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Brief four / ISTD: The Waitress / Concept ISTD asked us to re-invent ‘The Waitress’, a story by Jack Zipes with the ‘invention and experimentation of the magazine, using print, digital or mixed media to express a solid idea, inform them and showcase our typographic skills. ISTD also added that the resolution should essentially be typographic.

The concept behind for the magazine is inspired by the story’s themes of transformation and partnership. The transparency of the page allows the content to work together and transform from individual columns to a full page spread.


OUGD301 Danny Holland Brief four - ISTD

naC“ ees yeht ehs ”?uoy deksa .riahc eht elpoeP“ ylno ees yeht tahw ot tnaw eht ”,ees riahc .deilper Brief four / ISTD: The Waitress / How it works Without the restrictions of non-transparent stock I was able to experiment with magazine conventions such as columns, page numbering and pull quotes using the transparency to reveal these elements at different stages of progression through the publication.


OUGD301 Danny Holland Brief four - ISTD

Brief four / ISTD: The Waitress / Examples of typographical application ISTD asked in the brief to submit evidence of typographic skill and knowledge through examples of application. The layout of the publication followed an 18 x 24 grid system where only the pull quotes were allowed to ignore, but this was intentional as they had to be centred on the page to be able to work.

I created a set of rules for how the speech in the text was distinguishable against the standard text. Instead of indenting the normal paragraphs I instead used a line break to notify the start of a new paragraph and for the speech I used an indent to signify a new character speaking.

OUGD301 Danny Holland Brief four - ISTD


Brief four / ISTD: The Waitress / Magazine cover and proposed covers The cover was designed as a large belly band/slip cover to allow the publication to feel completely transparent and not have another stock attached. The design was inspired by characters and subtle elements taken from the text such as the the dollar bills and the fabric used to dress the chair. The colours were also taken from the story where the chair lists it’s favourite colours such as Jasmine green and Fire red, the fire red though was too strong of a colour so I used a tone instead.

OUGD301 Danny Holland Brief four - ISTD


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