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R by Holohan is a men tailoring label by 3rd year LCA fashion student Rose Holohan. Her clothers are Modular based designs with a modern interpretation of traditional tailoring, the modular feature is subtle and only the wearer will know that the garments are adaptable.

With this sublty in mind the ‘R’ which was asked to be prominent uses extended strokes to create a modular form.

Typography Avenir medium SabonNext LT display (look book)

Dutch Holland OUGD303 FMP

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The logo was applied to a range of deliverables inlcuding hangers and stationary. The prominent ‘R’ could work independently to suit smaller areas of space as in the case of the laser cut hangers.

Dutch Holland OUGD303 FMP

Brief 2 _ R by Holohan 3/5

Taking inspiration from Rose’s collection and her use of a range of pinks, colorplan candy pink was used to strengthen the brand. It gives ‘R by Holohan’ an extra dimension through colour and works to celebrate the materials she uses as a designer.

Business Cards Colorplan Candy Pink 270gsm

Dutch Holland OUGD303 FMP

Brief 2 _ R by Holohan 4/5

So as not to overkill the use of candy pink, grey was used for the swing tags, a neutral colour to compliment the textures and tones of her clothing. A blue ribbon was added to subtly contrast both the grey and the pinks whilst also complimenting the collection.

Swing tags Grey Card 1500gsm

Dutch Holland OUGD303 FMP

Brief 2 _ R by Holohan 5/5

To showcase her collection a look book was produced. A simple yet visually engaging style was implemented using a bounding box with a thin stroke to bring out the photography against the white stock. Perfect bound to hint at the collections classic and handmade style.

Look book

Dutch Holland

Accent Antique 200gsm Cover Colorplan Candy Pink 135gsm Double sided matt 200gsm


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