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A Safe Alternative To Surgical Penis Enlargement A Look at How the X4 Extender IncreasesPenis Size The X4 Extender works successfully by applying the scientific principle of traction. Medical practitioners have used traction for over 30 years successfully. In many cases, urologists also treated those diagnosed with penile curvature dysfunction by used traction. This was a safe alternative to surgical penis enlargement. Throughout the 1990s, X4 Labs innovative research and development team studied the science of traction as related to penis enlargement. There results took some time to generate, but were very eye-opening. After much research and lab tests, the researchers at X4 Labs determined that traction devices worked to increase penis size dramatically. They used male volunteers to ensure their test results. The volunteers used in the lab tests showed that using a traction device would result in a 20-30 percent increase in penis size in just two months. The tests used in developing the X4 Extender determined that only a small amount of stress was needed by the device to show significant results. Using a small amount of traction caused regeneration of skin cells. This then created room for the penis to stretch and extend. Internal cavities of the penis were given room to expand as well. The result was increased blood flow to the penis in a natural way. Ultimately, a larger penis resulted. After this discovery, X4 Labs worked earnestly to make improvements to the X4 Extender. With continual testing and improvements, they developed a product that was designed to increase growth through safe and gentle traction. The final device that was released to the public for sale was the result of years of testing and research, ensuring it works safely to produce big results. The product works naturally and safely to increase penis size. Through years of testing, you are assured your penis will not be harmed in any way. You will enjoy a permanently larger penis through a safe and comfortable device. Other penis extenders simply don't offer this. Bobby Miller writes helpful product reviews such as this X4 extender review. Save time and money by getting a FREE in depth review of this product and many others including discounts and best prices at Bobby's blog:

A Safe Alternative to Surgical Penis Enlargement