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Wenmei Zhang

Photographer: Veronica Wang | Make up: Ann Lee | Model: Yolanda luo

Wenmei Zhang

Photographer: Veronica Wang | Make up: Ann Lee | Model: Yolanda luo


Hana Yitbareck photographed by Duvera Media. Hair and styling by Jessica Omitola. Make-up by Bukola Maradarah. All jewellery provided by Zophra.

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Handmade Italian HANDBAG, Fabulous fur & Luxury jeans


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f you are reading this, then you survived the supposed apocalypse of December 2012. Congratulations! Since the world didn’t end as proposed, I guess someone’s crystal ball was a little dusty. It is funny how 2012 although a few moments ago now seems a lifetime away. That chapter of life has been written, the book closed and shelved. Now we can look back and thrive on the memories of the past. Good or bad, they are now in the past.

Welcome to 2013. If you are yet to make the somewhat futile diet plans, resolutions and exercise regimen, it isn’t too late, now is the time. Which begs the questions, has anyone actually ever stuck to their new year resolution (I mean past March)? If there is, I think they deserve to be a legend! This time last year, Duvera Magazine was but a forgotten dream, nestling quietly in the bosoms of a young woman. Waiting. Waiting silently to be unleashed. The dream was roused by the excitement of the historymaking sporting event of the year - London Olympics 2012. Now it has been unleashed, I ask you, are you impressed? We hope you are because months of thoughtful hard work was invested into this issue. Personally, I seldom get to address a large number of people at once. The fact that you could be anywhere in the world reading this generates in me a prodigious fascination. I therefore warmly welcome you to the debut issue of Duvera Magazine. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are passionate about family (read our article on a mother’s love - p78), fashion, hardworking women (meet London’s favourite buttercream duo - p90) and rising stars (Samar - p90). Our focus is to inspire and influence the women of today, encouraging them to maintain their identity rather than emulating celebrities; which often results in identity crises. Duvera is for the creative and intelligent woman who aspires to make a difference in her family, community and ultimately the world. She is very fashion-forward, family focused, and an avid art lover. She is comfortable and revels in the strength of her womanhood. We are pleased to share our wonderful vision with you. Duvera has something to offer every woman. We would love to know what you think about our DEBUT issue. Visit our website to enter for a chance to win a handmade Italian handbag (100% genuine Italian leather) from our sponsor Franco Vernica:

Love Always

Deborah Afolabi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF



Poppy Red

Dusk Blue Lemon Zest

Ella Moss

Carmen Marc Valvo

Monaco Blue


Charlotte Ronson Hervé Léger David Meister Image courtesy of Pantone.

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COLOUR REPORT Tender shoots

Grayed Jade

Linen African violet


Pamella Roland Peter Som



Ro y

Tadashi Shoji

Tracy Reese | 15

THE REDS Carefully inspired by the emergence of the cultural influence of Asia, Carmen Marc Valvo presents the dynamic and exciting Poppy Red which plays a vital role in the fashion trends for spring. Our selected peices were put together to make sure that you elegantly stand out.











THE BLUES A brilliant colour that is an absolute essential in your spring wardrobe. Presented by Hervé Léger and Charlotte Ronson as a signature colour, Dusk Blue and Monaco Blue are this season’s staple shades. Combines well with dusty pink, yellow, light shades of green and other light colours.


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Endless Spring Floral print dress ÂŁ110

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THE YELLOWS Definitely a golden colour that connotes the bright sunshine that will be gracing the upcoming spring days. Presented by Ella Moss as Lemon Zest. When we think of yellow, gold comes to mind and as you know, gold is the colour of royalty so polish your crown and sport your delightful sparkle!






WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ABOUT TOWN?

M&S 22 |





RIVER ISLAND 0844 984 0266






THE ORANGES A bright and uplifting colour presented as Nectarine by David Meister. This is our favourite of the spring colours. Very unexpected and bold, you will need great confidence to pull this one off. Combines well with yellow, white and black. The vibrant and fruity essential for this spring.



HUDSON WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ABOUT TOWN? 24 |






RIVER ISLAND 0844 984 0266




THE PRINTS Spring is when the previously dead trees and plant resurrect in the warm sunshineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love. The time when flowers start to make their reappearance after the harsh winter. No Spring fashion is complete without prints and patterns. The riot of colours mimics nature and brings a bigger smile to our faces.














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The Body Shop’s iconic WHITE MUSK® SCENT range. This sensual scent harmonises a heady mix of notes including musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla. This range is suitable for almost every occasion and season. The clean and musky fragrance will accentuate your elegant femininity.

w w w.t heb o dy shop.c o. u k


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WINTER HAIRCARE If you have ever had one, you will agree that a bad hair day is bad enough without it extending into bad hair months or (yikes!) years. While secrets to beautiful hair are no longer secret, extensive use of heat styling tools, harsh winter and poor diet all contribute to dry, lifeless and damaged tresses Inside Out Since your hair grows from inside your head, it is only rational to address the root (no pun intended) of the issue. You are what you eat right? Well, so is your hair. When your body does not have enough to produce strong and healthy hair, it makes use of the little available resources just to keep you from going bald. What comes out though is dry, weak and ready to snap at any given opportunity.

Balanced diet

An healthy diet will definitely promote healthy hair. Your food must be rich in vitamins, fatty acids and protein. Water is also an essential. Without getting too scientific, water helps your body to function properly. Water is needed by every cell of your body and since your hair is an extension of your body, your hair follicles are included. The best way to get into a routine is keeping a water bottle handy everywhere you are, in your handbag, work desk etc. At least 5 glasses are recommended each day although it differs from person to person. It is vital that you find out exactly what your body requires. To make things easy, drink a glass in the morning when you wake up, one with every main meal and one just before you go to bed. | 33


To celebrate our first issue, we are giving you the oppurtunity of winning a lovely hat courtesy of Designer Duchess. For full details please visit

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Is the cruel and unnecessary hunt for fur a fashion statement? Designer Duchess definitely sets the new trend with an ethical alternative.


esigner Duchess combines class, sophistication and style. Each piece is carefully designed and created with exquisitely plush fabric. Besides fur being a staple this season, you can make an awesome statement with these brilliant fur accessories. Each of the seventeen graceful duchesses is identified with their own elegance and flair. Designer Duchess wants her people to feel regal when wearing her splendid designs. Australia based Nayia La Scala who conceived and designed the collection is inspired by the modern day adaptation of the glamorous style of the 1950s, where jewels and furs were worn day and night and gave women a confidence with their stylish appeal. That isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t all. Complementing vintage-inspired brooches which conceptualise the underrepresented glamour of the 50s are also a brilliant collection on their own. They emphasize the colours of the knitted fur fabric and express an almost forgotten era of class. Our favourite duchess is the Duchess of Sutton. Who is yours? Find out now:

Duchess of Sutton

The Duchess of Sutton is sophisticated yet grounded. She is a girl of extravagance yet can easily tone it down for her day to day. She can be found window shopping in the chic streets of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Capital cities. | 37

ISNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T LIFE SUCH A Beauty? Words by Esther Ebimoghan

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eing a baby is one thing, being a teenager is another and being an adult takes it a step further. When a child is born, all its cares and even its heartbeat are attended to. Every day growth occurs and gradually a child becomes aware of its environment and events. As time races, the meaning of life unfolds, curiosity becomes the heartbeat of the day and knowledge its reward. As a child, a teenager or even an adult, when you ask questions and you get answers, it makes you envision life as a well from which you can fetch and satisfy your curiosity. What is this life? Is it a game, a wedding anniversary, the gym, a college or some fancy beach? Well, life has been placed at the doorsteps of your heart, it’s the heartbeat that won’t stop, it’s the mind that see’s beyond the width and breadth that the physical eyes can’t see. It’s that song that makes you stop and think. Life is pronounced a lot more from the inside, I’m talking about the mind. A lot of life happens inside your mind that is why both of us do not necessarily share the same sense of fashion or ideas. After you opened your eyes as a baby, life stared you in the face and said look at me, you looked and you are still looking. What have you found? Is it beauty or ugliness, is it love or hate, is it hope or fear, is it a friend or a foe. In the real sense, life is as beautiful or as ugly as you think it is. Life is responding to your mind and giving you a feedback in form of the experiences you encounter. Life is saying yes to your reoccurring thoughts. It is like that echo that resonates back at you because you dared to raise your voice. The sun has not seized from rising or setting on planet earth because that is life for you. Imagine dancing on water, it may seem farfetched, but it does happen in the movies! Now that is life, making your every dream a reality. But then life is one heck of a process. On the surface, it happens in a twinkle of an eye, but behind the scene, the good Lord knows the process it took. Life is your journey, it is my journey and most of all it is our journey. Usain Bolt, the first man to attain the 100metres and 200 metres world record in the 2012 Olympics has reached a peak, but I bet that’s not the finish line in his journey. He must have bigger dreams to outshine his past. What about the talk show’s ‘Oprah Winfrey’, Barcelona’s ‘Lionel Messi’,fashion icon ‘Victoria Beckham’ , Facebook’s ‘Mark Zuckerberg’, business magnate ‘Alan Sugar’ apple’s ‘Steve Job’, top model and media personality ‘Tyra Banks’ or even the American singer ‘Beyoncé’, the list is endless. They are taking hold of their journey’s, living out their dreams in spite of the ugliness >> | 39

that exists in life. Or maybe they never saw the ugliness of life? Let us start by reviewing Lionel Messi, ‘Barcelona’s all-time scorer in all official club competitions’ was born into the family of a factory steel worker and a part-time cleaner. At the age of 11, he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Alan Sugar, a British business magnate, a political advisor and a media personality of which

“THEY ARE TAKING HOLD OF THEIR JOURNEY’S, LIVING OUT THEIR DREAMS IN SPITE OF THE UGLINESS THAT MAY EXIST IN LIFE” he features on the BBC TV series ‘The Apprentice’ as a child lived in a council flat, his father was a tailor and he made extra money by boiling and selling beetroot from a stall. Tyra Banks, host of America’s nest top model and multi-talented lady. Tyra’s parents were divorced when she was age 6. She was rejected by six modelling agencies before she finally signed by one of the top agencies and then emerged as a fabulous supermodel. Apple’s ‘Steve Jobs was riddled with frustrations over formal schooling. Nelson Mandela, a hero and previous President of South Africa. When Mandela was nine, his father died of tuberculosis, later on he was arrested and convicted of sabotage and other charges and sentenced to life imprisonment. Mandela went on to serve 27 years. Larry King, America’s television and radio host. His father died of heart disease and his mother had to take on welfare to get support. His father’s death greatly affected him and he lost interest in school. Life is not always necessarily rosy, although most of the achievers might have had a beautiful start, along the line they must have learnt something hard about the journey of life. It may seem hard to start from the beginning all by yourself, but

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just know that people like Oprah and a compilation of others have done it. It didn’t kill them, but it made them believe better in the awesomeness of their existence. Life gives everyone a chance, both the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the learned and the unlearned, the disabled and the able, the righteous and the sinner, the tutor and the student, the pets and the plants, the friend and the foe even those with hope and those without hope. The difference is what we envision life as and how we make use of the privilege life presents us. Today Life is again at the doorstep of your heart,

EAT HEALTHY, DREAM EXTRAVAGANTLY, ACHIEVE MASSIVELY, THINK POSITIVELY, LOVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE, DRESS LIKE YOU ARE THE QUEEN (THAT’S IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY THOUGH). LIVE LIKE EVERY MOMENT IS IRREPLACEABLE, FORGIVE LIKE YOU ARE DOING YOURSELF A FAVOUR, saying one more time you can live again, one more time you can dream again, one more time you can love again, one more time you can hope again, one more time you can look me in the eye and decide what you see. It takes two to tango, you and life can do it again. The journey can be lovable or hateful, as seen from the eyes of your mind. It’s indeed a process as it will teach you, even whip you but at last it will make you stronger. Your life is a master piece with a unique mould, live like you love your existence, enjoy life while it lasts, laugh at every given opportunity, smile more than the amount of times you hear your name, it does make you look younger. Eat healthy, dream extravagantly, achieve massively, think positively, love like never before, dress like you are the queen (that’s if you have the money though). Live like every moment is irreplaceable, forgive like you are doing yourself a favour, be ambitious like all things are possible, work smart like there is

no tomorrow. Be enthusiastic as it will determine the output of your day. Most of all, find yourself by finding your maker. Live life one step at a time or even two steps at a time, as your strength carries you. Let the criticisms of others make you stronger. Remember, life is on the wish list of the dead and it’s on the hate list of the poor at heart. When you were born, the meaning life held was of beauty, love and fulfilment. As life progresses, its meaning appreciates or depreciates with regards to your experience. Even more, your thoughts become pronounced in form of reality. Before an action takes place, you must think of it. If I am hungry, the action that follows is you going to the kitchen or ringing pizza hut. Alan Sugar must have thought about how great he wanted to be, he applied action and here it is today. Our thoughts are continuously directing the cause of our lives. If you are not thinking of excelling, then success can hardly be stumbled upon. In the real sense, life is like Oprah growing from that little girl whose future was not pronounced to becoming the number one talk show host on the planet. Life can be sour and bitter when you have not found yourself. It whips the resemblance of others into you and challenges you to find your horizons and reign in it. Life is one teacher that will never give up on you, until it is finally over. Life can be as beautiful and as ugly as you think it is. Each of us


should take time out to think about these things. What does life mean to me? What are my re-occurring thoughts about life? What do I think about often? Do I envision life as a privilege? If yes, what am I doing with it? If no, what do I envision life as then? It is as beautiful or as ugly as you and I think it is. | 41


“Perhaps we cannot prevent this world from being a world in which children are tortured. But we can reduce the number of tortured children.” – Albert Camus.

Many of us as a child grumbled when asked to do chores. Rather than wash dishes, vacuum or fold laundry (because it interfered with our enjoyment), we would prefer to go out with friends, go shopping or have nonstop idle chit-chats on the phone. Unfortunately, some Children’s labour are not limited to folding clothes or keeping the kitchen clean. They are deprived of their childhood, restrained to work camps filled with other children as young as five while working in hazardous conditions. Education is a vague pleasure and three meals a day is a luxury. Our featured fashion designer Cassey Gan explores the burden of child labourers in her collection.

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To me, true beauty is timeless. My woman is always confident and comfortable in her own skin.


Creative Director: Rob Phillips Photography: James Finnigan and Timothy Hill from Hill and Aubrey Beauty: Pace Chen Model: Alina @ Select Model Management | 45

Be inspired Coming from a family that is pro-education, I am deeply humbled by the harsh experiences that child labourers undergo from a young age. Concurrently, I am also intrigued by the frivolous lifestyles of extremely privileged children. The stark contrast between the two forms the core of this collection. For most garments, I have used bamboo to represent the immense burden that child labourers carry. Bold colours are used as a visual language to invoke a sense of hope and joy. This collection celebrates the innocence of children and magnifies their childlike spirit. Ultimately, as a designer, I strongly believe that fashion has the influential power to make a positive difference. YOUR INSPIRATIONS… I am very much inspired by my surroundings. I find that inspirations can be found anywhere, everywhere! Before doing fashion, I was never really aware of my surroundings. My dad once told me to ‘open my eyes’ and observe what is around me, especially when I travel. That changed my life in a big way because with that in mind, I’m now much more aware of all the little details around me and hence, I find that I’m constantly inspired! Every corner I turn, everyone I meet, every story I encounter… They can all inspire me to design!

WHO YOU WOULD LIKE TO WORK WITH? There are two design houses, which I absolutely adore: Jil Sander and Balenciaga. It would be a dream to work in any of them! Also, in the future, I am really looking forward to working with some of my schoolmates from London

46 |

College of Fashion, whom I have bonded very well with. It would be nice to meet again in the next few years and do an exhibition together!

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN ONE OF YOUR CREATIONS? I want to design clothes for the woman who is treasured by the people around her for the strength of her character. There are many such women today that are not appreciated enough because pop culture mainly throws fame and attention on the big, the loud and the avant-garde of the moment. To me, true beauty is timeless. My woman is always confident and comfortable in her own skin. She has influence in an understated manner and leaves an impact on everyone she meets.

DO YOU WEAR YOUR OWN CREATIONS? Yes I do. I actually have just started wearing my own creations and I think I will continue to wear more of my own creations

because I can design something that would suit me perfectly!

SOMETHING YOU HAVE LEARNT IN THE PAST YEAR My final year in London College of Fashion has been my favourite year as a student. To begin with, I was very blessed to be able to work with a group of extremely dedicated and talented tutors! Their passion and dedication

“I WOULD LIKE MY DESIGNS TO BE WEARABLE YET INTERESTINGLY DESIGNED had motivated me to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to achieve better outcomes. I had specifically learnt that besides creativity, fashion design requires a lot of hard work. Also, never be afraid to experiment because ‘surprises’ always happen through trial and error. No effort is ever wasted and perseverance throughout a


No effort is ever wasted and perseverance throughout a project is crucial.

â&#x20AC;? | 47

Creative Director: Rob Phillips Photography: James Finnigan and Timothy Hill from Hill and Aubrey Beauty: Pace Chen Model: Bhavisha Bhaggy Kevat

48 | | 49


I love design and the fact that I am in this industry keeps me going!

50 |


project is crucial.

HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR WORK TO BE PERCEIVED? At heart, my work is minimal in shapes with a strong emphasis on details. I enjoy working with colours and increasingly so with prints. I would like my designs to be wearable yet interesting designed.

WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING? I love design and the fact that I am in this industry keeps me going! Before doing fashion,


I graduated as a chemical engineer, which I felt, was a complete mismatch to my personality. I have been extremely lucky to be given a second chance to choose what I really want to pursue in life and the choice was easy because I have loved design since a very young age. Everyday, my love for fashion design grows and there really is nothing else in the world I would rather do!

HOW DO YOU HANDLE CRITICISM? So far, criticism has helped me to improve time and time again. I am open to criticism because I think they are inevitable in this industry. I don’t take criticism personally because I always take constructive criticism as energy to help me develop.

DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF FASHIONABLE? I am not very fashionable actually. I’m a very simple dresser and I always wear clothes I feel comfortable to work in most of the time.

ANY COLOUR YOU DISLIKE WORKING WITH AND WHY? I love colours so I am constantly exploring colours in my work now. So far, I find that purple is one colour I am still having trouble working with. I’m not entirely sure why but I find that it’s always quite difficult to find a colour that matches purple perfectly. It’s a challenge for me now but I would like to see purple in one of my creations in the future!

WHICH FABRIC/ MATERIAL TYPE ARE YOU PARTIAL TO? First of all, I love having mix materials in my work. I particularly like using cotton and silk jerseys. As comfort is important in my work, I am always interested in any fabric that feels great on the skin.

YOUR ASPIRATIONS… I want to have my own label and see women from different parts of the world wearing my clothes. I also wish to have a menswear line further down the road. I’m preparing and planning for my label now. Ideally, in the next one or two years, I would like to have properly set up a studio and start designing my own line! | 51

Europe 56 |

Their Cries, They Echo Still

Years after desertion Their cries, they echo still. The forcefulness of assertion Against these peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s will. From the people in the birch tree To the people in the camp, The stolen land of the formerly free Is left, with bloody memories, damp. Left barren, broken and blemished, Recounting the screams of the slaughtered As they cried Eli! before they perished. The ground their blood then watered.

Cast Out

We were called bastards. Even after our fathers fought a war that wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t theirs And bled on a land they never knew of. They were called animals. Even after the sacrifices they forcefully made. They were called whores, Simply for loving our fathersSimply for birthing us. And we were called bastards Cast out and sterilized, So no other such abominations would happen Upon their great nation, A nation of which they were so proud. We were proud too! But we were ridiculed for our pride And in their disgust We were cast out and tagged.

Amina Tor Waya | 57


The harrowing, unforgettable legacy of the sacrifice of over 6million innocent souls: 68 years on Auschwitz remains a loud echo of the chilling atrocities that occurred. We will never forget. Words by Amina Tor Waya. Photography by Aaron Wenck Auschwitz. A place many people want to visit at least once.

seeing it; an experience that has been known to change

The chilling horror stories and the seemingly permanent

many peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s outlook on life, amongst other things.

air of doom and sadness appear to attract new people each

The haunting massacre of innocents all those years ago

year. I havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been there myself but like many others

has left an irreversible blemish on the human race in

I would like to see this place of painstaking historical

many ways. The memory of its victims has become part

relevance someday. Pictures taken by visitors are not alien

of our history. Visiting Auschwitz has become something

to the public. Yet nothing beats the experience of actually

of a pilgrimage over the years, as people go to pay their

58 |

REMEMBER! 27 January Holocaust Memorial Day

FORGET respects to the many humble fallen souls of one of the

concentration camps in Dachau, near Munich, as Hitler

most notorious detention camps. I have no doubt that

was threatened by the power religious leaders of the

Aaron Wenck, whose beautiful, ethereal photographs are

time had. That was just a small part of the destruction.

featured in this edition, would highly recommend the trip.


Modern day holocaust Apart from the 6 million Jews killed during the holocaust, Gypsies, Africans, African Americans, Christians and Europeans including Germans added to the overall estimate of 11 million deaths during Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror.






‘Germanized’ and trained from a young age to become


The better part of the Eastern European Gypsy population was killed. Between 5-1500 homosexuals also died. The

Nazis. Afro-German children, tagged the ‘Rhineland

‘Cleansing Program’ was introduced to murder innocent

Bastards’ were considered to be an insult to Germany

handicapped citizens. The Nazi party didn’t see why they

by Hitler. Therefore the launch of Commission Number

should spend money on them. Clergymen where sent to

3 meant that they were sterilized, castrated like animals | 59

from youth. Jews who converted to Christianity were still

by hatred of a fashion. The hatred burns and boils till

seen as Jews and so were still persecuted. Interracial couples

someone decides to “take action.” Our innate superiority

were given one option:

Divorce your partner or die.

complex kicks in and we decide that we must be better

One would expect that views would have changed

than this group of people therefore they will conform

somewhat over the years. But 68 years later and it

to our ‘better’ ways of life, whether they like it or not.

seems that the human condition prevails once again.

Oppression is followed all too quickly by conflict and

It seems we never learn from our mistakes. Many will

millions die for the greed and dissatisfaction of a few.

be insulted by the comparisons I’m about to make and for that, all I can do is apologise profusely in advance.







involved in other people’s wars under the pretence of There is an African proverb that says: “do not tell a child

peace; they aren’t alone. All over the world from minute

not to touch a hot lamp, the lamp will tell him.” Yet we

corners to the forefront of the public eye oppression

aren’t learning from our past errors at all. If you take a

of some kind is happening. The Arab Springs has been

quick look at human history it seems to have a rather

another modern day revolution that has drawn attention

definite pattern. Brief moments of peace are interrupted

to the suffering of people relegated to the fringes of

60 |

society by their governments and our adopted ignorance.

68 years and still too soon?

60 years; surely it is okay to make a joke out of this after 60 years! If nothing else, jokes ought to ease the pain. Yet, it is a sensitive area for a plethora of people.

Often times people make jokes about a situation, personal

How exactly does one make light of a situation that

or otherwise, to make light of the matter. Comedians

claimed the lives of about 11 million human beings?

are known for doing this especially about political or historically relevant event. They know more than most

Let’s put things into perspective:

that timing is key. There are people who will still groan at a ‘Princess Diana joke’ claiming that it is too soon to laugh about her death or the circumstances surrounding it. Scrolling down my Facebook recently I found a Hitler meme with the words “ I said a ‘glass of juice’ not ‘gas the Jews’” and immediately found myself thinking “Too soon?” Now some would argue that it has been over

There are approximately 6 million people living with paralysis. Is it too soon to make a joke about them? • Tobacco kills nearly 6 million people each year. A good number of those are second-hand smokers. Too | 61


The holocaust was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 11 million people 6 million of which are estimated to be Jewish. The others included Gypsies, Africans/African Americans and the handicapped. I suppose if it isn’t too soon to make a joke about the Jews it is also acceptable to make jokes about the other victims. • On a seemingly smaller scale nearly 3000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks. The topic is still a painful one for many Americans as well as people all across the world. It isn’t a matter that we should joke about especially as the aftermaths were so catastrophic. So I guess it is too soon. Understandably, people feel the need to make a situation humorous so as to deal with it. Nevertheless exercise sensitivity. There are people who have been more personally affected; they might not always be so willing to laugh it off. The advent of social media means that it is much easier to make your opinions public and viral. It also means that your opinion is available to people who have strong opinions of their own and aren’t shy to spread them.

Note to Readers. Like all other historical accounts we are fed during our years in academic education, there are many holes in the Holocaust story. One that caught my eye was the apparent disregard for many other victims of the Holocaust who weren’t Jews. The thing about hidden bits of history is that much more than filling things out and putting issues in perspective, it takes away the propaganda. For many people, Hitler is the ‘face’ of the Holocaust. But it goes far beyond him and started way before him. A recommended


to fill in just one of the

missing gaps; Firpo W. Carr “Germany’s Black Holocaust: 1890-1945.” It talks about the concentration camps in Germany-occupied South West Africa at the start

62 |

of the 20th century, much before Hitler’s time. It delves into the divide and conquer perspectives that history often has, dishing out specific horrors to specific groups of people. In this way slavery was for the Blacks and the Holocaust was for the Jews. | 63

64 |



Before you open your mouth, your appearance/dressing has done a lot of speaking on your behalf. What is your dressing saying? The right dressing will accentuate your elegance, style and class. Being an elegant lady does not REQUIRE expensive clothes or designer labels. It means putting together a look that speaks sophistication. A few tips on how to dress like a lady: NO BAGGY OR SPORT CLOTHES

Ever heard that a woman’s clothes should be tight enough to show that she is a woman, but loose enough to show that she is a lady? As a classy lady, your clothes should not leave people guessing whether you are male or female. You don’t need to dress up in frilly dresses to exaggerate your femininity (unless you really want to), but wearing clothes that complement your curves tells how much of a lady you are. Baggy clothes are shapeless and should be reserved until you want to star in a hip hop video! Wear joggers, sweat-suits and trainers ONLY when you are exercising.


Going out in wrinkled clothes makes you appear scruffy and sloppy. As unimportant as it may seem, wrinkled clothes says to a lot of people that you lack good personal hygiene. Granted that with some clothes, you can easily get away with not ironing them, however, shirts and pant-suits almost always need to be ironed. When your clothes are ironed, you look extra clean, crisp and sharp! If you don’t particularly like ironing, take your clothes to the dry cleaner, it can be done for a small fee or just pay somebody else to do it.


As sad as it is, this had to be addressed.

Okay, because x-ray glasses that allow you to stare

through people’s clothing at their nakedness is not out yet (well, at least not to the general public), many neglect the necessity for clean and appropriate underwear. The look-at-mynipple no-bra-look is far from sensual as often publicized by the media. Rather, it screams that you are cheaply seeking attention and

want to be seen only as a sex object. Get yourself measured and wear bras that fit properly. Never leave the house without your underwear.


The words class, lady and elegance connote modesty, respect and subtlety. Dressing up in tight revealing clothes is not synonymous with this exquisite character. It is common knowledge that men are visually stimulated, putting on a show for them by dressing in a demeaning way tells everyone that this is how much you are worth – a short tumble in somebody’s bed and it’s free for all. Tight clothes, extra mini skirts and cleavage enhancing tops do not complement the body of a woman in graceful way. REGARDLESS of what you think, you do not need to wear revealing clothes to be attractive. I like to liken wearing revealing clothes to walking in the city centre stark naked. You will get everybody’s attention easily! Men have often testified to not wanting something that comes too easy. Be a mystery.


As I keep hammering, a real classy lady does not draw unnecessary attention to herself. Wearing excessive jewellery will certainly do that. Let your statement piece be enough. Make up should be kept minimal and natural-looking, you should not look like a cake or the representative for female-clown-r-us! In conclusion, we must stress that wearing the appropriate clothes at the appropriate place and time is essential. You do NOT have to be rich or an aristocrat to be a classy and elegant lady! | 65 66 | | 67


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New year New hair

100% natural virgin hair extensions for you to curl, straighten and dye just like your own hair. With our low prices, you can afford to look glamorous! 68 |



hat is all the hype about hair extensions? It seems like almost all the A-listers are sporting a bundle or

two on their head - some get away with it absolutely undetected. Previously, like an unspoken rule, glamorous hair extensions were restricted to celebrities who could afford to spend the extra cash. Now, as it seems great hair extensions are essential for making a fashion statement. Undoubtedly, the transformation human hair extensions offer is nothing to be called minor. They bring well needed volume, additional length in a short amount of time and an opportunity to try out a new style before you commit to it. At Leo Locks, all our extensions are 100% virgin human hair meaning that they have not been treated with harsh chemicals and are in their most natural state. We specialise in carefully hand-tied wefts and sell machine-tied wefts. Leo Locks takes additional measures to ensure that the hair extensions we provide are 99.9% shed free. This means that you can use your product for a longer period (up to 3 years when taken care of properly). There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to break your bank in order to look good. Leo Locks is known for affordable prices. >>

We stock: -> Virgin Brazilian hair -> Virgin Malaysian hair -> Virgin Peruvian hair -> Virgin Mongolian hair -> Virgin Indian hair -> Custom made lace wigs -> Lace frontals and many more | 69


OF HEARTS COUTURE CAKES London-based, award-wining buttercream

duo Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong tell us their inspirations, aspirations and next move...

70 | | 71

72 |


Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is an award winning cake company based in Hammersmith, London. Founded in June 2011, the company is headed by Cake Artists and bestfriends, Valeri and Christina. WHY THE NAME?

If we are not working as nurses, our typical day would be making WHAT IS THE Buttercream is a very challenging sure to reply to all the email to start LONGEST YOU HAVE medium to work with and it requires the day, make few phone calls and SPENT ON A CAKE? so much passion and patience. We the rest would be brainstorming give so much love and passion to for a new cake designs. This would We have a rule that we need to finish what we do and so we thought LOVE decorating a cake order NOT MORE basically be until 1-2am. We are + US = Queen of Hearts. We affixed THAN 48 hours as we want to deliver night owls. Couture Cakes because this is the our cakes to our customers as fresh core of our designs. We incorporate as we can. elegance, fashion, sophistication and we really give attention to intricate “WE GIVE SO MUCH LOVE WHAT IS YOUR details. AND PASSION TO WHAT FAVOURITE PART OF

WHAT GOT YOU STARTED? It was by a “sweet accident”. We wanted to give our two friends whom we consider our “second-mums” something special but not expensive and so we decided to just bake for them. We scoured the internet and stumbled on a tutorial about making a Sunflower Cupcake using a ziplocbag improvise. This was when we first fell in love with buttercream, piping different flowers and so we never stopped since.


WE DO ...”

WHAT DO YOU LIKE HAVING WITH YOU WHILE WORKING? Besides of course few batches of buttercream, food colours, piping bags and some in the background is always perfect.

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR CAKE DESIGNS? From fabrics to paintings to posters... Basically, anything nice and colorful and unique.


Besides the design of the cake which you see first, our favourite part is the sponge. We believe that a cake should taste beautiful as it looks.

AT HOME AT 2AM ON A SATURDAY NIGHT... Still decorating a cake (chuckles)

THE MOST EXCITING PERSON OR COMPANY YOU HAVE EVER BAKED FOR? We have baked for the Ambassador of the Philippines here in UK as | 73

well as the Consulates and we also traveled to the Philippines as we were commissioned to do a wedding cake for a TV Director last October 2012.

HOW MANY CAKES HAVE YOU BAKED IN YOUR LIFETIME? Oh dear we lost count already. We have definitely baked more than a thousand cupcakes for sure.

WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING? All our family, friends and fans who support us. Their lovely comments just inspire us to keep on going and to strive to become better

HOW DO YOU FEEL WHEN YOU FINALLY PRESENT THE FINISHED PRODUCT? Mixed emotions! But we find delivering the cake/s the scariest! We hardly breathe until the cake is finally displayed on their table!


We see ourselves traveling the world and sharing our passion and

74 |

expertise. We also would like to be proud owners of a Cake Decorating School where everyone can learn and grow from us

AN ADVICE FOR OTHER YOUNG LADIES ASPIRING TO DO WHAT YOU DO? It’s been said a billion times but it is really proven that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. First is just really keep on practicing. Buttercream Art may seem hard


but it is basically learning the techniques. Once you have learned the techniques, re-invent it! Innovate! Innovate! and innovate! Don’t just settle for whatever is already there...and appreciate the beauty around you. You would be surprised that there are so many things you could get inspiration from.


LIKE TO BAKE FOR? WHY? Our dream is to bake cakes for Ellen DeGeneres (and Portia of course) and Oprah Winfrey because they are our idols. They are icons of strong and witty women. It will be a great honour and a dream come true for us.

HOW DO YOU SHARE YOUR WORKLOAD BETWEEN YOU TWO? We really don’t discuss it (we just reckon now) haha We of course know our schedules ahead and if there’s anything that needs to be done we just work on it straight away. I’d take as much work as I can and so does Christina. It was never an issue for us who does more or less...because we just love doing it, simple.

WHAT IS YOUR NEXT PROJECT? Our next project is to launch Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes in the Philippines (finally) We plan to have a big celebration and sooo many more surprises.. We also have already looked into few studio/ workshop spaces (fingers-crossed). We will also be traveling abroad next year to do some classes. | 75

76 | | 77

78 |

A Mother’s E

Love By Jessica Omitola

very year we celebrate this worldwide recognised day devoted to that singular individual in our lives. Mother’s day! On this day we affectionately decide to either pay a surprise visit to our mum, or to send her a much needed bunch of roses and a box of chocolates, or better still to make a swift phone call of appreciation. Then we tick it off our list of things not to forget in the coming year and set about our day with a content mind and a cheery heart. If you haven’t noticed by now there is a slight hint of sarcasm spilling through this black print, only a slight…perhaps more. But to be honest with you I am also guilty of making this partly cherished day – cherished mainly by the receiving party – seem like a clerical duty, a task to accomplish or a mechanical bull to ride by its horns in sheer triumph. Forgive my wild analogies. The point is most of us approach Mother’s day just like some non-immediate family relative’s birthday. The kind your mum attempts to make you say hello to during one of her extended phone conversations, whilst you hopelessly throw hand signals at her to communicate such words as “I AM NOT HERE…I AM OUT WITH FRIENDS”, but always

to no avail because clearly mums don’t know how to read desperately acquired basic sign language. The problem is we no longer value mothers on Mother’s day. Instead we have bought into the subliminal frantic of the media that what she wants is to be showered with expensive materials that may or may not spell out the things we have no time to say for ourselves. So I am taking you on a brief but worthwhile journey in the hope that you are jolted to do things a little differently this year. Now according to history the ancient Greeks would dedicate a period in spring to the mother of their god’s, Rhea. Over centuries the celebration was adopted by the early English Christians in the 1600’s when it became an all Mothers’ commemoration; which is where the term Mother’s day stems from. Though far from being an in-depth study, if nothing else this tells us that even as far back as 600 AD the human race recognised the value of a Mother. But it still begs the question, ‘Why do mothers deserve a whole day where our recognition of them goes slightly beyond self-centred measures?’ Well perhaps my second attempt to bring clarity to the table may somewhat do


80 |

a better job in answering this question; as I took to the streets of Great Britain armed with another deadly question. ‘What makes a mother so priceless?’ Now fortunately for me social networks make the people of Great Britain just that more accessible and more willing to participate, which only added to the validity of my study of course. Here is a compilation of the variety of answers that I received.

“My mum makes it her lifelong duty to see that her children’s dreams are fulfilled”, (David, Warrington). “I don’t even know where to start”, says Fiyin, from Manchester, “my mum would give up everything just so I could have the best”. Roxy, Maidenhead answered “Oxytocin! The tend and befriend hormone, like when there’s a crisis mums instinctively mother others.” “The way a mother will love her child is different to the way anyone else can ever love them, it’s the rare kind of love that only mums possess, as if they are super humans” (Nina, Liverpool).

These responses got me thinking! Yes I knew my mum was priceless but I seldom stopped to ponder on why she was so priceless. When I was growing up my mum would often sit me down and pour upon me words of wisdom, prayers and warm encouragements. Amongst these, she would tell me to make the most of my youth, to never let people recant what they had not given me, to love as much as I could and count each day as a blessing. Looking back I fear that I did not heed some of these sweet words, for too many times did I refuse to humble myself and return to the place where comfort first hid me; in her arms. But that’s part of the beauty of mums right? Those arms are always kept warm and waiting, anticipating our return. Now I know that some grow up without ever knowing their mums, perhaps by an evil deal of fate by which their mums have passed away

or by other means where this relationship no longer exists. But even then we are often fortunate enough to find gems that, though not being of maternal blood, still open their hearts up to us and take us as their own. This in itself is pure evidence that Mothers can be selfless, willing to love even beyond the thickening bond of blood. Now I am not a mother, neither am I anywhere near the stage to even begin contemplating motherhood but I feel there is a slight injustice deployed by society when we limit our affectionate expression of Mothers to one measly day, no matter how elaborate or inconsequential that expression may be. Why is it only one day of the year where we are forced to acknowledge the jewelled attributes of a mother? I do not know about you but my mum does not scribble my name on a date of the calendar sub headed “must clothe child on this day”, nor does she limit the expression of her admiration of me to a single day each year. Instead she loves selflessly, even when it pains her to. You see mums aren’t born, they are made. They are made from the very things that could so easily break another: from the hardship that comes with bearing a child; to the anguish that accompanies a forced smile when she finally bids you farewell. And even when you return for that long awaited Christmas dinner, and you turn up in your battered and bruised Volvo S60, with your shirt un-tucked and your nails un-clipped and you forget to take your shoes off in the hallway – as if you had only been scolded of these things in a past

“MOTHER’S LOVE IS PEACE. IT NEED NOT BE ACQUIRED, IT NEED NOT BE DESERVED.” life – she will still drop everything she is doing and look past your ghastly appearance just to wrap her arms around you. A rare gem is she. One that should be celebrated every day for that matter. So it isn’t about that checklist you have scrunched up in your trouser pocket, or that guilty conscious that taunts you every time you forget to ring. It’s about recognising that you are who you are because of what she gave up. Erich Fromm summed it up nicely when he said “Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” | 81


Glamour With an insatiable appetite for glamour KOKET designers took the classic tub chair to new heights with the elegant Chignon. Fully upholstered, wood and foam construction.

82 |


...where the heart is

----------------------Inspired by the diamondâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s raw beauty and refinement, Gem will light up your world.

CHIGNON | CHAIR -----------------------

Elegant and classic, this beautiful piece will transform your living space into a dynamic, stylish and homely abode. Created with luxuriously luscious fabrics, Chignon is exclusively manufactured in Portugal and available for sale worldwide.



----------------------Masterfully crafted with an enchanted forest in mind, this side table will mesmerize the beholder.

DĂ&#x2030;LICE | CHAIR -----------------------

Curvy & with luscious accents, this dark chocolate brings divine exclusivity, grace and style into your home. | 83

84 |

Mayfair Chair in various colours from £199 Cushions from £12 | 85

Check Wallpaper (per roll) £15 Floral Printed Curtains from £40 Sunbury Bedstead from £399 Check Bed Set (set of 2) from £27 Bubble Knit Throw from £40 Weybridge Nest of Tables (set of 2) £175 Elissia Rug from £95 Small Knitted Pod £75 Cushions from £14 Accessories from £6

86 |

Bobbins Lamp from £32 Weybridge Cabinet £499 Cushions from £12 Boucle Knit Throw £30 Large Knitted Pod £120 Bird Doorstop £12 Elissia Rug from £95 Accessories from £10 | 87

Red Thai Turkey Curry

and Lemon Grass Rice

Preparation time : 5 minutes Cooking time : 40 minutes Total time : 45 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients

700g free range turkey breast fillets 250g pack Waitrose Baby vegetable medley (carrots, baby corn, mangetout) 4tsp Bart Red Thai curry paste 165ml light coconut milk 2tbsp light brown soft sugar juice of ½ lime 275g Tilda Thai Jasmine Rice 2 lemon grass stalks Fresh Coriander leaves for garnishing


Preheat the oven to 180C, gas mark 4. Cut each fillet into 2 cm strips and divide among 4x30 cm squares of kitchen foil. Bring the sides up slightly to make a boat-shaped parcel. Trim the carrots and cut lengthways into thin slices. Drop into a pan of boiling water and cook for 1 minute. Drain. Cut the baby corn in half lengthways. Mix together the curry paste, coconut milk, sugar and lime juice. Divide the carrots, baby corn and mangetout between the parcels. Spoon equal amounts of curry sauce into each. Seal the parcels. Place in a shallow baking dish and bake for 30 minutes until the turkey is cooked with no pink meat. Meanwhile, wash the rice in a sieve under cold running water. Slit open each lemon grass stalk lengthways, then cut each one into 3 pieces. Drain the rice, then place in a medium-sized non-stick pan with the lemon grass pieces, a pinch of salt and 525ml boiling water. Bring to the boil, stir once then cover and cook over a low heat for 12 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave to rest for 2-3 minutes. Pile the rice into 4 bowls. Open the parcels, spoon the curry from each one on top, garnish with coriander and serve.

Cookâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tips

Use free range chicken breast fillets instead of turkey, if you prefer. For a milder taste, substitute the red Thai curry paste for yellow or green. 88 |

Turkish Rice Pilaff with Chick Peas & Apricots

Serves 4 Prepare 10 mins Cook 25 mins

Method 1. Heat the oil in a flameproof casserole, add the


minutes until soft and golden, stirring regularly.

1 tbsp olive oil 1 essential Waitrose Medium Onion, finely sliced 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2 tsp ground cinnamon 2 tbsp essential Waitrose Tomato Puree 300g basmati rice 600ml vegetable stock or water 400g can essential Waitrose Chick Peas, drained 100g Wholesome Soft Apricots, snipped into pieces 2 tbsp flaked almonds 20g pack fresh coriander, chopped

onion and garlic and cook over a gentle heat for 3 Stir in the cinnamon and tomato puree and cook for a minute. Stir in the rice until coated in the oil. Add the stock or cold water, season and bring to the boil. Cover and simmer gently for 12 minutes until all the liquid is absorbed.

2. Add the chick peas, apricots and almonds, re-cover and cook gently for a further 5 minutes until the rice is tender then stir in the chopped coriander and serve.

Recipe courtesy of Waitrose. | 89


Africa the sleeping mother giant The beautiful land of ebony A land to which there is no entropy Home to the â&#x20AC;&#x153;point of no returnâ&#x20AC;? The land of tears and sorrow The green land of bright tomorrow The State of harmonious peace Strict perseverance, Hope that never cease Vehement violence sways thy kingdom The land like a slave running to freedom Let the sleeping mother awake May the cries of your children cause you to quake Shake yourself, Wash your face Let the epiphany of your strength brighten your gaze Ring the bells, Free the slaves Run fast; proclaim, Drive out the knaves Bring out the drums, Beat the drums Celebrate the end of feasting on crumbs Behold, your desert become fruitful gardens Your whores become maidens Let your own hands dig your treasures Clothe your children in colours beyond measures Return to Nubia, Return to the motherland The great return of Africa is eminent; at hand.

Deborah Afolabi | 91

Meet Sa mar


orn in the Domocratic Republic of Congo to a Lebanese father and Congolese mother, international model Samar Khoury aka 2Face Gemini is already taking the modelling world by storm. Few months back, we spotted Samar gracing the glossy pages of well-known magazines. We just had to meet her! Arriving fresh from her trip to Congo to feature in the country’s first fashion week, Samar’s energy and vibe was almost tangible. At 21 years old and barely 2 years into modelling, Samar has proved that her beauty comes with brains after successfully completing her degree program in Biomedical Sciences at one of London’s top universities. To top it all, Samar speaks multiple language. This definitely sets her apart!

92 |



In 2010 a friend invited me to fashion week . That was my first taste of the fashion world. I was hooked. I loved the atmosphere. I started getting compliments and suggestions that I should consider going in to modelling. I started from there and as they say, the rest is history.”


Travelling! I enjoy travelling. My job has presented me with some travelling opportunities I could only dream of.”


Part of being a successful model is recognising the best opportunities. As a freelancer, the choice is all mine and sometimes, it isn’t about how large the pay is but the other benefits and prospect of the job.


Raising my profile in order to find my missing mother is one of my motivations. My mother and I were separated 12 years ago during the crisis of Congo and Rwanda. I have not seen her since.”


Nothing comes easy. At the start, accepting rejections was one of the toughest things. I overcame it by realising that my look is unique and that not every job is suitable for me”


I would really like to hit the music scene as a video model and also go into television presenting. It would be a great honour to see myself on a billboard somewhere in the world. That would be very exciting for me. Someday maybe, someday.” | 93

94 | | 95

96 | | 97


98 |

COMMUNICATION At the base of almost every broken relationship is poor or broken communication. Good communication is a fundamental ingredient in any healthy relationship. It is speaking when you need to speak and listening when you need to listen. SPEAK - STOP ASSUMING .............................. Unless your partner owns a crystal ball and practices the art of mind reading, it isn’t safe to make assumptions. Assuming he knows when to take the trash out and then nagging the next day because you find it at the same spot it was the day before doesn’t fortify your relationship. Tell your partner what you want done, politely. When something is weighing heavy on your mind, open up to him and share it. Chances are, you will feel even much better just because you shared. Sometimes you may feel like you don’t want to talk to him or you may feel like shutting him out. Well, don’t fall for those temptations, they do not help one bit. If he has offended you, then tell him exactly what he has done and how that offended you, again very politely. Yes, of course speaking can lead into unwanted arguments. Try not to argue. In a relationship, a discussion varies significantly from an argument. Small arguments have the tendency of escalating into something of high grandeur. Negotiate rather than argue. When you are wrong, admit your wrong-doings | 99

and apologise. There are even instances when you must apologise although it is glaring that you are not in the wrong. It is about being the bigger person - all for the sake of peace. Also you might want to develop yourself intellectually and keep abreast of interesting facts and news so that your conversations will have substance rather than silences. Be open and clear but also beware of what you say and how you say it. Never say anything you do not mean because if you have someone that pays attention to you, he/she will hold on to what you say and how you define yourself.

LISTEN - STOP TALKING .............................. Everybody likes to be heard when they have something important to say. When your partner is speaking, listen attentively and respond appropriately. Especially when what is being spoken about seems of great importance to your partner. If he want to talk about his overbearing boss, listen. If he thinks he is capable of inventing the next flying machine, listen hard! Pay full attention and read between the lines. Let your third ear deduce the meaning of each line. Men generally are not known for their awesome verbal communication skill. In fact, if it was dependent on them, we would still be grunting in caveman language. Listening shows love and respect. We as humans chose who we relate to based on the confidence that we know that they will lend a good ear. If you feel that you cannot listen at a particular time, i.e. when cooking, ask your partner to wait until they can have your undivided attention. Make eye contact and look interested. Do NOT fake attention. Faked attention (when you are caught) can be very upsetting! And for Godâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sake donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fall asleep when the person is speaking, it is frustrating.

ACT! ..............................

Communication is not limited to verbal exchanges. Making eye contact, putting a supportive arm around your partner assures him that you are there for him. A hug at the right time goes a long way. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t ever think that your relationship has matured past the stages of holding hands and smiling. These seemingly trivial gestures are very important in keeping the communication in your relationship alive. 100 | | 101



Fear is an emotion we are all familiar with, programmed within us to increase our chances of survival. Therefore, most of the things we are afraid of pose an actual threat to our lives or wellbeing. When the brain perceives danger, a chain of reaction is set off leading to the fightor-flight response which is characterised by increased heart rate, tightened muscles, dilated pupils and many more. However, when this response is triggered without any real threat or logical justification, i.e you know deep down that what you fear has an almost negligible chance of occurring or that there is no real danger, this makes the fear irrational. We asked around and we were quite surprised at the number of people who claimed to have an irrational fear, and most of them were dynamically hilarious! Here are a selected few: I am always scared of having my feet run over by a car. I think this may be related to an incident that occurred when I was younger. - J.O Walking under a bridge or being impaled through the sternum - A.L

My mom leaves the keys in the ignition when she is fuelling the car. (Yes she turns the car off). I still fear the car blowing up. - T.A I am so scared of dolls. Have you ever seen an adult screaming in the toy section of TOYS R US? It may have been me! - B.A

102 |

Afraid of falling down a lift shaft. - I.T I have a bad fear of Jelly. They are so awkward - N.W I am afraid of balloons. I think this is associated with the loud noise they make when they pop. You can imagine what I am like at a wedding or party with balloons - R.W I am scared of having an accident that would land me in hospital but without wearing nice or matching underwear. - Q.E I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like soaking in baths because I am scared that a shark is waiting to grab me - V.S

Finding breadcumbs in margarine freaks me out. I chuck out the whole tub if I find a few crumbs. - N.W

Pigeons! When I see them, I run in the opposite direction. - S.C

When in big tall buildings, I am afraid that they will collapse on top of me randomly - K.P

I think feet are so disgusting. I hate seeing other peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s feet. They make me breathe fast and I start shaking bad if I am about to be touched by one - P.D | 103

ROSE 104 |

A Rose for your my heart A rose for you my heart A symbol of our beautiful harmony A rose for you my heart Let us dance to its melody

The softness of its petal Mimics the gentleness of your eyes The thorns on it my heart Drives away the mouth of the devourer Like the rose, we will thrive In the warmth of the sun We will prepare for the harshness of the winter We will survive Though our leaves fall away and leave us bare The austerity will make us stronger We will survive Sunlight must return Again we shall bloom Our beauty they shall behold A tale of our undying love shall be told A rose for you my heart The epitome of my love A rose for you my heart To celebrate a love from above A rose for you my heart.

Deborah Afolabi | 105


106 | | 107

108 |

Earrings, Jon Richard, £12 Dress, Quiz Clothing, £59.99 Crystal Bracelet, Femme Enfant, £45 Shoes, Femme Enfant, £60 | 109

110 |

Jewellery, Miss Selfridges, £12 Dress, Pop Couture Shoes, Femme Enfant, £60 | 111

112 | | 113

114 |

Earrings, Jon Richard, £12 Dress, Quiz Clothing, £44.99 Shoes, Femme Enfant, £60 | 115

116 |

Necklace, Jon Richard, £25 Earrings, Jon Richard, £12 Dress, Pop Couture, £19 Crystal Bracelet, Femme Enfant, £45.00 | 117


118 |

It’s that time of the year again. Everybody is going crazy over chocolate, flowers and stuffed bears! The whole scene can be rather sickening for the unmarried and dateless. Are you one of them? Keep reading! Valentine’s day can be a very hard day to survive if you have no significant other to share it with, especially if you are surrounded by happy couples. It is easy to mope around feeling miserable. We want to encourage you not to let this day bog you down. It can be equally enjoyable for you.

TREAT FRIENDS AND FAMILY Since Valentine’s day is a day to express love, there are so many people to share it with. Love isn’t limited to married couples and co. It is a perfect time to celebrate the awesome people in your life – share all the love in your heart with your close friends and family. Remember those people you have been neglecting and spend some time with them. Nice gifts will also be appreciated.

REMEMBER THE POOR Christmas isn’t the only time to gift the less privileged and charities. They would also appreciate your expression of love via your giving this valentine. Instead of walking past a beggar on the street, show some love!

SAVE MONEY Companies use this holiday to get you to overspend on over priced items. Rather than spending money on pointless gifts, save it. Put the money aside for a time when you will need it more. You may one day appreciate your dateless valentine.

CELEBRATE BEING SINGLE There is nothing wrong with being single at certain times. You may be unaware but there are many unhappy couples on valentines day. It is better to be single than be unhappy in a relationship! | 119

A smooth approach to health Finding it difficult to stay loyal to your 5-a-day fruit portions? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s okay, you are not alone! A popular and delicious method to overcome this issue is none other than the healthy new trend smoothies! Smoothies contain significantly higher fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants than normal fruit juices. Additionally, there is no extra sugar, sugar content is exactly as it is in the fruit and ingridients used. One glass as part of a varied, balanced diet can be counted as one of your 5-a-day - some smoothies even count as two! Another great thing about smoothies is that you can make it your own. You decide which fruits or vegetables you want to include. The combinations are endless. The difference between juicing and blending to produce a smoothie is with smoothies, your body benefits from the phytonutrients found in the skin and flesh of the fruits and veggies. What more, you can choose a meal to replace with your smoothie, ideally breakfast. Adding milk or yorghurt improves the taste and acts as a source of calcium and potassium .

120 | | 121

Cruise in Asia Renowned for extraordinary worldwide voyages aboard intimate, all-inclusive ships, Silversea is a luxury cruise line that offers unparalleled service and superlative comfort. Discover the art of luxury travel as perfected by Silversea Cruises. Hong Kong Island is bustling with action From the presence of major investment banks and luxurious fashion boutiques, the popular city continues to be a desirable destination. Climb aboard the deluxe Silversea cruise ship from your chosen port in Hong Kong. Spend many days on board while making stops at many chosen locations at different Asian cities with a total of 14 days on the cruise.

gymnasts and jugglers. A morning trip to the new Shanghai museum located at Renmin which showcases some of the world’s finest Chinese arts. Featuring artefacts and exhibitions dating over 5000 years, you will definitely be getting a feel of ancient Chinese history. Not forgetting the magical scenes of Jeju, South Korea, the Jungmun Resort is home to the three-tier Ch’eonjeyeon Waterfall.

Spend two lovely days at sea, while looking forward to a charming first stop at one of China’s most vibrant cities, Shanghai. A brilliant opportunity to explore the city of Suzhou famous for its gardens and silk industry. A rich journey through the countryside and villages is followed by a brief cruise along the scenic waterway.

Next, journey to Busan, South Korea’s second largest city and its major port. Experience the exploration of the UNESCO site of Gyeongju. Gyeongju was declared by UNESCO as one of the world’s most historically significant sites and is known as the ‘museum without walls’.

Be entertained by the Chinese acrobatic show which boasts of spectacular dancers,

122 |

- For complete information and cruise dates, please visit

Silverseaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suites offer one of the highest space-per-guest ratios of any luxury cruise accommodations. All Silversea suites have ocean views, and most include a private teak veranda so that you can breathe in the fresh sea air simply by stepping outside your door.

Sparkling with silver, crystal and candlelight, Silverseaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main dining room serves contemporary, international cuisine with sophisticated elegance and impeccable service.

A full range of salon services is available for both men and women including hairstyling, manicures and pedicures. | 123


February 3, 2013 will be the first time Super Bowl is held in New Orleans, Louisiana since the Superdome - now MercedesBenz Superdome survived the Hurricane Katrina in 2005 with some damages. The game will be aired in the United States by CBS and broadcasted in the United Kingdom by the BBC.

New York Fashion week February 7–14, 2013 are the dates for this year’s fashion week in New York where the trends for Fall / Winter 2013 will come on display. Since its conception in 1943, New York fashion week has failed to disappoint allowing fashion big names such as CAROLINA HERRERA, DKNY, VERA WANG and many more movers and shakers in the fashion industry

27th January

Holocaust Memorial Day

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14th February Valentine’s day

10th March Mother’s day

The Shard Formally opened on the 5 July 2012 by the Prime Minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, in a ceremony attended by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, The Shard is London’s tallest skyscraper, towering over 1000-feet with 95 storeys. The building officially opens for public viewing in February 2013. The viewing platform is on the 68th to 72nd floor, and is more than twice the height of any other viewing platform in London! Visitors are transported by an express lift to floor 69, where The View offers an unobstructed 360° view of the magnificent city of London The building houses UK’s first Shangri-La Hotel a 200-bed 5-star hotel, three floors of restaurants, and ten apartments (priced at approximately £50 million each). The Shard also offers exceptional working environment in one of London’s mostcoveted commercial addresses.

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