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The New Paradigm

“Tis no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”        J. K RISHNAM URTI


 o n g a g o, during His time on Earth, the King of Popular Music underwent the ultimate sacrifice for all of God’s children. After knowing the greatest fame that any mortal ever knew, He became undead, unfamous, shunned, and endured a prolonged crucifixion that lasted the final decades of his life. He suffered for us so that we might know eternal fame in the afterlife experience alongside Him in the Garden of Children. No other prophet, not even Jesus, underwent such a prolonged and brutal crucifixion by so misguided a people. They judged Him in worldly terms not knowing His divine lineage and were deaf to His Godly message: And the dream we were conceived in Will reveal a joyful face and the world we once believed in Will shine again in grace Then why do we keep Strangling life Wound this Earth Crucify its soul? Though it’s plain to see this world is heavenly Be God’s glow psalms


Such scenes are a daily occurrence in the Garden of Children.

Open your heart to God’s message, come to the Cult of Celebrity. Listen to the King of Popular Music so that you may live with Him in the Garden of Children, eternally famous in the afterlife experience. He is the only prophet to witness the first Jehovah. We must open the doors of our neighbors and invite the King inside: If Jeshua appeared to you as the once loved, now shunned King of Popular Music And said, “I am Jeshua.” Better to let the King of Popular Music through your doorway, and to live freely, Than to chase him away.

This short pamphlet will introduce you to these concepts so that you too may share in His fame and glory eternally.

From the Gospel of Thriller: “The King has risen and is undead.� The diagram above will help you to understand the Heavenly God-Headed Hierarchy.


looked upon the earth and saw the unjust disparity between the Famous and the Unfamous that had developed as a result in the perversions of His Son Jesus’s teachings, He was angered. His very words had been twisted and translated so many times that all meaning had been lost. Thus, it became necessary to reacquaint His children with His teachings so that they might return to a sin-free lifestyle. He raised up a new prophet so that His children might know the Godly pleasures of fame, fortune, and live with childlike abandon in His own image. h e n go d

Everywhere it is falsely written in the world of man that a life of pleasure is a bad thing. Indeed, it is portrayed as a sinful hideous thing. It is also written that a life of hard work, obedience, faith, and piety is the only way to gain entrance into the afterlife experience. Blessed is He, the King of Popular Music who walked upon the earth as the final prophet of God to spread His final message to God’s children on Earth.

The King spoke thus for his final message from his behind-the-curtain-sermon: Dance for His pleasure, live for the day, post as many images of yourself upon the magic glow screens as possible. Become as famous as your abilities allow, ignore all else that is not of the Heavenly realms of pleasure, and ye shall become innocent, childlike, and eternally famous in the afterlife experience. Go forth and be famous. It is the will of God. When everyone is famous, then and only then will we be truly equal on earth as God made us inHeaven.

This is the one way to gain eternal fame in the afterlife experience. Too long had the earthly rulers of man convoluted His teachings and lived at the expense of their subjects. The few had too much and the many had too little. The rulers of His time could not accept this message for theirs was a time of war with no place for the word of God, thus He was convicted in the corrupt courts of public opinion and the crucifixion process was set in motion.

To request a home study of scripture or to order more images of the Garden of Children, please contact the Cult of Celebrity.

The torturous inner workings of government bureaucracy (pictured above) are as contrary to the will of God as the torments of Hell (pictured below).


written in scripture that worldly governments are Satan’s seats of power upon the Earth, and they elect fallen angels. t is

For surely were it not for the government’s threats we would return to Eden and live as God commanded: as children living free in the pleasures he provided for us upon Earth. Fortunately, the Endtimes are at hand and people no longer place their faith in government and the world of man. Civic participation is at an all time low, people laugh at the folly of their unelected leaders, and wouldn’t dare waste their time to investigate the government’s misdeeds. Why is this so? Governments give only war, terrorism, taxes, police brutality, baroque bureaucracy and injustice. Instead, people are returning to God in these Endtimes and living as He commands from His Heavenly Kingdom on High. As was foretold by the first Jehovah, His sin-free children pursue pleasures that were once known only to the famous. Everywhere the people act as seekers of fame and joy: dancing, laughing, making merry, and ignoring

the reproach of their earthly governments. Truly and thankfully, these are the Endtimes as people live for themselves enjoying the fruits of the earth and not their labor; seeking only fame and childlike wonderments. Rejoice and lead by example and chastise not those who stubbornly remain in sin toiling only for the world of man and governments. Instead, you must live in glamour and sing to them from your beautiful gardens so that you might entice them to enter into God’s glory and the Cult of Celebrity for an eternally famous afterlife experience in the Garden of Children.

Do you believe in Magic?

Even the gods must change their names from time to time to remain relevant to the world of man.

The King of Popular Music  

2009 / pamphlet / letter-pressed cover / edition of 50 Written before the King's passing for the Future Gallery's Michael Jackson Doesn't Q...

The King of Popular Music  

2009 / pamphlet / letter-pressed cover / edition of 50 Written before the King's passing for the Future Gallery's Michael Jackson Doesn't Q...