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Division 3 South April 2012

Benjamin Franklin High Volume I | Issue I School

"Here us SCREAM! Hear us ROAR! Listen up! We'll give you MORE!" – James Talavera IP Club President

"Caring – Our Way Of Life."

Table of Contents The President's First Publishing! …………………….. 2 Word From The Editor! ………………………………. 2 The Articles! ……………………………………………. 3 Officer Recognition! …………………………………. 5 Member Recognition! ………………………………. 6 Important Dates of April! ………………………….... 7 Important Dates of May! ………………………….... 8 Contacting the Officers! ……………………………. 9 Mr. Herrman's Commemoration …………………. 10 From Sharkeys to Wolves ………………………….. 11 WOLFPACK TIMES

Page 1 Volume I | Issue I

President's First Publishing! I certainly didn’t expect to run for club president. That was the last thing on my mind. I was a dedicated member. I went to most events, despite that I knew little of what was going on in Key Club. As time passed, I became so attached to Key Club, and it would never leave my mind. This year, I heard about club elections and I was contemplating whether I should run for a position. I sat on that idea for awhile, but I thought about running for president. I told myself I was crazy for thinking such a thing, but I applied anyway. So, here I am, club president of Benjamin Franklin. It’s still a shocking idea and I’m still getting the hang of it. My first official meeting was on April 25, 2012 and it wasn’t the best meeting. I didn’t find it nerve-wracking, but it felt so strange just standing up in front of my members. I may not be the strongest president of Key Club, but one thing is for sure though, I won’t let my club down, and I will surpass the achievements of Franklin 2011-2012 board. This is my thinking, a club can have the best president in history, but if the members don’t cooperate, then the club will fail. I’m giving my faith and trust to my members to contribute to Benjamin Franklin 2012-2013’s success. I’m hoping my club will be the very best during my term, as if they’re not the best already. I am Aljelen Paraiso and I’m ready to serve for Key Club, my community, my members, my friends, and my family.

A Word From The Editor! Hello, Benjamin Franklin Key Clubbers! This NEWSLETTER you are all reading at this moment? I wrote it! As Bulletin Editor your our club, I will be making one of these every month! You should definitely look forward to reading them! They'll be full of IMPORTANT DATES, PICTURES, AND ARTICLES! As Editor, I proudly present to you, the WOLFPACK TIMES!


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THE ARTICLES! Submitted by YOU, the Members! The March of Dimes was such an amazing event. I got to meet even MORE Key Clubbers than I knew before, even some that are outside of D3 South. It was a fun 3 mile walk because everyone was cheering and did the "Jeffrey" for the "How Do You Feel" remix. We even got to do new ice breakers and relay races after the event at the DCM. It was nerve wracking during the voting for the new mascot because the future years of D3 South depended on it. I'm glad we ended up as the wolves, sure, it's not as great as the sharkeys but it's a great mascot for our new division. Awhoooooo!!!!


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Hello Key Clubbers! I am Winny Chen, Benjamin Franklin Key Club's current Historian! So, so far for the month of April, we've had around 4 events and one of the events that I recently attended was a memorial service for one of our sponsors, Mr. Herrman. Unfortunately, he passed away last month on the same day as our Key Club meeting was held. The memorial service was held at the La Ca単ada Presbyterian Church. We helped pass out programs and greeted others as they came in. It was a very emotional day as we heard others give their words of remembrance. After wards, we were informed that our shift was over since other people were already helping out serving food and such. We learned a lot about Mr. Herrman that we never knew before! Even though I didn't get a chance to get to know him more or talk to him much, I knew that he was a very friendly and loving person. He was very dedicated to attending our Key Club meetings even when he was sick! Without him, our school's Key Club would not have existed! May he rest in peace, you will be dearly missed Mr. Herrman.


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OFFICER RECOGNITION! For the month of April, the officer of the month is our new treasurer, Shelly Ngo! She is currently a junior and is one of our best volleyball players at Franklin High School. As our club’s new treasurer, she has demonstrated her responsibility by running this month’s fundraiser. She held a Root Beer Float fundraiser and raised $85 within 20 minutes of selling. She learned a lot from our retired treasurer, Nancy Tran, and is taking charge of our Fundraising Committee. Shelly cooperates very well with her committee and has been working hard to come up with fundraising ideas. Her goal is to have at least two fundraisers a week. She advertised her sale very well and encouraged many students to support. Shelly makes sure that she counts the money correctly to avoid errors in our club treasury. She keeps her committee well-organized and shares her appreciation to each member. She hopes to educate members about the importance of fundraising and the means of cooperation. Shelly plans on having numerous fundraisers in the future with her committee. She, along with her committee, has brought great effort into the club.


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MEMBER RECOGNITION! This month’s member is Jenell Paraiso who is currently a sophomore. She joined Key Club as a freshman and has demonstrated great spirit. She is an active member and enjoys capturing many pictures of Key Club. Jenell proves that she loves Key Club by taking lovely pictures of the events she attends. To further her love for Key Club, she successfully designed a Key Club shirt specifically for our school! Jenell’s shirt is bright yellow, which makes every member stand out. Thanks to Jenell, she makes every member shine and cheerful. We are thankful for her artistic skill and her passion for Key Club. Her wonderful creativity and imagination has inspired our members to love Key Club even more. We are proud of Jenell’s personality, creativity, devotion, and enthusiasm.


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Contacting The Board! President Aljelen Paraiso (323) 314 – 8003

Secretary Amy Lorn (323) 303 – 1061

Vice President Canna Liu

(323) 580 – 9706 Editor Dustin Tran (323) 244 – 6389 Treasurer Shelly Ngo

(626) 636 – 5215

Historian Winny Chen

Sergeant at Arms Jeffrey Escano

(323) 599 – 2535

(323) 337 - 6673


Page 9 Volume I | Issue I

In Memory of Mr. Herrman Our beloved Kiwanis Advisor


Page 10 Volume I | Issue I

From Sharkeys to Wolves Although, the change from such a beloved mascot to a new one may be scary and shocking for a lot of us, it is best that we all keep our heads up! Be proud of what we are! While in our hearts, we remain the Sharkeys forever, we can definitely make the Wolves a fierce and spirited creature to be proud of! Come on, everyone! We need to make the most of what we have! It doesn't even matter what mascot we are. What matters is the service we provide for those in need all over the world! Never forget that! "Caring – Our Way Of Life"! That's the motto!

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Benjamin Franklin HS Key Club April Newsletter  
Benjamin Franklin HS Key Club April Newsletter  

Benjamin Franklin Key Club's first ever Newsletter for the 2012-2103 term! Enjoy articles, importants, dates, and pictures about what we've...