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Smitten by the unknown Photographer Claude Peschel Dutombe loves to capture heritage of cultures he did not grow up with or the common man on the streets in places he has never been before.


he son of a playwright and film director, Claude Peschel Dutombé was born and raised in Berlin but has made his home in Asia for the past 15 years. Growing up with strong creative influences, his artistic vision was shaped early on by exposure to art and extensive travel. His photographic studies and portraits showcase the exotic beauty and enduring spirit of his current residence, Bangkok. Dutombé believes that in order to find a sense of purpose in depicting lives is by telling stories through the captured images. Most of these stories are related to the cultural heritage of various locales around Asia. When asked why his projects are mostly related to the heritage of cultures he did not grow up with, his response would always be: “It’s most probably my child-like curiosity and fascination with the unknown. The lack of social boundaries carried down from generation to generation leaves me with a certain naivety which opens the eyes to pure visual impacts or historical facts.” Most creative minds who work in the same environment they


MAY 2010 Asian Photography

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grew up with look ahead and use their artistic talents to explore new areas or develop new trends. The past of the known surroundings seem less interesting and visual saturated, while to a stranger the heritage of a certain place is always mysterious and stimulating. One of Dutombe’s favourite subjects is street portraits taken in places he has never been before. Also, here the curiosity for the unknown is what makes it work only that this time the person to be photographed is the curious one, which helps to connect photographer and subject. When Dutombe walks through remote villages or busy urban developments, most locals are dying to know where the stranger is coming from and why he is interested in their habitat. An innocent smile or a quick laughter is enough to break the ice even if there is no language to communicate with. If you ask Dutombe if he would spend the next 15 years in Asia, he will enumerate all the future projects he has in mind and based on that he will be around for a long time.


MAY 2010 Asian Photography

Asian Photography - portfolio of the month  
Asian Photography - portfolio of the month  

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