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amalgamated facilities management

Introduction Mr. Darren Etasse Qualified Energy Assessor

Qualified Low Carbon Building Consultant

Energy Survey


The cost of capital investments required to reduce energy consumption are zero to low on average of Commercial Buildings in the Channel Islands are poorly controlled” “IS OUR BUILDING TURNED OFF AT NIGHT AND AT WEEKENDS?” “ARE WE PAYING TO MUCH FOR ELECTRIC, GAS & OIL”



Monitor & Meter your building 90% of commercial buildings only have 1x meter

Systems such as edd:e can emulate standard electrical meters for each individual circuit

Reduce your power consumption One PC in standby mode left on for 7 days would cost ÂŁ60. per year

Many older buildings are not fitted with heat pump tariffs or meters

One photocopier left on per annum outside office hours would cost ÂŁ180. per year An intel panel will switch off all other power sources connected to it once the desk user logs off at night

Control your building There are 10 public holidays per annum – Are your building control systems programmed to turn off equipment during these dates

What are other Companies doing? Comments based upon financial and carbon savings achieved between 3 – 12 months, after energy survey being carried out : “As well as reducing our carbon footprint, we are also seeing substantial cost savings of around £250 per week, which is just amazing “

Mark Thompson KPMG.

“Our survey identified the need for a new boiler and improved controls, which has achieved an annual saving of £5,000.00 per annum for the group, which represents a benefit both to the environment and our bottom line”

Baz Love Bachman Group. “Following our survey we actioned the recommended changes and found the following savings of £12,000.00 on oil, £15,000.00 on electric and £6,000.00 on air conditioning all within the 1styear” Gordon Steele Guernsey Post.

“The survey was beneficial for enhancing the efficiency of the hotel and the way we manage our facilities, we’ve since reduced our heating

30%”. Michael Conrad - Pickles Healthspan Group

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Manage Promote an energy champion or outsource the management of your energy

amalgamated facilities management Taking care of your working environment

amalgamated facilities management presentation  
amalgamated facilities management presentation  

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