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The Puck Stops Here Hockey Mom Rant

By Diane Sokoloski

To honour the Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016, everyone in the family has increased their physical activity level: the daughters jog and play soccer; I power walk and cycle; Kip wears his stretchy pants while he barbeques. The International Olympic Committee needs my help immediately. I have very strict standards that I use when judging whether an activity is a sport, and sadly, the following Rio events are on my chopping block: Cycling BMX; Equestrian; Shooting; Archery; Golf; Sailing and synchronized anything. I will be sending the below suggestions to the IOC in a last minute attempt to make the above events more exciting for the Olympic television viewer. Cycling BMX (Moto Cross) The IOC hopes to attract young viewers with the inclusion of Moto Cross. Really? Some young people enjoy wearing drop crotch pants and others enjoy PokĂŠmon Go. Should we have a drop crotch pants Pokemon Go Olympic competition to attract even more young viewers? Replace BMX with ice hockey immediately. Sailing: Halfway through the competition, Olympic fencers, preferably drunk, will board the sailboats of all participants. This will force otherwise docile sailors to engage in battles on the high seas to win a medal. Equestrian: With apologies to the Queen, go full animal and replace human riders with dog and cat riders. In the centre of the arena, while the horses, dogs and cats are competing, allow guinea pig celery chomping competitions and hamster cheek stuffing competitions highlighted with slow motion replays.



Archery, Shooting, Anything Synchronized: Replace with ice hockey. Golf I have previously stated my views on the inherent sleep inducing nature of golf. How can an Olympic medal be awarded to a golfer? An Olympic medal has to be earned with blood, sweat, tears and an elevated heart rate, none of which are associated with golf. If a golfer is going to be hanging an Olympic medal around his or her neck I implore the IOC to make the following changes to the game: 1. Golfers must sprint between holes. More points will be awarded if the golfer can sprint while carrying a caddy on his or her back. 2. Combine golf and weight lifting by increasing the weight of the golf club by 10 lbs. with each hole. The weight of the last club will be 180 lbs. 3. Replace the sand in sand traps with quicksand and give golfers the option of using a pole vault to clear the trap. 4. Golfers must wrestle and fight each other at every opportunity, with points awarded for the surprise factor: driving one’s golf cart at a high rate of speed into another golf cart. 5. Discuses, javelins and shot puts will be randomly hurled in and around the golf course, increasing the suspense factor of the game. Go Canada Go! The End


The 7 Skater th

The 7 th Package Includes: • Skate in the starting line-up at the start of the game • Stand on the blue line during the National Anthem • Oshawa Generals jersey signed by the team • Ten tickets to the game

Book Your 7 Skater Today! th

Contact Jason Hickman at 905-433-0900 EXT. 2226 or jhickman@oshawagenerals.com Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


















Continue your development during the off season with our fall and winter programs. Whether it’s 4 on 4 or our development programs. Stay on top of your game in 2017!



Edge Hockey Academy

Fall/Winter Skating & Skills Sessions September 2016 - March 2017 Visit www.edgehockey.ca to Register

Specialty Clinics (Scoring, Defence, Checking, etc)

Private/Semi Private Sessions Skills Clinics

Player/Goalie Development

Power Skating Classes

Video Sessions

Team/Organization Training



GET #EDGEucated Visit www.edgehockey.ca to Register Edge Hockey Academy is the Official Skills Development Coach for the Oshawa Generals of the OHL and Official Development Academy for the following:




@Edge_Hockey Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


The Original Play Station at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park By: Karen Richards Joining a new team can be hard for some athletes. It is a time of change and exploration, new friendships and the strengthening of old ones too. Since 2012 TreeTop EcoAdventure Park has been the best place to visit for clubs to bring their new teams for bonding and friendship building. Our Park is one of the safest parks around. All of our aerial guides are trained to the National Fire Prevention Association standards, the same organization that trains firefighters, police, EMTs and the Military. We inspect all of our courses and equipment daily and have monthly and yearly inspections both internally and externally by the TSSA. Everyone working is also trained in first aid and CPR-C.


This year we have added the CLIC-IT system, a continuous belay system that makes it physically impossible for participants to unclip in mid-air, we are the only park in the GTA to employ this system. This reduces the risk of falling or any other serious accident to zero. You can have confidence that your team members will be completely safe at our park We have four courses here at TreeTop Eco-Adventure Park, a children’s course, a beginner, intermediate and advanced course. Each course gets more difficult and higher off the ground culminating in our Canyon Zip and Canyon Bridge over eight stories tall ending with our Big Zip our 734-foot zip line. We are set up to run 300 people through our park a day making it possible to bring out an entire club for either a year end trip, or an introduction trip. We offer discounts for team groups over 150 students. Our park is located on the same scenic grounds as Trillium Trails banquet facility, a local staple. Through this facility we can run leadership camps as well as other large functions and food needs. Some of our other activities include human foosball and volleyball courts and outdoor Combat Archery (for an extra per person fee.) If you would like to book feel free to call (905) 655-1113 or email us at info@treetopeco-adventurepark.com we will be more than happy to walk you through the process!

From September 1 to October 31 we are offering a time specific discount to teams. Time Slot 8:00 am - 9:30 am 10:00 am - 1:30 pm 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Kids Course $25.00 $25.00 $25.00

Beginner/Intermediate + Big Zip $25.00 $35.00 $25.00

Priced per person and includes HST



Full Course $32.00 $40.00 $32.00



Zip Lining TreeTop Eco-Adventure Park

Oshawa, On







The Roster Point Advantage ...

NEW HOCKEY TECHNOLOGY CONNECTS PLAYERS AND TEAMS! On July 1, 2016 RosterPoint.com was officially launched. This online hockey player acquisition and team finding system will revolutionize how teams acquire players and players locate team opportunities. The time tested, age old process of scouting players may never change, but now there is a viable lower cost alternative for the hockey world. “This website will offer real opportunities for players and teams, not just offer “How To” advice. The site is completely transparent and interactive” says Bryan Brant, President of Roster Point. “We have spent 6 months designing, developing and testing Roster Point to bring you a feature packed tool that will make finding players and finding teams much easier and more effective”, says Bryan. The technology behind the website includes a custom proprietary algorithm designed to match team’s Player Requests with players that have the same criteria in their profile. Built in Notifications go directly to the team and the players inbox. The team can ‘Message’ the player if his profile is public or ‘Request Contact’ with the player if their profile is hidden. A ‘Star Rating System’ tells a potential team how much effort was put into the players profile, so he or she can easily weed out the weak profiles. A visit to rosterpoint.com will surprise any skeptic and delight the optimistic. As an experienced hockey coach, scout and GM, Bryan understands the challenges associated with acquiring players and finding the right team to play for, and he developed Roster Point to help eliminate them. “I wanted to develop an online platform that will allow young, talented players to create exposure for themselves and promote their skills and talents so they can further their career”, he said. “We are creating a network for players and teams and this network will be full of resources for any player at any age and any team at any level. “

For more information contact: info@rosterpoint.com


Roster Point continues to develop into one of the largest recruiting platforms for hockey ...



Roster Point has a number of key advantages that will be the difference for you when it comes to hockey recruiting. PROFILE EDITORS A versatile profile editor allows both players and teams to customize a profile that will look good, and communicate the type of hockey you like to play. With videos, pictures, stats and vital information, Roster Point will allow you to connect and interact with the player or team you have been waiting for. CONNECTS PLAYERS AND TEAM Roster Point acts as a conduit between players and teams, and with this in mind our ability to match a player’s skill level with the right team is second to none. Our proprietary custom matching program utilizes a unique algorithm that will work consistently and ensure that you will always have effective matches to scroll through. INSTANTANEOUS MATCHING ALERTS What good is a system like Roster Point unless you are able to know when you have a match, and with that comes our great notification system? With instantaneous alerts, and an ability to send it right to your email, Roster Point will make sure you never miss a match for this upcoming season.

Networking in Hockey

Today it is a must to network and promote your skill and talent to potential teams. Roster Point can help any player at any level. Competitive Novice players looking for the right Elite Spring Teams can use Roster Point. Peewee, Bantam and Midget players should have a profile, Junior teams from Canada and the US are using Roster Point right now. They are looking for performers today and superstars for the future. SEARCH CAPABILITY A search engine is essential in today’s hockey world, and with Roster Point you will have access to one of the best in the business. With players, leagues, associations and teams are entered, you will be able to access minor, college and major hockey like never before. HIDE/SHOW PROFILES If you have signed with a team, or are no longer looking, Roster Point comes loaded with great privacy interests, which include a Hide/Show option. You are able to control when and who will be able to view your profile, and only with Roster Point will you get this kind of control over your account.

You have to promote yourself and your career if you want to make it in todays competitive hockey environment.

ROSTERPOINT.COM Making Recruiting Cost-Effective

IT’S FREE TO GET A BRONZE MEMEBRSHIP. We also offer 2 more levels of player membership Silver and Gold two levels for team’s membership – Standard and Premium.

TRACK PROFILE VIEWS In today’s advanced hockey world, data is important, and with this in mind Roster Point allows you to track view times and who is viewing your profile. This will give you direct access to what kind of traffic you are generating, and trying different options on the profile to attract the right type of team or player. SET YOUR OWN GOALS Finally, we like to set goals here at Roster Point, and with our platform you will be able to do just that. We give you the ability to specify what leagues you are looking to break into and will give an idea to perspective teams what level of hockey you aspire to play in at some point.

ROSTERPOINT.COM Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


LADY BLUE KNIGHTS Field Lacrosse Submitted by the Lady Blue Knights

Summer is here and the Baby Blue Knights and Junior Blue Knights are back in action! This season marks a very successful 11th year for our Baby Blue Knights (BBK) and Junior Blue Knights (JBK) house league programs. These programs run from ages 5-10 and have become a significant building block for the Lady Blue Knight rep program, in particular U11 Rep. In 2006, the BBK and JBK leagues had just under 60 players registered to play and has grown steadily. This season, the two leagues combined have a total of 175 players! This shows the growing popularity of women’s field lacrosse in today’s youth. Lady Blue Knights believe in creating opportunities for young female athletes in the community. Our organization strives to provide a fun, family like atmosphere where athletes can develop their skills and meet new friends, while taking advantage of the endless opportunities that women’s field lacrosse provides for female athletes. In mid-June, the U13 and U15 Elite Lady Blue Knights Rep teams came out to run a practice for the BBK and JBK players. The U13/U15 Elite players passed on their knowledge, skills and experience to teach the BBK/JBK players the fundamentals of lacrosse. The rep teams set up stations that the young lacrosse players were able to pass, catch and cradle through. The night was a great success and enjoyable for both the rep players and the BBK and JBK HL players. Many of the BBK/JBK players were inspired by their mentors and cannot wait to play at their level. Baby Blue Knights Finish Strong Way to go to our BBK girls and coaches. Tons of great improvement in our little laxers earned them all medals. Thanks to our coaches for helping players learn the skills and passion to play lacrosse. Jr. Blue Knights – A Championship Season! Congrats to all of our Jr. Blue Knights – what a season. Seven teams of 8, 9 and 10 year olds improving by leaps and bounds due to their great their great effort and benefitting from our tremendous group of volunteer coaches. Congrats to Yellow on their Gold medals and to Team Orange on their Silver medals. Thanks to our very supportive sponsor – Tammy Hanlon – State Farm Insurance.



For more information and to sign up please visit our website. www.ladyblueknights.ca

Stay Active, Have Fun! By Marianne Schlottke; Town of Whitby Recreation Supervisor of Fitness Services

Families that are active together gain many benefits. 1. Quality time together creating smiles, memories and laughs. There is nothing like setting a goal and overcoming a challenge together. 2. Save time by doing it together. One stop versus going all over town for everyone’s separate workouts. 3. Create lifelong habits by setting an example and being a good role model. Healthy parents make healthy kids. 4. Spread the Health! Healthy habits in general create more healthy habits, such as, reduced stress, better sleeping routines and healthy eating choices. 5. Everyone gains. Increased activity is good for everyone when they work at their own level.

Children and youth need 60 minutes of exercise per day and adults and seniors need 150 minutes per week. Are you doing what you should be doing to stay healthy?

Your health is our business. Come in to the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex and pick up resources; such as, Healthy Recipes, the Physical Activity Planner, the Canadian Society of Exercise Physical Activity Guidelines, and more. We are located at 555 Rossland Road East in a convenient central location and would love to meet your family.

Whitby Civic Recreation Complex

Health Club Memberships Stay Active, Have Fun! • Family, Youth and Senior Memberships • Supervised gym/certified staff • Variety of programs/fitness classes • 25-metre leisure pool with therapy pool • No initiation fee • Free WIFI Whitby Civic Recreation Complex - 555 Rossland Road East 905.666.1991 • whitby.ca/fitness • whitby.ca/schedules



Creating High Performance Habits By: Jeff Roux, BPE, CSCS, TSCC - Gold The drive to perform at your peak is not reserved for athletes. Successful people of all ages and levels look for ways to maximize their success in order to rise above the competition. Kids are driven by a desire to perform well in school and compete for University acceptance and, if they excel in academics or sport, possibly attain a scholarship opportunity. Adults are always trying to maximize their career opportunities and keep control of their health and fitness as age and the daily demands of work and family can often pull them away from taking care of themselves. At TWIST, we believe everyone is a athlete and our goal is to help each person unleash the athlete within them in order to reach their potential, maximize their level of health, fitness and performance and BeReady for whatever life or sport throw at them along the way. You do not have to be a High Performance athlete to create high performance habits; you simply must follow the same philosophies and lifestyle adaptations that allow athletes to achieve excellence. This means a regular training program that is progressive, purposeful and aimed at achieving specific goals. It means understanding your strengths and weaknesses and knowing when to focus on improving each. It means understanding when to work hard, when to work smart and when to back off and not work at all if that is the best option for you to continue to move forward. It means treating injuries and issues that may get in the way of your success properly, not ignoring them and hoping they will go away on their own. It means eating a diet of nutritious, whole foods designed to nourish your cells, fuel you body and drive your spirit. It means getting the sleep, rest and recovery needed to re-boot your system every day and rejuvenate the energy you need to give 100% in all aspects of your life. An urban myth states that it takes 21-30 days to form a new habit. The truth is that it is often not as simple as simply sticking with it for a specific amount of time. It is quality, not quantity that creates success. Most people who have tried to start an exercise program off the bench, quit smoking or change the way they eat would say it takes much longer. Some people can flip a switch, make a decision and own it, make a significant change in that moment and never look back. For most it does not happen overnight and it is never that easy; they need help to make it happen and even more to continue to succeed. “When you are going through hell, keep going!” – Winston Churchill – Churchill’s point was simple, sometimes you have to endure some hardship to get to the other side of something difficult and only then can you achieve the benefit of surviving the challenges you faced along the way. We know that those who can find a way to



persevere, to keep moving forward, create new habits, change the way they think and (most importantly) change the way they act, can accomplish amazing things. This is exciting. As strength and conditioning coaches and health professionals, this is what drives us to help people get better, every day! When it comes to maximizing health, fitness and performance, we continue to expand our approach and to all aspects of the equation. Exercise, nutrition and overall wellness go hand-in-hand and a lack of success in one can have a detrimental effect on the other. Everyone has a different starting point, different goals and different measures of success, understanding each of these is the key to helping you achieve yours. Some need help getting started in the first place. Getting off the couch, turning off the technology, returning from injury, re-calibrating your nutrition and food intake, finding the motivation to get started and the guidance to continue can often be the most difficult part. The most important step of all is the first one. The truth is breaking an old habit and creating a new one is just the beginning. Once you make the initial change you will need to reinforce it, refine and shape it to fit you and adjust the rest of your lifestyle around it so that it can ultimately become who you are. Only then are you winning the battle. If change were easy, everyone would do it. The good news is, once you find a way to make things work for you, to fit your needs and goals, to adapt to your lifestyle and fit your schedule, it all starts to fall into place.

At TWIST, we don’t train; we coach. We believe that coaching generates both the most sustainable results & the most enjoyment and engagement in the process along the way. We coach High Performance athletes & people of all ages and skill levels who want to be become healthier, stronger, more energetic and perform better in their daily lives. Anyone can put an exercise program together or find a meal plan on the internet, but none of this is designed to coach, teach and fit to your individual needs. Coaching vs. Traditional Training • • • •

Training is repetitive; Coaching is progressive Training is for someone who wants to be pushed through a workout; Coaching is for someone who wants to Be Better Training is being told what to do; Coaching is the collaboration, communication and correction to do it well Training is something you endure; Coaching is something you enjoy!

Rather than having to motivate yourself to exercise each day, to make better food choices, to get more sleep, and to take care of yourself, begins to drive you as you begin to have more energy, feel better, understand how unhealthy food choices make you feel, and how healthy ones make you feel indestructible. This is when you truly cross the line into not just needing to train more and eat better because it is the right thing to do, but wanting to do it because it become part of you and you cannot imagine not doing it.

and found the foods that fit your individual needs, you can easily fall into the routine that works best for you. Whether you are looking for long-term athletic development or short term help to get started in the first place, whether you are working to become an elite athlete with High Performance aspirations or still simply keeping the dream alive as a weekend warrior, whether you are striving to compete at a high level for as long as possible or just want to be a healthy role model for your kids and have a body that works, we are here to help you BeReady for whatever your life or your sport throws at you, every day! TWIST is not just a place to train, it is a place to learn, a place to be challenged and a place to challenge you to get better, every day. Come in and experience the TWIST Difference and let the TWIST team of coaches and experts help you meet all of your health, fitness, nutrition and performance needs. We are here to help start you on your path to wellness, fitness, health and performance and to create your own High Performance Habits along the way.

Jeff Roux is the Director of Sport Conditioning at Twist Conditioning Centre in Whitby, Ontario. Coach Roux’s background boasts a wide range of experience coaching everyone from professional and elite athletes to weekend warriors and youth development programs.

Warning: Health, Fitness and Performance can be Habit Forming One you have found your niche, set some specific goals




Providing the Sport of Rugby to All Ages in the Durham Region

A Great Day of Rugby at the 2016 Vikings Flag Rugby Tournament On July 24, Vikings Rugby Club held Flag Rugby Tournament with attendance by over 200 U8 and U10 players. Vikings Rugby Club would like to thank all the parents and volunteers who contributed to the success of the event. There are a lot of great future rugby players! Vikings Prom dress 7’s tournament in support of Canada Mental Health Association This event is a Vikings Rugby Club annual event to raise the awareness of Mental Health. Vikings Rugby of all ages from U12 to older (including parents and grandparents) are welcome to join in this Community event. Join us on Sunday, August 21, 2016 at 10:00 am: For more information visit our website at www.vikingsrugby.ca

Senior Men’s Upcoming Schedule: Aug 13

Oshawa Vikings

Sarnia Saints

3 PM

Thompson Park

Aug 27

Oshawa Vikings

London St. George’s

3 PM

Thompson Park

Sept 10

Oshawa Vikings


3 PM

Thompson Park

Sept 17

Oshawa Vikings

Peterborough Pagans

3 PM

Thompson Park

Providing the Sport of Rugby for All Ages in the Durham Region 16


Whitby Eagles Softball Association By Meagan Baird The Whitby Eagles are a rep softball association. This year they fielded 8 teams for the 2016 season ranging from Mite(U10) to Senior (19 and up) Please visit the Teams section of our site for more information on each team.

Tryouts for the Eagles start in September, for information on teams and coaches contact please visit our website. For more information on our Association, Teams, and Tournaments please visit our website at www.whitbyeagles.ca.

Each year our teams travel throughout Ontario, Quebec and the United States, representing the Town of Whitby. The Senior Whitby Eagles team will be returning to Nationals in P.E.I as the number 1 team in Ontario and also defending champs.



GIRLS SOFTBALL Something for Everyone Submitted by Whitby Lightning The Whitby Girls Softball Association is in the middle of a busy summer with 42 teams at the house league level and 8 teams participating as Select teams. The Select teams are made up of house league players who were interested in playing at a more competitive level. Our Skills Day was held on Saturday May 24th for players from Mite to Novice age groups and was an opportunity for those players to test their running, hitting and throwing skills. The weather was beautiful and it was a fun day for all. Over the years many girls have enjoyed the opportunity to play softball in Whitby and not only do they develop softball skills, but learn the necessity for teamwork and confidence during the games. Many have started out at a very young age, playing throughout their teen years and into their early twenties as members of Whitby Girls Softball teams. When asked about their time in WGSA, here is what some of our players have said: Emma Betts, has played for eleven years and is now a second year Novice player: “I like the team aspect of playing and the opportunity I have had to make new friends.” Ashley St-Arneault is a second year player in the Novice division: “I have enjoyed meeting new friends and my favourite position is first base.” Julia Chapman is in her fifth year playing WGSA softball and is also in the Novice division: “Softball is a lot of fun and energetic exercise. I find that I enjoy the teamwork that is necessary during the game and I have fun playing with my teammates.” Melissa Parnham is in her fourteenth year as a player and is now in her second year in the Midget division: “I have enjoyed meeting all of the players from various teams over the years and making friends with them, even meeting players from other towns when we play in tournaments and get to know them so well.” Melissa has been umpiring WGSA games for the past five years which gives her an opportunity to contribute even more to girls’ softball when she is not playing. Victoria Bourque has played for eight years and is in her fourth

year in the Midget division: “I like the family-like atmosphere and the fun of the house league games. I also like the competitive level of the Select teams and the opportunity to play in tournaments against other Select teams.” Kimberley McCaul has played for fifteen years in the WGSA, starting at age four. She is now in her third year in the Midget division: “I just love playing softball. I used to go to my older sister’s games and am enjoying playing as much as Kaitlyn did.” Delaney Ewing has played for ten years and is now in her third year in the Midget division: “I have been pitching since I was in the Novice division and have always enjoyed it. My enjoyment has encouraged me to become a coach to help younger players to develop their softball skills.” Many of our players help out by volunteering at the softball tournaments we host, assisting with pitching and catching clinics, participating in the Santa Claus Parade every December, and serving on our Junior Board of Directors. It is the enthusiasm of such players that makes playing softball fun.

a Fall

WGSA is more than a sports organization – it is a community. The friendships that the girls make carry on throughout the years and are as much a part of what they look forward to at the beginning of each season as the game is itself. Upcoming in the season we look forward to our Select teams keeping busy in tournaments during the summer weekends and our house league teams wrapping up with playoff games and season ending banquets in mid-August. In addition, September will bring us our annual Blue Jays Game Day, which this year will be on September 24th when over 300 of our players and families will take in a game at Rogers Centre to see the Blue Jays battle the New York Yankees. Would you like to become a part of this community next year? Check us out at www.whitbygirlssoftball.com, today.

As you can see, we really do offer something for everyone!

Check us out today at www.whitbygirlssoftball.com




activeOshawa Fall 2016/Winter 2017 Guide

Oshawa Resident registration begins Wednesday, August 24

activeOshawa Non-Resident registration begins Wednesday, September 7

Fall 2016/ Winter 2017 Guide

Pick up your copy Wednesday, August 24

activeOshawa 905-436-3311 www.oshawa.ca/activeOshawa Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca

DurahmTotalSport_Aug-Sep.indd 1


07/20/2016 9:36:54 AM

Ajax Wanderers 7th Annual Family Day Submitted by Ajax Wanderers

On Saturday July 16th, the Ajax Wanderers held our 7th annual Family Day celebrations. The day was once again a huge success with members of all ages enjoying a full day of rugby action. The Wanderers welcomed many from the community that day to come celebrate with us, including MPP Joe Dixon, Councillor Ashby, The Ajax Fire Department, KX 96, and local sponsors, Kodiak Vision Care and BINNS Kitchen and Bath. As for rugby action, the day kicked off with the U16 Boys hosting both North Halton RFC and Barrie RFC, the U14 Boys saw action against Aurora, the U16 Girls welcomed Oakville Crusaders and in Sr. Men action our Academy side took on the Toronto Scottish 3rd team, and the Wanderers 2nd and 1st side hosted London St. George RFC. The day was capped off with a demonstration from our Mini Flag Rugby team and a huge pig roast, with many staying into the evening to enjoy karaoke and music by DJ Lance Lindsay. A big thanks goes to all who helped make the day a huge success! Wanderers Sr. Men’s Home Schedule - August 2016 August 6, 2016 - vs Peterborough Pagans RFC Kick Off Times 1:30 & 3pm August 13, 2016 - Academy vs Toronto Dragons Kick Off Time 12:00pm August 13, 2016 - vs Brampton Beavers RFC Kick Off Times 1:30 & 3pm August 19, 2016 - Academy vs Cobourg Saxons RFC Kick Off Time 7pm August 20, 2016 vs Toronto Nomads RFC Kick Off Times 1:30 & 3pm Everyone welcome to come out and watch the rugby action - free admission. Rentals: The Ajax Wanderers clubhouse is available for public rentals for all types of functions from birthdays and holiday parties to corporate events. We are fully licensed facility and provide bar staff for all rentals and events. The facility can hold up to 90 people with a dance floor and outdoor patio. Interested in renting our clubhouse for your next party or event? Visit our website, ajaxwanderers.com or email club.rentals@ajaxwanderers.com for more details. Book your fall and winter holiday parties now.

Follow us on Twitter - @ajax_wanderers Like us on FaceBook - facebook.com/ ajaxwanderersrufc



Celebrate your

Birthday with

the Gens

THE CHAMPIONS PACKAGE: •Tickets to the game •Invitations •Special gift for the birthday child •Loot bags and Cupcakes for each child •Birthday shout-out on the video board and over the PA system

Book Your Birthday Pack Today! Contact Chris Van Dusen at 905-433-0900 EXT. 2238 or cvandusen@oshawagenerals.com



OUR PASSION FUELS YOUR SUCCESS Providing a clear golf developmental pathway with comprehensive 
 support for your junior golfer between the ages of 4 – 18


Fall P rogra m $160 Plus H ST

Fall Clinics begin Friday September 9th 2 Sessions (5-Weeks) 5:00pm to 6:00pm 6:15pm to 7:15pm

FALL CLINIC PROGRAM The structure of this junior coaching program is to provide your Junior Athlete with a solid start to their golf game. Junior Athletes 
 will participate in skills development weekly as a group. PGA of Canada Coaching Staff 6:1 Student to Junior Athlete Ratio

On Course Introductions Etiquette Skill Building Short Game Challenges U.S Kids Club Assessment Skills Challenges Fun Competition

For further information on any of The Geared to Golf Performance Coaching Programs please contact Jake Patte at 905-626-1658 or by email at jake@gearedtogolf.com






DROP TO YOUR KNEES By: Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary”

Why learn to drop to your knees you may ask… If you are tripped during a game and there is no question that you’re going to fall it is better to drop to your knees so you can get up quickly, than to fall with your whole body on the ice. Knee drops are also very useful for blocking shots. How to do it: Skate forward and drop to your knees with your back up straight. To get back up lift one knee up and forward so that the blade of your skate is on the ice. Push yourself up with your leg you have pulled up in front of you, and push out to the side with your leg you pushed yourself up with. You need to make sure you practice pushing yourself up with both the right and left leg. Mistakes: Don’t break at the waist when you drop to your knees. This will cause you to lose balance, and you’re then going to have to put your hands out on the ice to keep from falling onto your chest. You will lose too much time straightening your back again before you can get back to your feet. Practice: Skate down the ice slowly at first and drop to your knees. Pull one knee up until you can place the blade of your skate on the ice and push yourself up and into your first stride. Practice pushing up after the knee drop with one leg and then the other. Increase you’re skating and speed as your balance and control of the move improves until you can do it skating at top speed. Sometimes to block a shot on your own net by an opposing player, you have to cut laterally and drop to your knees. Practice this by skating backwards then cutting out to one side using a back crossover. After the crossover, step forward as though stepping into a player who is in front of you, and drop to your knees. After sliding on your knees for a few feet, pick up one knee and push yourself back up to your feet. When doing knee drops to block shots always push and slide toward the man and not across in front of him. If you slide across in front of him he will just wait until you have gone past and then take his shot. Some player using this move go down on one knee only. They gain the advantage in being in positon to push back up again since one knee is already down. The disadvantage of this method is that the ankle of the leg which has the knee up is in line of fire. Many defenseman have taken hard shots on the ankle or foot bones this way. There are special pads to protect the ankle and foot sold in all the sports stores. This decreases the amount of ankle injuries.



Until next time Scary Mary says see you at the rink ... Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary” Head Instructor/Owner of Scary Skate Inc. www.scaryskate.com www.facebook.com/scaryskate @scary_skate


Upcoming workshops: 6th August - Toronto, 7th August - London 14th October - Toronto, 15th August - Ottawa


Use the code: DTS for $25 off the course fee




HAWKEYES FOOTBALL Submitted by Pip McPhee

The 2016 Oshawa Hawkeyes Football house league season just wrapped up with a Championship game, BBQ and celebration for all players. Congratulations to the Red team (with a little support from Gold). What a great season! House league football offers players age 7 to 12 an opportunity to learn the game of football and yes, it is tackle. Part of the learning is how to deliver and receive tackles safely. Other learned game skills include: throwing, catching, footwork, blocking, running plays, game strategy and of course the necessary cardio improvement with those daily laps and hill climbs. What really struck me four years ago as a ‘new football Mum’ was how quickly the kids learn the skills and begin to understand their role in the game. It really is a true team sport where the team only succeeds when everyone does their part. The other great thing is that it involves all skill levels, shapes and sizes. This year there were two Atom teams (ages 7 to 10) and four Peewee teams (ages 11 and 12). The season began indoors in March then moved outdoors early in May with the first games played the third week in May. Some may remember some pretty darn cold practices early in the season! There was typically one practice and one game per week (with weekends off!). Most practices saw the kids warming up together then working on skills by position then a light scrimmage toward the end. The game format was 12 on 12 with four 12 minute quarters and a 5 minute half time. Most Atoms and over half of the Peewee’s were new to football this year. Our new players came from hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer and even a few couch potatoes. I watched them evolve from wide eyed adolescents who



didn’t even know how to put their pads in their pants to confident young men with a new passion and a new family. That sense of family was the other thing that blew me away four years ago. The club really does promote family values with many coaches having played for the Hawkeyes in their youth, the older players refereeing for the Atoms and Peewee’s and the Executives all still volunteering hours and hours of their time long after their players have grown up and moved on. At the BBQ last weekend, the current President told me that she acted as the team General Manager for over 10 years when her son played. As the house league season wraps up at the time of writing, the Peewee Select Team are sitting with a record of 7-0 in the Ontario Minor Football League (OMFL). The OMFL team is comprised of players from the House League team who wanted to play in a more competitive environment against other clubs. This team offers players more practice time, coaching and team building. This year’s team includes about half veterans and half rookies to football. While the record speaks for itself, the talent and passion we see from these kids is worth mention. The OMFL season will wrap up on August 6th with Championships in Toronto. For more details, check out the OMFL website at: www.leaguelineup. com. See you there! But the fun does not stop there! The Ontario Varsity Fall Football League (OVFFL) season starts with Hawkeyes practices on August 8th at the Oshawa Civic Complex. The OVFFL is a competitive league that will run from August to November with Atom, Peewee and Bantam (ages 13 and 14) teams. For more information, please consult the Oshawa Hawkeye’s webpage at: http://hawkeyes.ca/.

Sport of Lacrosse Well Represented in Whitby Sports Hall of Fame By Whitby Sports Hall of Fame Executive

Across the country, Canadians who follow the sport of lacrosse would likely be aware of the success achieved by players, coaches, and teams from the Town of Whitby. From the local level to the international stage, at both the amateur and professional ranks, representatives from Whitby and Brooklin have often been centre-stage when various leagues or organizing committees have recognized individual talent and awarded their championship hardware. At the Junior A level, Whitby teams have appeared in nine national championships since 1977, capturing the Minto Cup seven times, including recent wins by the Whitby Warriors in 2011 and 2013. Prior to joining the Junior A ranks in 1975, Whitby celebrated two national Junior B titles by the B&R Transporters in 1970 and 1974. Furthermore, teams representing Brooklin have reached the national senior finals on 13 occasions since 1964, with a record seven consecutive appearances by the Brooklin Redmen from 1985 to 1991, and winning Mann Cup titles seven times in their history as well. This history of success has been recognized by the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame through the induction of the following teams, representative of the first Canadian championships for the Whitby-Brooklin area within their respective competitive levels: • • •

1999 – Brooklin Redmen 1968 National Senior Men’s Champions (Mann Cup) 2004 – B&R Transporters 1970 National Junior B Champions (Castrol Cup) 2006 – Whitby CBC Builders 1980 National Junior A Champions (Minto Cup)

In addition to the teams and the individual athletes representing lacrosse among the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame’s inductees, there are several others who have been recognized for their influence on the sport at a local, provincial, or national level. Through their substantial contributions as coaches, officials, team executives, or league commissioners, thousands of young players in Whitby-Brooklin and beyond have enjoyed countless hours of participation on lacrosse floors/fields. Those honoured by the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame in the Builder category for lacrosse are: Elmer Tran (2003), Peter Vipond (2003), Mike Gray (2004), Lloyd Gibson (2008), Luther Vipond (2011), Jim Brady (2013), and Matt Millar (2014). With more than 90 inductees, the sport of lacrosse is indeed well-represented in the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame. Individual biographies for each of the Hall’s 230+ inductees may be viewed by visiting


Many players who began their lacrosse careers in WhitbyBrooklin and honed their skills at the local level have advanced to enjoy success on the highest stages of the sport, including: • • • • •

Collegiate Field Lacrosse – NCAA Division I National and World Junior and Senior Championships Professional Field Lacrosse – MLL (Major League Lacrosse) Professional Indoor Lacrosse – NLL (National Lacrosse League) Commonwealth Games and International Friendship Games

Those recognized by the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame for their playing careers and personal accomplishments in the sport of lacrosse are the following inductees: Wayne Colley (2005), Dan Ladouceur (2011), Anne Windover (2012), John Fusco (2013), and Gavin Prout (2016).

Gavin Prout



2016 Winter Hockey Registration

Valleyview Clubhouse Friday Sept. 9th - 5 PM to 9 PM Saturday Sept 10th - 9 AM to 1 PM 81 Gladstone Ave. (Park Rd & Bond St area) “Skating is a key factor to enjoying this game that we love. Hockey is only fun when you’re playing the sport, not having to work at it.” “If you can’t skate, we’ll teach you!”

Oshawa N.A.S.C. Hockey is Oshawa’s original, LARGEST and most successful house league hockey program. Voted #1 Instructional Hockey Program of All Time in Durham Region!

N.A.S.C. is proud to be the first and the leader in “grassroots” hockey development. “MINI BITS”

Players Born 2010/2011

Players Born 2012/13 The program will be offered to those 3 and 4 year old players who have never had the opportunity to learn how to skate

On-ice twice weekly! Weekly Hockey School Annual Xmas Tournament* All games/ practices Referee Fees Supplied Jersey/Socks Team Pictures Championship Trophies Season end Pizza Party Timbits Jamboree

REGISTRATION IS LIMITED This program was HUGELY successful as we had 160 registered and 30 on our wait list so register quickly as we expect to fill very, very fast!





If you really want to give your child the best possible start and continue to build on this confidence right through their teenage years, there’s no better place to enroll than N.A.S.C. Hockey!

For information please call: (905) 721-1362


No experience needed Have FUN and learn! Open to Boys and Girls Ages 3 to 19 years Tyke-Novice/Atom Skills Scary Skate power skating “Falcons” All-star program* Family Assistance available Goalie ONLY clinics Hockey Canada Skills *Additional Fee Program

Children will be on the ice only once weekly on Sunday mornings. Cost is only $295




Our reputation speaks for itself!


Last year the WGHA formed its first ever Senior House

The league is growing for the 2016-17 season by adding

League Division with six teams. The inaugural season was

another two teams and a first and second tier to allow

a huge success as women from all different age and skill

the stronger players to play together. The league is very

levels came together to form the teams. There were players

inclusive and looking for new members for the 2016-

with CIS experience and others who were playing hockey

17 season. Interested players can sign up as a team or

for the very first time. Some teams featured mothers and

as an individual. It is great value for the money with 20

daughters playing together. There was a need for fun, safe,

regular season games plus playoffs followed by a year-end

recreational women’s hockey in Whitby and the WGHA was


very happy to meet that demand. The league had some

The WGHA is hoping that the Senior House League continues

challenges during the first year but overall it was very well received in the community and by the players.

to grow so that women can continue to play hockey in their hometown in a fun, recreational environment. Anyone who is interested in playing this year should contact the WGHA at: registrar@wgha.org. There was a waiting list last year for individuals so be sure to sign up early. COSTS GO UP ON AUGUST 15TH SO REGISTER NOW! The league is looking for team sponsors. Any interested businesses should contact the WGHA. Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


WHY BODYBUILDERS ARE ATHLETES By: Mo McDonnell No one would argue with you if you played hockey or soccer and called yourself an athlete. Now use the word bodybuilder and athlete in the same sentence and you’re likely to get an eye roll in response. Many people see bodybuilding as a narcissistic hobby, and think that anyone could walk out on a stage and flex their muscles if they wanted to. As someone who has been bodybuilding for the past three years, I can say that the perception that bodybuilders aren’t athletes couldn’t be farther from the truth, and here’s why: TRAINING LASTS ALL YEAR Bodybuilders have no training “off” season. They may not be show-day lean 365 days a year, but they’re training hard year-round, often trying to gain mass over a period of several months before switching their training program to reduce body fat while maintaining lean muscle, many timing their goals for competition season which is typically late March to November each year. THEY WORK THROUGH FATIGUE AND PAIN With a regimented training program year round, bodybuilders must push themselves to their physical and mental limits, often working through injuries and fatigue to stay on their training schedule. SCULPTING A PERFECT PHYSIQUE TAKES YEARS Many people think that as soon as they start hitting the weights a few times that they’re suddenly going to look like the Rock. There’s a general perception that as soon as you pick up a dumbbell, the muscle will pack on (and sadly, why most women don’t strength train). Speaking as a former cardio queen, I’ve learned firsthand how hard it is to sculpt your physique the way you want to. Sure, following a basic strength training program will result in some positive changes to your body, but to get to the point where you have perfect symmetry and a six-pack takes a skillfully constructed training and nutrition program that must be followed consistently. BODYBUILDERS MAKE MANY SACRIFICES Like a hockey player who must commit to hours of practice before and after games, a bodybuilder must dedicate many hours outside of the gym each week to prepare meals, practice their posing, and plan their next workouts. This means that many sacrifices in other areas of life must be made, particularly when it comes to social events, which often involve unhealthy foods and alcohol. Bodybuilders watch every calorie, many abstaining from alcohol altogether. And there’s no staying up late, because getting adequate sleep is critical to making and maintaining quality muscle and keeping body fat low. AESTHETICS IS THE SPORT When it comes down to it, the sport of bodybuilding is ultimately based on aesthetics, but what’s wrong with that? Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle, and a well-sculpted



physique shows discipline, perseverance and dedication that only a fraction of people possess. PROUD TO CALL MYSELF AN ATHLETE As a 38 year old mom of two, I am proud to call myself a bodybuilder and athlete. On July 23rd I’ll be competing at natural bodybuilding event in the figure category for the first time. I’ve been bodybuilding since 2013 and training for this category since September 2015. As a decade-long resident of Pickering, I hope to bring home some hardware to Durham Region, take a vacation with the family, and then it’s time to set a new bodybuilding goal. So my message here is that whether it’s kicking a ball, shooting a puck, running a marathon or bodybuilding, athletes come in many forms, and we’re a special group of people that should support eachother in our respective sports, whatever they may be.




BE READY #TwistSummer2016

Summer Programs Ongoing Until September 4th

Start Anytime!

Fall Re-set Month: Sept 5-Oct 4th (4 weeks) Fall Programs: Oct 5th – Dec 24th (12 Weeks) at TWIST, we don’t just Train, we coach! We coach High Performance athletes

1-on-1 Personal Coaching Small Group Adult & youth Fitness Custom Groups & Teams Performance Hockey (On & Off-Ice)

& people of all ages and levels who

High Performance Athlete Programs

want to be become healthier,

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

stronger, more energetic and perform

Rehabilitation Services (Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy)

better in their daily lives.

104 Byron Street South Whitby, ON | L1N 4P4 | 905-217-0664


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Durham Total Sports Summer 2016  

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