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World Press Kids Photo World Press Kids Photo is a organisation within World Press Photo. The purpose of World Press Kids Photo is to keep kids of the streets and to develop their creative skills. It’s a hole different side of photography, kids have a different kind of view of things. grown ups look at things with a reason, kids have their own way of thinking and mostly their honest. World Press Kids Photo is for kids with the age of 4 till 10 years old. And main place all over the world. Each half year the contest will take place and will be exhibited at the district centre of the city All of the pictures will be judged by a professional jury. In this year the assignments was divided in to three categories; surroundings. playground and their family/house. for each assignment they have two months. The winner of the contest wins a price of money For a education.

Funding Two main strategies for financing exist: broad-scale support from main sponsors, and project sponsorship and subsidies for individual activities. World Press Photo has two corporate sponsors worldwide - Canon and TNT - and receives support from the Dutcvnancing helps guarantee the organization’s independence.

Florio Barbic Winner premier Award Florio Barbic from a Croatian Island called Lastovo wins the premier award with his portrait of his sister. This portrait tells a story with her eyes. It has emotion, sadness and a kind of laughter in it. You feel the emotion in to your soul. The jury thinks the picture has professional quality. Florio Barbic also won 1st price arts and entertainment.

1st prize daily life

Name: Koen Versteegh Age: 4 years old Country: Netherlands City: Rotterdam Group: family/ housse Aboout the contest Koen likes to make pictures of his family. You can see allot of humor, Coziness and fun in it. He loved to go to the classes of the world press kids photo. He loves to learn and hanging out with the other kids. He thinks it´s allot better then hanging out at home He is proud of the pictures he has made.

1st prize arts and entertainment

Name: Florio Barbic Age: 9 years old Country: Croatia City: Lastovo Group: surroundings

and playground

Aboout the contest

Florio lives on a island in Croatia, he is surrounded by nature. And it gives him a special kind photography becausse of his surroundings. His playground is the nature around him. People in Lastovo are always outside and most of the time its good weather. He joind the world press kids photo to explore him self. He is really excited that he won a price in the contest.

1st prize Surroundings

Name: Lovre Grubisic Age: 10 years old Country: Croatia City: Trilj Group: surroundings Aboout the contest

Lovre lives in a village in the mointains of Croatia he is surrounded by nature. But theire issn’t allot to do in the village, but he loves to makes pictures of it. He saids that the people that live theire are bit funny, with the stuff they do arround theire. He hopes when he grows up, he can move to the city.

Board and staff Supervisory board: Chairman: Pieter Broertjes, lector cross media publishing Utrecht College, former editor-inchief De Volkskrant Members: Ebba Hoogenraad, partner law firm Hoogenraad & Haak, Advocaten Kadir van Lohuizen, photojournalist Noor Louk de la Rive Box, professor emeritus International Cooperation Erasmus University Rotterdam, Maastricht University Margot Scheltema, non-executive director Triodos Bank NV, ASR Insurance Netherlands, Schiphol Group, supervisory board member ECN Advisory council: Chairman: Alexander Rinnooy Kan, chairman of The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER) Treasurer: Lillan Baruch, management consultant Members: Peter Bakker, chief executive officer TNT Jan Banning, photographer Niek Biegman, photographer and former Dutch ambassador Antony Burgmans, former chairman/CEO Unilever Geert van Kesteren, photojournalist Atzo Nicola誰, member of Dutch parliament and former minister Wim Pijbes, general director Rijksmuseum Hans Smittenaar, country marketing director Canon Nederland N.V. Dirk van der Spek, senior editor Focus Media Groep Bas Vroege, director Paradox, advisor Master of Photographic Studies Leiden University World Press Photo staff: Michiel Munneke, managing director Maarten Koets, deputy managing director Selena van Apeldoorn, fundraiser Ben ten Berge, archives Sasja de Bie, press & publicity Frederiek Biemans, education Micha Bruinvels, contest Sebastiaan Deerenberg, education Carly Diaz, online editor Sander Goudswaard, online coordinator Tessa Hetharia, exhibitions Mente Hes, facilities Jurre Janssen, exhibitionsions

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