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Septoplasty Surgery To Correct Deviated Septum Suffering from difficulty in breathing and sinus infection due to a crooked nasal septum? A human nose consists of a nasal septum (a thin middle wall) that separates the two nostrils and is made up of bone and cartilage. Some nose injuries or a birth defect can result in a slightly off-center septum. This may cause one of the nasal passages to be smaller than the other, thereby restricting the exchange of gases and making breathing difficult. It may also lead to facial pain, nose bleeding, or an increased chance of sinus infections because of poor drainage. Septoplasty surgery is the only option available to fix this problem. Dr. Dushyanth Kalva, Rhinoplasty and Nose Surgeon in Hyderabad, performs all types of nose corrective surgery that corrects cosmetic and medical nose defects. Dr. Kalva performs all these facial nose reconstructive procedures with his team of experts and makes sure the patient is able to get the desired results with every surgical procedure. Septoplasty is an invasive procedure that helps to reposition the middle part of the nose by cutting, removing, and readjusting the nose cartilage, skin, and bone in the proper place to get the desired results. A straightened septum then functions effectively, allows better airflow through the nose, and offers one a better quality of life. How to prepare for septoplasty? Before going for the surgery, the surgeon recommends the patient to stop using blood thinning medication and alcohol intake about 1-2 weeks before the surgery. The patient is also requested to eat a healthy diet and take enough rest before going for the surgery. The surgeon also takes some pictures of the nose-deviated septum to compare with the desired results after treatment. Smoking must also be stopped as it may slow down the healing process after the surgery. At Inform Clinics, Dr. Dushyanth Kalva performs the bestdeviated septum surgery in Hyderabad that helps to correct all medical concerns related to the nose and nasal passage.

What happens during septoplasty? The septoplasty surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia (depending on the severity of the condition) to manage pain and discomfort associated with this procedure. Then based on the correction required, the surgeon makes a small cut on one side of the nose to get access to the septum. Next, a thin layer of mucous membrane covering the septum is lifted to reposition the septum. If there is any extra bone or cartilage, they are removed, and finally, the mucous membrane is kept back in the right position. Absorbable sutures are required to hold the septum and its mucous covering in place. In some cases, silicone splints may be used to provide additional support to the corrected septum or to give a proper shape to the nose after surgery. To prevent nose bleeding after operation, nose packing is also done on the operated nose to support the treated area. The overall procedure takes about 1-3 hours to be completed.

The results are life-changing as the patient gets the best cosmetic results and improved functioning of the nose with this surgery. Due to better airflow through the nose, there is elimination or reduction of snoring and sleep apnea. There will be fewer chances of getting sinus infections after the septoplasty surgery as the deviated septum is corrected. Post-surgery tips for quick recovery after septoplasty surgery: Depending upon the extent of the surgery following things shall be kept in mind: • • • • • • • • •

Do keep the head in an elevated position while sleeping. For some weeks, avoid blowing the nose. Wear garments that are easy to wear and closes in front. Do not put on clothes that involve touching over the head, thereby putting unnecessary pressure on the treated nose. Do not indulge in any strenuous activities such as jogging and aerobics for a few weeks or play any contact sports that can increase the risk of nose injury or bleeding. Avoid heavy weight lifting and gym for some days. Take plenty of rest. Do not wear spectacles for a few weeks. The patient shall return home with someone/attendant after surgery, as there is still a chance of the patient feeling drowsy. Avoid stress, smoking, and alcohol.

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