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The Mid-South Educational


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Program Update


Annual Meeting Information Knoxville, Tennessee What’s Inside

Annual Meeting Information /Deadlines President's Message 2014 Keynote Speaker MSERA Proposed Bylaws Revisions Member States: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee

Program Update for 2014 Annual Meeting MSER Foundation Update MSERA Annual Meetings: Past, Present and Future Crown Plaza Information Visit Knoxville Information Graduate Student Opportunities MSERA Committees Editors' Column

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2014 Conference Information Important Deadlines


Crown Plaza - Knoxville 2014 MSERA Conference Hotel 401 Summit Hill Drive Knoxville, TN 37920

2014 Board of Directors

Kathy Campbell

Southeastern Louisiana University

Vice President/President-Elect

1.865.522.2600 Make Your Room Reservations Now!! Reservation Block Deadline - October 3

Gail Hughes

University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Shannon Chiasson

University of New Orleans


Michelle Haj-Broussard McNeese State University

Executive Director

Cliff Hofwolt

Vanderbilt University

Historian Alabama Representative

Jane Nell Luster LSUHSC-HDC Susan Martin

University of South Alabama

Arkansas Representative

Jasna Vuk

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Jeanette G. Riley

Kentucky Representative

Louisiana Representative

Murray State University

Dustin Herbert

Northwestern State University

Mississippi Representative

Tennessee Representative SDE/LEA

Rebecca Robichaux

Mississippi State University

Jwa Kim

Middle Tennessee State University

Jeanne Ebey

At-Large Representative

Vincent Prior

University of New Orleans

Carol Christian

Morehead State University

At-Large Representative Mindy Crain-Dorough Southeastern Louisiana University

At-Large Representative

At-Large Representative

MSERA Proceedings

Research in the Schools

View this issue of The Researcher and visit our Website for More Information on our 43rd Annual Meeting

Larry Daniel The Citadel

The Mid-South Educational

Franz Reneau

Florida A&M University

2014 Publications Editors

MSERA Web Page

Pre-registration Deadline - October 15, 2014

Livingston Parish Public Schools

Graduate Students Rep.

The Researcher

Register for the Annual Meeting at: or online at

Franz Reneau

Florida A&M University

John Slate Anthony Onwuegbuzie

Sam Houston State University

Randy Parker Julie A. Holmes

Louisiana Tech University

David Morse

Mississippi State University


“Caught in the Web”

- About MSERA - Downloadable Files -Previous Researchers -Contact Information Proceedings - Deadlines - Links to related sites and organizations - Officers & Board Contacts

MSERA Website

Interim Co-Editors: Randy Parker and Julie A. Holmes The Mid-South Educational Researcher is published at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana with support from the College of Education. Subscriptions are free to current members of the Mid-South Educational Research Association. Submit suggestions for content to either of the co-editors at: MSERA Researcher, P.O. Box 3161, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA, 71272 PHONE: 318.257.2834. E-MAIL: or


September 14 Page 3

President's Message Kickin' It Up In Knoxville!!!

Kathy Campbell - President

I am excited to report that things are smoothly moving forward for our annual meeting in Knoxville, TN. Preregistration will be available until October 15, and for the first time EVER, we are operating in the 21st century. Dustin Hebert has enabled us to have online registration!! Yes, it is true. No longer will you have to print out a paper registration form, fill it out, write a check, find an envelope, go to the post office for a stamp and mail it, hoping that it gets there before October 15 (or doesn’t get lost in the mail).

Now, from the convenience of your own home or office, you can go online and register for the conference and pay with a credit card!!! Here is the link: However, if you prefer to do it the paper way, you can still go to the MSERA website and click on the registration link, which will bring you to the familiar paper form. The most important thing is that you REGISTER! And ATTEND! I am also thrilled to announce that our keynote speaker for the Wednesday luncheon will be Dr. Kathy O’Neill, former Director of Leadership Projects at the Southern Regional Education Board. Please read about her extensive background and qualifications in this issue of The Researcher. I know you will welcome her to our conference, and I am sure you will be pleased with her keynote. At this time our program chair Mindy Dorough is busily scheduling the presentations for the conference, making sure that each session has related papers that will spark meaningful dialogue among participants. Franz Reneau is chairing the Strategic Planning committee to articulate an MSERA vision statement that will be submitted to the board for approval. I want to thank all those who submitted their thoughts and ideas toward the vision. At the conference Walt Mathews will host the annual IR session—this year it is IR-11. If you have never attended, please go to it. It is a full hour of academic stand-up comedy. Who knows? Maybe Boudreaux and Thibodeaux will show up to motivate members to attend the 2015 conference in Lafayette, Louisiana. Finally, at the business meeting on Thursday evening of the conference, the membership will vote on approving Florida as a member state, a move which was approved by the board during the spring board meeting in February 2014. In short, there is a lot going on, and you don’t want to miss out on it!! I hope to see you all in Knoxville! Kathy Campbell


September 14 Page 4

2014 MSERA - Knoxville - Keynote Address

Dr. Kathy O'Neill Kathy O’Neill most recently served as the Director of Special Leadership Projects at the Southern Regional Education Board in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2000, she was the founding Director of the SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program funded by the Wallace Foundation, USDOE grants and numerous state contracts. In both roles, she has traveled extensively across the nation promoting the initiatives and helping state departments, universities and local school district central offices redesign school leadership preparation and development and implement working conditions that support successful school leaders and leadership teams to increase student achievement. Before joining SREB, Kathy served in numerous positions including teacher, high school administrator, science coordinator, curriculum director, superintendent and professor. She developed a state of the art technology center at Georgia State University. She developed a leadership group at SREB and the group authored 20 leadership learning modules and later migrated eight of them to an online format. Kathy has Master’s degrees in both Chemistry and Educational Administration. She earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Georgia.


September 14 Page 5

Proposed Revisions - MSERA Bylaws

(submitted by Harry Bowman, Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair

The following Revisions to the MSERA Bylaws were proposed by the MSERA Board of Directors at the 2014 Spring Board Meeting held in Knoxville, TN, on February 13-14, 2014. These proposed revisions are provided here for review by the general membership and these revisions will be voted on by the general membership in attendance at the Business Meeting during the 2014 Annual Meeting in Knoxville, TN. Deletion indicated by parentheses/BLUE

Additions indicated by RED Italics

ARTICLE I CONSTITUENT STATES OF THE ASSOCIATION The constituent states of the Association include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. ARTICLE II DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS OF THE ASSOCIATION Section 7.f. The Executive Director shall prepare and submit the books of the Association for an annual review to be conducted after the close of the business year on December 31 by an independent third party with appropriate financial expertise who will be recommended by the President and appointed by the MSERA Board at the Fall Board meeting. A certified statement attesting to the accuracy of the financial records for the preceding year will be presented to the (Board of the Association at its first meeting of the calendar year) Executive Committee of the Board by June 30 of the next calendar year.

RATIONALE FOR PROPOSED REVISIONS OF BYLAWS Article I – Bylaws The Mid-South Educational Research Association has had many members who reside in Florida from the beginning of the Association in 1972 till the present day. The members of the Board of Directors elected at the Second Annual Meeting in 1973 included a faculty member from the University of West Florida. The editors of Research in the Schools have included MSERA members affiliated with two Florida universities. The current Board of Directors includes two at-large members from Florida universities. The Chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee has resided in Florida while chairing this committee since 2004. The Association’s Annual Meeting Program always includes several presentations by members who reside in Florida and are affiliated with Florida educational institutions. Expansion of MSERA’s constituent states to include Florida will create the opportunity to recruit members from Florida more aggressively than presently. Article II – Bylaws The proposed revision will adjust the due date for the certified statement to a date following the official April tax reporting season to allow for timely preparation of the statement and designate the Executive Committee of the Board as the party to receive the statement. 5

September 14 Page 6

Program Update 2014 Annual Meeting Knoxville, Tennessee Mindy Crain-Dorough, Program Chair Plans for the MSERA 2014 meeting are well underway. I am excited to share that our paper sessions, displays, trainings, and symposia will consist of quality and interesting presentations that should stimulate much discussion. Every conference attendee will find something to peak his/her professional interests. There are a variety of topics including Common Core, underrepresented populations, educational leadership, technology use, and research methods, just to name a few. In addition, we have a large number of graduate students presenting their Research-in-Progress papers. It is inspiring to see so many emerging educational researchers joining our scholarly community. Those who have been a part of MSERA for a while know that our conference has a reputation of being not only a valuable intellectual experience, but also an opportunity for professional camaraderie. Our members are extremely collegial and welcoming of all, especially our graduate students. And, if all of this is not enough to entice you, the annual IR session will take place once again! For anyone who has never attended this session, well, this is the opportunity to check off of your bucket list the witnessing of educational researchers as comedians, jesters, and/or clowns. All those who have submitted papers have been notified of the review results. Presenters, please remember you must register for the conference in order to present. I want to extend a sincere thank you to all those who reviewed proposals. Your service to the organization is greatly appreciated. Speaking of service, another opportunity to do so would be to serve as a presider in one of the paper sessions. Our presiders fulfill an important role by facilitating productive sessions and contributing to our program flowing smoothly. Presiders will be given detailed instructions on their responsibilities, which include keeping time during the assigned session, collecting copies of session papers for the MSERA archives, and providing feedback on the session. Some MSERA members have already volunteered for this role, but we are still in need of others. If you are interested, please e-mail me at I hope to see you soon in Knoxville!

Register for the Annual Meeting at: or online at 6

September 14 Page 7

MSER FOUNDATION Thanks You for Your Support The Mid-South Educational Research (MSER) Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the functions and activities of the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA), as well as to serve as a financial safety net by holding funds in trust for MSERA. The MSER Foundation annually supports the Research In Progress (RIP) Graduate Student Sessions at the Annual Meeting, supplements the MSERA Outstanding Paper Awards, and provides additional financial support for the MSERA Website. Contributions made to the foundation make possible the continued support of these activities and are fully tax deductible. If you would like to further support these activities, please consider making a donation when you renew or begin your membership in MSERA. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact Ava Pugh (, Cliff Hofwolt (, or any other Foundation Board member. We thank you for your support!!

We are particularly appreciative of the following MSERA members who contributed to the MSER Foundation in 2013: Gahan Bailey Harry L. Bowman Mary Shannon Chiasson Larry Daniel Mindy Crain-Dorough John M. Enger M. Suzanne Franco Bobby J. Franklin Suzanne Harris

Cliff Hofwolt Julie A. Holmes Patrick N. Kariuki Maud A. Kuykendall James H. Lampley Jane Nell Luster Walter M. Mathews James McLean David Morse

Charles Notar Randy Parker Ava Pugh Rebecca Robichaux-Davis Edward L. Shaw Jr. William A. Spencer Johan W. van der Jagt Carolyn C. Williams

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Room Rates (applicable Nov 4-7)

Single: $108

Double: $108

King: $138

Reservation Deadline: Oct 3, 2014 Reservations: 1 - 865 - 522 - 2600 (be sure to mention MSERA meeting when making reservations)


September 14 Page 8

MSERA ANNUAL MEETINGS Past - Present - and Future!!!

In November, we will gather in Knoxville for our 43rd Annual Meeting. This will be our 3rd time to meet in Knoxville in the last 22 years and the 10th time for our Annual Meeting to be held in the Great State of Tennessee. View the chart below to get a sense of history and frequency of our Annual Meeting sites. The MSERA Board has approved locations for the 2015 (Lafayette, Louisiana) and 2016 (Mobile, Alabama) Annual Meetings. Please consider hosting a future Annual Meeting and contact members of the Future Site Committee and the Executive Director for meeting proposal guidelines and more information.

Annual Meeting Locations: 1972-2014 Alabama


Birmingham (2) Mobile (2) Point Clear (1) Tuscaloosa (1)

1977, 2006 1987, 2010 1999 1996



Little Rock (3) Hot Springs (1)

1979, 1989, 2001 2007



Pensacola Beach (1) 2013



Bowling Green (1) Lexington (3) Louisville (1)

2000 1981, 1991, 2012 1985



Baton Rouge (2) New Orleans (10)

2005, 2009 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984, 1990, 1993, 1998



Biloxi (3) Jackson (1) Oxford (1)

1985, 1995, 2003 1975 2011



Chattanooga (1) Gatlinburg (1) Knoxville (3) Memphis (3) Nashville (2)

2002 2004 1992, 2008, 2014 1973, 1986, 1997 1983, 1984


September 14 Page 9

CROWN PLAZA - KNOXVILLE Annual Meeting: RESERVATION Information November 5-7, 2014 Crowne Plaza Hotel, 401 Summit Hill Drive Knoxville, TN 37902 Room rates (applicable Nov 4-7): Single: $108; Double: $108; King: $138 Rates are good through Oct 3, 2014, then after on a space available basis. Reservations (be sure to mention MSERA meeting when making reservations) 1-865-522-2600

Welcome to One of the Top Hotels in Knoxville, TN Knoxville, home of the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the 1982 World's Fair, is a beautiful city nestled on the banks of the Tennessee River and home to endless sights and treats. You can make your trip even more memorable by staying at one of the best hotels in Knoxville, TN. Whether you want lodging near the Knoxville, TN convention center or you need to host an event, the Crowne Plaza速 Knoxville hotel can deliver. We have more than 15,000 sq ft of event space and special perks like a Crowne Meetings Director and Herman Miller Caper chairs, we're considered "The Place to Meet." We're also conveniently near companies such as Tennessee Valley Authority and Brunswick. If you're planning a Knoxville, Tennessee vacation, our hotel's location makes it easy to visit the sights. We're near the beautiful campus of the University of Tennessee, as well as Sunsphere Tower from the 1982 World's Fair. Being within walking distance of other attractions like Market Square, Old City and the Tennessee Theatre is a great perk of lodging in downtown Knoxville, TN. No matter what brings you to our city, we're sure that you'll have a great time. Our amenities, including a 3,000-sq-ft Fitness Center, an indoor pool, Mahogany's Restaurant and the Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage速 Program, are there to ensure that. Come stay at one of the best Knoxville, Tennessee hotels!

Make Your Reservations By OCTOBER 3 9

September 14 Page 10


Whatever your passion, Knoxville knows how to fuel it. Our ever-growing list of things to do includes everything from historical tours to outdoor adventure, fine food and festivals to award winning theatre and music for every ear.

What will you do on your visit?

The Crowne Plaza Knoxville is one of the world’s top performing Crowne Plaza hotels in guest satisfaction. The Crowne Plaza Knoxville is located within easy walking distance of downtown Knoxville businesses, entertainment, attractions, government, restaurants and more. For convenience, comfort, amenities and service, experience the Crowne Plaza Knoxville.



September 14 Page 11


Bring your appetite to Knoxville and we promise you’ll leave satisfied. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it here – from local favorites featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to critically acclaimed fine dining. Come hungry!


September 14 Page 12

Special Graduate Student Sessions and Opportunities MSERA 2014 - Knoxville MSERA has a long and storied history of providing supportive opportunities for graduate students at all levels to participate, make connections, and reach their professional goals through involvement in our Annual Meetings. Below are just a few of the special opportunities that await you in Knoxville: * Research In Progress (RIP) Sessions * Networking Opportunities * Mentoring Sessions * Training Sessions and Workshops * Career Planning Sessions * Door Prizes

* Graduate Student/New Member Reception * Affordable Registration and Lodging Rates * Supporting Presentation Settings * MSERA Reception * MSERA Committee Fair * Displays

Come to Knoxville, become involved in the Annual Meeting, and help us continue to refine, expand, and extend the MSERA Experience!!!

2014 Board of Directors Alabama Arkansas Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Tennessee SDE/LEA Graduate Student At-Large At-Large At-Large At-Large

Susan Martin Jasna Vuk Jeanetta Riley Dustin Hebert Rebecca Robichaux-Davis Jwa Kim Jeanne Eby Vincent Prior Carol Christian Mindy Crain-Dorough Larry Daniel Franz Reneau 12

September 14 Page 13

2014 MSERA Committee Directory Name Charlie Notar Randy Parker Harry Bowman Rose Jones Dianne Richardson Rob Kennedy Dustin Hebert Suzanne Franco Vincent Prior Linda Morse David Morse Kenny Anthony Ava Pugh Betty Porter

Committee Affiliation Development Jacksonville State University Budget Louisiana Tech University Constitution/ByLaws SRERA Council of Occupational Education Evaluation Co-Chair University of Southern Mississippi Evaluation Co-Chair Walden Future Site Co-Chair Publications and University of Arkansas for Communications Medical Sciences Technology McNeese State University Graduate Student Wright State University Advisory Co-chair Graduate Student University of New Orleans Advisory Co-chair MSERA Mentors Mississippi State University Archives and Website Mississippi State University Membership Mississippi State University MSER Foundation University of Louisiana-Monroe Future Site Co-chair School Leadership Center of Greater New Orleans

E-mail Address

Volunteer to Help Make MSERA 2014 GREAT!!! There are many ways to be more involved in MSERA. Your Help Is Needed. Contact any Committee Chair listed above or volunteer to assist at the Annual Meeting with evaluation, registration, presiding, or any one of a myriad of ways to help make our 43rd Annual Meeting both Memorable and Rewarding.

Photo Credits: Randy Parker, MSERA Archives, Crown Plaza-Knoxville, Knoxville Convention and Visitors Bureau


September 14 Page 14

2014 Researcher Co-Editors: Julie A. Holmes and Randy Parker

MSERA Researcher Editors' Column We greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve as your editors of The Researcher. Please take a few moments to review and become familiar with the material in this issue as there is important information regarding our upcoming Annual Meeting in Knoxville. Thanks to all who have contributed material and ideas for this Online Issue of The Researcher! As in previous issues, we have added material at the suggestion of members and we continue listen to your suggestions as we move forward with the production of succeeding issues and the publication of our Annual Meeting Program. In this issue, you will find both registration and lodging information and important dates, as well as, an overview of some of the experiences awaiting you in Knoxville this November. Please remember to (1) make your room reservations at the Crown Plaza by October 3 (1.865.522.2600) and (2) Pre-Register by October 15 ( We again wish to express our appreciation for the continued support provided by Louisiana Tech University through the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership and the College of Education for the production of The Researcher in 2014. Please feel free to contact us at any time and to continue to provide suggestions and comments on both content and format to be included in future issues of The Researcher. We look forward to seeing each of you in Knoxville in November!!! Randy Parker-Interim Co-Editor MSERA Researcher Louisiana Tech University

Julie A. Holmes-Interim Co-Editor MSERA Researcher Louisiana Tech University

The Mid-South Educational RESEARCHER

Published at Louisiana Tech University for the Mid-South Educational Research Association Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership P.O. Box 3161, Louisiana Tech University Ruston, LA 71272


MSERA Researcher | September 2014  
MSERA Researcher | September 2014