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Dundee University Student Representative Meeting held 25/09/2012

Students’ Association Council Minutes

Attendees: OO, IM, GD, LG, KW, KJ, DSo, GBU, MO, SB, KT, JS, DSc, MB, HD, CF, FL, LT, AMi, JG, JR, ST, KSB, HE, DW, AMa, FN, JD, JH, MT, JL, HS, AV, AW, RD, AD, AJ, SG, AS, MA, JM Apologies: IK, DM


Agenda Item Minutes of Previous Meeting – Paper A JH proposes minutes to be passed. AW seconds the motion. Minutes are passed unanimously.


IM to upload to website.

Co-Opting of Members AJ read Bye Laws regarding co-option. Susan Beaton for Post-Graduate Services & Facilities Representative. Was in the post last year, didn’t think eligible this year so didn’t run, would like take up the position if the SRC will allow her. Susan Beaton co-opted with a unanimous vote. Katie Jowett for 1st Year Services & Facilities Representative. Was on the SRC last year, was L&T rep, worked closely with AJ as well. Know how SRC works and what first years want and need. Katie Jowett co-opted with a unanimous vote.



Information Pack (AJ, RD & IM) a) The SRC Went through SRC information. Hopefully will be used as reference by members throughout the year. SRC is held in high regard for UoD staff. b) List of Positions Listed from Bye Laws, remember and send apologies or can be voted off. c) DUSA Representation Structure Discussed DUSA’s representative structure. d) University Structure University Court, has two student reps this year, IK (DUSA President) and

Susan Beaton and Katie Jowett are now members of the SRC.

JM (Independent Member of Court), both elected by students. Rector (Brian Cox) and Rector’s Assessor (Mike Arnott) both sit on Court. Court is the main decision making body of the university. All decisions that affect the university are decided on at Court. Senior Management Team (SMT) make a lot of decisions which then go to Court, Court then approves these decisions, and raises any issues that members may have. Important that students and rector have representation. Independent Member of Court now have their own email, all members with issues for Court should contact JM through this email.

Hon Sec will circulate contact details.

SMT were at meet and greet tonight. Senate has student and staff representatives. Colleges and other Senate committees sit below that. e) SRC Updates and Other Frequent Agenda Items Discussed frequent agenda items including Minutes of Previous Meeting, Bye Law changes and DUSA Executive, Sports Union and School Presidents’ Updates. Explained that all are expected to give a short summary of what they have done since the last meeting. Discussed how this year plans are to have SRC members lobby university staff as well as the DUSA Executive as this will hopefully make more of an impact with university staff. f)

SRC Committees and Sub-Committees

Lots of committees. Main meeting occurs every three weeks, big issues are discussed. Students and staff can sit in gallery and bring issues. Important that all members make an effort to attend. Sub-Committees. Two Tuesdays between main SRC sub-committees are held – Learning &Teaching and Services &Facilities. Important that people try and attend. Can discuss smaller issues or relevant issues. Chaired by a member of SRC. Independent Member of Court wishes to sit on Learning & Teaching sub-committee. Election Liaison Committee. Two coming up, one for Exec elections and one for rector elections. Junior Returning Officers, Senior Returning Officers, Exec and SRC member(s) all sit on committee. Makes sure elections process is fair and equal. Will bring it up closer to the time asking for volunteers. g) SRC Motion Process Explained how a motion moves from conception by a member, through the proposition stage working with Hon Sec. Motion is then discussed at SRC and questions asked. Amendments are also proposed. Motion is then

Hon Sec will circulate dates of sub-committees.

voted on through a process of roll call. h) Disciplinary Process The disciplinary procedure is ran by the Hon Sec. When a serious offence or breach of bye laws occurs then students are brought to a disciplinary hearing. Hon Sec chairs the panel, one member of SRC takes minutes and three or four others sit as judges.

Hon Sec will email members asking for disciplinary volunteers.

Training is arranged by Hon Sec and any volunteers should contact Hon Sec if they wish to participate. 5.

Bye Law 3 Changes – Paper B (RD) Every year Deputy President has to market, promote and run SRC elections, with help from other members of the Exec. In addition also deals with complaints and academic appeals at this time as well. It is a lot of work and has been increasing every year. Constitution says elections happen in first 2 weeks, would like to see this changed to first 4 weeks. Other changes: repetition of STV to be removed and clarification of who has to come to hustings. If someone is sick at hustings then you are not removed from candidacy. Amendment to change the word “shall” to “may” agreed upon. Perhaps SRC to review work of Dep Pres regarding appeals, if number of appeals to increase then we should be able to flag up workload issues. Pres and Dep Pres have been looking into this issue; have been speaking with Student Assessor regarding this issue, perhaps involving more staff with the appeals process. The problem occurs when the two things (elections and appeals) clash. Discussion held on holding elections before summer, but would have issues with first years not being able to vote as well as causing massive workload in conjunction with Exec elections. Holding elections in weeks 3 and 4 will hopefully raise awareness of SRC and encourage more people to run. It will give people a chance to settle in although issues with workload and field trips by the time we reach weeks 3 and 4. Nominations this year opened in Week 0, too early for students to decide what they want to campaign on just coming back after summer. Academic Review Board has talked about appeals and academic appeals for years, it takes an incredibly long time for any issue to be passed through the university structures, however we can make changes a lot easier. University hasn’t fixed their academic year yet, consultation has

DUSA Bye Law 3 will be changed to reflect the results of the motion.

taken more than two years on this issue. Have been trying to change appeals dates but no progress has been made. With regards to School Presidents this would give them more time to get their affairs in order. Perhaps a School Presidents sub-committee could be held earlier than the first SRC. Certain students dealing with appeals may not be eligible to run for SRC due to issues with student status early in the semester so moving dates would allow them to run. Discussion on changing voting dates, but is held online so people can vote off-campus. LLC calculate votes, giving up their Friday evenings to do so and would perhaps not want to give up their Saturdays/Sundays instead but could perhaps be held starting Wednesday as with Exec elections. This will possibly be discussed at future meetings AJ seconded the motion. Motions were voted upon and all three amendments passed. I ask the SRC to vote for a change in the constitution from the original “Bye Law 3.1 (d) states that “Elections to the Student Representative Council will take place in the first 2 weeks of the Academic year beginning in September.” to: “Elections to the Student Representative Council will take place in weeks three and four of the Academic year.” Bye law 3.5 (b) to state that in all elections the single transferable voting (STV) system shall be used (as defined in Newland and Britton 1973) and eliminate Bye law 3.5 (f). Clarifying 3.8 (a) by stating that “Every candidate standing for the Executive and Independent Court Member may present themselves at the hustings.” 6.

Bye Law 6 Changes – Paper C (IM) DUSA bye laws state that disciplinary panels must be held in the evening of an academic day, which means there are often issues with students who work, have classes or other commitments during this time. Especially an issue with university holidays where people can be banned from May right through to September and then be found not guilty. IM would like to see this changed to allow disciplinary panels to occur in the evenings, at weekends and over the holidays. Students will be given the chance to attend more than one hearing and will be given the option of which to attend. Members wondered whether this would increase the workload of Hon Sec but it would be their choice whether they hold the panels at the usual

DUSA Bye Law 6 will be amended to reflect the results of the motion.

time or offer the alternatives. No obligation to offer the others. Would allow panels to be held at any time during the academic day, from 9am until 6pm or afterwards. Amendment to add the words “and time” to the motion. Motion seconded by AJ. Motion voted upon and passed. Bye Law 6, Section 8.5 will be amended from: “Hearings shall take place at no less than once every month throughout the academic year; the regularity of hearings will be deemed appropriate by the Honorary Secretary. Hearings must take place on weekdays and at a time of day outside the academic day.” To: “Hearings shall take place at no less than once every month throughout the academic year and when necessary during university holidays; the regularity and time of hearings will be deemed appropriate by the Honorary Secretary.” 7.

Executive Update – Paper D (Exec) Encouraged support for Sex Week. VPCC has given more structure to DUSA Media that wasn’t there before. Added a hierarchical structure. Not been brought in yet. If members want to help with RAG Week then contact VPSA. Raising money for Tayside Children with Cancer and Leukaemia with Cash for Kids. Specific details of Dep Pres complaints were confidential but can say were from students regarding university staff and course structure. Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds promoted throughout year, an award worked on with the university. Email VPE or Sports Union Pres if have any questions. SU Update Very busy, first week in Sep with Sports Fayre, huge numbers in attendance. Similar situation for Give It a Go where 100 people attended the volleyball. Charity relay was last week. Next week will affiliate handball. In the middle of matric week. In October trying to push Campus Sport, if any School Pres wants to get involved then contact SU Pres.


Election of Vice Chair Stefan Tomov elected Vice Chair with unanimous support from SRC

ST’s role will now include SRC Vice Chair


School Presidents Feedback Processes (RD) Stuart Fitzpatrick, Dep Pres last year is working for UoD this year, DP working with him, David Walker and Lesley McClellan. Trying to improve quality throughout the university, specifically wanting feedback to improve across the campus. Would like all School Presidents to get 6-10 students from first to final year involved in focus groups regarding feedback and assessment. Will happen in October/November.

Dep Pres will send School Presidents the necessary information when timescale has been confirmed.

For first years would like to know what sort of feedback they expect to get and would like to get. School of Environment already run a similar scheme involving students and staff, only meets once every 4-5 years. Psychology also has a similar scheme, trialled with 3 rd years last year and is being extended this year. Similar system could perhaps be used in other schools. For this particular time would prefer no lecturers there and hopefully SF will be able to fill in this role with regards to what is and isn’t possible. Once timescale known then Dep Pres will inform School Presidents. 10. Lecture Theatre Facilities (RD) A lot of issues brought to Learning & Teaching Quality Forum which the Dep Pres sits on regarding the facilities of lecture theatres and classrooms. If any members have any issues regarding these facilities then bring these to the S&F sub-committee which can then be acted upon within the university. 11. University Vision Pete Downes will be giving a presentation at the next SRC regarding university Vision. RD read out Vision document. SRC members can get a copy of document if they wish and can then prepare questions for Pete Downes. MA informed that is a big Vision and it may be difficult to see how you fit into it, but this is a process so if you can’t think of your questions during next meeting then this can be brought to them afterwards, or he can be invited to attend the following SRC. 12. SRC Hoodies (IM) IM will send out email to all members regarding hoodies. All members must check names, positions and emails are all correct as well as provide hoodie size.

Hon Sec will email members asking for details.

13. Photos (IM & AJ) IM requested a digital copy of a member’s photograph for SRC Facebook and AJ requested members bring a physical copy for staff cards. 14

AOCB Issue of word “Hoe” used in DUSA event posters non-members wishes the SRC to open a dialogue on this issue as to whether this is appropriate. Member who works with PR team stated it is the societies and sports teams who come up with the names of events. Law Society apparently had to fight to use the name, and had already changed the poster picture. There could be issues regarding competing message with this and Sexual Health Week running at the same time. “Porno” came to SRC, wasn’t just an issue with the name was also an issue with the clientele that it brought. Motion was to disband the night; and SRC decision was to disband the night. Some members believe it reflects badly on the university to use the word “hoe”. There is a lack of a stance on issues such as this; VPSA would like to work towards changing students opinions towards these events and society’s activities. Members stated that it is the members’ choice of what they wear, the majority will be aware that the word is derogatory. This discussion will continue at the next meeting of the SRC. Equality and Welfare Representative will meet with students, societies and VPCC to discuss the issue and write a motion for the next meeting if necessary. AJ informed members that a consultation will be coming out to all students regarding academic year issues. Please could all members respond to this. Meeting adjourned.

Hon Sec will upload pictures; VPE will arrange staff cards.

SRC Minutes - 25-09-2012  
SRC Minutes - 25-09-2012  

The minutes of the SRC meeting held 25/09/2012, passed at the SRC meeting held 16/10/2012