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Working From Home – Very Rewarding Working at home can be a very rewarding job. It can give you freedom with your time to do things that you are passionate about. Some people are so used to the traditional ways of making money which is getting up every day, get ready for work, and hit the road by a certain time to get to the job by whatever starting time the job requires. Many people can’t even imagine working from home and what it could be like. One thing I must stress here is that working from home does not give you total freedom from work. You have chosen to do a job or business from home and how much time you put into that job or business will determine how much money you make. I’ve known some people that want to make just enough to live comfortably, so they either put just enough hours or procrastinate on doing certain things that could obviously make them more money or get ahead in their business. Why is that? I do not understand why a person would not want to make a lot of money to either enjoy now or put away to use later. In some instances, that is what causes people to have to go out and look for another job because they did not commit the time required to succeed in their business or work enough to make the money they needed. So let’s compare day to day what it could be like to work from home according to Greg. I am going to compare a day from my old job to a day working from home. Working From Home

Old Job

Wake up at whatever time I CHOOSE. Go for a walk. No need to drive to work. Have coffee and breakfast Ensure kids are up for school Get ready for tee time at 9:00am

Wake up at 6:00am No time for a walk Leave at 7:00am Arrive to work by 7:30am (No time for breakfast) Set up for New Hire Orientation to start at

8:00am Leave house at 8:30am for golf course Warm up for tee time and tee off from Hole #1 at 9:00am making sure I have cool drinks and sun glasses End game around 1:00pm, cool down with drinks, friends and discuss game usually laughing and carrying on Get ready to head home around 2:00pm Brainstorm on my next project for my business while driving Arrive home about 2:30pm, shower and start working

Includes all media and handouts Conduct NHO till 12:00pm Lunch 12:00pm to 1:00pm (Usually handle problems during this time as well and usually hurry lunch) Resume conducting orientation to new hires (feeling a little tired) End NHO around 4:00pm Take group on a tour of building

At 3pm check emails and current marketing and advertising projects. Start new project. Pause about 6:00pm for dinner with family Resume about 7:00pm till 9:00pm Spend time with family until about 10pm

End at 5:00pm, breakdown classroom and put materials away. Head home about 5:30pm Arrive home around 6:00pm

Usually work till 12:00 midnight and go to bed.

Eat dinner about 6:30 pm Help kids with homework, spend extra time on work . Get clothes the next day 10:00

yard ready for and get to bed at pm

Of course, I can choose how I want to start my day. On a day that I don’t play golf, I would still go for an early walk with my wife. Afterwards have breakfast with the kids and after they leave for school, do some yard work or clean up the house. Or my wife and I may choose to make a run into town and have breakfast at our favorite restaurant. Then maybe do some shopping. It is all up to you. Usually, if I start a new project, I would take the time to make sure it is running right before I do anything else. In my old job, the process repeats every day. Of course, NHO was conducted once a week, but the traditions of getting up, driving to work, get there by a certain time, go through all the drama and frustrations remain the same day after day. I also missed my kids sporting events as well. Now, I attend them all, which my kids love! If you enjoyed reading this article and would like to work from home. I would like to share a business opportunity which is very profitable and can allow you to take control of your time and make you more money than you ever dreamed of! For more information go to my website at or

Working At Home  

Working at home can be a very rewarding job. It can give you freedom with your time to do things that you are passionate about. Some peopl...

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