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Dundee University Students’ Association Student Representative Committee Meeting 24/01/12 at 6pm Attendees: IM, KJ, AJ, KB, AS, GBU, SB, SM, AWright, AS, CF, FL, CM, SM, AD, FP, ET, IK, SF, NG, RD, JM, TD, SW, MA, MK Apologies: AWaldron, AO, OS, MH, NA, LW, SG 1.

Minutes of Previous SRC – Paper A Proposer - IK Seconder – RD Minutes approved


Wireless in Halls Motion – Paper B AD – Current policy to not allow wifi in halls. Regressive considering how much stuff uses wifi. DUSA and SRC should support wifi cloud in halls without the assumption of guilt that we have right now. Would increase satisfaction considering how much folk pay for halls. NG – Really good idea, but number of issues. Costly, £100K+ to install it. Security and infrastructure would need to be put in place. AD – But could at least make an effort to see how much it would cost. FP – How much is the demand? AD – Needs port for it, lots of new tech doesn’t have this, also stops people using multiple devices. SM – Is it the uni who provides access or 3rd party? AD – Provided by uni, but do not know if sub-contracted. IK – entire residences are run by Sanctuary. Connection overseen by ICS, any negotiations would have to be with Sanctuary. They are reluctant people to deal with with regards to cost. DUSA and SRC can go to residences officer and Sanctuary and put forward argument and say it is what the students want. Tenants should be able to ask for these things but need to be realistic with regards to cost. AD – Could be easier if students allowed to install their own router, these are

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Paper A

protected themselves and then still go through the uni’s network. NG – Problem is that not everyone would put a password on router, which would allow anyone to access the information. AD – There are ways to stop this happening; students could be advised on how to do this. CF – Didn’t really mind not using wifi, but Ethernet could was too short, need longer cables. AD – They will give you a longer cable if you ask. KJ – was allowed to use her own cable. AJ – Sanctuary run QM and Glasgow, and they have wifi. If they do it elsewhere then why not here. FP – But don’t want to see the cost handed down to students because already so expensive. IK – Don’t see why we can’t ask, is compelling reasons to do so. Infrastructure and cost more of an issue than security. AD – could be less expensive to educate students on using their own wifis NG – Kircaldy already have wifi, but because they don’t have it on campus, also possibly waiting for cost to fall. IK -could be brought up in eLearning forum and uni secretary. IK Seconder Yes – 24 Passed unanimously IK, SF and NG to look into this. Residences Funding Motion – Paper C TD – Illian Stefanov is student support worker for halls student, has been working on this for some time. A lot of unis, Leeds in particular, for an extra few pence per day can pay for a lunch in Freshers’ Week. Can have the meal in DUSA so that money gets invested into DUSA rather than 3rd party. Motion would allow all students to have lunch during Freshers, along with Student support, funding unit, careers services, exec etc to have lunch with them and introduce the students to all the services available to them. In Leeds since this was introduced decreased counselling levels, dropout rates etc. MA – Been any indication about what the optimum size is for these lunches? TD – IS and Andrew Brodie (Catering Development Manager at DUSA) can do catering in 5-7 days for every student. AD – As a support assistant can say there is there is a big problem for some students in Freshers, lots transfer or drop out within weeks of arriving. IS’s research has been very thorough and lots of students prefer this to just clubbing. Let’s students see who to contact. ??FIRST YEAR – Would be a great idea to get students to bond. AD – Gives students alternative to going out. IM Seconder Yes – 23

Paper A

Abstain – 1 Passed. Exec Update – Paper D IK – Highlighted key issues as opposed to listing every single meeting. VPCampaigns organised Inspire lecture series, posters on campus. JM – Next Tuesday Mark Buckland coming – author, lecturer, MD of Cargo Publishing, very informal, he will tell people how he got to where he is. Would be a good contact for anyone interested in getting into media. IK – Before Xmas mentioned planning for Inspire project, event which will tie in with Olympics, planning application has been sent and was approved so have the brand. Detailed planning now underway. SF – Called Dundee Celebration 2012: One Day Many Celebrations. Cultural and sporting events, Olympic and Paralympic. Going to emphasise the other side of the games, culture, teamwork etc rather than just competition. Only a few projects in Scotland got the mark, only us and RGU got it in unis. IK – Election time, people can come in and speak to incumbents and then apply using online form. SF – Need someone to sit on election liaison committee, exec, and returning officers. Acts as overseeing body for election, checks rules etc. Candidates can bring issues to committee and can solve problems. FP – Time commitment? SF – Next meeting on the 24th, for an hour, will cover candidate’s briefing, 12.45. IK – Meetings happen as and when you need them. CM – Eden Springs? IK – Waiting for procurement window to open, Will be in April. SMT aware of issue from last time, will raise the issue again next time meet with SMT. They are aware of opposition and when procurement. CM – Bursaries for clearings students? IK – Finance and Policy Meeting was raised by multiple people, so has been sent back to student operations. Has been a further meeting, people still not happy. IK had it minuted that clearings students need these bursaries as they often are the ones who need then. Timeframe will be immediate as UCAS already processing applications. Will need to be passed at Court, next meeting at the end of Feb. CM – 5 Year Strategy. IK – Approved at Board last night, Will be discussed at next SRC and Development Committee next week. Need to discuss how objectives will be achieved. MA – Inspire – One City, Many Discoveries link, could be problems? SW – Is an open event for the whole Dundee community. Title has been approved by people in Scotland and hasn’t been flagged up as an issue. Will hoping community will get involved, is the week before Varsity so Abertay

Paper A

will hopefully get involved. Would be more than happy to get the Partnership involved. IK – DUSA involved in cultural side of it, will be working with societies. Want to get wider community involved to tie them in with the work the uni does. First planning meeting last week, already been to uni management, they like the ides but need to try get funding from them, we will do the work and don’t want them to take the credit. AOCB AD – Diplomats@Dundee applied for EU grant in September, got funding and aim to bring 100 people to Dundee for 3 day conference. Would be happy to talk with anyone about this, DUSA and School of Humanities are partners. 31st of March to FOURTH?? Of April. IK – If we can try and use the events to widen students’ perspectives and try and build upon events over the next few years. AD – Hopefully there will be people in the future to take this initiative on. RD – AD has put a lot of work into it. IM – Development S-C next Tuesday at 5.30, in this room. SF – Richard Parsons wants to set up committee to look at renovation of ground floor of the library to look at other libraries and see how they utilize space. First trip will be Aberdeen in February. Email if interested in taking part.

SRC Minutes - 24-01-2012  

Proposer - IK Seconder – RD Minutes approved AD – Current policy to not allow wifi in halls. Regressive considering how much stuff uses wifi...

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