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The Puck Stops Here Hockey Mom Rant

By Diane Sokoloski

In girls minor hockey, it is the exciting time of play-offs and play-downs. If Charles Dickens had a kid playing hockey, he might have written the following instead of A Tale of Two Cities: It was the best of games, it was the worst of games, it was a season of wisdom, it was a season of foolishness, it was the first period of hope, it was the overtime of despair, the players had everything before them, they had nothing before them, the parents are all going direct to Heaven, they are all going direct the other way.

sleek black cat with only three toes on each of his front paws and a fondness for boxing with anyone who comes near. Our original cats Mickey and Pumpkin are not impressed with Alfred. Eating schedules have been interrupted and litter box supremacy is now in question. Tension and bad kitty vibes are in the air. If Alfred, Mickey and Pumpkin were the forward line on a cat hockey team, the coach would bag skate them because they are not making an effort to work together. C’mon gang.

My daughter has played hockey for the last seven years and I still can’t figure out which games are LLFHL playoffs and which games are provincial play-downs, so don’t ask. This is a shout out to the Sinclair Celtics. In three days the Sinclair Secondary School girls hockey team, for the first time ever, will be on a bus to Stratford to participate in the OFSAA championships. Go Celtics.

Cat Owner Tip #1: When approaching your skittish new cat who is momentarily in a state of repose with the other two cats in the house, do not think you can keep the peace by carefully tip toeing over the skittish cat, because he will twitch his tail just as your foot is about to touch the ground, and cause an irreversible chain reaction whereby, to avoid stepping on his tail you stumble into the closest wall and then careen off the opposite wall, causing the cat food and water dishes to spin in all directions (along with the three hissing cats) and the big toe on your left foot embeds itself in the dish of Funky Chunky Tuna Pate.

On Valentine’s Day, common sense left our house permanently, and we acquired a third cat. Alfred J. Black Cat Pennyworth (Batman fans will appreciate our homage to the butler) was originally found by wonderful Sheena the intrepid cat rescuer who runs Sheena’s Groom Room in Brooklin, Ontario. Alfred is a friendly,

Happy hockey and kitty cat dreams to all.

Bring Back The Game Free Golf Clinic for the differently abled at The Abilities Centre March 29, 2016 Todd Keirstead and a committee of second-year Durham College Sports Management/Administration Program students have come together for a series of Golf Clinics on March 29 from 9 am to 5 pm Todd Keirstead, PGA member, golf entertainer, motivational speaker and founder of Bring Back The Game is the leader in promoting and empowering all individuals including the differently able to the game of golf! Bring Back The Game shows that golf is a sport for everyone regardless of age, gender or level of physical or mental ability




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RAISING HULL The Night Chicago OPDL Eastern League Division Stadium Fell Silent Champions Submitted by Whitby Iroquois Soccer

By: Troy Hull

OPDL, the Ontario Player Development League, is Canadian engine soccer’s first standards-based youth Engine No. 9 going down the high performance league that combines top level Chicago Line!!! competition with strict high performance training standards. This exciting youth high performance I alwaysisthought thiscomponent was symbolic my Uncle program an important of theof overall movement to adopt the core principles of Long Term Bob, BOBBY HULL. Player Development (LTPD) across soccer at large in My Uncleand wasCanada. like a locomotive, he was clocked at skating Ontario 29.7 MPH and his amazing slap shot at 118.3 MPH. The Golden Jet started his glamorous career in Chicago in 1957 In order to participate, clubs must forwhen a licence and by 1961 was a star player in theapply playoffs Chicago and meet strict criteria that show themselves be player won the Stanley Cup. My Uncle continued to be to a key with Chicago for some later but to seebest. another worthy of training andyears developing thenever province’s Stanley Cup.Iroquois Soccer Club is one of twenty soccer The Whitby clubs across Ontario who have been awarded a licence In the early ‘70’s Bobby would change the way professional to operate this were high performance teams to hockey players treated by theleague. ownersOPDL by ‘defecting’ have a base level of training intensity and rigour akin the WHA. The 1st million dollar player. Billy Wirtz, the owner of Chicago Blackhawks, banned my Uncle thetheir Stadium to professional soccer environments thatfrom mean for quitenot some time. Wirtz was known be Bull but players only compete against thetobest, butHeaded train like I think heAnd metimportantly, his match with my Uncle. wasn’t until the best. teams are notItpromoted orDecember 18 1983 that my Uncle returned to his Home Ice to relegated the see his #9 from retired in OPDL. front of his family and fans, this was the same year in New York that he became a member of the SportsisHall of Fame. Entry decided on by the quality of the club, not the results on the field, allowing coaches to focus purely on Billy Wirtz passed away September 26 2007 leaving ownership to his son Peter who then turned the team over to his brother Rocky. Rocky made some major changes and

player development. The Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club’s 2001 Girls train year round with technical and tactical sessions along with fitness conditioning. The team had a stellar season travelling throughout the province to match up with other OPDL licenced clubs. The girls finished the season as OPDL Eastern League Division Champions. They ever. hired Dale Talon as General Manager, his best decision Boththe Rocky and Dale to agreed that in having my Uncle Bob and had opportunity compete the Ontario Soccer Stan Makita as Ambassadors the Blackhawks would get Association’s first ever CharityofShield Game which the fans back to the Stadium. However, getting the Golden matched the East Whitby, Billy with Wirtz. the It is Jet back would notDivision be easy,Winner, he still resented West Division Winner, Burlington. The Whitby team said that at this time Dale called my other Uncle, Dennis, also dominated match fromoffering beginning winning a star playerthe with Chicago, himtoa end, position too. My Uncle Dennis,rights the comedian, Dale ‘ I will coach all ahome the bragging of overalltold OPDL champion, with gamesofas4-0. long as they are played in Cobourg’ his neighborscore ing town. Guessing that didn’t work out for Dennis. The looking forward the upcoming season. My team Uncleisfinally agreed to to terms with the management Their success hashis proven to be with motivating the five in and would start new career Chicagofor Blackhawks 2007. Whitby The firstIroquois home game the fallthat of 2007 mythe Uncle Bob other OPDLinteams share walked into the new Stadium, held high, as should same training philosophy and head training ground as ittheir be. He entered his press box with Stan and there was dead peers. WISC continues to strive to be a leader in the silence in the Stadium. It is said that my Uncle asked Stan OPDL delivery forturned all others learn from and strive ‘who died?’ Stan to histolongtime teammate andto said ‘ emulate. Congratulations the Whitby Iroquois Soccer The LEGEND’ just walked in.toI think 2 LEGENDS attended the first home game. continued success for the future. Club and wishing The Golden Jet can add 2 more Stanley Cups to his ever amazing resume.

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Warm Temperatures Can be Dangerous to Grades! After a long winter indoors, the warm temperatures and sunny days can be major distractions for students, making it challenging to stay focused on schoolwork. According to Oxford Learning, there is still time to get better grades. In the time left, students have the opportunity to make improvements before the final report card. There are still end-of-year projects, group work, homework, and final exams that can help students to bring up their grades, but students need to remain focused on school in order to do this. Oxford Learning suggests parents make sure that their children are not daydreaming about summer and offers these tips to help students of all ages stay focused on school: 1. Dust Off That Agenda. Agendas have kept students organized throughout the school year and now is not the time to leave them forgotten in lockers or at the bottom of a school bag. Need to renew the drive to succeed? Flip through the agenda for a reminder of everything that has been achieved so far this year. 2. Work Towards a Goal. It’s easy to coast for the rest of the year, but rather than slacking, set a goal and work towards it. Whether it is by fine-tuning study skills or

pulling up a math grade, having a goal to work towards makes staying on task easy. 3. Take On Extra Credit Projects. Talk to teachers about bonus projects or assignments. Teachers look favourably on students who make an effort, and this is especially important when it comes to creating final report cards. 4. Make Better Grades Your Mantra. To get better grades you have to do the work. To do the work, you have to be motivated, which is challenging this time of year. Create daily reminders of what the goal is—write “I want better grades” in your agenda, put it on post its by your bed, and repeat it to yourself while walking the dog. The more you say it, the more you’ll believe it! 5. Get Extra Help. End-of-year projects and exams can stress even the most organized students. Enlist the help of a professional tutor to help manage current workload, stay motivated, and learn helpful tips to make studying for finals stress-free! For more information about spring learning or any of Oxford Learning’s amazing programs, contact the Oxford Learning location nearest you today!


DON’T LEAVE SUCCESS TO CHANCE All Ages. All Grades. All Subjects.

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The Importance of Practice By: Anthony Cornacchia, Edge Hockey Academy Players must realize how important it is to attend practice regularly! Don’t just tolerate a practice – have fun and enjoy the learning process! The term ‘practice’ is used to convey that regular exercise of an activity or skill is the way to become proficient in it, especially when encouraging someone to persist. Practice is the time to introduce new drills, skills, tactics, and game concepts. It is a place to be with your friends and teammates, learn about their strengths and playing style, and become a team and form a cohesive bond. Coaching is an essential part of practices. A coach’s responsibilities for practices is very important: they keep practices current and players engaged. The quality and intensity of the practice is also as important. There needs to be a proper plan set up with a variety of drills to concentrate and focus on skills development. Coachto-player ratio should be kept low to maintain proper skills development and instruction. Youth athletes shouldn’t focus all of their time in the game of hockey. Athletes need to be well-rounded. You must develop skills through specific age and progression stages. You don’t need to focus and concentrate on one specific sport year round. Many youth players participate in multiple sports and activities in order to achieve elite level status. – disconnected thought process Youth athletes shouldn’t focus all of their time in the game of hockey: they must be well-rounded individuals who participate in a multitude of sports and activities in order to achieve elite level status. An elite athlete has developed and cultivated their skills through specific age and progression stages.




Ray Meyer, a Hall of Fame basketball coach at DePaul University in Illinois, has stated, “Practice does not make the athlete. It is the quality and intensity of the practice that makes the athlete, not just repeating practicing.” Practice is a key element of transformation. If you are going to practice towards a progressive and transformative outcome, then you should be fully committed and put your best effort forward. Quality and intensity of a practice outweigh quantity and mediocrity! The old adage holds true: practice makes perfect. Practicing is simply the only way to get better. No matter how hard you practice a particular task, you can only become so good at it, or, in some cases, remain so mediocre based on your commitment to practice. Remember to practice smart, practice hard, and have fun!! Gain the EDGE on your competition... Get EDGEucated!



Summer Hockey Camps Private & Small Group Skills Training


Semi-Private Skating & Skills Development

July 4-8

August 8-12

Specialized Advanced Forward & Defence

Specialized Advanced Forward & Defence

August 15-19

July 11-15

Pre-Season, Skating, Skills & Scoring

Junior Sniper Skating, Shooting and Scoring

August 22-26

July 18-22

Exclusive Elite Pre-Season Conditioning

Defence ONLY Camp

July 25-29

August 29-Sept 1


GET #EDGEucated Visit www.edgehockey.ca to Register

Edge Hockey Academy is the Official Skills Development Coach for the Oshawa Generals of the OHL and

Official Development Academy for the following:





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Ready Set Go For the 2016 Lady Blue Knights Rep Tryouts With spring in the air, and the new season in sight, hundreds of young potential players are preparing for the 2016 Rep field lacrosse Lady Blue Knight tryouts for their respective Rep Teams. The Oshawa Lady Blue Knight Rep Teams compete in the Ontario Women’s Field Lacrosse League. Elite level players can be seen training in gyms and taking advantage of the mild weather and various preseason camps to work on their skills in preparation for the 2016 tryouts. The Lady Blue Knight Tryouts are for both Elite Level and Competitive Level Teams in the Under 11, U13, U15 and U19 age divisions. 2016 Tryouts are held indoors at the Oshawa Civic Field House at the following dates and times:


U11 U13 U15 U19

One Time Fee $45 $50 $55 $60 April 2 Saturday


April 3 Sunday

-------- 12-2pm 12-2pm 10am-12

April 6 Wednesday

-------- 6-8pm ------- 8-10pm


11am-1pm 11am-1pm

April 7 Thursday -------- 7-8pm ------- ------April 16 Saturday 11am-1pm --------



Attending tryouts are players returning from playing Rep in previous seasons or players making the leap from the Blue Knight house league program. Even players with no lacrosse experience, but with athletic experience from other sports can be seen attending tryouts in hopes of playing Rep Lacrosse with the Lady Blue Knights. Tessa Chad, a former Lady Blue Knight and U19 Team Canada World Champion Player who currently plays with Canisius College NCAA Division 1 in Buffalo, New York, knows a thing or two about the benefits of trying out for Rep lacrosse. In the words of Tess’s mother, Dawne, “ the Lady Blue Knights Rep lacrosse experience was instrumental in preparing Tessa to be a Student/ College Athlete. Tessa’s coaches and program director Barb Boyes run a professional program. In addition to developing high level technical skills, the program provided a disciplined environment that grows character, respect and leadership traits.” Although this is a stressful time of year for most, Dawne Chad commented that players of all skill level can be encouraged through Tessa’s tryout experience, “Players may not always make the highest level the first time around. When Tessa first tried out for Rep, she made the competitive team and after working hard for a season and during the off season, Tessa made the leap the next year at tryouts to the Elite team in her age group.” More information about tryouts can be found at www.ladyblueknights.ca. We are looking forward to seeing you at tryouts. Come ready and good luck to all.


Durham | Totalsportsalliance.com

Tessa Chad U19Elite Lady Blue Knights Rep Team)


Hockey CA M P Powered by:

AUGUST 22ND-26TH, 2016


The Oshawa Generals are proud to present the annual Future All-Stars Hockey Camp. The Future All-Stars Hockey Camp will cater to players of all levels. With an emphasis placed on skating and skill development, each player will be placed in a positive atmosphere with current Oshawa Generals players and coaches to help ensure improvement in all areas of their game. For a complete listing of all the benefits you will receive when you attend the Future All-Stars Hockey Camp, please visit...


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The Love of the Game character traits such as perseverance, if your going through a slump in softball or challenges in life you have to work to get out of it in order to succeed again”.

www.whitbyeagles.ca Softball has been such an important piece to the puzzle of my life so far. As a current player and coach this sport has positively impacted my life in ways that I never imagined possible, and that got me questioning whether others shared the same feelings as I do. I took the time to speak to current and former players of the Whitby Eagles Association to find out what their love for the game of softball is and what it has taught them in life thus far. Samantha Sawyer aka Sammy Sosa: Mite, 9yrs old, 4 years of Baseball, first year of Softball. “My love for the game is sliding, hitting, the fans and teammates cheering and also pitching. It has taught me that that there is no I in team, and that it takes a team to win not only in a game but in life it self”. Elise Marco aka Marco: Minor Squirt, 9yrs old, 6 years of Baseball, first year or Softball. “I love the feeling of making a really great hit or making a really great play. Softball has taught me that you can’t be the best at everything but you can always work really hard to make improvements happen”. Payton Bishop aka Payt: Major Squirt, 11yrs old, Played Softball for 4 years and counting. “I like softball because it is fun, I like to hit, run the bases, and i like to field. Softball has taught me how to work with others, and if you want to improve on something you have to put in the work”. Olivia Shaddick aka Fruitloops: Minor Novice, 12yrs old, Played Softball for 8 years and counting. “I chose to play softball because I wanted to be different and from then on softball has been the sport for me. I love everything about it! Softball has taught me that i will always need my teammates”. Lauryn Bishop aka Lolo: Major Novice, 14yrs old, Played Softball for 7 years and counting. “ I love being with my teammates and have such a passion for the game and experience a thrill when I am on the diamond. I think softball has taught me a lot of


Durham | Totalsportsalliance.com

Kelsey Statchuk aka Kels: Bantam, 15yrs old, Player Softball for 12 years and counting. “The competition, the excitement, the tension between 2 teams. Making great plays which boosts your confidence. Striking out a batter to end the game. Making urge last play to win the game. To be a team player, to know that you win and lose as a team not an individual. Always give the right attitude and effort when you show up to play or practice. Practice makes perfection, the way you practice IS the way you’ll play. Samantha MacCallum aka Sammie: Intermediate, 19 yrs old, Played softball for 13 years and counting “ I love the atmosphere of the game and the feeling of driving up to the ball park ready to give everything. Softball has taught me how to be more confident on and off the field”. Shannon Davidson aka Baby Davey: Senior, 22 years old, Played softball for 15 years and counting. “ I love playing softball because to me it’s more than just a game, it encourages a healthy active lifestyle, you develop a widespread of skills that transfer into everyday life situations and you meet lifelong friends who have the same motivation and goals as you do. Softball has taught me how to accept and acknowledge failure, whether its going 0-4 at bat, losing a championship game, or getting cut from a team. It’s okay to fail, and many of us will in our life time, its how we accept failure, and make those adjustments to succeed. Shelby Lia aka Lia: Coach of Minor Novice team, 23 years old, Played Softball for 15 years. “ The importance of detail and overall mental strategy of the game is my love for softball. Softball; being a game of failure has taught me how to be mentally tough and how to persevere through all of life’s challenges”. Melissa Sawyer aka Frita: Former Player, 40 years old, 25 years of Softball. “I loved going and hanging out with my teammates, the support, the cheering, the feeling of being apart of a team and family environment. I loved everything about the sport. Softball has taught me how to work as a team and to get along with people no matter who they were or where they came from”. Bonnie lee Davidson aka Bondawg: Assistant Coach Senior team Semi Retired Player, 56yrs old, 46 years of

Softball. “I loved the challenge of laying out for those line drives, short hoppers and slow rollers, making plays that only i could make. The rush of stealing any bag, face in the dirt slides, ripped knee caps and raspberried thighs. The confidence that one owns at the plate, the adrenaline rush of beating out the throw, and knowing your team depended on you. Softball has taught me intestinal fortitude, patience, respect for myself and others, the self worth of being a part of a team and the desire to keep it’s drive alive. Rosemary Theriault aka Rosie: Former Player, Coach of Senior team, and Founder of Whitby Eagles Association. “29 yrs old” (my guess somewhere between 65 and 70 but looks, feels and acts 29) Played recreationally has been involved in coaching competitively for 40 years and counting. “My love of the game is the game itself and the people you meet along the way. Softball has taught me some great life lessons. it has taught me in order to be successful in all aspects of life, you have to respect the game, respect the rules, respect your teammates and most of all respect yourself”.

These current and former players have just scratched the surface on the many betterments that one can develop and learn from playing. It is safe to say that no matter what age, or how experienced a player is in this sport, Softball has and will continue to grace

many with friends that become more like family, open up opportunities and options in education, introduce new people and cultures from around the world, teach players how to fall and get back up again, develop passion, love, and hard work. Softball is and always will be an influential sport in so many ways, and one thing I can say for sure is that those that have had and will have the privilege of playing this sport, will always have and feel a Love for the Game.

Whitby Warriors Junior C Under New Management for 2016 Season For the first time since the team moved from West Durham in 2011, the Whitby Warriors will be without a familiar face. Gary Mark, a former Junior A Warrior, has stepped aside to concentrate on personal goals and has handed over the team to a former player along with an up and coming Coach/GM in the Whitby organization. Gary has spent the last 5 seasons promoting the game of Lacrosse through the Warriors and his own website lacrosseinsidethegame.com, but feels the timing is right to make the transition. The Warriors, who composed a record of 46-49-1 under Mark’s leadership, are looking to get back to the top end of the standings after a couple of disappointing seasons in 2014-2015. Taking over will be Jason Wiswell who has spent over 20 years as an official at the Junior-Major level and has also been coaching his way up through the Whitby Minor Lacrosse system with much success. Jason will take over as the Warriors’ new Head Coach and General Manager and looks to make an immediate mark in 2016. Wiswell will be joined by former player Danny LaFontaine who hung them up after the 2013 season. LaFontaine will be assisting as Coach and GM and will also be working behind the scenes on promoting and marketing the team through website and social media vehicles. On the bench with Wiswell and LaFontaine is Paul Gilligan, a former player as well. He will be returning for his second year as assistant coach for the team.




Concussed, Concussed, or or not not concussed–that concussed–that is is the the Question Question By Diane Sokoloski By Diane Sokoloski

CONCUSSION: a type of traumatic brain injury caused by CONCUSSION: a type of the traumatic brain by a bump, blow, or jolt to head or by ainjury hit tocaused the body a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and that themovement head and brain to move forth.causes This fast can cause the quickly back and forth. This fast movement can cause brain to bounce around or twist in the the brain to bounce around changes or twist in in the the skull, creating chemical skull, creating chemical changes in the brain and sometimes stretching and brain andthe sometimes damaging brain cells.stretching and damaging the brain cells. From the Concussion Information Sheet (www.cdc.gov/traumaticbraininjury/) From the Concussion Information Sheet (www.cdc.gov/traumaticbraininjury/)

A few years ago the Whitby Girls Hockey A few years ago the Whitbya Girls Hockey Association implemented concussionAssociation implemented a concussiontesting program involving A and AA testing program involving A and AA teams from Peewee to Midget. Every teams from Peewee to Midget. Every season these teams participate in season in baseline these testing teams with theparticipate professionals baseline testing with the professionals from the Chiropractic Wellness and from the Chiropractic Wellness Rehabilitation (CWR) Health Clinicsand in Rehabilitation (CWR) Health in Oshawa. The intention of theClinics baseline Oshawa. The intention of the baseline testing is to help players and families better assess testing is tosohelp players families better assess concussions treatment canand begin as quickly as possible concussions so treatment can begin as quickly as possible and players can return to the game they love. and players can return to the game they love. Dr. Patricia Riley DC, MHSc, BKin and Dr. Kristopher Dr. Patricia Riley are DC, concussion MHSc, BKin and Dr. Kristopher Edwards DC, BHKin management providers Edwards DC, BHKin are concussion management providers at CWR Health Clinics. at CWR Health Clinics. What is Baseline Concussion Testing? What is Baseline Concussion Testing? ❚ this type of testing allows us to have a ‘snapshot’ of a ❚ this typebrain. of testing allows us to have a ‘snapshot’ of a player’s player’s brain. ❚ testing is done prior to the occurrence of a new or initial ❚ testing is done prior to the occurrence of a new or initial head injury head injury ❚ should a player sustain a concussion, or suspect that ❚ should sustain concussion, or suspect that one hasa player occurred, we are-test the player’s abilities one has occurred, we re-test the player’s abilities and compare the post-injury scores to the pre-injury and compare the post-injury scores to the pre-injury (baseline) scores. (baseline) scores. ❚ Team or individual testing can be completed ❚ Team or individual testing can be completed



The testing process with CWR consists of players rotating The testing process CWRa) consists of players rotating to different testing with stations: a balance/postural sway to different testing stations: a) a balance/postural sway assessment, b) a neurocognitive (memory, reaction assessment, b) time, a neurocognitive (memory, reaction processing speed, attention/ time, processing speed, test attention/ concentration) computerized called concentration) computerized test called ImPACT. and c) a vision assessment. ImPACT. and c) a vision assessment. Does this kind of baseline testing work? Does this kindand of baseline testingplaying work? Aly Jassani his hockey Aly Jassani and his hockey playing daughter Ema, have nothing but praise daughter haveconcussion nothing but testing praise for the Ema, WGHA’s for the WGHA’s concussion testing program. One month after a hit during a program. One month after a hit during a game, Ema exhibited severe headaches game, Ema exhibited severe headaches and dizziness. The symptoms were and dizziness. symptoms puzzling becauseThe Jassani who hadwere not puzzling because Jassani who Ema had had not seen the game, was told that seen the game, was told that Ema had gotten right up after the hit and appeared gotten after theone hit and appeared fine atright the up time. No including the fine at the time. No one including the doctor at the walk-in clinic associated doctor at the walk-in clinic associated the headaches with the hit. More weeks the headaches with the hit.a More weeks passed with no resolution. One doctor gave prescription passed with no resolution. One doctor gave a prescription and another doctor told Ema that chronic headaches were and another doctor told Ema that chronic headaches were a sign of stress. a sign of stress. Jassani asked parents who had attended the game for more Jassani who had attended the game for more details asked aboutparents the collision. “One dad said that Ema was details about the collision. “One dad said that Ema was rocked. The same dad suggested it may be a concussion rocked. The same dad suggested it may be a concussion because his daughter experienced similar symptoms. because hisEdwards daughter experienced similar symptoms. I called Dr. who had done her baseline testing Iduring calledthe Dr.previous Edwardsseason,” who had done her baseline testing says Jassani. during the previous season,” says Jassani. Dr. Edwards conducted the testing and Ema failed her Dr. Edwards conducted the testing andJassani Ema is failed her baseline test by 25 points. Concussion. grateful baseline test by 25 points. Concussion. Jassani is grateful for the baseline testing program. “It saved my daughter,” he for the baseline testingwas program. “Itno saved my daughter,” he says. Ema’s treatment simple: phone, no television, says. Ema’s treatment was simple: no phone, no television, no crowds and no hockey. She has since returned to the ice no andisno She of has since returned to the ice andcrowds her team inhockey. the middle play-offs. and her team is in the middle of play-offs. www.cwrhealthclinics.com www.cwrhealthclinics.com www.oshawachiropractor.com www.oshawachiropractor.com

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High Performance Hockey Developm By Steve Giovannini HBAK, CSEP CPT Senior Twist Strength & Conditioning Coach; Twist Hockey On-Ice Specialist When you think of the word HOCKEY, what comes to mind? For many in today’s game, responses such as dangle, snipe, bardown, silky mitts, cheddar, twig, clappers, sauce, biscuit, apple, geno and flow are commonplace. This terminology, has engrained itself into the culture of hockey and often reflects much of the banter within the dressing room and on the ice. My list would look more like this: Explosiveness, Strength, Speed, Agility, 1st Step Quickness, Change of Direction, Rotational Power, Body Angles, Weight Transfers and Reactivity. The ability to separate the culture of hockey and the game of hockey from the technical and athletic skills of hockey is the key to long term player development on and off the ice. Hockey is a complex system of body mechanics, situational and environmental conditions that are constantly changing and evolving at high rates of speed. It is called the fastest game on earth for good reason. More than ever before, players have developed an innate ability to produce explosive force on the ice and they continue to improve strength, power and agility that subsequently transfers into harder shots, bigger hits, quicker acceleration & transitions and exceptional puck control at top end speeds. Analyzing all facets of the game and addressing a player’s responsiveness to each component is a critical building block to prospective development. Players may naturally display instinctive qualities that allow them to excel in certain aspects of the game but lack consistency or proficiency in others. Coaches Champion Development Fostering environments that promote learning and development are major aspects to potential player advancement. The goal of any coach whether on or off ice, should be to create a positive recipe for success within team and/or individual frameworks. Encouraging progression, challenging players outside of their comfort zones, communicating and correcting inefficiencies, and supporting team and individual goal outcomes are paramount to successful coaching. When it comes to individual player development, everyone is different. No one player is the same as the next and therefore should be treated with a personalized approach. Goalies, defensemen and forwards all require different skill-sets and their individual roles on a team may not be the same. Consequently, players need to be coached in a specified context that challenges individual weaknesses, builds off strengths and supports the player’s role on the team.


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At Twist, our philosophy is rooted in coaching. We don’t train; We coach. Individualization is our prime concern, whether in a group or 1 on 1 scenario. We believe in providing 1 on 1 error detection, feedback and 360° active coaching that is meant to facilitate athletic development along with physical and mental maturation. Creating a sense of accountability is paramount and our coaches always strive to push the athlete to learn and grow as a hockey player both on and off the ice. This may include ensuring attendance and showing up on time to regularly scheduled workouts or on-ice sessions, encouraging healthy nutrition practices and/or adequate rest and hydration. We are always there to guide you along your path. Our philosophy is simple: • Training is repetitive; Coaching is progressive • Training is for someone who wants to be pushed through a workout; Coaching is for someone who wants to learn, evolve and be better • Training is being told what to do; Coaching is the collaboration, communication and correction to do it well Our High Performance Development Camps are based on these principles. They are innovative, developed with a long term athlete development focus in mind and customized to match the unique needs of each player based on age (Peewee to Pro), skill level, and specific goals. Our goal is to create the COMPLETE player both on and off the ice! High Performance Off-Ice Training Hockey strength and conditioning has advanced significantly in the past 10+ years. An assessment of the sport from a physiological and biomechanical point of view identifies the need for a multi-dimensional approach to off-ice training. Skaters rely heavily on single leg sequencing, weight transfers and explosive movements. Off-season dryland training should reflect these movement and energy system requirements to foster the best possible return on the ice for the upcoming season. We focus is on six pillars of hockey conditioning that aim to create a balanced approach and help build the COMPLETE player: 1. Balance/Posture and Joint Mobility 2. Explosive Speed, Deceleration & Acceleration 3. Multi-Directional Movement Skills and Reactivity 4. Linked System Athletic Strength and Power 5. Core Strength & Rotary Power 6. Anaerobic Energy Systems

ment: Identifying the Complete Player

The importance of these segments of training is not something that can be ranked. Each is important, in its own way, and provides support to the next. The biggest and most critical point to understand is that these pillars are intertwined and create a linked system that contributes to on-ice performance. For example, without adequate joint mobility our ability to generate explosive speed and power would suffer. Creating a balance within each of these divisions is vital to offseason development within the training facility. High Performance On-Ice Development Quality on-Ice instruction is essential to individual development during off-season months. It is not just about time spent on the ice but about time spent getting better on the ice. Players are constantly looking to improve their on-ice skill-set and find new ways to gain competitive advantages against their opposition. This ultimately shapes player performance and aids in overall team success, the most fundamental goal in hockey. The transferability of our 6 pillars to on-ice instruction and player development is a critical step in the development process: 1. Balance/Posture and Joint Mobility = Efficient Skating Mechanics, Deep and Long Stride, Edge Control 2. Explosive Speed, Deceleration & Acceleration = 1st Step Quickness, Stop & Start, Change of Speed & Building Top End Speed 3. Multi-Directional Movement Skills and Reactivity = Efficient and Quick Change of Direction, Offensive Creativity, Full Ice Reactive Ability & Vision 4. Linked System Strength and Power = Strength On and Off Puck, Combative Strength, Explosive Stride Power

5. Core Strength & Rotary Power = Strength on Skates, Skating & Pivoting Speed, Torso Control and Shooting Power 6. Anaerobic Energy Systems = Hockey Specific Anaerobic (Alactic & Lactic) Systems, Skill Execution under fatigue and the ability to recover quickly between shifts We Identify the need for skill (shooting, passing, puck control, offensive creativity & small space scrimmaging), speed (linear & lateral takeoffs, 1st step quickness, quick feet crossovers and straight line explosiveness), battle & change of direction (multidirectional sequencing, quick stop and go’s, body angling & 1 on 1, 2 on 2 tight battles), and game specific development (tactical focus, 1 on 1s, 2 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 1, 3 on 2, large ice scrimmaging) as foundational segments of onice instruction. Subsequently transferring movement patterns from off-ice instruction to on-ice sessions provides repetition and motor development that continue to promote mastery of specific skills. The Twist High Performance Difference If I have one word to identify why our off-season development programs are successful I would have to choose ‘balance’. Our philosophy is rooted in coaching and our aim is to provide as many tools as possible for individual players to translate off-ice workouts into on-ice performance. We create a balance in our programming and incorporate all aspects of hockey specific skill-sets that encourage heightened maturation. You can have the sickest FLOW in the league, but going BARDOWN or DANGLING a defender doesn’t happen unless players put in the work to develop skillsets that will produce results. Look for a development program that incorporates the 6 pillars of hockey conditioning and a coach that can uncover weak links and customize a program to help you become a COMPLETE player.



Whitby Girls Whitby Girls Softball Association Softball Association

2015 was a banner year for the Whitby Girls Softball Association. Not only did weIt celebrate our 40th Anniversary withSoftball additional special events, but players is the mission of the Whitby Girls Association to promote, foster and families had a very successful and fun-filled softball season. Over and encourage growth and development of the game of softballthe foryears, girls, it’stoclear the WGSA has become important partand of the thousands of teach the qualities of goodan sportsmanship fairlives playof through active players, providing girls of Whitby and the Durham region an opportunity to be competition and enjoyment, and to maintain an association that will physically enjoyingfor theindividuals game of softball. provide active membership in the town of Whitby. We off our special seasonGirls withSoftball a reunion night bringing Forstarted over forty years, the Whitby Association (WGSA)together has current andsomething former coaches and executive culminating in being the provided for everyone! For girls members, aged 5 through 24 years, cutting of ourofofficial 40th Anniversary cake. Our annual Day of event was a member our program means fun, friendships andSkills a sense team spirit – all while developing softball skills. expanded to include Novice teams and, as an anniversary treat, added jumping castles and other inflatable activities, Our house league program which were especially enjoyedbegins by the in earlyplayers. May and continues younger After season to events mid-August. Most have atfor included a “Day at teams the Movies” least 12 gamesparticipation followed by playoff WGSA families, in the gamesSanta whichClaus culminate in yearWhitby Parade, and a end of tournaments and night free skating at banquets the Whitby for eachArena division. McKinney Complex. In the addition regular house and On field, to our Learn-to-Play league games and practices, Advanced Learn-to-Play divisions we organize a number skills 100 once again drew moreofthan development clinics and special young players and provided a fun events that will ensure players will and supportive environment for enjoy their summer. In particular, these girls to learn basic softball skills. our annual skills our day house is a funleague day for players from Learn to Play through Novice age groups as they engage in For older players, running, batting and throwing Thisages year9our skills24. day will be held on Saturday, May 28th at the program featured 33 teams over 5competitions. divisions for girls through softball diamonds at Iroquois Park. Each House League division season ended in August with our House League playoff tournaments and year end banquets, For more competitive softball players, WGSA Lightning Select is an enhanced athlete development program where championship trophies and individual awards were presented. available from Mite to Midget which competes with the best in Ontario. Our Select tryouts will take place in early April, and we invite all players to test their skills at a higher level. For girls looking for a more competitive environment, the WGSA also fieldedfor 7 Select teams over 5 divisions. These Select For parents we offer an affordable and enjoyable environment your daughter, regardless of her skill level.teams and program remain a source of pride for the WGSA. The In teams The WGSA focuses on fun, sociability, physical activity and skills improvement for all girls in our community. represent the WGSA and the Town of Whitby in tournaments addition, while many parents wish to come to the diamond purely as fans, those with the time and interest will find across the and in 2015, we saw manyskills. on-field successes. In opportunities to participate through scorekeeping, coaching orGTA, offering their organizational addition, the WGSA hosts Select tournaments at Iroquois Park in Whitby, attracting Registration teams from other communities to enjoy our Upcoming In-Person Dates local facilities, motels and restaurants. Saturday March 19th, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Iroquois Park Sports Centre Finally, our thanks go out to the many coaches, conveners and volunteers that to make our 40th Anniversary Saturdayexecutive March 26th, 9:00 a.m. tohelped 12:00 noon season resounding at Iroquois ParkaSports Centresuccess. Please join us in 2016 as we start our 41st year! Saturday April 2nd, 9:00am to 12:00 noon at McKinney Centre For more information about the upcoming season and how to register, please visit our website: www.whitbygirlssoftball.com


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2016 Whitby Sports Hall of Fame Inductees

Induction Ceremonies April 30, 2016 By Whitby Sports Hall of Fame Executive David Branch Builder – Hockey Dave Branch was born in Bathurst, New Brunswick in 1948, where began playing hockey at a very young age. He subsequently attended the University of Massachusetts-Amherst on a hockey scholarship before ultimately relocating to the Town of Whitby. After his playing career, Dave remained connected to the game of hockey in an executive capacity. He served as Secretary-Manager of the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) from 1973 to 1977 and held the position of Executive Director of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) until 1979. In September of that same year, Dave became Commissioner of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and he remains in that role today. Under his leadership, the OHL has seen growth in its membership from 12 to 20 teams, and it has also become a highly marketable television commodity. While he is known as a strict disciplinarian in dealing with unsportsmanlike play and rule infringements, most notably in relation to head injuries and overall player safety, Dave also places Jason Pottinger Athlete – Football Born in Oshawa and raised in Whitby, Jason began playing football at the age of nine after watching his older brother Matthew play at the Oshawa Civic Recreation Complex. Jason played his early years of football with the Oshawa Hawkeyes city football club, receiving numerous team MVP awards. In 2002, he was selected to represent Ontario in the prestigious Canada Cup tournament, held that year in the nation’s capital. Team Ontario defeated Team Manitoba in the championship game and Jason was awarded Most Valuable Defensive Player of the tournament. When he was in Grade 11, Jason began to receive recruitment letters from several American Division I and II schools, as well as Canadian universities from coast to coast. Jason opted to attend McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, to play linebacker for the provincially-ranked number one McMaster Marauders. In both 2004 and 2005, Jason was named a Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) First Team All-Canadian – an



a significant emphasis on education, with the OHL currently maintaining a 98% high school graduation rate for all players. Furthermore, the league has developed a scholarship program that affords all players one year of post-secondary education per year played in the league. The Canadian Major Junior Hockey League (CMJHL), which has eventually come to be known as the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), was founded in 1975 to act as the governing body for Major Junior Hockey in Canada. In 1996, Dave added the duties of CHL President to his OHL responsibilities, and he currently oversees the operations of three leagues and a total of 60 teams throughout Canada and several American states. The CHL is recognized worldwide as the foremost junior hockey league for the development of players and officials advancing to the professional ranks in North America. In his role as CHL President, Dave has spearheaded several annual events to further enhance the profile of junior hockey in and across Canada, including such initiatives as the CHL Top Prospects Game and the Canada-Russia Challenge exhibition series. Dave also stays connected with hockey at the hometown level, volunteering his time as a coach in the Whitby Minor Hockey Association. honour given to the best Canadian football players in the CIS – and awarded the President’s Trophy as the defensive MVP of the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) league. Following his stellar university football career, Jason was drafted in the first round (2nd overall) by the BC Lions Football Club in the Canadian Football League (CFL) where he helped his team win the 2006 Grey Cup Championship in his first year. In 2009, Jason was traded to the Toronto Argonauts Football Club, and in the 2012 season, he won his second championship in the 100th Grey Cup, which was contested on Toronto’s home field. After his eighth year in the CFL, Jason was selected in the December 2013 expansion draft by the revived CFL franchise in Ottawa, the REDBLACKS Football Club. Following his 2014 season with the REDBLACKS, Jason retired from football, playing his last game against Toronto in front of his family, friends, and fans. Jason spent his entire CFL career juggling his education with football, as well as running a real estate investment and property management business. Having earned a double major in Economics and Geography from McMaster, Jason graduated with an MBA from York University’s Schulich School of Business in 2014, specializing in international business.

Gavin Prout Athlete – Lacrosse Whitby’s Gavin Prout began his playing career at a young age and established a foundation for prolonged success by winning several Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) minor lacrosse championships under the tutelage of legendary coach, the late Jim Bishop. Gavin’s individual and team successes continued at the Junior A level, as he led the Whitby Warriors to Minto Cup national championships in 1997 and 1999, earning MVP honours for the 1999 playoffs. In the 1998 season, Gavin was recognized as the OLA’s Most Valuable Player, amassing 125 points in 20 regular season games. Moving on to the senior level, he captured a third national championship, winning the Mann Cup as a member of the Brooklin Redmen in 2000. Over a span of 96 career games with Brooklin, Gavin averaged more than 4.8 points per game, scoring 167 goals and adding 297 assists.

and was named as a First Team All-American. Following his collegiate career, Gavin was a first round draft choice, sixth overall, by the MLL (Major League Lacrosse) Baltimore Bayhawks in professional field lacrosse and was also drafted first overall by the New York Saints of the NLL (National Lacrosse League) in professional indoor lacrosse. He won 4 MLL titles from 2002 through 2009, and added an NLL championship in 2006 with the Colorado Mammoth. Over his 12-year NLL career, Gavin recorded 660 assists and 983 points, ranking him in the Top 10 all-time in league history for both categories. He was selected as an NLL All-Star on seven occasions and won the NLL Playoff MVP award in 2006 recording 25 points in three games. Gavin also found success on the international stage, representing Canada in several field and indoor competitions from 1996 to 2007. He was a member of the gold medal-winning team in indoor lacrosse in 2007 and also captured medals in field lacrosse in 1996 (bronze), 2002 (silver), and 2006 (gold).

Gavin received a full scholarship to Loyola College, considered the number one program for lacrosse in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In his final season at Loyola, he led the team in scoring with 58 points in 14 games

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Want You to Join The Vikings Want g You Team to Join Our

The Vikings Want You to Join Winning Team Our Winning Team Vikings Registration RUGBY ONTARIO JUNIOR PROGRAM OF THE YEAR

• 2015 U-18 Boys Provincial Champions • 2015 U-16 Boys Provincial Champions • 2015 U-16 Girls Provincial Champions • 2015 New York 7s Women's Club Division Cup Champion • 2014 U-18 Girls Provincial Champions • Over 30 players representing Ontario at National Level • Over 5 players representing Canada at International Level

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Allergies Got You Down? Excited that the nice weather is here, but terrified about your spring time allergies? You are not alone! Millions of Canadians suffer from the annoying itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and fatigue that accompany seasonal allergies. As naturopathic doctors, this is something we see quite frequently in practice. Patients are sick of having to take over the counter allergy meds and they start looking for alternatives which generally brings them to our office. Here is a list of some of our favourite allergy treatments: 1. Quercetin:  A component that is naturally found in the skin of onions and apples can be extremely beneficial. Quercetin  is rich in flavonoids, a natural anti-histamine. 2. Probiotics: We often think of probiotics for the digestive system; however they play a very important role in balancing out the immune system and help to decrease the hyper-reactivity that accompanies allergies. 3. Neti Pot: Doing a neti pot rinse daily is a great way to rinse out the sinuses and nasal cavity to help flush out any of the allergens and irritants that might be contributing to your symptoms. 4. Nettle Tea: Having a few cups of nettle leaf tea per day can be quite helpful to ward off allergy symptoms. Nettle leaf is a natural anti-histamine agent.

5. Clean up the Diet: This is hands down the number one recommendation we make to all of our patients. We generally suggest eliminating dairy and sugar to start and to see if that offers some relief. Dairy and sugar tend to be very mucus producing and mucus forming and when we are trying to eliminate allergies, we want to decrease that as much as possible.   We will also suggest determining your own unique food intolerance’s and to consider running a foods sensitivity test. Speak to your naturopathic doctor to learn more about this. Hopefully these tips will give you some relief this spring and allow you to enjoy the nice sunny weather!

Twin sisters, Dr. Nicole Sandilands ND and Dr. Natalie McCulloch ND are naturopathic doctors and owners of Durham Natural Heath Centre a multidisciplinary clinic located in Pickering. They are passionate about health and wellness and are thriving to change the health of our community one family at a time.

Cashew, Chocolate, Coconut Energy Balls This is a delicious snack your whole family is bound to love! This kid friendly recipe is a great dessert that can be made quickly (as long as your pre-soak the cashews) and as a bonus it contains some great antioxidants and will satisfy your chocolate craving too! Ingredients: • 1 cup of raw cashews, soaked in water for at least 1 hr (can soak up to 6 hours if needed) • 5 medjool dates, pitted • 1/3 cup raw cacao powder • 1/3 cup shredded coconut • 2 tbsp coconut oil • 1/3 cup dried goji berries • For an extra protein kick: add in up to 2 scoops of vanilla/chocolate protein (note that you may need to add in a little water if the mixture is too dry) Directions: • Place all ingredients except the goji berries in a blender or food processor Blend until creamy/doughy • Add goji berries and blend for another 10 seconds or so • Roll mixture into balls (about the size of a cotton ball) – should make about 10. • Optional: roll balls into shredded coconut • Keep refrigerated or frozen – my preference is frozen as it tastes like frozen brownie mix


Dr. Natalie McCulloch H.BKin, ND | Dr. Nicole Sandilands ND 1550 Kingston Rd • Suite 318 • Pickering, ON

P: 905-619-2525

E: info@DNHC.ca


Rugby High Performance Training: Off-Season Weight Room Gains for On-Field Performance By: Sean Harrison

Rugby is a sport unbecoming of itself. No other athletes are required to compete with heart rates remaining above 80% of their maximum working potential, with repetitive impacts reaching 1980 joules of power (cars crashing at 20km/hr) and sprint distances of 1,600m or more (see 7’s rugby vs 15’s). It is without question, that rugby players must be strong, powerful, and able to endure all demanding aspects of the game. As leaders within the Strength and Conditioning Community, it is our job to prime these athletes for the rigors of the game. With the potential for lengthy seasons, as well as, athletes flip flopping between both variations of the game, a rugby player’s off-season training becomes a key focal point when ensuring their success and good health for the upcoming season and during league action. The first step to be taken is an overall athlete analysis or assessment. Within this analysis, we review both positive and negative impacts of physical and mental importance, the duration of their off-season (often short), nutritional/habitual tendencies and various external factors including travel, game schedule etc. Once this preliminary analysis has been complete we continue to process our analytical approach for this particular athlete’s training. It is crucial to remember that although similar in kind, no two athletes are the same and therefore must not be treated that way. More often than not we approach off-season training in this manner; current status, goals and timeline. The first phase of our athletes’ training is the Anatomical Adaptation Phase or General Physical Preparedness Phase. Athletes perform various training sessions geared towards improving their current levels of fitness and biomechanics, while addressing rehab necessities, injury prevention tactics, and corrective exercise. The focus: prepare the athlete for increased work rates throughout the periodized program. Rugby players must be able to run a variety of distances at a variety of different speeds, all while performing explosive movements within different planes of motion. This means, the focus of proper mechanical movement patterns in relation to sprinting, tackling, fending, and agility components. As well as, joint mobilization, flexibility and stability, are paramount to success offseason training regimes.



Granted the success of each athlete through Phase 1, athletes and coaches may progress to phase 2 of offseason training. The focus here is on volume and entails traditional strength development tactics (squatting, deadlifting, push/pull, strongman exercises, etc.) to set the athlete up for the final phase in which power, agility and more sport related demands can be met. Because rugby players can be described as fully functional machines required to produce power within shorts intervals of time, Phase 2 could be focused on improving these types of movements to enhance body awareness and functional output. Given the effective results of offseason Phase 2 – athletes and coaches may progress to a final phase readying the athlete for the upcoming season. Although important throughout the entire periodization of the program, phase 3 must ensure that each athlete is ready to take the field in a healthy state with conditioning levels matching those needed for preseason play and testing. Phase 3 would be geared around the increase of functional performance and utilization of newly gained strength (Phase 2) in relation to on field productivity. In summary it is important to recognize that the sport of rugby within all levels of competition is extremely demanding. Through education and practical application, athletes increase longevity and success of their sporting careers while developing lifelong social skills and relations. ELITE TRAINING SYSTEMS is the sole Strength and Conditioning partner of Rugby Ontario and home training base for Canada Rugby 7’s Captain – John Moonlight. ETS offers year round support for all RUGBY ONTARIO athletes through educational development across platforms such as training, nutrition, and recovery.

Sean Harrison, ETS Strength & Conditioning Coach ETS Director – Athlete Identification Program Phone: 905.430.4349 500 Victoria Street West Whitby, Ontario L1N 9G4 www.FitzgeraldETS.com Find us on Facebook & Twitter

AJAX WANDERERS “TRY RUGBY” THIS MARCH Anyone of Junior and Mini age (5-18 yrs old) interested in trying rugby for FREE is welcome to come out to the Oshawa Civic indoor fields on March 19th and March 26th 5pm-6pm. Junior/Mini Try Rugby Events: Saturday March 19th & March 26th at the Oshawa Civic Dome from 5-6 pm. 99 Thornton Road Oshawa Ontario. These sessions are open to all junior Under – 18/Mini ages and are FREE to all 2015 Wanderers members and prospective 2016 members! Also bring a friend for FREE to give the game of rugby a “try.” Please RVSP to Stew Dobbs at directorofrugby@ajaxwanderers.com Junior/Mini Try Rugby Clinics: Wanderers will be holding 3 Junior/Mini intro to rugby clinics at the Ajax Wanderers Clubhouse on Sundays this Spring! Dates for these clinics are: Sunday April 24th, Sunday May 1st & Sunday May 8th. Sessions will run from 11 am - 1:00 pm. We will provide food and drinks on completion of the clinics for all players attending. 2016 Registration is now OPEN! Visit www.ajaxwanderers.com for registration instructions This year we will be taking all registration dues (except U6 Intro to Rugby through Rugby) Canada‘s online payment system


The Ajax Wanderers Rugby Club provides opportunities and programs for youth, regardless of age, gender or economic hardship, to participate in safe, organized and competitive rugby at the community, provincial and national levels.

One of the best Rugby facilities in the province!

One of the best Rugby facilities in the province!

Servicing All of the Durham Region!

Registration for the 2015 Season is now OPEN! | www.ajaxwanderers.com

Our Philosophy The Oshawa Minor Lacrosse Association is a lacrosse organization with programs designed to teach, develop and enhance the knowledge of lacrosse in its many forms. Using well defined and standardized teaching methods we also share a positive lacrosse experience. Our primary goal is to ensure all players from all teams are treated equally, are having fun, and making positive contributions to the game of lacrosse. All of which are conducted in a positive environment, where teamwork, cooperation and respect is our guiding philosophy. Players need to enjoy their sport, this is the essence of being a team player. We offer a City League program for boys and girls, ages 3-16. It runs from mid April until the end of June, usually consisting of one game and practice per week. Their ongoing development to learn our National sport, creating new friends and staying active will expand their own love of lacrosse. Our All-Star teams are full of passion, not only to defeat but to develop and define their game! These teams travel throughout the province, striving for the Provincial Championship reign. All-Star players can broaden their scope to Provincial, National and International teams if they choose to.

DIVISIONS Peanut Paperweight Tyke Novice Peewee Bantam Midget Intermediate

AGES 3-4 yrs 5-6 yrs 7-8 yrs 9-10 yrs 11-12 yrs 13-14 yrs 15-16 yrs 17-21 yrs

REGISTration ends april 18th.



VOLUNTEERS & COACHES are always welcome! Without volunteers Oshawa Minor Lacrosse Association could not give our children the opportunity to play the sport they love! If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact us through our website.

oshawalacrosse.ca 28


How Healthy Is Your Family? By Marianne Schlottke; Town of Whitby Recreation, Supervisor of Fitness Services Photo credit Town of Whitby Your crazy week consists of a lot of rushing around. Today’s families are busier than ever; getting to school, putting in a full work day, packing lunches, getting homework done, driving to music lessons, getting to the arena for hockey practice and then to the soccer field for another practice… the list goes on. Dare I even ask it…Are you making the time to be a healthy family? Today’s children and youth are more sedentary than a generation before them, and yes this includes the game time they get off the bench. Practice skills and drills will ramp up their activity more, but with school, homework, TV, video games and social media time spent every day, sometimes the fingers get more of a workout than anything else. Children need 60 minutes of physical activity per day and adults need 30 minutes per day for optimal health. You can fit it in, but it will take some decisions and healthy choices to make these changes in your routine. A little bit of planning can replace your old habits with some new healthy ones. Try to change one thing each month and by the end of the year, you will have added 12 good, healthy changes to your lifestyle. Yes, there is still hope for you yet! Healthy Families Build Healthy Communities. Be part of a healthy Whitby. Try a Family membership at the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex. The fitness staff

are waiting to assist you in making those small, healthy changes to your day and to provide you with ongoing support to help you stay healthy as a family. The Health Club offers family members age 14+ years full access to the Health Club equipment, amenities, services and programs, including public and lane swimming in the pool, and the saunas and whirlpools in the exclusive member change rooms. Younger family members, age 13 years and younger, have unlimited access to public swimming in the leisure pool, including the beach entrance water spray pool and the two storey water slide. Visit www.whitby. ca/fitness for more family membership details. Staying physically active improves your mental and physical health, your social wellbeing and helps to build strong families and communities. You cannot afford not to make a change. Stop by the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex for a free tour or visit www.whitby.ca/ fitness for more information. Come try it out. Your health is our business.

Whitby Civic Recreation Complex 555 Rossland Road East, Whitby 905.666.1991

One Free Trial Health Club Visit • Variety of programs, fitness classes, and pool programs • Supervised gym with friendly, professionally certified staff • Family Memberships: Health Club (age 14+) • Pool programs (all family members) • Free WIFI • No initiation fee Expires May 31, 2016

For more information or to view recreation schedules visit: whitby.ca/fitness Durham.totalsportsmagazine.ca


2016 Tour Qualifier The future of golf plays here!

Baxter Creek Golf Club

36-Hole Championship Event May 14th / 15th Cost $95.00

The Durham Junior Golf Tour is celebrating its 24th year of providing the regions premier junior golf series. The programs and goals are designed to provide our Juniors with the opportunity to experience golf under tournament conditions and at the same time, the Juniors are learning the Rules of Golf, building individual character, integrity, meeting new friends and developing sportsmanship. All of this, while having fun! The program runs for three months over the summer season. The tour is open to both male and female golfers, 18 years of age and younger (as of midnight of August 1, 2016), who reside in our competitive region or are a member of a golf course in our competitive region.


Online at www.durhamjuniorgolftour.ca or call (905) 655-8234 For those players new to the DJGT, a user ID and password are required for online registration. Please email your full name and date of birth to durhamgolftour@rogers.com in order to receive your user ID and password

($125 after April 17th)

Durham Junior Golf Tour 2 Price Street PO Box 175 Brooklin, Ontario L1M 1A0 Phone:


Email: durhamgolftour@rogers. com


GOAL & OBJECTIVES • To create opportunities for junior golfers to learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf. • To motivate and educate junior golfers that through golf they may learn values of honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship to last them for a lifetime. • To serve as a communications center for all junior golfers as relates to tournaments, education, scholarships, etc. • To dedicate ourselves and our junior golfers to be the best they can be on and off the golf course.



Successful qualifiers will be eligible for tour membership at a price of $525 which includes 10 events complete with lunches, prizing for all event winners, year end banquet, rules seminar and much more!

“Our Passion Fuels Your Success” NXTEE Junior League

Learn the Game on the Links in our exciting League Format Establishing sound fundamentals, and learning to play golf in a fun atmosphere while gaining skills on the links. Half Season • May 10: • May 17: • May 24: • May 31: • June 07: • June 21: • June 28:

5:00 pm - 7:30 pm (Opening Night BBQ) parents welcome 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm (Par ShootOut) 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm (Cow Pasture Pool Championship) 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm (Mid Season Parent Child Tournament & BBQ)

Full Season • July 05: • July12: • July 19: • July 26: • Aug 02: • Aug 09: • Aug 16: • Aug 23: • Aug 30:

5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm (Closing Parent Child Tournament & BBQ)

Player Pricing • $550 for Half Season • $900 for Full Season (plus HST) Includes all the above and your team golf shirt, Geared logo hat and golf courses access as a “Geared Junior Athlete” to Whispering Ridge during the months of May, June, July and August. For further details please contact Jake Patte at 905-626-1658 or by email at jake@gearedtogolf.com

Competition Schedule Planning The Art of Time Management By Golf Performance Coaches In looking at competition schedules, it is important to begin managing well in advance of the competitive phase. Beyond the obvious pitfalls of missing deadlines, overlooking good events, or overloading your schedule, a poorly managed schedule can also wreak havoc on athletic performance – causing undo stress on athletes which can in turn hinder their skills. A sound competition calendar for a young player is one which offers lots of opportunities to learn, enjoy the game, and see how their performance stacks up against their peers. The question of where you’re going with all of this is, of course, a big one. We should not assume that every player will share a similar goal for his or her golfing life. While the great majority of young players we meet do seem to share a common vision (they see themselves at a US college someday) there are many good reasons to play competitive golf and not all of them are as a means to an end. For instance, young athletes might simply enjoy playing new golf courses, or spending time with friends, or being in nature. But no matter what your motivation for playing the game, we believe that competitive golf offers tremendous benefits to developing teenagers, and as such we would like to present some pertinent information for players and families who are planning out their competitive calendars for this coming year. Designing an Appropriate Competitive Schedule 1) The first step in building a sound competition calendar is to identify 3 or 4 major events. These are events that will have the greatest amount of preparation, and they go into the calendar first. In most cases, these major events will have qualifying procedures to follow – so you’ll need to be sure to register for the qualifying events if there are some. 2) The next step is to identify the “minor” events. These can be one rung above or below “where you belong”, or else they are right in your ability level but for any of various reasons will be considered a “minor” event. 3) The last step is to fill in your calendar with “preparatory” events, and these can be added at any time in the season. How to Choose the Appropriate Level of Event Choosing from an overwhelming number of choices is no easy task, but there is a certain logic that can be followed in order to ensure that your schedule is solid. The level of event is the first item to recognize – In


Durham | Totalsportsalliance.com

Ontario, and specifically for Durham players, events can be classified according to the following levels, which make up a typical pathway for a young athlete developing from the age of 12-18. 1) Club Events (Club Championship) 2) Regional Events (Durham Junior Tour) 3) Provincial Events (GAO events) 4) National Events (Golf Canada Events) 5) International Events (US Junior) We encourage players to use a “ladder” approach to building their schedule. This means first identifying which rung of the competitive ladder you belong at or in other words what level your game is at. You should choose your majors from your appropriate rung, and then you should also sprinkle-in some events from a rung above and a rung below. How long a player spends at any given stage depends on so many variables, and most are virtually impossible to predict. The only advice I’ll give is that there is no rush. The peak of one’s performance is almost always determined in their twenties, not their teens, and the events that athletes play in while they’re growing up have very little relevance in the big picture – despite what it may feel like in the moment. And while success at events in their teens will not guarantee any fame and fortune in future years, negative experience in their teens will all but guarantee that the athlete will not be playing that sport in their twenties. The best competitive schedule is one which ensure that a player has a good chance to: • Improve their skills, • Enjoy the game • Experience the highs and lows of competitive sport • Make friends and enjoy the many layers of a sport they will enjoy for years to come Let’s remember that a junior competitive season is not comparable to an adult’s work schedule. Remember that kids play sports for fun. Try to limit how much you approach their schedule as a business. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle-in events that add enjoyment to the season – maybe its at a cool golf course, or its an event with lots of friends in the field, or it’s a cool format that the young athlete loves to play in. A solid calendar will satisfy the requirement of gathering some order of merit points, building a strong competitive resume, but most of all, enhancing the life of the athlete by providing an exciting challenge which enables them to learn about themselves and enjoy the process as its happening.

Durham | Totalsportsalliance.com


The Warriors are gearing up for another great season in 2016! In 2015 the Whitby Warriors success spread beyond the playing floor as three graduating players earned league All Star and individual awards. Austin Shanks, Ryan Keenan and Matt Hossack were named League All Stars. Ryan Keenan was voted Most Sportsmanlike Player. Austin Shanks was the leading scorer in the league, as well as the Most Valuable Player and Most Outstanding Player. All three of these players are currently in the US studying and playing NCAA Field lacrosse on Scholarships.

In keeping with the coaching philosophy of developing players to play at the next level, eight members of the 2013 Canadian Minto Cup Championship team were drafted to the National Lacrosse League. Four of the first eight picks came from the Whitby Warriors and all four played their minor lacrosse in Whitby.

Warriors’ Regular Season Home Schedule Thursday May 12 8pm vs Orangeville Tuesday May 17 8pm vs Mimico Tuesday May 24 8pm vs Brampton Tuesday May 31 8pm vs St .Catherine’s Tuesday June 7 8pm vs 6 Nations

Tuesday June 14 8pm vs Barrie Tuesday June 21 8pm vs Burlington Saturday June 25 5pm vs Peterborough Tuesday June 28 8pm vs Toronto Beaches Tuesday July 5 8pm vs Kitchener-Waterloo

All home games played at Iroquois Park Pad 1

1980 Minto Cup Champions

• 1970 won the Castrol Cup (now the Founders) as the Whitby B&R Transporters • 1972 OLA Junior “B” Champions

1997 Minto Cup Champions

• 1974 OLA & Founders Cup Champions • 1975 entered Junior “A” as the 1984 Minto Cup Champions

Whitby Consolidated Builders • 1977 Ontario Champions & Minto Cup Fimalists • 1978 Ontario Champions & Minto Cup Fimalists

1999 Minto Cup Champions

• 1980 Ontario & Minto Cup Champions 1985 Minto Cup Champions

• 1984 Changed name to Whitby Warriors 2013 Minto Cup Champions

2011 Minto Cup Champions

Congratulations to Mathieu Boissonneault who will be playing on the Canada U19 Team that will compete this summer in the World Lacrosse Championships! 34




F F O $20


Through the direction of former Professional Athletes and Canadian National Team Members, we specialize in helping players of all ages and skill level reach their basketball goals through our customized basketball training system.

OUR GOAL Brooklin Basketball Academy is run by New Horizon Basketball. The goal of New Horizon is to improve each players basketball skills through quality instruction with emphasis on skill development. Our skill development and training program is strategically designed to strengthen our student’s abilities and raise their performance to a higher level.


OFFERING YEARLY PROGRAMS Weekly Lessons Camps ( SUMMER & March Break) CLINICS HOUSE LEAGUES Age Groups : BOYS and GIRLS 5 - 14years old Titus Channer

Titus Channer Founder & Head Coach 416.553.6040

•6 year European Professional Basketball Player •Men’s Canadian National Team Player •McMaster University all time leading scorer •McMaster Hall of Fame Inductee •1998 Canadian University Athlete of the Year •1998 Canadian University Basketball Player of the Year


www.newhorizonbasketball.com Durham.totalsportsmagazine.ca


TIRE DEPOT TEAM OF THE MONTH Congratulations Whitby Girls U14A Soccer Team You will be receiving a free pizza party care of Craig and Trevor, owners of the Tire Depot The Whitby Iroquois Soccer Club’s 2001 Girls train year round with technical and tactical sessions along with fitness conditioning. The team had a stellar season travelling throughout the province to match up with other OPDL licenced clubs. The girls finished the season as OPDL Eastern League Division Champions. They had the opportunity to compete in the Ontario Soccer Association’s first ever Charity Shield Game which matched the East Division Winner, Whitby, with the West Division Winner, Burlington. The Whitby team dominated the match from beginning to end, winning the bragging rights of overall OPDL champion, with a score of 4-0.


Complete Auto Service


Craig and Trevor Field

Since 1994, Tire Depot has been the preferred destination for all of your tire replacement and auto service needs. Servicing customers across the GTA and Ontario, our locations are backed by the top suppliers in the business. These relationships give us access to some of the largest inventories in the market. This means that your tire size, make and model will never be out of stock. At Tire Depot, we provide more than just tires... We also offer full mechanical services including vehicle tune-ups, brakes maintenance, wheel alignments, wheel balancing, suspension, shocks, cooling systems, air conditioning, exhaust systems, and emission testing.

232 Fairall St. Ajax Ontario 36







Prices as low as $44.99 bi-weekly!

721 Bloor Street W., Oshawa 289.685.1440 crossfit725@gmail.com crossfit725.ca

Join now and receive





The Craziest Time of the Year By Mary Giacolone “Scary Mary” So we all agree that this is the craziest time of the year. Coaches are going through interviews, teams are either in or out of playoffs. Parents and skaters are getting worried about the upcoming try-outs. You are continually having thoughts such as • • • • • • • •

will my son/daughter make the team how many new players is the new coach going to take how many players is the coach going to cut are there any new imports moving in the area does the coach even know how good my son/daughter is Is try-outs as political as everyone says it is do I need to get extra skating/skills for my son/daughter before try-outs are the coaches buddies all guaranteed spots….

3) Make every shift/game count: Most of the time, you never know who might be watching you from the stands. Just make sure that you are consistently giving 100% every game or practice and you will never have to worry about this tip. That doesn’t mean that you should be nervous and think every game is your most important one. It just means that you should be consistent and always give your best effort. You cannot control how you play every game but you can always control your effort. 4) Be a Supportive Teammate: Your character plays a very important role in how successful you will be as a hockey player. Coaches, scouts, programs, will always look for players of strong character and leadership qualities. Whether you are helping a struggling teammate or just giving an honest effort every night, these are qualities that will never be overlooked. There are countless times where a scout will recognize a player’s skill but will give him bad marks for his lack of character. So just remember to be a team player and that you need your teammates to be successful. 5) Body Language: Your body language on the ice can be a dead giveaway about your character in a hockey game. Instead of hanging your head low after a mistake or slamming your stick on the ice after a missed scoring opportunity, just go out there and be ready for your next shift.   Players that casually walk up to face-offs and come off the ice slowly after a shift will always appear to be lazy in the eyes of a scout. Scouts want to see a confident prospect, not a player who deflates after making a mistake

Hockey Tryout and Scouting Tips 1) Play to Your Strength: don’t try to become a player that you are not. Identify what you are best at as a hockey player and prove it. Example: If you are a defensive defenseman, then don’t try to rush the puck all of the time.  Do what you do best. 2) Get Noticed!: Don’t just blend in with the crowd.  You must do something positive to get the attention of a scout. Please don’t think that only means scoring a goal or getting on the scoreboard. Some examples of getting noticed (positively) are: • making a nice pass • always finishing your checks • being a vocal leader with your teammates • always working hard on your back-checks • winning face-offs • making simple/smart plays with the puck • playing a 2-way hockey game • scoring a goal



6) Have FUN!: Just like in life, your best performances will always be when you are enjoying yourself. You will not excel in anything you don’t enjoy. Although you are competing against your peers at the tryout, you can enjoy yourself and make a few friends in the process.

Until next time Scary Mary says see you at the rink... Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary” Head Instructor/Owner of Scary Skate Inc. www.facebook.com/scaryskate @scary_skate scary_skate






»NO EXCUSES MORGAN RIELLY Toronto Maple Leafs Twist Athlete Since Bantam (2007)





Phase 1: April 4 - April 29 Phase 2: May 2 - May 27 Phase 3: May 30 - June 30

8 Week High Performance Camp: July 4 - August 26 Weekly On and Off-Ice Camps: July 4 - September 2


905-335-9599 x 22 doug@twistburlington.com


519-914-2682 train@twistlondongym.com

*Mention this ad before April 15th and save up to $400


519-504-4120 satkins@twistwynn.com


905-217-0664 train@twistwhitby.com

#BeRelentless | www.twistwhitby.com


416-602-9253 amarchese@twistwynn.com

Profile for Durham Total Sports Magazine

Durham march 2016 web  

March/April issue of Durham Total Sports Covering sports in Durham Region

Durham march 2016 web  

March/April issue of Durham Total Sports Covering sports in Durham Region


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