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5. ASSEMBLIES Basic Construction (continued) The inner skin consists of a breathable fabric (2) or animal hide layer. The traditional fabric for heated tents is high thread-count cotton, which becomes water-resistant when its fibres swell when wetted. Other textiles could include animal skins, nylon, or Tyvek-type house wrap.

Main features of a breathable fabric. After Sen, Coated Textiles. Rainproof


This inner skin is attached by lashing to the interior side of the fuselage formers. With two envelope layers, the air cavity can be filled with insulating material such as fabric, clothing, or even dried lichen. Keeping insulating materials dry is critical.

Water Vapour Permeable


Tenuous Journey  
Tenuous Journey  

Master of Architecture thesis document from Dustin Sharrow (University of Manitoba, 2011)