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The Mid-South Educational Research Association


March 2015 Volume 43, No. 1


The 2015 Annual Meeting of MSERA will be November 46 at the Hilton Lafayette Hotel in Lafayette, Louisiana. All members of MSERA and others are invited to submit proposals for (a) Discussion Sessions, (b) Display Sessions, (c) Symposia, (d) Training Sessions, and/or Research in Progress (RIP) Sessions. Proposals will be considered if they are submitted electronically by Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Proposals are to be submitted as an Abstract. All submissions for the James E. McLean Outstanding Distinguished Paper Award and the Herbert M. Handley Outstanding Dissertation/Thesis Award must be submitted as a proposal for the Annual Meeting AND also follow specific instructions on the MSERA website ( NOTE: All Proposal Submissions for the 2015Annual Meeting must be completed and submitted online at the MSERA website ( Online Submission will be available beginning Wednesday, April 1, 2015. Primary authors will be notified, via email, both to acknowledge receipt of the proposal and a final disposition SEE CALL FOR PAPERS, PG. 2


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The Mid-South Educational RESEARCHER Julie A. Holmes Randy Parker Editors

CALL FOR PAPERS (CONTINUED FROM PG.1) of the proposal by September 15, 2015. Therefore, it is important that primary authors are able to access email from July 15, 2015 through September 15, 2015. Submit One completed Proposal Information web page form for Each paper/ display/other session being proposed. Authors must click on the Send Proposals link on the Call for Papers webpage. The web page form requires the Primary Author to submit cover sheet information including the identification of any coauthors and the abstract of the paper/ display/other session. Authors submitting a Training Proposal MUST also submit an

abbreviated vita for each trainer to the Program Chair as an email attachment. If you have any questions about the Call for Papers or the process of submitting your proposal, please email the 2015 Program Chair – Dr. Rebecca RobichauxDavis at

MSERA 2015: Investigating Today to Improve Education Tomorrow

RESEARCH IN PROGRESS GRADUATE STUDENT SESSIONS Research In Progress (RIP) Sessions (an initiative of the Mid-South Educational Research Foundation— MSERF) are designed for Graduate Students to have an opportunity to present research projects at various stages of development. RIP sessions offer students constructive feedback, suggestion for improvement , and ideas for continuation and completion of the projects. These sessions are designed for graduate students participating in on-going research or research nearing completion. The MSERF provides partial funding for graduate students who have applied to and been accepted for presentation in the RIP Sessions , and who are subsequently selected by the Foundation to receive this support. Graduate Students with work inprogress are encouraged to apply for inclusion in an RIP Session. Apply at:


CALL FOR SESSION CHAIRS Do you want to become more involved in MSERA? Serving as a Session Chair is an excellent way for all members, both Professional and Graduate Students, to participate in the Annual Meeting. Graduate Students are especially considered and are encouraged to serve as Session Chairs. Responsibilities include introducing the session presenters, informing presenters of time limits, and facilitating question and answer periods at the end of the session. This is a valuable contribution to the organization, and your help will be greatly appreciated! Interested members should provide the following information to Dr. Rebecca Robichaux-Davis at Name, mailing address, and email address.

Thank you in advance for helping to ensure a successful program!!

2014 PRESIDENT’S OUTGOING MESSAGE It is definitely true that time flies when you’re having fun. The year as 2014 President of the MSERA has seemingly come and gone in the wink of an eye! Yet there were many accomplishments, some of which might be considered major, and there are so many loyal MSERA members who helped make them all happen. First, I want to thank Michelle Haj-Broussard, who blazed a technology trail by introducing the credit card swipe for onsite conference registration at the 2013 conference. It painlessly paved the way to 2014. Dustin Hebert, as Technology Committee Chair and newly appointed Webmaster employed the functions of Eventbrite and Pay Pal for ONLINE conference registration and payment! It feels good to be in the 21st Century. Second, an unprecedented event occurred when the board voted to admit Florida as a member state! Now we can all look forward to going back to the Florida Gulf Coast from time to time. After being appointed chair of the ad hoc committee Strategic Planning, Franz Reneau developed a vision and a mission statement and four initiatives right out of the gate! The membership approved the vision and the mission statement at the business meeting in Knoxville. The first initiative of the strategic plan is to recruit and build sustainable membership for the MSERA. Bob Rasmussen graciously agreed to chair an ad hoc committee to recruit former and retired members back into the MSERA; that ad hoc committee has since been merged with the membership committee, and will be co-chaired by Kenny Anthony and Bob Rasmussen. Other 2014 accomplishments included a board vote to make registration for retired members the same rate as for graduate students, a move that will, hopefully, encourage conference attendance of retired members; a board decision to make the Researcher Call for Papers edition a hard copy, an effort to increase conference proposals; and the decision to appoint Randy Parker and Julie Holmes as co-editors of the Researcher. As outgoing president I cannot overemphasize how critical it is to increase our membership to ensure financial solvency. We have made strides to do that by converting the RITS journal and the Researcher to online formats, but there is more that we can do and are doing. Every university faculty member can help by recruiting not only their faculty colleagues but also their graduate students. Many of our current members, myself included, began their MSERA “career” as graduate students. Finally, in order to advertise Lafayette as a desirable site for the 2015 conference, Boudreaux (Dustin Hebert) and Thibodeaux (yours truly) made a presentation at the IR11. They enjoyed the conference so much that they decided to attend the 2015 conference in Lafayette.


Gail Hughes


Dustin Hebert


Shannon Chiasson


Kathy Campbell Cliff Hofwolt

Executive Director Historian

Jane Nell Luster

Alabama Director

Nancy Gaillard Rachelle Miller

Arkansas Director

Florida Director

Franz Reneau

Kentucky Director

Yuejin Xu

Louisiana Director

Susannah Craig

Mississippi Director Rebecca Robichaux-Davis

Tennessee Director

Jwa Kim

At-Large Director

Mindy Crain-Dorough

At-Large Director

Carol Christian

At-Large Director

Larry Daniel

Allons à Lafayette, mes amis!!

- Kathy Campbell 3


HOTEL INFORMATION Our 2015 Annual meeting will be held at the

Doubletree by Hilton Lafayette



(Formerly the Hilton-Lafayette) This completely remodeled property is Acadiana’s premier conference venue and will provide you with an exceptional conference experience . Please plan to reserve your room at the Doubletree. MSERA can afford to keep our conference fees low when we have members reserve rooms at the conference hotel. Plan to join us in Lafayette for our 44th Annual Meeting !!!

Allons à Lafayette, mes amis!!

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MSERA Researcher | March 2015  
MSERA Researcher | March 2015