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Dustin Jorgenson: Owner of Jorgenson Companies Dustin Jorgenson is the owner of the Jorgenson Companies in Salt Lake City. The Jorgenson Company has multiple business divisions, all of which are family owned and operated. The company is proud of its record of providing strong customer service since 1967.

Dustin Jorgenson: Loves Sports

Dustin Jorgenson is the owner of the Jorgenson Companies, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based firm with multiple business divisions. The Jorgenson Company has been in business since 1967 and is completely owned by the Jorgenson family. When he’s not at work, Dustin Jorgenson enjoys participating in sports, including basketball, softball, volleyball, and outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, and camping.

Dustin Jorgenson is an Avid Outdoorsman Dustin Jorgenson lives in Salt Lake and lives a very active outdoor lifestyle. Since he was young, Dustin Jorgenson has always enjoyed outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and all types of sports. He enjoys participating in volleyball and basketball and has been on the winning team in a coed volleyball tournament. Dustin Jorgenson also took first place in his basketball recreation league.

Dustin Jorgenson Runs a Successful Family Business Dustin Jorgenson is the operator of a successful family-run business in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoys helping his business grow and has been recognized as the top producing salesman from 1996 to 2008 and again in 2011. Dustin Jorgenson’s family business specializes in material handling products, but the company has several successful divisions. Dustin Jorgenson enjoys leading the company and looks forward to continued growth.


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