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DoesThe Acai Berry Really Work?

Acai Berry - What They Don't Want You to Know About Acai and Weight Loss

The Acai Berry has been touted as the 7th wonder of the world in regards to weight loss the past couple of years. From CNN to 60 Minutes, to numerous celebrity endorsements, the media won't stop ranting and raving about the weight loss effects from taking acai. But is it really that effective? Before we get into that, let's take a look at what acai is. What Acai Is: The acai berry is a fruit that grows on the acai palm tree in the amazon rain forest, and it has been used as a staple part of the local's diet there for centuries. The Acai berry has over 1000 times the antioxidant levels of red grapes, besides being chock-full of essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. Does it work? Will it make you lose weight? According to most major diet plans/companies, acai does not work. That doesn't mean acai doesn't work - it just means that the weight loss and diet giants are feeling very intimidated by a supplement which threatens to send their stocks plummeting down. Because, despite what they're saying, acai actually does what it says, and then some. In other words, what they don't want you to know about acai and weight loss is that it actually works. How does acai make you lose weight? Due to the unusually high antioxidant levels in acai (much higher than even resveratrol), it dramatically speeds up your body's ability to burn fat by speeding up your metabolism. This, and the fact that it works as a powerful appetite suppressant, has caused many acai products distributors to add warnings not to exceed the recommended daily level, as it causes drastic drops in appetite. The good thing is that it does this without causing the jitters and nerves normally associated with diet products, as it has no caffeine in it. How can you find an acai berry product that works? Unfortunately, a large number of the acai products on the market today are watered down versions of the real thing. These manufacturers package their acai in glossy looking bottles, throw up fancy looking web sites and over-charge people for what are inferior acai supplements.

Here is the secret to avoiding this - it's actually quite easy: Only get your acai from companies who offer either a free bottle, or a free trial (where you only pay a small fee for shipping). Companies who do this, have tremendous confidence in their acai, so they have no reservations about giving you the first bottle for free, because the proof is in the pudding - they know most people become faithful customers once they experience the effects of their product. Click here for a FREE bottle of top rated Acai Berry from a reputable vendor.

Does The Acai Berry Really Work?  

The Acai Berry has been touted as the 7th wonder of the world in regards to weight loss the past couple of years. From CNN to 60 Minutes, to...

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