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Kitchen in the home of Pat Armentano Construction by William Martini Products and design by Williams Lumber and Home Centers See story, pages 8 & 9

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Create your own little “Peace” of Paradise. • Water Garden Kits • Liners • Pumps • Filters • Bridges • Accessories

The Pondless Waterfall

Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the pond or pondless waterfall that fits into your landscape and budget.

We Carry • Water Garden Kits • Liners • Pumps • Filters • Bridges • Accessories

112 Styles/Patterns 102 Colors Contractors Available!

112 Styles/Patterns 102 Colors

Techo-Bloc A variety of styles to choose from!

Patio Patio Furniture Furniture

Helpful, family approach sets pace at The Landscape The Landscape Home & Garden Center on Rt. 17K in Newburgh is all set for another great warm-weather season. It’s the No. 1 center for water gardens, patio furniture, wall and paving stones, garden plants and fertilizers and a wide variety of statuary products. Mark and Gene Mazzarelli and their employees know that they have the best products and experience for any job, but they all know that the wonderful helpful family atmosphere is still their most important asset. At The Landscape Home & Garden Center, you will always find smiling faces and helpful information. But this is also the place where the entire staff is committed to going the extra mile each and every day on each and every project. If you want great products and great service and have it done right the first time and every time, then The landscape Home and Garden Center is the place for you. Water Gardens What could be more relaxing than enjoying your outdoor living space to the sound of water falling over stones while watching your bright Koi gliding by? All the daily hustle-bustle is washed away and stilled in the tranquil pool. Mark and his team can design and build a beautiful pond perfectly suited to your site and your taste. Or, they can help you pull together everything you need to design and install your own bit of tranquility. Wall paving stones The Landscape H:ome & Garden Center is one of the largest distributors of Hardscape Goods in the MidHudson Valley. They carry all the

finest brands of manufactured pavers and wallstone as well as a broad selection of natural stone, including pondstone & river rock, boulders, bluestone flags, Belgium Block and more. We also handle gravel, landscaping stone and mulch, bagged and bulk. Patio Furniture At the Landscape Home & Garden Center you will find two ample showrooms full of quality Outdoor and Casual Furnishings. They carry Agio, Homecrest and Suncoast Brands of Cast Aluminum furniture plus many other lines of wooden and metal furniture. If you are in a rush, everything we have in the showrooms is available for same week delivery. Larger dining and entertaining sets are a specialty. So, in addition to intimate Café Sets, you will also find Dining Sets for Six, Bar Sets and all manner of Casual Seating. All of it so beautiful, you could use it indoors! Statuary Garden Art can be an important element of your Outdoor Living Spaces. A well placed Statute or Fountain can add definition or personality to your lawn or garden. The Landscape Home & Garden Center has one of the area’s largest selections of statuary and lawn ornaments in a range of materials including brass, stone, ceramic, concrete, fiberglass and resin. Visit The Landscape Home & Garden Center on Rt. 17K in Newburgh or call 564-2744 or visit their website at

Some items not exactly as shown

Family owned since 1971 I-84 Exit 6 1000’ east Rt 17K Newburgh b h Hours: M-Sat 8-5:00 • Sun 9-4

845-564-2744 Visit us at

Water gardens are a specialty at The Landscape Home & Garden Center in Newburgh.


Experience counts with Fishkill Pools If experience and building great relationships matter to you, then you will contact Fishkill Pools for your dream home recreation area. Whether it’s one of many backyard models, in-ground or above-ground, or an elaborate design with waterfalls and fountains, Greg Eraca and his skillful staff will handle the job and produce a pool to fit your needs and desires. And they will build it from scratch and finish in 10-14 days. Greg has over 25 years of experience in the field. His father, Frank, started the business in 1962. Frank was impressed with a pool at a neighbor’s home, did his research, went to a manufacturing dealer in Binghamton for training and has been building great pools ever since. “He’s a master and I learned everything from him,” said Greg. Your experience with Fishkill Pools starts with a consultation. Greg will ask a lot of questions. He wants to know about your goal for the project, how you will use the pool and adjacent area. He’ll ask about your family, ages of children, how much entertaining you will do and types of entertainment. The answers will give him valuable information in selecting the best

The experts at Fishkill Pools have more than 40 years of experience and build pools ranging from traditional backyard models to elaborate designs with fountains and waterfalls.

pool for your needs and desires. Next comes the backyard or site survey. He will look for obstacles and check out the contour of the land. The project begins with excavation of the entire pool area and digging and removing of rocks. The crew then lays

Fishkill Pools * Locally Owned and Operated * 2nd Generation/Same Name, Same Number, Over 70 years combined experience * Licensed/Insured * Free Estimates * * * * * * * *

Inground Steel Wall & Polymer Wall by Fort Wayne Pools Inground Poured Concrete Wall Swimming Pools All Inground Pools Vinyl Lined Dealer of Crestwood Above Ground Pools Openings/Closings Service and Weekly Maintenance Liner Replacements Loop-Loc Covers * Water testing Chemicals & Heaters * Concrete/Patio Work * We gladly accept Visa/MC/Discover

Building Quality Pools Since 1962 822 Rte. 9 • Fishkill, New York 12524 Phone: (845) 896-6854 Fax: (845) 896-1772

a concrete footing and builds the walls and floor of the pool and puts in the liner. They also put it the patio and walkways and will recommend landscaping and fencing options. They complete the project with electrical connections, putting in a variety

of amenities and giving advice on safety and cleaning. The Eraca family has been building great quality pools for over 40 years. They have built a tremendous reputation and will provide many testimonials. Call Fishkill Pools at 896-6854.

• Concrete Solutions for the Hudson Valley • Ready Mix ConcreteFresh, Mixed on-site • Metered-No Waste-Pay for what you use!! • Serving Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, & Ulster Counties • Weekend Deliveries Available • Servicing Homeowners & Contractors • Pre-Cast Concrete Products-septic tanks, drywells, basement access stairs, mafia blocks, etc. • London Boulder™ Retaining Wall System

845-724-5455 H\

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Adams Fencing crews working on Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge Ken Fredericks and his Adams Fencing crews have been spending a lot of time high above the Poughkeepsie skyline lately. The crews have been lending their expertise in building the fencing on the old Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge, which is being refurbished and will eventually become part of the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and connect Dutchess and Ulster Counties. The crews have been installing a variety of heavy-duty all black vinyl chain link fences across the bridge to

provide safety for tours. The fences are temporary and will be replaced when the main construction begins. Adams Fencing is an established business with over 30 years of service in the Mid-Hudson Valley, with a commitment to quality that is backed by the Adams name. Fredericks and his experienced staff always provide free estimates, extra attention to detail, superior workmanship and quality products. Here is a look at some of the fences Adams Fences installs.

Maintenance Free Vinyl Fence – Imagine the convenience a picket, private or semi-private fence that doesn’t decay and never needs painting. Traditional or ornamental styles are made with top-grade materials and that means that you’ll be enjoying your fence for years to come. Maintenance Free Ornamental Aluminum Fence – This is a strong and durable aluminum fence with the look of majestic wrought iron and no worry of rust. Adams features traditional designs, as well as elegant pickets with decorative finials, ball caps or scrolls. The choice is yours. Custom Quality Cedar Fence –

Surround yourself with the beauty of cedar. Naturally decay and termite resistant, it stands the test of timeand adds charm to your home. Other Quality ProductsAdams Fences also carries post and rail fences and chain link dog kennels.Allow Adams Fences to show you their full line of quality outdoor wood furniture, sure to complete your outdoor living space. For more information, call Adams Fences at 454-0363 or visit their web site at Adams Fences is located behind Adams Fairacre Farms on Rt. 44 in Poughkeepsie.

Crews from Adams Fencing have been installing heavy-duty chain link fences on the old Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge.

adams fences When you want the job done right!

An established business with over 30 years of service in the Mid-Hudson Valley, our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by the Adams name.


We also sell a wide variety of quality fences and materials.

454-0363 Located behind Adams Fairacre Farms, Rt 44, Poughkeepsie Mon - Fri 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Sat 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Making the Most of Small Space For gardeners everywhere, finding enough landscape to start your dream garden is often a big hurdle to clear. Unless you live on a farm or own a large amount of property, your landscape is likely more limiting than you'd prefer. But a lack of landscape doesn't mean you can't have the lush garden you've always dreamed of. Instead, it simply means you'll have to pull a few tricks out of your gardener's cap to get the most out of the land you do have. * Use containers: Container gardening has grown especially popular in recent years, as the size of most people's yards has shrunk thanks to more building throughout the country's suburban neighborhoods. Plant whatever you'd like in containers, which take up less space than a traditional garden and also offer more flexibility, as the containers can be moved around at will. Containers can also be moved around for parties or placed at different places in the yard if you'd like your landscape

to have a different look every now and then. * Consider the color: Much like the paint you choose for a room can give the illusion of that room being bigger or smaller than it really is, the color of your garden can offer a similar illusion. The color blue is known for making gardens look larger than they are, so keep these cooler colors at the back of the garden to give the impression that they are more distant. Consult with a local gardening professional, be it your landscaper or a salesman at a nearby gardening supply store, for advice on which plants will best match your needs. * Build up, rather than out: A raised bed for your garden won't take up as much space, but will still allow you enough room for an attractive, landscape-complementing garden. Some can even be built atop moveable structures, making them similar to container gardening with respect to their flexibility.


A-1 offers full line of mowers, 20-point tune-ups Kathy and Stu Kotchie are in their 28th year as owners of A-1 Lawnmower and Small Engine Repair, Inc., located at the intersection of Rt. 376 and Lake Walton Road/Robinson Lane in Wappingers Falls. Kathie and Stu and their staff sell a wide variety of lawn mowers and riding mowers, including the “ZeroTurn” models, which provide ease of operation and the most precise cutting of all with the zero-turn radius. It’s great for maneuvering around trees and shrubs. A-1 also services most makes and provides a large line of parts, plus many hard-to-find parts for older mowers. They also sell Husqvarna chain saws, leaf blowers and just about anything you need for your landscaping chores. One of the key points of the tune-up at A-1 is that Kathie and Stu offer a pickup and delivery service, so you

don’t have to mess up your vehicle and/or your lower back. The 20-point tune-up includes: Sharpening and balancing blades New spark plugs Oil change Ignition check Carburetor check Throttle check Choke control check Battery check Check and adjust belts Replace air filter Electrical system check Lubricate moving parts Lubricate steering Lubricate linkage Check and adjust clutch Check and adjust brakes Check and adjust tire pressure Inspect all safety features Replace fuel filter Test overall operation For more information, call A-1 at 845-221-LAWN (5296).

Saying So Long to Pesky, Invasive Mosquitoes One of the more annoying things that can bother an outdoors enthusiast is the presence of mosquitoes in his or her yard. In addition to being a pest, a mosquito can also carry disease, making it potentially very dangerous to work in a yard with a mosquito infestation. However, gardeners and lawn enthusiasts can take steps to avoid all the scratching and swatting that comes with unwanted mosquito guests. * Watch what you wear. How you dress can go a long way toward deciding how much you'll be affected by a mosquito problem. Always wear socks and long-sleeved shirts in areas that are heavily infested with mosquitoes. While a mosquito net might be overdoing it in most yards, that's not the case in areas that are heavily infested. The color of your clothing plays a role as well. Mosquitoes are drawn to darker clothing, so keep the wardrobe light when working outdoors. * Remove standing water. Mosquitoes breed in standing or stagnant water. After a heavy rain, check your property for any standing water and eliminate it as soon as possible. Typical sources of standing water include clogged gutters, children's pools that weren't emptied or turned over before a rain, fire pits, and unused flower pots that might be scattered around the yard. Even if it hasn't rained, empty kid's pools at least once per week and check to see if there are any containers or pots scattered about

Kyle Peck of A-1 Lawnmower and Small Engine Repair performs a tune-up on a mower for the your property. upcoming season. * Use insect repellents. Repellents make it harder for mosquitoes to find you but will not dwindle their numbers. So if you use repellants, don't think they're not working simply because your yard still has a mosquito infestation. Repellants such as DEET make it hard for mosquitoes to find anyone who's put it on, as does the odorless Picaridin. Whichever repelPlus Parts lent you choose, note that they're meant to keep the mosquitoes away from you, not your yard. „Lubricate steering „Sharpen Blades * Try the alternatives. Many compa„Lubricate linkage „New spark plugs „Check and adjust clutch „Oil change nies have made lots of money selling „Check and adjust brakes „Check ignition mosquito deterrents. The problem is, „Check and adjust tire pressure „Check carburetor these deterrents vary in their efficacy. „Inspect all safety features „Check throttle There are plenty of people who swear „Test overall operation „Check choke controls by deterrents such as citronella candles „Replace fuel filter „Check battery and bug zappers, while others find „Check and adjust belts „Replace air filter they provide no relief. Since these „Check electrical systems PICKUP AND methods may or may not work, be „Lubricate moving parts DELIVERY careful not to spend too much money * Plus parts AVAILABLE investing in them without first trying * Any other parts or work extra * Carburetor work extra them. If they work, great. If they don't, * Above work only back to the drawing board. * Leave mosquitoes for the birds. Proof is also lacking that attracting Equipment in Stock birds and mammals, such blue martins and rats, that feed on mosquitoes is an effective deterrent. However, if you don't mind having such animals in Corner of 376 your yard and all else has failed, by all & Lake Walton Rd. means give it a shot. But bear in mind wr Wapp. Falls, NY that your new guests might end up Tues.-Fri. 8-5 • Sat. 8-3 ye being more annoying than the ones Closed Sun. & Mon. you're currently trying to get rid of.



For ALL your power equipment need SALES - SERVICE - PARTS



Red Wing has largest variety of sands and aggregate materials wash, crush, and screen sand and gravel to produce properly sized, clean, usable products. Red Wing is currently the largest supplier of sand and gravel aggregates in Dutchess County. Red Wing provides screened and unscreened topsoil, silt, fill soil and clay. For driveways and other needs, they have crushed bank run item #4 and crushed gravel item #4 and stone dust. Decorative stone selections include Brite White, Red Stone and Buff Gold for driveways, decorative concrete, and landscaping. Other stones include Anthrabrite, which is mined from a layer or rock and has been subjected to the heat of a coal mine fire. It is dug after the fire is out and then crushed at a stone plant. Solite stone bark is a beautiful and unique stone that is lightweight and provides a high yield. Landscaping boulders (12� to 60� or larger) are rounded, grayish brown speckled with white, blue, etc. The major uses are for landscaping, borders, and along driveways. Customers can come and select those they want. For more information, call Red Wing at 221-2224 or visit their website at

Red Wing Sand and Gravel is the leading producer of sands and aggregate material in Dutchess County, and providers of materials for Columbia, Putnam, Ulster, Orange, and Westchester Counties. Red Wing has three plants in Dutchess County, they’re located in Billings, Milan, and LaGrangeville. The plants produce ice control sand to protect local roads from wintry conditions as well as sized sand and gravel for many other purposes. Mason Sand is used for brick and block mortar; concrete sand for mixing concrete, 1/4� and 3/8� gravel for blacktop and concrete, 3/4� and 1� for driveways and drainage, run of bank gravel and crushed run of bank gravel for driveways and roadbeds. Red Wing Sand and Gravel is dedicated to production of “in spec� aggregates for the construction industry. We have one of the few “dial splits� in operation statewide at Velie Road in Lagrangeville. A dial split is a computerized sand re-blender that uses water to separate particles by density. By using dredges, conveyors, loaders, trucks, towers, screens, and a scale - we dig,

At Home in the Woods features best of Simply Amish At Home in the Woods and Simply Amish – they make a great combination. You can now see and purchase beautiful handmade furniture from Simply Amish locally in the At Home in the Woods showrooms on Rt. 9D. Simply Amish isn’t a style. It’s a standard of excellence—desired by many and practiced by a very rare few. You can see the excellence in the fine details of solid wood drawers, handfinished, inside and out. It’s in the skill of genuine Amish craftsmen, passed down from one generation to the next. Unlike low-quality knock-offs, Simply Amish furniture isn’t cut and stamped by computers. It’s custom crafted by a skilled craftsman who signs his work, just like any master artist. The work is personal. And the commitment runs deep. In fact, should your piece of Simply Amish furniture ever become damaged or need repairs, we’ll return it to the very craftsman who made it. And he’ll restore it to look just like it did on the day it left his shop. Today, Simply Amish furniture is still made by authentic Amish craftsmen, working on more than 50 family farms scattered throughout the

The intricate detail of an Amish-made loft and spindle bed makes a true fashion statement.

heartland of America. Most are small family shops with only four or five craftsmen, while some shops might employ as many as 30 skilled workers. But regardless of the size, tradition still dictates the construction of every design. Each piece of lumber is still cut, shaped, sanded and stained by seasoned hands, using a keen eye to eliminate any imperfections and bring out the natural beauty of rich maple, solid oak and other select hardwoods. Simply Amish is just one of the many styles featured by Betsy and Matt Wallingford of At Home in the Woods. Continued on page 10





• Unfinished & Finished Furniture • Furniture you won't find everywhere else • Custom Finishing • Wood Outdoor Furniture


Glencar team constructs garden at Disney’s Epcot Center Kevin Cotter of Glencar Water Gardens and Lighting, Inc. has just returned from Walt Disney World’s Epcot® Center. From February 2729, Cotter and other staff members constructed ecologically friendly water features to create the water gardens of the future. The water displays were created to follow Disney’s concept of sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives. “We’re excited to showcase the future of water gardening,” states Ed Beaulieu, Vice President of Field Research at Aquascape. “Water is our planet’s most valuable resource and we will demonstrate how we can be more responsible to the environment by addressing water conservation.” Cotter and his Glencar associates “Built in the Dark at Epcot” for their Flower & Garden Show. Six Water features were built in three nights, including a rainwater harvesting system, an 11’x16’ ecosystem pond and decorative water features and fountains. These all align with Disney’s mission of sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives. Epcot’s® International Flower and Garden Festival runs through June 1.

Kevin and his pond builders at Glencar Water Gardens and Lighting, Inc. of Hopewell Junction have been creating have been creating beautiful natural ponds for 12 years on properties in Dutchess, Westchester, Fairfield and Putnam counties. They don’t mow lawns, build stone walls or patios or eve n do landscaping. They’re pond builders who specialize in turning any back yard into your own personal paradise. “In essence, we try to mimic nature,” said Kevin, who has a background as an arborist, landscaper and mason. “We like to walk through the woods and take note of streams as they wind along. We look at each project and visualize the look we are trying to create.” The team at Glencar is passionate about design, workmanship and most of all about making you passionate about ponds, too. They work with you as a team, listening to your ideas and visions. They also educate you on how easy a pond can be to maintain. “We only create custom ponds, not cookie cutter ponds,” said Kevin. “Each one has its own distinctive design and respect for the surrounding environment.”

The team at Glencar Water Gardens of Hopewell Junction constructed this garden at Walt Disney’s Epcot Center.

The craftsmanship of the Glencar team is second to none, making each pond seem like it was created centuries ago. No one can make your personal par-

adise a reality like Glencar pond builders. Call Glencar at 800-5265039, or visit their web site at

• Water Gardens • Landscape Lighting • Waterfalls & Fountains • Security Lighting • Pondless Waterfalls • Deck Lighting • Koi Ponds • Seasonal Pond Maintenance

“Creating Your Own Personal Paradise”

Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 • 800-526-5039 • Email: •


Teamwork, great relationships produce success on grand scale Magnificent vacation home features spacious design with plenty of extras By Curtis Schmidt Positive relationships are at the heart of any successful building or construction project. Contractor Bill Martini will attest to that fact. So will Pat Armentano, the customer in this project. And, last but definitely not least is Williams Lumber and Home Centers where positive and lasting relationships have been a staple for over 60 years. Armentano, who owns Paraco Gas Corp., wanted to develop a property in Southern Columbia County two years ago. He made a connection with Martini, who works out of his Stanfordville office. Martini’s relationship with the folks at Williams Lumber and Home Centers proved to be a key element in what turned into a grand undertaking. Williams provided many of the products and kitchen design assistance. “As a contractor, I’m a very happy customer,” said Martini. “Williams Lumber is a great organization from Sandy Williams right on through the staff. You can always count on them to go the extra mile.” Armentano’s dream was to turn the property into a fully functional living, recreational and vacation area for his family. Two 18th century homes on the property had burned many years prior. He initially had thoughts of trying to recover and rebuild the structures, however, he abandoned those plans when he discovered they would not help in fulfilling his goal. “I wanted a large log cabin home in the conventional manner,” said Armentano. “I looked at a friend’s home in the area and wanted to model this structure after his – but with several modifications.” Armentano’s vision also included plans for entertaining on an impressive scale. The finished product includes a 2,800 square foot guest house on the lower level of the property, leading up to the main building, a majestic 6,000-plus square foot home, with a wrap-around deck overlooking the surrounding mountains. Completing the picture are tennis and bocci courts, a swimming pool and pool house with serving facilities. Armentano worked closely with Martini and gave Martini much credit for taking the project from scratch to the finished product and giving great attention to each and every detail. “Bill is a true artist and we eliminated all of the boundaries,” said Armentano. “We have a sound relationship. We modified the architectur-

Spacious corridors between the island and cooking areas can accommodate plenty of traffic.

al plans dramatically in some instances, and yes, we did go over budget, but the finished product is certainly worth it.” Martini was part of the overall thinking and took charge of each phase of work. It began with site development, selecting locations for the two structures, with great attention going to grand views the mountains and sunsets, plus feasibility in regard to natural rocks and water/septic systems. The property does contain a flowing stream and pond. Since the area is not close to gas lines, Armentano utilized his own firm in building and supplying high-efficient propane gas for heating and cooking. All of the tanks are linked computers for the most economic usage. “It’s more economical than electricity,” he said. Propane is one of the lightest, simplest hydrocarbons in existence, and as a result is one of the cleanest burning of all alternative fuels. The main house resembles a mountain lodge with natural log cabin siding, huge exposed beams and great detailed stone work, which is evident in the entrance way and massive fireplace in the great room. Four bedrooms are on the first floor and the master bedroom is on the main level and features a grand view of the mountains. Continued on page 9

The open-cabinet concept provides ease in storage and serving.


The 6,000-plus square foot main home is two stories and the great room features plenty of windows for views of the surrounding mountains.

Martini is a unique contractor in that he has the experience to handle every piece from excavation and building of roads to working with architects and then each and every piece from stonework to woodwork and the intricate details of the kitchen. “Yes, it’s quite a challenge do build something on this grand of a scale,” he said. “But Pat allowed me to be as creative as possible within what he wanted.” Casual elegance is the theme that runs from the kitchen through the great room. While the great room is open and spacious with cathedral ceilings and offers great views, the kitchen is the center of the action. It has flowing access to the great room, entrance area and the wrap-around deck. Martini worked with Sue Marling, kitchen and bath designer for Williams Lumber and Home Centers on the kitchen area. “We knew they (Armentano family) would be doing a lot of entertaining, so we had to think about spacious corridors, serving space, cooking and food preparation areas and progressions,” said Martini. “You have to envision these situations, then build with the key elements in mind.” Marling agreed, saying “You have to put together a priority list from the standpoint of the type of activities that will be taking place. Once you have the priority list such as main appliances, cabinets, the island and traffic considerations in place, then you can

work on the bonus features.” In this case, bonus features included items such as wine coolers, wet bar, extra refrigerators and a secondary sink in the island. From a cooking perspective, she said the plans is to construct a “work triangle” of no more than 26 feet, which allows for a logical progression of work (refrigerator to counter space to cook top to range). She and Martini also built in additional open cabinet plans for the storage of dishes. “It’s a visually pleasing feature that has the added benefit of quick access for individuals who handle the serving,” said Marling. For additional serving convenience, cooks have easy access to the island and can utilize extra counter space to prepare dishes with food and take them directly to the table. This plan keeps large serving bowls and pots off the table and allows more space for individuals and smaller and more mobile items such as bread and beverages. “This was a wonderful challenge on a grand scale,” she said. “Bill Martini is very talented and we were happy to work with him.” Martini added, “I’ve been working with the people at Williams for several years because I can always depend on them. When I need it, they get it, even if it’s something out of the ordinary that requires extra work. For a contractor, it’s very important to have a relationship like I have with Williams Lumber.”

A wrap-around deck surrounds the entire top level of the main home.

Page 10C—SOUTHERN DUTCHESS NEWS—March 26, 2008

Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating supplies homeowners, contractors When Herzog’s Supply Company of Kingston established Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating in 1994, they provided customers in the Mid-Hudson Valley with unparalleled access to the fullest range of knowledge and service in the areas of paint and home decorating. In the Southern Dutchess area, Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating is located at 1083 Rt. 9 in the Lawrence Farms Shopping Center in Fishkill and 409 Rt. 55 in Poughkeepsie. At Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating, the homeowner is especially welcome. Their skilled professionals are always ready to supply the various sundries and equipment the homeowner needs to get the job done, and done well. The professionals at Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating will provide the best paint needed for a particular application in the right quantity. They’ll offer useful preparation and application tips used by professionals. So wherever you are, for the best products and service call on the company that has served painters for over 90 years. Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating is an authorized agent for Benjamin Moore and Pittsburgh paints, two of the most respected names in the indus-

try. They stock the full line of paints, including premium Regal and Manor labels. They also carry the full line of superior Cabot stains and Zinsser primers. Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating offers computer paint matching using our state-of-the-art spectro photometer assuring precise color and shade. Contractors, retailers, and wholesalers nationwide can enjoy substantial savings through their volume discounts. Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating’s Fishkill location has gained an enviable reputation in the art of interior design and home and office decorating. The Decorating Consulting Service has enabled clients to update their homes and offices with gleaming new interiors. Because the store enjoys a matchless selection of wall coverings and window treatments, together with a superior source for customized drapes and valances, they are able to please every taste. Whether it’s colonial, traditional, or modern, whether it’s one room or an entire home or office, the skilled design consultants work with you to your satisfaction. Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating is also the leading commercial paint contractor in the Hudson Valley, supplying large volume wholesale and

Hudson Valley Paint & Decorating is proud to offer the new “Aura” line of Benjamin Moore Paints.

commercial paint stocks to a wide variety of businesses. Call the Fishkill

store at 296-0222 or the Rt. 55 store at 471-0133.

At Home in the Woods

The goal is to match furniture to personalities and lifestyles. At Home in the Woods features items in maple, oak, cherry, birch, beach, hickory and other wood types. Advantages with real wood furniture include longevity, resistance to wear and the fact that it is adjustable to many different styles. At Home in the Woods is a member of the Unfinished Furniture Association and Betsy and Matt are founding members of the Real Wood Finished Your Way campaign. Visit Betsy and Matt at 2325 Route 9D. Call them at 297-3710 or visit their website at

Continued from page 6 The historic home on Rt. 9D features both indoor and outdoor furniture. You will see tables and chairs, cabinets, beds, rockers, patio furniture and much more. The best part is that it’s all real wood. At Home in the Woods features unfinished furniture finished your way for every room in the house. Betsy and Matt also feature a wide array of accessories. Customers love to just browse from room to room and find those special items – items you won’t find anywhere else.

Eco-friendly with minimal odor

No paint in the world is quite like Aura.®Thanks to our exclusive Color Lock™technology, colors are deeper, richer and more enticing.They apply smoothly and evenly, with fewer coats. Aura is washable and more durable, too. Discover your aura today, at, or visit us at:

Family Owned and Operated Since 1909



We’ll Make You Love To Come Home


409 Manchester Rd. Poughkeepsie 471-0133 / Lawrence Farms, Fishkill 296-0222 Herzog’s Home Center, Kingston Plaza 338-6300 WE’RE NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 10AM-3PM

Stories and photos By Curtis Schmidt Call 297-3723 To advertise or subscribe

March 26, 2008—SOUTHERN DUTCHESS NEWS—Page 11C

Ralph is ‘Trulyhelpful’ with all types of home improvements counter tops and ceramic backsplash. Ralph enjoys working alongside customers who are interested in rolling up their sleeves and working on their own projects. Ralph provides direction and guidance and the customer has the opportunity to learn and take pride accomplishment during the process. Ralph’s experience in home improvement began very early in life. His parents had rental units and he picked up a hammer at the ripe old age

of seven to help. He has been working in the building trades ever since. Ralph is originally from Albany, Oregon. He transplanted to New Jersey and then met his wife in Manhattan. She was living in Poughkeepsie and they bought a house and settled in Hopewell Junction. Trulyhelpful is licensed and insured. As Ralph says, “If you get it from Ralph, your get it good, or you don’t get it at all.”

Ralph Amundsen handles a wide variety of home improvements, including work with interior walls and kitchens.

If you are looking for a “truly helpful” individual in the home improvement area, then it’s time to say hello to Ralph Amundsen of Hopewell Junction. Ralph is the sole proprietor of “Trulyhelpful.” Ralph is a one-man crew who is experienced in all kinds of home improvements and craftsmanship. He has an incredibly creative eye and can look at your space and make suggestions to help you meet your goals in maximizing the use of your space and changing the look of your home. He specializes in aesthetic

repairs and small additions. Ralph and Trulyhelpful can remodel your kitchen, bathroom, finish a basement, add a deck, move interior walls and create new rooms. His expert skills also include drywall and drywall repairs, painting and other wall coverings. Ralph installs replacement windows and can re-weave wood siding. He also installs all types of flooring, including tile, vinyl, carpet and wood. He can also install and re-face cabinets as well as make cabinets and furniture and create and install laminate The installation of bay windows is one of Ralph’s specialties.

ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency announces their 2008 Household Hazardous and Electronic Waste Collection Events

YOU MUST PRE REGISTER AND PRE PAY Call 463-6020 or log on to pre register at, then send $5.00 payable to “DCRRA”, Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency, 96 Sand Dock Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Collections will be at: Poughkeepsie @ DCRRA on April 12, May 3, July 12, Oct. 4, Nov. 8 @ Red Hook Recycling Center on June 7 @ Amenia Recycle Center on Aug. 2 @ Cornell Cooperative Ext. Millbrook on Sept. 6 Program for Dutchess County residents only. Co-sponsored by NYSDEC 0000929884

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Porco Energy provides complete comfort for your home Since 1954, the Porco family has been committed to your complete comfort. Their standards of excellence are integral with every aspect of the business, for both residential and commercial customers. When Anthony and Lillian Porco founded the company, they promised customers honest and professional service. Through the years, Porco Energy has been steadfast in its commitment to their customers. Today, with the second generation leading Porco Energy, the original standards set by Anthony and Lillian have been carried forth. Dominick and Joe Porco consider every customer a “part of the family.” “We value our relationships with our customers and strive every day to provide them with complete comfort and peace of mind,” said Joe Porco. Whether you use propane, heating oil or both, you can depend Porco Energy to keep warm and have your equipment working at its best. Here are some of the advantages to working with Porco Energy. Worry-free Deliveries: Take advantage of Porco’s free automatic delivery plan. Their computerized degree-day tracking system factors

in your average use, tank size, and the weather for timely deliveries. 24/7/365 Emergency Service: The service technicians attend a minimum of 80 hours of training a year. If you ever have a problem, we’re there to get the job done quickly, correctly, and efficiently. Equipment Installation: The Porco team can install, service and repair furnaces, boilers, water heaters, gas fireplaces and stoves. Central Air Conditioning: They also install and service all makes and models. Our staff is trained and certified in the latest cooling technology. Comfort Credits: Spread your fuel bills over 12 manageable monthly payments and avoid a big lump sum fuel bill. You’ll receive the lowest available price cap on your fuel and Porco will pay you interest in the form of a fuel credit on any credit balance at the end of the month. Plus, enrolling in the Comfort Credit program is free. Service Area: Porco Energy keeps the Mid Hudson Valley comfortable all year ‘round. Barbecue grills won’t run out of propane because you can always find

Porco Energy Presents The

Rinnai Continuum

Porco Energy serves the entire Hudson Valley and is based at 1455 Rt. 9W in Marlboro.

a Porco Energy BBQ Connection propane tank exchange location near you! With almost 200 Porco Energy BBQ Connection propane tank exchange locations in the Hudson

Valley, you’re always just around the corner from a full tank! Call Porco Energy today for the closest exchange location to your BBQ grill at 845-236-3600.

d e t P s oo l u H& Pool Supply Inc In-Ground Pools Pool Restorations

Sprayed Fiberglass Resurfacing & Vinyl Liner Replacement Have All The Hot Water You’ll Ever Need! And Get $300.00! Call Porco Energy today & Let Us Deliver Comfort To Your Home! 236-3600 877-672-672-6427 *restrictions apply call for details

Commercial & Residential Ph: 845-831-8571 Cell: 914-489-2150 Fax: 845-838-0502

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WFL’s upscale-single level homes offer style, convenience Need A Professional Contractor You Can Trust? Someone Who Can Deliver High Quality Service On Time at Reasonable Rates? Someone FULLY INSURED? Someone Who Keeps Their Word? Look No Further… WFL Offers Remodeling And Renovations! From Garages to Kitchens and Baths, Siding, Roofing or Major Additions… WFL Does It All! “Same High Quality As Our New Homes!” Remodeling & Renovations FREE QUOTES Hot Line: 845-454-2126. Single-level upscale homes present a win-win opportunity for a wide variety of individuals and WFL Construction has choice selections available in Avalon Hills Estates in Pleasant Valley. “We are very excited about this design due to the large number of positive comments we are receiving from people who feel this type of offering is long overdue in today’s

WFL’s stylish WILLIAM, and it’s other, equally attractive designs, the ELIZABETH and the SINGLLAIR offer a moderate to upscale level of features that can be customized for a perfect balance between budget constraints, must have and wish list fea-

tures. For more information, contact WFL at 845-454-2126.

market place,” said Doug Fairbanks of WFL. WFL Construction has more than 17 years of building experience in the Hudson Valley. The upscale single –level design is ideal for retiring baby boomers who want style and convenience on one level. These homes are also handicap friendly if needed and work well for mother-daughter situations. helps both buyers and sellers How many times have you attempted to follow signs to a yard sale, only to become frustrated when all you found was that you were lost? There is nothing more annoying to bargain hunters than finding out that the “yard sale today” sign that you thought would lead you to a yard sale, was actually an old, outdated sign to nowhere. How many of your own tag sales have you had and wondered why you did not have very many customers? Then, at the end of the day you found out that your sign had fallen down and no one even knew you were having a sale! With, these scenarios are now a thing of the past. is an information hub for bargain hunters. It is a virtual bulletin board for posting/searching tag sales, yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales, flea markets, etc. on a map and in real time. There are many different web sites and newspapers, etc. that advertise sales, but they have only lim-

ited information available. You can find all the sales you are looking for by simply printing out a map with all of the sales in your area, posted in real time, and color-coded according to the days of the week that the sale is actually happening. You can even add in any sale ads you may have that are not posted on the map by simply entering the address information into the appropriate fields on your search page. The search option is and always will be free. If you would like to advertise your sale on the map, this option will be free during our limited time, introductory offer. After our introductory offer expires, the fee for advertising your sale will be $10. The goal of is to help bargain hunters find all the tag sales they are searching for and this in turn will help the sellers have more successful sales. For more information, visit

connecting bargain hunters with sales in their area

Get on the Map!



3Search for sales by zip code 3Advertise your sale up to 7 days for only $10 3Print your map and go…just like a TREASURE MAP! 3Priceless tool to bring more customers to you 3SAVE GAS by mapping your route ahead of time 3GET on the MAP! • Try it for yourself!

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Waverly’s monthly power spray program stifles pests It’s that time again. Spring is in the air and the seasonal pests are not far behind. “This is the time that they come out and begin to breed,” says Mike Robinson of Waverly Pest Control. Waverly’s monthly Power Spray Service Program is designed to put early prevention barriers in place and then control pests throughout the season. The staff at Waverly has already begun the program for 2008. The monthly Power Spray Service Program includes the spraying of all rooms of your structure to help control most crawling season insects. External power spraying of your entire structure within 15 feet, helps to control carpenter ants, bees, wasps, spiders, lady bugs, earwigs, beetles and most other outdoor seasonal pests. Waverly Pest Control offers a full range of pest control needs, including a termite home inspection and treatment, radon testing, rodent control and wildlife control. Written reports are provided within 48 to 72 hours upon completion of out termite inspections and radon testing.

At Waverly Pest Control, it’s the relationship that counts. Mike and his staff have more than 20 years of experience and their goal keep your home or business free of insects and pests. “I prefer to develop a more personalized business relationship with my clients, rather than treat you as another invoice number,” said Mike. That means he offers a free complimentary inspection and stays in contact with you to insure a pest-free environment throughout the year. Waverly Pest Control has earned its reputation in Dutchess and other surrounding counties. “Our management emphasis on courtesy and accommodation has earned us an excellent reputation,” said Mike. “We sincerely care about our clients’ best interest and have built a business that satisfies the standards. Since pests are active at any time of the year, our professionals are available for prompt and complete inspections during any season.” For more information, visit or call 2976700.

WAVERLY PEST CONTROL Residential • Commercial Fully Insured

Commercial & Residential Refuse Removal & Recycling Systems (845) 896-6000 (800) 522-7235 (845) 227-7235 Ceativity, Style & Helpful Information

GOT BUGS? Bees • Termites • Silverfish • Wasps Ants • Spiders • Ladybugs • Ticks

Want to get rid of them?

• • • • • •

Call Insect Control Rodent Control Inspections Seasonal/Yearly Packages Wild Life Control Repairs

All Work is Guaranteed!

That’sCuwhat you will find in rb Appe al Home & Garden From The Southern Dutchess News & Beacon Free Press A supple me


SEASONAL OFFER Includes Inspection 7 Treatments

Full guarantee for


Call before April 15th to get 8th treatment FREE.

nt of the Southern


Landscape design & Eastern mai

ntenance View Lan News & dscaping, by LTD, Bea Beacon Fre con e Press • March 14, 2007

Call 297-3723 to advertise or subscribe

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Spring colors arrive at Sunny Gardens Greenhouses Spring has arrived and if you want to see the colors of the season, plus a wide array of seedlings, then you have to visit Sean Giles and Gail Ruit at Sunny Gardens Greenhouses on Rt. 9D. From spring bulb plants, such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, to the ever-popular pansies and even gor-

geous hydrangeas, you will find them all at Sunny Gardens. They also carry a wide variety of larger plants and trees. Whether you are the vegetable gardener or the flower gardener – or a little of both, Sunny Garden has all of the plants and supplies that you need. In addition, Sean and Gail are always

happy to sit down and discuss you planting issues – whether it is growth or flowering problems with certain plants or plans for the design of your gardens around your home. If you are one who likes continuous color, talk to Sean and Gail about planting flowers that show off their colors at different times of the season. They will even discuss watering issues and how the sunlight moves across your property.

Sean and Gail also carry all of the supplies you need, from many different types of mulch to insecticides and deer repellent and gardening tools. Further accessories include large urns and vases and decorative ornaments of all shapes and sizes. Sunny Gardens Greenhouses is your one stop shop for all of your gardening needs. Visit Sean and Gail at 2238 Rt. 9D or call 297-4400.


• Annuals • Veggies • Perennials • Soil & Mulch • Garden Accessories & Pottery

(845) 297-4400 2238 ROUTE 9D, WAPPINGERS FALLS. NY


Hydrangeas come in a variety of flowering colors and are on display at Sunny Gardens Greenhouses on Rt. 9D.






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A wide array of seedlings for flowers and vegetable garden plants are available at Sunny Gardens.

Page 16C—SOUTHERN DUTCHESS NEWS—March 26, 2008


• Water Garden Kits • Liners • Pumps • Filters • Bridges • Accessories • Water Garden Kits • Liners • Pumps • Filters • Bridges • Accessori...

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