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Acknowledgements Many people have supported me in the development of this thesis over the past four years. I genuinely appreciate it. You know who you are. Thanks go to my family for being there every of the way. Ron, you taught me the values of work and making things; Lyd, you taught me to critically and to never apologize for being myself; it's not right that I look up to my little brother, do for many reasons.

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To my studio critics Nada, Peter, Neil and Ralph: The past four years have been a journey in their own right. It was a privilege being on board with each of you. I owe a special thanks to my best friend Jacquie for simultaneously putting up with me and letting me steal so many of her great ideas.

Tenuous Journey  
Tenuous Journey  

Master of Architecture thesis document from Dustin Sharrow (University of Manitoba, 2011)