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Dundee University Students’ Association Student Representative Committee Meeting 27/09/11 at 6pm Attendees: AB, IM, KJ, SS, AJ, KB, AS, GBU, AM, AD, JA, SG, TL, AW, CF, LW, FL, CM, AO, JM, SM, AD, MH, FP, CF, LS, AA, NM, NA, AW, IK, SF, NG, RD, TD, SW, MA, MK Apologies: SB Intro 1. Minutes of previous SRC Change Brett 2.0 to IM Proposer: SF Seconder: IK Passed unanimously 2.

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Changes to Bye Law 5 – RD

Bye Law will be Trying to get accounts and memberships is hard over summer, no accurate changed. account of what societies are still running; this is an amendment which will allow dissolution after one year of no accounts and no AGM mins, also no notification to VPSA of committee members for 2 consecutive years. It will make it easier to close bank accounts, as we can’t actually bring back money to Society Accounts just now, some have been dormant for 5-6 years. It will give societies inventive to fill in accounts and allows DUSA to complete accounts Passed unanimously Bye Law will be No great changes, just lots of little ones to make process simpler ie allowing changed us to email students about disciplinaries instead of having to try and find an up to date home address for them. Little grammar changes as well. Changes to Bye Law 6 – IM

Passed unanimously

Bye Law change re Vice Chair of Board – IK DUSA overseen by board of trustees, 7 internal (the Exec) and 6 external drawn from wide background. Issue came to light because Chair couldn’t make Board and IK had to fill in. Bye law change last year made President Vice-Chair of Board. One of board’s objectives is to oversee Exec so having Preisdent as Vice-Chair is inappropriate. Mentioned at last Board, externals agreed, felt that external member should do so. Will need change to President job description, and bye law change. AJ – Will there be one external member given job? IK – External will hold position for 2 years (their term), same as Chair. Passed unanimously Hon Sec needing volunteers for disciplinary panels – IM Hon Sec needs volunteers to sit on disciplinary panel, hear evidence, question witnesses and make decision re punishment. Will have a training session and complete a shadow shift with customer safety/events staff. Volunteers asked to put name on sheet or email IM. Vote for Vice Chair – AB Nominees: BU – Chaired MUN in past, good experience, wants to participate and help out AB. SG – Some experience, helps administrate organisation with 1200 members, international organisation, based on internet, helps with meetings. AJ – current chair of international company, works as student council chair. AW – worked with SRC and on exec, been to lots of SRC. 3 10 7 7 Sarah Getgood voted as Vice Chair. Much applause and celebration. AOCB SS – SRC boot camp, especially for new people. SF says not in the works yet, getting everyone together been what’s happening, happy to listen to ideas, day/half-day in suitable venue, discuss what people want and any issues, use each others’ experience/ SF will look into getting it together after tonight. NM – Merger? IK – had lots of issues over summer i.e. fees, just as getting

Bye Law and President’s job description will be changed

used to that Mike Russell mentions merger, Principal given letter after leaked re merger. Exec had meeting with Abertay President, will have joint statement released, sent letter to editors of newspapers, First Minister, Mike Russell, Chief Executive of the Scottish Funding Council, both Principals, both chairs of court, outlining opposition, will not benefit universities or Dundee. Initial position on it. Being imposed, highly unusual. Special meeting of Court on Monday, MK and IK sit on it, IK will be opposing it. MA will also be there. All corners of DUSA opposing this. Hasn’t been thought through and rushed ahead. MR went to press today saying merger not only possibility, will be happy with increased collaboration. Very little info came forward. NM – Anything we can do? IK – Yes, try to get SRC to show its teeth, rather than just mandating Exec, incredibly important within DUSA and university, the SRC themselves can act. The more people who speak out the better. Will not always agree with what exec does but if you do will be incredibly useful. We have strong SRC, Abertay don’t. AB – does anyone want to do anything? CF – writing article in Magdalen. AJ – way info came out, too long a gap until next SRC, things could have happened by then, end of next week, not sooner. Could have focus group before next meeting. AW – students need something from Exec/SRC, lots of students clueless. IK – is an article in Magdalen this week, but direct message should help. Tomorrow papers should carry statement tomorrow, evidence not sitting back on issue. Will organise email. TD – from SRC or Exec? IK – Exec AB – agree with AJ? Unanimously people want to set up meeting next week JA – would be logical to get local MSP, Joe Fitzpatrick and Shona Robison have been told that the universities will not be forced into merger says Mike Russell IK – we can invite them. Although assured by Mike Russell, not convinced by what he says. Willing to get in contact then CF – can we make formal complaint IK – university already done so, will carry more weight when principal and chair of court as they were who the letter was addressed to. AW – re meeting next week, open to all students? IK – what are we trying to do? Raise issue or SRC meeting for strategy/campaign, if 2nd them SRC, if 1st then all students. Only worry is that universities not hearing anything directly from government, any discussion in court will be held in confidence. AB – SRC should establish position, but meetings open to all student. Will advise students of meeting FL – will email students re their opinions? IK – will do so. MH – very little we can come to a conclusion on as very little info we can get hold of. SF – as it stands, it’s illegal for government to force 2 universities to merge, but government could legislate for this.

SG – fairly big and successful petition for this, members can sign this and we can get comments from this. Getting statements from all over region IK – SF and IK were getting photos taken today with Hands Off Abertay logo. President of Abertay has invited all other Presidents to sign up to petition and write letters of support. Don’t want to be seen as Dundee issue, is a national issue as other cities have similar issues. Would encourage everyone to sign petition. DUSA have endorsed this petition. Made it a more national issue than just Dundee. IK READ LETTER STATEMENT After statement DUSA will not take more issue until after court as can see what’s going to happen, will we need to step up. Will work with what info becomes available as very little available just now. AJ – possibility for student group to come together? IK – absolutely, is encouraged, more people involved the better, Dundee City Council also passed motion for both institutions to remain separate. Have reached limit of what we can do based on info we have. MH – Abertay seems to be the focus; does that mean they’ll be merged into us? IK – deadline of 31/10/11 says mergers and closer collaboration. Seen that if merger goes ahead Abertay will come worse after merger. We’re larger and more income with research. NG – has copies of manifesto, will pass them round. IK – no official update, at board last night working with national representation, especially with St Andrews to look at picture of HE. Neither of us in NUS, can lack their size but pulling resources is a good way forward. Also RUK fees debate (£9000) working against university on that, trying to get things back for the students re bursaries for students so they can still come to university. Also ran Freshers Week, Welcome Week, Nightline, VPSA running RAG Week which is looking brilliant, engaging with community re C4K, ran SRC elections, academic appeals, Students Matters, Magdalen, Societies Matters. From now will get bullet pointed list from us re activities. IK – agenda tonight put together by Exec, will not be the case going forward, IM has blank template. AB – Any matters relating to university get in contact and will get discussed at next SRC. AB – School Pres got any Qs? AW – class reps becoming hard to train, nightmare for Presidents to find people who know what they’re doing. SF – spoke briefly about this before meeting began. Re raising class reps SF can come along and get people to nominate themselves. We can do our best to raise general awareness. Some people ready to get people together to go to SPARQS to get training organised. Provide SF with list of class reps and he’ll sort out training.

SM – Within his school has issue contacting members. Rarely gets feedback from school secretaries SF – if needs work he can liaise with them and Lesley McLellan to get people to do so. Meeting tomorrow will speak re this. AD – restructuring modules from 4 year courses to 3 year courses, will have more info next meeting IK – university will encourage entry at level 2 for RUK. Looks like long running goal is to make all degrees 3 years in future. No analysis or anything as it is a long term goal. No details as to how it is to be implemented. A lot of courses it may be possible but ruins Scottish experience of 4 years. Are some schools that offer this already. Nothing that can really be updated. Been decreed that it will happen, Sabbaticals sit on committees etc so will work to make sure does not damage learning as well as experience. Extra curricular things could fall by the wayside, possibility of burnt out students. NA – What is the fees structure for Dundee? IK – different from Aberdeen and Edinburgh. £9000 a year up to max of £27000. Encouraged to come to 2nd year or 3 year degree programme. Not quite buy one get one free or full whack £9000 a year. CF – central timetabling. Just came from college board, been an issue again, not been fixed. Need examples of when it doesn’t go write so can feed to staff to. AM – need more room for things, using lecture theatres for tutorials not working. NG – at e-learning forum, staff are aware of this it was a bit chaotic. What staff wanted is real feedback. Could members put this in writing so can then be fed to committees. AA – Dalhousie used by different things for different purposes, lots of rooms being booked when empty, other rooms full of people but can’t move to bigger rooms. NG – again, put in writing, can complain. AJ – universal marking scheme? SF – already being looked at, generalised idea of good marking being put together, first results being looked at by working group. Once different courses get back then things can move forward. Next meeting of group within next fortnight, will get mentioned at next SRC. IK – could be long-term goal but university has actually paid attention so should go through a lot sooner than expected. By end of next semester hope to have something written down.

AB – raising profile of SRC? Struggled in the past in this area. SS – meant to be voice of students, why don’t similar positions meet and discuss their issues with students, publicise when and where. IK – 2 subcommittees, S&F and L&T, Without Portfolios also go and Exec. Issues can be discussed at these. AD – lockers installed in Dalhousie, what is the procedure for getting this started in other schools. Are exec aware of this? SF – Humanities based in Tower, will see if all students can use these. AD – due to security reasons not encouraging lockers but there are now some. AA – people at reception quite decent at getting them rented. Teachers use them. Receptionists very nice. AD – are there spare lockers from ISE refurb? IK – will look into this AJ – has DUSA submitted anything re fees IK – at court was discussed, very little to add as had already been interviewed re this. Was felt strongly by Brian Cox that all universities should be allowed to elect rector, these are great as impartial spokespeople. BU – getting the word out re awareness. Start some kind of forum, get the word out re getting people to come speak with them. This will encourage getting people to get involved. AB – should interlink with each other directly and, DUSA can help out with this. BU – could make official with SRC, could make it more official. SF – open to all suggestions re raising profile of SRC whether takes the form of online forum, physically meeting people in certain places at certain times. All for anything which raises profile, happy to discuss with individual members re this. Across the board for everyone here. SM – library opening times IK – meeting with library recently, recognise need longer hours over summer and weekend. Tied into current contracts with staff so can’t change straight away. Will get back when date known. 8.30-2.30 7 days a week term time, 2 nd semester as when contracts change.

SRC Minutes - 2011-09-27  

Bye Law will be changed Bye Law will be changed. 2. Changes to Bye Law 5 – RD No great changes, just lots of little ones to make process sim...

SRC Minutes - 2011-09-27  

Bye Law will be changed Bye Law will be changed. 2. Changes to Bye Law 5 – RD No great changes, just lots of little ones to make process sim...