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The Mid-South Educational

Vol.42 • No.4

October 2014

43rd Annual Meeting Knoxville, Tennessee

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Member States: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee

President's Message Keynote Speaker Proposed Revisions to Bylaws Slate of Candidates Annual Meeting Overview Directions to Knoxville Graduate Student Update Editors' Column

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2014 Annual Meeting November 5-7


Crown Plaza - Knoxville 2014 MSERA Conference Hotel 401 Summit Hill Drive Knoxville, TN 37920

2014 Board of Directors

Kathy Campbell

Southeastern Louisiana University

Vice President/President-Elect

Gail Hughes University of Arkansas at Little Rock


Shannon Chiasson

University of New Orleans


Michelle Haj-Broussard McNeese State University

Executive Director

Cliff Hofwolt

Vanderbilt University

Historian Alabama Representative

Jane Nell Luster LSUHSC-HDC Susan Martin

University of South Alabama

Arkansas Representative

Jasna Vuk

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Jeanette G. Riley

Kentucky Representative

Louisiana Representative

Murray State University

Dustin Herbert

Northwestern State University

Mississippi Representative

Tennessee Representative SDE/LEA

Register for the Annual Meeting at: or online at

Rebecca Robichaux

Mississippi State University

Jwa Kim

Middle Tennessee State University

Jeanne Ebey

Livingston Parish Public Schools

Graduate Students Rep.

At-Large Representative

Vincent Prior

University of New Orleans

Carol Christian

Morehead State University

View this issue of The Researcher and visit our Website - for More Information on our 43rd Annual Meeting

At-Large Representative Mindy Crain-Dorough Southeastern Louisiana University

At-Large Representative

At-Large Representative

Larry Daniel The Citadel

2014 Publications Editors

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Research in the Schools The Researcher MSERA Web Page


The Mid-South Educational

Franz Reneau

Florida A&M University

Franz Reneau

Florida A&M University

John Slate Anthony Onwuegbuzie

Sam Houston State University

Randy Parker Julie A. Holmes

Louisiana Tech University

David Morse

Mississippi State University


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Interim Co-Editors: Randy Parker and Julie A. Holmes The Mid-South Educational Researcher is published at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana with support from the College of Education. Subscriptions are free to current members of the Mid-South Educational Research Association. Submit suggestions for content to either of the co-editors at: MSERA Researcher, P.O. Box 3161, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA, 71272 PHONE: 318.257.2834. E-MAIL: or

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President's Message Throwing Down the Gauntlet Those of you who know me well know that I am an avid jazzerciser. Some might consider it an obsession. In fact, not only do I jazzercise every morning in Covington, LA, but I also find a jazzercise class to attend when out-of-town. Jazzercise was founded in 1969, and today it is in all 50 states and 32 countries. What makes it so successful and enduring? Recruiting new people, yes, but also retaining former and Kathy Campbell - President current members and providing an environment that promotes camaraderie for current members to exercise and socialize. New members are welcomed with open arms and made to feel right at home from day 1. Thinking about jazzercise made me think about MSERA. MSERA does, indeed, welcome new members with open arms. MSERA has a special reception for new members and graduate students on the Wednesday evening of its annual conference. MSERA also has a breakfast for new members and graduate students on the Thursday morning of its annual conference. MSERA has Research in Progress sessions for graduate students to have a safe environment to present their research in progress and receive professional feedback and encouragement. Many current members may remember that their first membership in MSERA was as a graduate student. So I do believe that recruiting and welcoming new members and graduate students is a useful tool, but it should be just one technique that is part of an aggressive and positive strategy to increase membership in MSERA and attendance at its annual conference. Another aspect that we also need to concentrate on is retaining current members and reinstating former members. It is absolutely true that we are an organization that provides a friendly environment for members to present and listen to professional papers and to socialize. Many of our members return year after year, but what happens when they don’t? When members retire from their current position, they sometimes drop off the face of the earth. How do we get them back? In jazzercise, we offer them special deals like summer months at half price, etc. However, MSERA is not selling a commodity - we are selling a professional network, a collegial connection, a social relationship, camaraderie. I think that we need a forum to lure our former and retired members. We already have reduced membership dues for retired members, but is that enough? We already have the Past Presidents’ Breakfast, but everyone who retires or is a former member is not a past president. I am throwing down the gauntlet and asking someone to take up the challenge of developing a forum that will entice former members, including retired members, to return to the MSERA. If you are interested and have creative ideas, call me at 504-453-9874 or email me at On another note, I am really excited about seeing all of you in November at the Crowne Plaza in Knoxville, TN. So much to see and do in the evenings in beautiful downtown Knoxville. Come to Knoxville, attend the sessions, renew old friendships, listen to the outstanding keynote speaker Dr. Kathy O'Neill, and enjoy the breakfasts and luncheons and receptions. You won’t regret it. If you have not registered for the conference yet, go to the following website to register online: See you soon !!!

Kathy Campbell


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2014 MSERA - Knoxville - Keynote Address

Dr. Kathy O'Neill

Kathy O’Neill most recently served as the Director of Special Leadership Projects at the Southern Regional Education Board in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2000, she was the founding Director of the SREB Learning-Centered Leadership Program funded by the Wallace Foundation, USDOE grants and numerous state contracts. In both roles, she has traveled extensively across the nation promoting the initiatives and helping state departments, universities and local school district central offices redesign school leadership preparation and development and implement working conditions that support successful school leaders and leadership teams to increase student achievement. Before joining SREB, Kathy served in numerous positions including teacher, high school administrator, science coordinator, curriculum director, superintendent and professor. She developed a state of the art technology center at Georgia State University. She developed a leadership group at SREB and the group authored 20 leadership learning modules and later migrated eight of them to an online format. Kathy has Master’s degrees in both Chemistry and Educational Administration. She earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Georgia. Please make your plans to join us on Wednesday at noon for the MSERA Luncheon and this informative and engaging session with our 2014 Keynote Speaker - Dr. Kathy O'Neill.


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Proposed Revisions to be voted on by the General Membership at the Annual Business meeting on Thursday Evening

MSERA Constitution and Bylaws Deletion indicated by strikethrough

Additions indicated by Bold Italics

PROPOSED REVISIONS OF BYLAWS ARTICLE I CONSTITUENT STATES OF THE ASSOCIATION The constituent states of the Association include Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. ARTICLE II DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS OF THE ASSOCIATION Section 7.f. The Executive Director shall prepare and submit the books of the Association for an annual review to be conducted after the close of the business year on December 31 by an independent third party with appropriate financial expertise who will be recommended by the President and appointed by the MSERA Board at the Fall Board meeting. A certified statement attesting to the accuracy of the financial records for the preceding year will be presented to the Board of the Association at its first meeting of the calendar year Executive Committee of the Board by June 30 of the next calendar year. RATIONALE FOR PROPOSED REVISIONS OF BYLAWS Article I – Bylaws The Mid-South Educational Research Association has had many members who reside in Florida from the beginning of the Association in 1972 till the present day. The members of the Board of Directors elected at the Second Annual Meeting in 1973 included a faculty member from the University of West Florida. The editors of Research in the Schools have included MSERA members affiliated with two Florida universities. The current Board of Directors includes two at-large members from Florida universities. The Chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee has resided in Florida while chairing this committee since 2004. The Association’s Annual Meeting Program always includes several presentations by members who reside in Florida and are affiliated with Florida educational institutions. Expansion of MSERA’s constituent states to include Florida will create the opportunity to recruit members from Florida more aggressively than presently. Article II – Bylaws The proposed revision will adjust the due date for the certified statement to a date following the official April tax reporting season to allow for timely preparation of the statement and designate the Executive Committee of the Board as the party to receive the statement. Proposed by the MSERA Board of Directors at the Board Meeting held in Knoxville, TN, on February 14-15, 2014


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Mid-South Educational Research Association Slate of Executive Office Candidates for Terms Beginning 2015 For Vice-President/President Elect

Dustin Hebert is a faculty member and coordinator in the educational

technology leadership program at Northwestern State University of Louisiana Prior to Northwestern, he served at McNeese State University as a faculty member, assessment coordinator, director of graduate studies, and executive director of graduate school. He has been an active member of LERA, MSERA, and several technology-specific organizations for many years With MSERA, he has served as Louisiana Director for two years and chair of the Technology Committee for three years. His primary research interest is technology's effect as a driver of organizational change. He has published articles and given presentations on technology's change effects on assessment systems and practices, pedagogy, and organizational leadership. In May 2014, he concluded a two-year case study on a Louisiana high school that adopted a 1:1 tablet PC initiative, and that work has resulted in several presentations and one publication to date.

For Secretary Shannon Chiasson is a doctoral candidate in Education Administration at

the University of New Orleans. Her dissertation explores the role of site visitation as a diagnostic tool for school improvement. She holds a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration from Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA and a BA in Business Administration/Finance from the University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL. As the Finance Director of the Lafourche Parish (county) Government, Shannon developed the parish technological infrastructure and led the parish to its first ever award winning Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Additionally, Shannon has served as the Registrar of a Technical College and both public and private 4 year institutions. Her areas of research interest include systems theory, charter schools, school improvement, school choice, and education finance, policy and governance. Shannon has served MSERA as co-chair of the Graduate Student Committee and Graduate Student Board Representative. She is currently serving MSERA as Secretary. These nominations were received by the Nominations Committee for: Vice President/President Elect, Secretary, and member State Directors. The Vice President/President Elect serves as Vice President during 2015 and as President for 2016, others elected serve on the MSERA Board for two year terms, beginning on January 1, 2015

Nominations for all positions will also be taken from the floor at the business meeting in Knoxville. Michelle Haj Broussard McNeese State University drhajbroussard 337-475-5418 6

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Mid-South Educational Research Association Slate of State Director Candidates for Terms Beginning 2015 ALABAMA:

Nominations to be taken from the floor


Nominations to be taken from the floor


Yuejin Xu - Murray State University Yuejin Xu is an Associate Professor at Murray State University in Murray, KY. He earned

his Ph. D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Alabama in 2005. He has taught courses in human development, research methods, and multicultural and diversity issues. His research interests include 1) learning, teaching, and teacher education, 2) motivation, critical thinking and decision making processes, and 3) effect and implementation of technology in the classroom. He presented and served as a session chair in the 2013 MSERA meeting. His research related to teacher professional development has been continuously funded by Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.


Nominations to be taken from the floor Rebecca Robichaux-Davis - Mississippi State University Dr. Rebecca Robichaux-Davis is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at

Mississippi State University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate level mathematics methods courses for elementary education majors. Her research agenda primarily involves investigating the mathematical content knowledge of elementary and middle level pre-service and in-service teachers. In particular, she is interested in identifying misconceptions that preservice and in-service teachers have with regards to their mathematical content knowledge. Dr. Robichaux-Davis has published mathematics education research articles as well as program evaluation articles. She has presented regularly at national and regional conferences. She has been an active member of the Mid-South Educational Research Association, MSERA, since 1999, serving on various committees and presenting her research and presiding over mathematics education sessions, regularly at annual meetings. Additionally, Dr. RobichauxDavis has previously co-chaired the Membership Committee, served on the Nominations Committee, served on the Awards Committee, and served as an At-Large Director. Currently, she is serving as Mississippi Director and as a member of the MSER Foundation Board. If elected, she would consider it a privilege and honor to continue her service to MSERA as Mississippi Director for a second term.


Jwa Kim - Middle Tennessee State University Jwa Kim is a professor of Quantitative Psychology and Literacy at Middle Tennessee State

University (MTSU). He received his B.Ed. (1980) and M.Ed.(1982) from Kyungpook National University in South Korea and a Ph.D. (1989) in Quantitative Psychology from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma. Jwa Kim is currently serving as the Director of Ph.D. Program in Literacy Studies at MTSU. . He joined MSERA in 1991 and has been serving on the Editorial Board for Research in The Schools since 1992. 7

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Overview of Concurrent Paper Sessions - 2014 Annual Meeting - Knoxville, Tennessee Summit 2

Salon A

WEDNESDAY Nov 5, 2014



5:00 7:30 8:30 9:00



Reading Assessment

Leader Preparation

Higher Education Instruction

Technology Integration

School Environment

Rural Education


Middle School Education

Mathematics SelfEfficacy

Curriculum Integration

Instructional Strategies

Undergraduate Instruction/Assess ment

Language and Comprehension

Training: Strategies for Student Engagement

Graduate Student/New Member Reception – Summit 2 Graduate Student/New Member Breakfast – Private Dining Room Registration All Day – Mezzanine Research in Progress: Context and Climate Research in Progress: Teacher/School/Pr ogram Improvement Research in Progress: Science & Mathematics

UnderRepresented Populations in Research

Technology and Teacher Education

Teacher Preparation

Curriculum Implementatio n

Higher Education Online Instruction

School Reform

Teacher Effectiveness


At-Risk Students

Training: Meta-Cognitive Awareness During the Writing and Editing Process (2 hours)

Symposium: Tips for New and Aspiring Faculty

MSER Foundation Board Luncheon – Private Dining Room

1:30 Special Education


Research Methods

Science Instruction Symposium: Schools in 2021

Research in Progress: Multicultural Education

Graduate Education

Student Backgrounds

Research in Progress: AfricanAmerican Students

Issues Impacting Higher Education Faculty

STEM Issues

Training: Black High School Students’ Discipline Experiences

Violence Issues

MSERA Committee Fair – Mezzanine


MSERA Business Meeting – Salons B and C

6:00 7:30 9:00 10:00

MSERA President’s Reception – Summit 1 MSERA Past Presidents’ Breakfast – Private Dining Room Outstanding Papers – Salon A

FRIDAY Nov 8, 2013




Research in Symposium: MSERA Displays: Progress: Teacher SelfMathematics Diverse Cultural Network Improvement Science and Student Efficacy Education Experiences Community Initiative Mathematics Achievement 11 [IR] : Irrational Reasoning for Improbable Research with Impossible Replicability and Irreproducible Results by Irresponsible Researchers—Ineptly Represented, Inexplicably Rendered, Inappropriately Rehashed and Incomprehensibly Resurrected by Irascible Recreants who Interpolate Randomly – Salon A



Board Room 1

MSERA Member Luncheon and Keynote Address – Summit 1 Mentoring Session


THURSDAY Nov 6, 2014

Research in Progress: Science Education Research in Progress: Reading Assessment Research in Progress: Higher Education Issues

12:00 2:00 3:00

Salon C

Registration All Day – Mezzanine

8:30 9:00

Salon B

School Organization

Differentiated Instruction

Reading Interventions

Issues Impacting Quality Instruction

Displays: Issues Impacting Learning

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MSERA Past Presidents 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977 1976 1975 1974 1973 1972

Michelle Haj-Broussard Julie A. Holmes Eddie Shaw Linda Kondrick Dana Thames Randy Parker Bill Spencer Gahan Bailey Jane Nell Luster Scott Bauer Kathy Franklin Qaisar Sultana Jim Flaitz Cliff Hofwolt Gerald Halpin John Enger Dot Reed David Morse Glennelle Halpin Diana Lancaster Gardiner Robert L. Kennedy Judith A. Boser Gypsy Abbott John R. Petry Carl R. Martry Carolyn Williams William Deaton John Thornhill Carolyn Reeves-Kazelskis Robert Rasmussen Ronald Adams James E. McLean Neil Amos Harry L. Bowman Robert E. Bills Charles Babb Doug McDonald Virginia Horns-Marsh Fred K. Bellott George Gaines Walter Mathews Walter Mathews

James McLean Outstanding Research Paper Award Recipients Outstanding Research Papers are recognized each year with a special award at the Business Meeting.

2013 2012 2011 2009 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2000 1999 1998

1997 1996 1995


Anthony Onwuegbuzie & Kathleen M.T. Collins Franz H. Reneau and Marietta Del Favero Andrea Lynch Paganelli Larry Daniels, Lunetta Williams & Katrina Hall Nancy L. Leach & Anthony Onwuegbuzie Glennelle and Gerald Halpin Charles M. Achilles Anthony Onwuegbuzie & Nancy L. Leach Kathleen T. L. Collins & Anthony Onwuegbuzie Betty Porter J. Jackson Barnette & James E. McLean Kevin M. Keiffer & Bruce Thompson Katrina N. Rhymer, Karen I. Dittmer, Christopher H. Skinner, & Bertha Jackson Scott C. Bauer & Ira E. Bogatch Pat Wachholz & Carol Etheridge Christopher H. Skinner, Patricia Logan, Gregg A. Johns & Sheri L. Robinson Yi-Cheng & James E. McLean

1993 1992 1991 1990

1989 1988 1987 1986

1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977

Alan S. Kaufman, Jane Ford-Richardson & James E. McLean B. A. Nye, Charles M. Achilles J. Zahorias & D. Fulton Robert L. Kennedy, Jianliang Wang & Gene Harryman Marion Dana, Anthony Scheffler, Mark Richmond, Sandra Smith & Howard Draper Jeffrey Gorrell James E. McLean & Alan S, Kaufman Larry Webber, Bruce Thompson & Gerald S. Berenson Joan M. Butler David DeRuzzo John P. Wollenberg & Herbert M. Handley Charles M. Achilles & M. Nan Lintz James Flaitz James M. Prater, Jr. Debra Joyce Steele Linda Newby Ruth Bragman Charles E. Standifer & Ernest G. Maples Robert E. Bills Robert H. Bradley & Betty M. Caldwell


October 14 Page 10

Herbert Handley Dissertaion/ Thesis Award

Harry L. Bowman Service Award

Walter Mathews Historical Contribution Award

The first dissertation/thesis award was given in 1985. This award was renamed in 1991 to honor Herbert Handley, a distinguished Mississippi State University professor.

This award was established in 1992 to honor persons who make significant and continuous contributions to the organization. It is named in honor of Harry L. Bowman, a charter member of MSERA.

This service award was created to recognize contributions that led to MSERA's present status and is named for the founder of MSERA

2013 2012 2011 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985


Debbie D. Dailey Shane T. Warren Jeremy Ross Searson Franz H. Reneau Monica Ratliff Sherlyn Powell John F. Edwards Lishu Lin Paul Webb Susan Seay LaDonna K. Morris Mary Margaret Merrill Carla R. Monroe Laureen G. Mayfield Susan Dale Mason Sunya T. Collier Sue G. Minchew Rebecca McMahon Melenna Sumrall Jayne B. Zaharias Colleen C. Johnson Michele G. Jarrell Margaret L. Glowacki Kevin Hughes Gloria A.Turner Soo-Back Moon M. Nan Lintz Esther M. Howard Anne Hess

2013 2011 2010 2009 2008

2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997

Gahan Bailey Ava Pugh William Spencer Walter Mathews Mary Jane Bradley Nola Christianberry Lynn Howerton Richard Kazelskis Carolyn Kazelskis Linda Morse Rob Kennedy Qaisar Sultana Carl R. Martray Cliff Hofwolt Robert Rasmussen Ron Adams Neil Amos David Morse Glennelle Halpin

Gerald Halpin 1995 James E. McLean 1994 John R. Petry 1993 Judith A. Boser 1992 Harry L. Bowman

2013 James E. McLean 2012 Mary Beth Evans Judith A. Boser Cliff Hofwolt 2010 David Morse Linda Morse 2009 Ron Adams 2008 John Enger 2007 Jerry Robbins 2006 George Gaines 2004 Harry L. Bowman John R. Petry 2003 Charles A. Achilles 2002 Richard Kazelskis Jeff Gorrell 2001 Fred Bellott John Burns Eugene Jongsma Ron Partidge 2000 Walter Mathews

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CROWN PLAZA - KNOXVILLE MSERA 2014 November 5-7, 2014 Crowne Plaza Hotel, 401 Summit Hill Drive Knoxville, TN 37902 1.800.522.2600 The Crowne Plaza Knoxville is one of the world’s top performing Crowne Plaza hotels in guest satisfaction. The Crowne Plaza Knoxville is located within easy walking distance of downtown Knoxville businesses, entertainment, attractions, government, restaurants and more. For convenience, comfort, amenities and service, experience the Crowne Plaza Knoxville.

Directions from the McGhee Tyson (Knoxville) Airport (approximately 15 miles –20 minutes) Start by getting on US-129 N from Terminal Loop Continue on US-129 N Keep Right at the fork - follow signs to Asheville/Lexington and Merge onto I-40 E Take ExIT 338A for James White Parkway Continue onto TN-158 W Take the Summit Hill Drive Exit Turn Right onto E. Summit Hill Dive Crowne Plaza will be on your right.

Directions from Chattanooga and Points South I-75 toward Knoxville Merge with I-40 East Continue onto TN-158 W Take the Summit Hill Drive Exit Turn Right onto E. Summit Hill Dive Crowne Plaza will be on your right.

Directions from Nashville and Points West I-30 E toward Knoxville Continue onto TN-158 W Take the Summit Hill Drive Exit Turn Right onto E. Summit Hill Dive Crowne Plaza will be on your right.


October 14 Page 12


Whatever your passion, Knoxville knows how to fuel it. Our ever-growing list of things to do includes everything from historical tours to outdoor adventure, fine food and festivals to award winning theatre and music for every ear.

What will you do on your visit?

Bring your appetite to Knoxville and we promise you’ll leave satisfied. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it here - from local favorites featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives to critically acclaimed fine dining. Come hungry !!


October 14 Page 13

Special Graduate Student Sessions and Opportunities MSERA 2014 - Knoxville MSERA has a long and storied history of providing supportive opportunities for graduate students at all levels to participate, make connections, and reach their professional goals through involvement in our Annual Meetings. Below are just a few of the special opportunities that await you in Knoxville: Research In Progress (RIP) Sessions Networking Opportunities Mentoring Sessions Training Sessions and Workshops Career Planning Sessions Door Prizes

Graduate Student/New Member Reception Affordable Registration and Lodging Rates Supporting Presentation Settings MSERA President's Reception MSERA Committee Fair Displays

Come to Knoxville, become involved in the Annual Meeting, and help us continue to refine, expand, and extend the MSERA Experience!!!

Your Help is Needed to Make MSERA 2014 GREAT!!! Volunteer to assist at the Annual Meeting with evaluation, registration, presiding, or any one of a myriad of ways to help make our 43rd Annual Meeting both Memorable and Rewarding.

Photo Credits: Randy Parker, MSERA Archives, Crown Plaza-Knoxville, Knoxville Convention and Visitors Bureau 13

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2014 Researcher Co-Editors: Julie A. Holmes and Randy Parker

MSERA Researcher Editors' Column Our 2014 Annual Meeting is fast approaching. We hope the information in this issue of The Researcher will provide you with some insight as to what awaits you in Knoxville. A special thanks to President Campbell. the members of the Nominations Committee, and our 2014 Program Chair - Mindy CrainDorough for their leadership and service in providing material for this issue. Please take a few moments to read and reflect on President Campbell's comments, become familiar with the nominees and proposed association business, and peruse the 2014 Program Overview on the previous pages. The 2014 Program (Researcher Volume 42 No. 5) is now at the printers and printed copies will be distributed to you when you pick up your registration materials in Knoxville. You may also view the full program online at As in the past, we continue to express our appreciation to Louisiana Tech University for the continued support provided through the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership and the College of Education in the production of The Researcher in 2014. Please feel free to contact us at any time and to continue to provide suggestions and comments on both content and format to be included in future issues of The Researcher. We look forward to seeing each of you in Knoxville in November!!! Randy Parker-Interim Co-Editor MSERA Researcher Louisiana Tech University

Julie A. Holmes-Interim Co-Editor MSERA Researcher Louisiana Tech University

The Mid-South Educational RESEARCHER

Published at Louisiana Tech University for the Mid-South Educational Research Association Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership P.O. Box 3161, Louisiana Tech University Ruston, LA 71272


MSERA Researcher | October 2014  
MSERA Researcher | October 2014