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HISTORY Everyone knows about Newport being the number one menthol brand, and the number one brand for African-American smokers. Newport used to be an all-white brand in the 60s. The pack design looked different back then. And Lorillard wasn't really targeting the brand towards us Blacks either. I think their 60s slogan was "Newport tastes fresher than any other menthol cig." In the early 70s, Lorillard changed the pack design, and the Newport cig became a corked cig. Lorillard started targeting us Blacks by going into actual Black neighborhoods in Newport vans, passing out free packs to all minorities in the hoods. I even heard those folks in the Newport vans gave free packs to underage Black folks too. I don’t know how long Lorillard went into Black hoods to give out free Newport packs. But I do know it likely lasted in the early 70s. I bet antis in that decade put an end to the Newport vans themselves. Newport was the 3rd most popular menthol brand in the 70s. Only Kool and Salem were more popular among (in particular) Black smokers. While Lorillard was trying to compete with Salem and Kool in that decade, it wasn't til the late 80's/early 90s when Newport became a lot more popular. Now in modern times, Newport is the Blacks' version of Marlboro.



Although I'm sure Marlboro is still the number one 1 selling USA brand period. 10 years ago, I used to see bros/sistas in Chicago not just smoking Newports, but Kools and Salems too. I even saw one sista in 1999 with a Benson and Hedges Menthol pack. I think it's been that long (10 years) since I saw a Black smoker with a brand other than Newports. Newport seems to be the ONLY brand urban smokers enjoy in modern times. If you try asking one of "us" if "we" want a Marlboro or Camel, I bet no bro or sis is going to take it. They not even going to take a Kool cig anymore, although that's a menthol. The only cig most of us want in my town is Newport. And believe me, if you carry around a pack of Newport 100's in Chicago, that's like carrying around lose money in your hands or pocket. I'm one of the few urban smokers who's actually willing to try other cig brands. A lot of fellow Black smokers will smoke ONLY Newports, and that's exceptions. But I still smoke Newport’s occasionally because that's the brand that's part of my identity as an urban smoker.

Varieties Newport cigarettes come in several varieties: Full Flavor, Medium, and Lights. In the United States, effective June 2010, "Medium" and "Lights" will be re-branded into "Blue" and "Gold" respectively. On the box, the words "Menthol Box" for shorts and "Menthol Box 100s" for 100s were replaced simply with "Cigarettes." Each variety is sold in 85mm soft packs (king size), 80mm hard packs (box), and 100mm soft and hard packs. They are available in standard packs of 20 cigarettes, as well as the more unusual 25s, containing 25 cigarettes. Prior to the signing of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement in the late 1990s, they were sold in packs of ten as well.

Due to the new FDA Tobacco Regulations, the terms "Full Flavor", "Medium", "Light", "Mild", and "Ultra-Light" have been discontinued. New names for Newport Cigarettes are as follows: Some of these types of Newport you can find at 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Newport Box (Full Flavor) Newport Box 100s (Full Flavor 100s) Newport Menthol Blue (Medium) Newport Menthol Blue 100s (Medium 100s) Newport Menthol Gold (Light) Newport Menthol Gold 100s (Light 100s) Newport Non-Menthol Newport Non-Menthol 100s

Non-menthol Newports in Full Flavor and Lights were sold in United States during the mid to late 1990s, possibly as late as 2002; however they were discontinued until November 2010 in which they re-released them in order to keep up with the non-menthol cigarette smokers in America. The packs are identical in design to standard menthol Newports except the turquoise-colored area was red on the Full Flavors and mustard-yellow on the Lights. Newport Slim 120s (introduced 1998), Newport "Stripes", and Newport "M-Blend" were other varieties that have also been discontinued. In some Latin American markets, such as tourist areas of the Dominican Republic, British American Tobacco has released some limited edition varieties and outer packaging`s including: Newport Silver (menthol ultra-lights) Newport Freezing Point (10 & 20 count boxes) & Newport Midnight Blast.

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