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The narrative itself begins in the present (31 years after the crash) and unfolds over several months, years, or decades. In attempting to fulfill its goal of reaching Chesterfield Inlet, the architecture takes on many programmes over the course of the fictional narrative. Ultimately, each iteration of the vessel represents only a snapshot in time, as the architecture is one that is never completed and always responding to the circumstance in which it finds itself. Using a fictional narrative to tell the tale, the programme of such a journey requires this vessel to anticipate and react to events along the way using the materials and resources at hand, an approach allowing for flexibility and complexity within narrow constraints in a specific context.

Map from early 18th Century describing the journey from Churchill to Chesterfield as taking twenty five days. Courtesy Manitoba Historical Maps.

The Tenuous Journey is the story of how Miss Piggy is deconstructed and reconfigured to suit her new programme of travelling by land, ice and water from Churchill, Manitoba to Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut.

Tenuous Journey  
Tenuous Journey  

Master of Architecture thesis document from Dustin Sharrow (University of Manitoba, 2011)