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HORSE REHABILITATION SERVICES Horse Rehab Facilities versus ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Rehabilitation

Isn’t it painful to see your Equine friend suffering from a ligament tear? The vet has checked him and recommended rehabilitation, but you cannot bear to send your companion away when he needs your love and care the most. However, it is also necessary that he gets the best treatment possible, which is what horse rehab facilities can provide.

Weigh the Options Do-it-yourself rehabilitation requires a lot of time, money and ability. While you may think the horse gets the best moral support staying at home with his owner, it is likely that he might lose out on the best treatment offered at rehab facilities. However, it depends how confident the owner is in his own capabilities and time he has available. It is best to understand that different horses have different requirements and that the treatments would also be different in length and intensity. Being an owner, if you know what to do and how to treat your horse at home, there is nothing like it! However, it is recommended that you speak to the vet about what is in your horse’s best interest. Surely, you would not want your friend to suffer unnecessarily.

Maybe the students of the nearest Veternary Collegeif they could help you if a critical situation would arise while the horse is under your care. If your horse is stalled in the stable or is unable to stand up on his own, think before you decide to keep him with you. Because avoiding sores and infection could soon turn out to be a very time consuming, dangerous and daunting task. Horses laid up with an injury often become more difficult to handle as they are not used to being stall bound and unable to expend their energy. Remember, he cannot be left alone in the barn. Ask yourself, if you have the time to give him round-theclock care like that of a rehab facility; or whether you have the keen observation of an expert or the equipment to help your friend. Perhaps, the answers are enough to convince you of the advantages of a horse rehab center.

Horse rehabilitation servicesvary, depending on the injury or the disease of the horse. They have the right treatment options for a horse suffering from injury such as a ligament tear or sprain for example. The highly trained specialists will be able to diagnose whether your horse requires just a physical healing or a mental healing too. Post-rehabilitation packages like regular check-ups and exercises are also part of the horse rehab facilities in California. These centers maintain high security inside the compound. The highly-qualified vets of the centers also keep regular checks on the horses for any other symptoms or signs of improvements. There would be dedicated staff to take care of your horse who would oversee the horse’s routine diet and exercise regimes. So, it is advisable to think before you make the wrong choice. Remember, your friend is completely dependent on you for his overall health.

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Horse rehab facilities versus ‘do it yourself’ rehabilitation  

Do-it-yourself rehabilitation requires a lot of time, money and ability. While you may think the horse gets the best moral support staying a...

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