 14 Strawberry AED 15 Tomato AED 10 Cucumber AED 10 Carrot AED 10 Beetroot AED 10 COMBINATIONS Green Apple & Celery AED 14 Orange & Carrot AED 12 Cucumber & Lime AED 12 Cucumber & Celery AED 12 Beetroot & Orange AED 12 Papaya & Mango AED 12 Mint & Lime AED 12 Lime & Soda AED 12 Ginger Beer AED 11 None Alcoholic Banana & Milk AED 12 Milk Shake – AED 12 Vanilla, Strawberry Chocolate Shirley Temple AED 8 Thai Ice Tea AED 10 With milk AED 12 Thai Ice Coffee AED 10 Ice Coffee AED 10 HOT BEVERAGES Tea AED 5 Green Tea AED 5 Capuchin AED 10 Espresso AED 8 Caffe Latte AED 10 Hot Chocolate AED 9







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