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2017 A Great Season For WGSA


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SPORTS MOM OF THE MONTH - Amanda Mathias Amanda was nominated this month for our new feature Sports Mom of the month by her husband Chris. Whether it be karate, baseball, soccer or swimming for Ben she makes sure he is at every practice and cheering him on at every game. This summer she broke into coaching and cocoached Katherine’s U4 Whitby Iroquois soccer team. Being a working mother of two, we all know is hard and being able to make every game is even tougher. But Amanda makes it a priority as she believes that sports are very important for her kids to participate in. Thanks Amanda for being the Pandora Sports Mom of the Month! Amanda’s Kids: Ben and Katherine



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Fitness Workshops

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Christmas Break Hockey Camps

Train with EDGE HOCKEY ACADEMY, Durham Region’s #1 Training Development Academy and Player Development Skills Coach of the OSHAWA GENERALS and WHITBY FURY.




Junior Skating and Skills Development Camp Dates: December 26- 28, 2017 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 9:00am - 10:30am Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2012, 2011, 2010

Session #2

Intermediate Skating and Skills Forward/Defence Camp

Dates: December 26 - 28, 2017 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

Session #3

Junior Skating and Skills Development Camp

Dates: January 2 - 4, 2018 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 9:00am - 10:30am Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2010, 2009

Session #4

Intermediate Skating and Skills Forward/Defence Camp

Dates: January 2 - 4, 2018 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2008, 2007

Session #5

Advanced Skating and Skills Forward/Defence Camp

Dates: January 2 - 4, 2018 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2006, 2005, 2004

To register for any camp visit www. edgehockey.ca (camps page) and print off and complete registration form and mail with payment. For faster payment method, you can e-transfer payment! Payments in FULL required Edge Hockey Academy Inc. is insured. No refund for any clinic and/or camp program.


STORY What have you got to say?




tallshipsmedia.com 905•903•3416 Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


LIFE IS A SPORT; Be Ready! By: Jeff Roux, BPE, CSCS, TSCC - Gold developing a variety of energy systems from short burst anaerobic to long duration endurance. Movement challenges your body to stop and go and challenges your heart and lungs to adapt to a variety of conditioning intervals and intensities. Movement will help you perform better in sport and in life.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris BuellerFerris is always right, life is fast. It is essential not only to take the time to look around to ensure you don’t miss it but also to make the effort required to maximize your health, fitness and performance in order to make sure you can keep up. Luckily, there are now more ways than ever to get moving, get fit, and maximize your opportunity to keep up with the speed of life. In many ways fall is the true “New Year” for most families as summer comes to an abrupt end and suddenly school, fall/ winter sports seasons, shorter days and cooler temps all create a need for a new goals, new schedules, and new weekly routine. It is the perfect time to re-boot, re-charge and re-focus. It is the perfect time to hit the re-set on all lifestyle habits that can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health and performance. Nutrition, sleep, exercise, and work/school-life balance all must be managed effectively in order to keep getting better every day. Those who understand the importance of health and fitness understand that being more active and healthy when we are young allows us to handle more, physically and mentally, as we age than was previously thought. As more people understand the importance of holistic nutrition and purposeful, functional exercise we will continue to improve the outcomes of our health and performance as we age. At Twist, we believe everyone is an athlete. This philosophy and purpose guides everything we do and allows us to help encourage our clients and athletes of all ages and skill levels to think, live and train like an athlete as well. This means setting goals, creating a program with purpose and practical application to each person’s sport and, most importantly to each person’s life. We must consider individual strengths and weaknesses, injuries and dysfunctions that may restrict certain movements, schedules and other limitations that may inhibit success. Whether it is an athlete re-setting their off-season training program as a new season begins or a adult starting (or re-


starting) a new fitness program, the most important step is the first one. Find something that motivates you to get moving, stay moving and keep moving better.

Find Your Why!

The question that every “athlete” must consider when performing any exercise or drill is simple, why? Why am I training? Am I preparing for a specific sport, am I trying to improve specific skills or improve physical limitations? Am I trying to be healthier and more active to be a better role model for my kids or am I just trying to be healthier and happier for me?

What is your why?

Once you know the big picture you can ask the same question when it comes to programming and the details of each specific training sessions and each specific exercise and movement pattern. Why am I choosing this particular exercise? Why am I doing a specific number of sets and repetitions? What is the purpose of each movement? Will it make me better, or just make me tired?

Train Smart

Anyone can train hard and push to or beyond their limits in a given training session. A true training program should always have a plan and a progression. High Intensity training programs are all the rage as they offer quick, efficient, challenging workouts and can be an excellent part of a training program if prescribed and progressed properly. They have a lot of sex appeal but often the intensity and effort of the workout supersedes the purpose, progression and performance efficiency? Not to mention the injury potential that exists when good technical execution is by-passed for those last few seconds or reps. Following a purposeful, progressive program that has a specific objective, a planned progression and ongoing correction and evaluation will always result in more long-term success than random acts of exercise.

The Secret Recipe for Athletic Performance

There is a lot more to efficient, effective athletic performance than simply pushing physical limits before the proper technical skill is learned. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Training the muscles is the easy part. Training hard is the easy part. Training often is the easy part. Training Smart; learning HOW to move properly and training the neuromuscular connections that create movement patterns is hard. This includes everything from establishing an efficient running gait, learning to stickhandle and shoot on the ice, and perfecting your tennis serve, to learning how to decelerate and change direction on the soccer pitch, and how to properly squat in the weight room. The brain learns movement patterns quickly and it learns bad ones just as fast, and sometimes even faster, than good ones because dysfunctional movement patterns offer shortcuts and allow the brain to simply hide other dysfunctions that have occurred from injury, mobility restrictions or other inefficient patterns that have already been learned poorly.


As individuals get older, move less, sit more and spend more time ensuring the kids make it to their practices and games than making time for their own strength and conditioning, the ability to move well is inhibited. Injuries and movement dysfunctions begin to settle in and many people put off finding ways to get moving well again. Typical gym programs promote stepping on a specific machine (Treadmill, Elliptical, bike etc.) and heading down the road to nowhere on machines that do most of the work. People need to actually move in order to move better. Improving athletic mobility, maximizing joint stability and enhancing the ability to run, jump, skate, ski, hike, garden, and just play with your kids comes from moving more and moving better.

It is exciting to see strength training making a resurgence over the past few years and to see adults getting excited about getting stronger. One thing that people must realize when it comes to training strength is that moving load is in itself a movement skill and there are many elements that must come together to execute strength training technique besides moving weight up and down. If you cannot perform a movement properly in the first place and you load it and try to move it when it is heavier, injury is inevitable. Athletes must be able to execute proper movement patterns and muscle firing patterns in order to get stronger. People often love training the beach muscles (arms & chest) but don’t spend enough time training the stabilizer muscles (Core, Shoulder girdle, hamstrings, Upper back) that support and leverage athletic movement and protect the body from injury. First, learn to move, then you can load, lift and challenge the movement in different ways.


No matter how hard you work, recovery is when the magic happens. Getting enough rest, getting enough sleep and fueling your cells with proper nutrition and hydration help maximize digestion and allow enzymes, hormones and all of the organs in your body run efficiently. This is what allows us to adapt to exercise, deal with stress and continue to improve our health and fitness as we age. You can’t outwork poor nutrition or poor sleep patterns. This is when the body adapts, re-charges and gets better.


No diet, lifestyle changes, or training program will work for the long term if it is done is short doses. Our bodies and our brains crave routine and function best when we have consistency in our patterns of exercise, sleep and nutrition. Developing a purposeful and consistent routine allows our systems to stabilize and focus on performing at the highest level possible every day. When this happens health and performance will take care of themselves and we can focus more on being in the moment, having fun and enjoying the journey along the way.

As Ferris says, life moves pretty fast; will you Be Ready!

Whether you are an elite athlete or a stay at home mom, everyone can benefit from moving better. Movement is simply about taking muscles through a full, functional range of motion and expanding that range of motion. It is about stabilizing the joints to handle deceleration and direction changes without injury. It is about developing explosive muscle firing patterns to accelerate quickly and change gears efficiently. It is about





Whitby Sports Hall of Fame - Celebrating Whitby’s Hockey History By: Dallas Knowles

Like many communities across Canada, the Town of Whitby has a rich history in the sport of hockey. There are many Whitby players who have gone on to play at the professional level including: Gary Roberts, Joe Nieuwendyk, Adam Foote, Keith and Wayne Primeau, Paul Ranger, Dunc Wilson, Jamie Allison (all of whom have been inducted into the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame) and Jay Harrison. Current NHL player James Neal is also from Whitby. With over 600 NHL games played so far in his career, Neal is off to a great start to the 2017-18 season with the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights serving as an alternate captain. In addition to the professional players from Whitby, the Town has had enormous success at the team level. The Whitby Dunlops are the most famous team in Whitby history capturing the Allan Cup in 1957 and 1959 and the World Hockey Championship in 1958. The 1958 World Championship team is a member of both the Whitby and Ontario Sports Halls of Fame. Another hockey team inducted in the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame is the 1945-46 Whitby Red Wings that won the Ontario Hockey Federation Junior C Championship. The Red Wings name came from Norman Irwin whose family owned Red Wing Orchards in Whitby and was the sponsor of the team. The Red Wings had some interesting family connections on the team. Head Coach Jack Lowe and two of his sons were part of the team. Bill was a player and his younger brother John was the stick boy. Jack’s other son Ross is also a member of the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame. Ross played minor hockey in Whitby


and was part of the All-Ontario Juvenile Championship team in 1944. He moved on to play in the OHL with the Oshawa Generals and then had a successful professional career in the AHL and NHL with the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadians. In his final year of professional hockey (195455) Ross won the AHL MVP award playing for the Springfield Indians. The Red Wings also had the McCloskey brothers Pat and Joe on the team. Originally, from Northern Ireland the boys moved to Ontario with their family to Kirkland Lake before settling in Whitby. Pat also played on the 1944 Championship Juvenile team alongside Ross Lowe. Doug Williams was a member of both the Red Wings and the Dunlops Championship teams. Behind every strong hockey program, there are coaches and volunteers who dedicate their time to develop young players. Whitby has had countless community members who have been involved in the game of hockey over the years and is one of the major reasons why our town has had so much success over the years. Jack Goddard, Gordon Hawes, Clifford Johnson, David Branch, and Mike Primeau are all members of the Hall of Fame in the Builder category. Combined, these five individuals contributed over 100 years of volunteer service in both coaching and serving on the Whitby Minor Hockey Executive. Their hard work and dedication to hockey, along with all of the other coaches and volunteers over the years, have helped to build the strong hockey tradition in the Town of Whitby.

John Donlevy | George Samolenko | Alf Treen | Bus Gagnon | Don McBeth | George Gosselin | Connie Broden | Stan Waylett | Fred Etcher | Roy Edwards | Gord Myles | Frank Bonello | Harry Sinden | Sandy Air | John Henderson | Wally Braben | Ted OConnor | Ed Redmond | Wren Blair | Sid Smith | Bill Hannah | Tom OConnor | Bob Attersley




CONGRATULATIONS LADY BLUE KNIGHTS A CLEAN SWEEP! 5 Provincial Championships, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze

What a summer is was for the Lady Blue Knights. You can often hear the Lady Blue Knight teams cheering pre and/or postgame “Lady Blue Knights Do It Right”! They sure did – 5 Provincial Championships, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medal finishes.

U19 Provincial Champions An 11- 8 victory over Oakville for Gold

U13 Provincial Champions A 5 - 4 OT Championship win!

U19 B Division Provincial Champions An 8 – 5 win over Hamilton for Gold

U15 B Division Silver Medalists Lost to Newmarket 8 – 6 in the final

U15 Provincial Champions An undefeated OWFL season! Michigan Tourney Champs, Ohio State runners up

U11 Provincial Champions Undefeated OWFL season – 19 wins!

U13 B Division Bronze Medalists A 7 – 5 win over Orillia for Bronze

U11 B Division Bronze Medalists A 15 – 8 win over Orangeville for Bronze

GET READY FOR 2018! OFF-SEASON DEVELOPMENT BEGINS NOW Check out programs for new and returning players at www.ladyblueknights.ca 12 Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca



150 for 150 Are you getting enough?

Celebrate Canada’s 150 Birthday by staying active.

By Marianne Schlottke/ Town of Whitby - Supervisor Fitness Services

Aim for 150 to Celebrate Canada’s 150! Staying physically active is an important part of healthy aging. The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines set out targets that should be reached daily and weekly for all age groups. Challenge yourself to reach the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity each week by trying something new and fun. Get moving with Participation’s 150 Play List at participaction.com/150-Play-List or try some of the Town of Whitby’s recreation and fitness programs at Whitby.ca/recreation. Celebrate Canada’s 150 throughout the summer with your friends and family by staying active.

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines can be viewed in detail at csep.ca. Here is a quick check to see if you are getting enough.

Adults To achieve health benefits, adults should aim for 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic exercise per week, in sessions of 10 minutes or more. Physical activity that includes muscle and bone strengthening exercises using the major muscle groups should be done at least 2 days per week. Be the sport spectator on the move.

Children and Youth Children and youth should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic exercise per day. The physical activity should include vigorous-intensity activities at least 3 days per week, and activities that strengthen muscle and bone at least 3 days per week. Monitor your sport because bench time doesn’t count.

Seniors Adults age 65 years and older, should accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity per week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more per session, to achieve health benefits, and improve functional abilities. Activities that include muscle and bone strengthening using major muscle groups should be done 2 days per week. To increase mobility, activities to enhance balance and prevent falls should be included. Feel younger than you are.

The Whitby Civic Recreation Complex Health Club located at 555 Rossland Road East, has professionally certified fitness staff available on the gym floor at all times, ready to assist you as part of your membership. The fitness staff are all certified personal trainers by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) with CPR, First Aid and Public Defibrillator training. Fitness staff are qualified to work with all levels of participants, from beginner to elite athletes and teams. Members can add on the Abilities Centre Associate membership for only $10 per month and have unlimited use of the indoor track and facilities at the Abilities Centre. Unlimited babysitting can be added to an annual membership for an additional $10 per month per child or hourly drop in fees are available for parents participating in other programs in the facility. Family Health Club memberships include unlimited access for you and your family to public swimming at two great pools, public skating at three world class facilities and drop in gymnasium sports programs at the Brooklin Community Centre and Library. Family members age 14+ have full use of the CRC Health Club and private members change rooms that include saunas and hot tubs, as well as, the Healthy Start Program that includes 2 hours with a CSEP certified personal trainer who will provide a fitness assessment and design and demonstrate a personalized fitness program. Everyone can have fun in an affordable way, and stay active together to get your 150 minutes of activity for Canada’s 150.

For more information visit whitby.ca/fitness or call 905.666.1991 Stay active and stay healthy. Come by today, give us a try. Free trial workouts for all first time Health Club participants.

The Whitby Civic Recreation Complex staff are Heart Wise Exercise trained and recommend that you consult a physician before participating in any fitness programs. You may be able to do any physical activity as long as you start slowly and build up gradually. You may need to restrict your activities to those that are safe for you. Talk to your physician about activities that are safe for you and follow your doctors advice.

14 10



15 11

WINDS OF CHANGE Can You Feel It? By Holistic Nutritionist Tina R. Ward, CNP, RNCP, ROHP Can you feel it? There is little doubt summer is fading fast and the breezy winds of autumn are signaling the shift in seasons. Although September is the ninth month on the calendar, for many, it signals the beginning of a new year. A new school year, need for a new wardrobe, onset of new activities, a new hockey/sport season and, back to regular work schedules. The autumn equinox makes its official arrival here in the northern hemisphere on September 22nd at 4:02 p.m. This is the day when both daytime and nighttime are of the same length – the world is in balance. Indeed, Autumn is the season of balance - so we too crave balance. Autumn is also the season of harvest and celebration. It’s a time to gather everything together and a time to focus on readying for the winter ahead. All of these things make Autumn a perfect time to restore a healthful balance to you and your family’s lives by establishing new family routines. Routines set everyone up for success; a calmer mindset, healthier choices, increased productivity with more focused energy, and this of course leads to happier and healthier families.

Winning Strategies to Establish Healthy Habits:

Eat a nutritious breakfast at home Build in extra time and establish a morning routine – it sets the tone for the day. It’s not ideal to start the day bolting out of bed, skipping breakfast and rushing everyone out the door – that’s a recipe for disaster! Instead: • •

plan breakfast the night before and have ingredients prepped and ready to go if your running behind, take breakfast with you but keep it nutritious – a thermos of oatmeal, homemade energy bar, fruit with nuts and seeds, or a smoothie are great options (I’ve included a sample of my recipes below)

Introduce a Family Challenge • • • • •

(Speak with a nutritionist to learn about upgrading food choices, revamping your favorite recipes, and tips and suggestions on healthier restaurant/take-out choices to help you with this challenge.)

Make time to “Break Bread” together

Of course we all lead very busy lives but it’s vital to maintain a connection with family. There is no better way to nourish our bodies and souls than by sharing a meal and our stories. So carefully consider everyone’s activities and determine times to schedule “mandatory family meals”.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - It’s estimated more than 75% of people are chronically dehydrated…yikes! Every cell in the body needs to be hydrated to function properly. Don’t let dehydration steal your mental and physical energy.

Some hydration tips: •

Tina R. Ward Nutrition Berry Zinger Smoothie 3/4 cup raspberries (frozen) 3/4 cup blueberries (frozen) 1 ripe banana (fresh or frozen) 2 cups chopped leafy greens such as spinach or kale (fresh or frozen) 2 tbsp. hemp hearts

1 -inch fresh ginger root (peeled) 2 pitted Medjool dates (optional only add if a sweeter smoothie is preferred) Blend – add just enough water to make a smooth consistency

Plan the week ahead and alleviate stress • • • •

plan not only your dinners for the week, but breakfast and lunches too! simply start with a weekly grocery list based on meals for the week buy unprocessed food ingredients and make your own meals instead of buying ready-to-eat processed foods make sure to include 10–12 seasonal fruits and vegetables and commit to buying (and eating!) them.

Schedule weekly food prep • • • • •


wash and chop vegetables, fruits and leafy greens and store in airtight containers in the fridge hard-boil eggs and roast meats and vegetables so it’s a snap to make sandwiches, wraps, stir-fries and salads prepare soups and stews and freeze in portioned containers batch cook grains such as steel cut oats, brown rice and quinoa so whipping up a nutritious meal is quick and easy get the family involved; assign age-related duties


“NO FAST FOOD” or “NO FOOD DELIVERED THROUGH A CAR WINDOW” challenge reduce the number of times a week you frequent restaurants, or order take-out/delivery make healthier homemade versions of your favourite take-out foods when you decide to eat-out or order- in, make healthier choices do not use food as a reward or punishment. Instead of ice-cream or pizza after a good game, school report card or when someone had a bad day, consider an outing or activity instead. with the money saved through this challenge, treat the family to a weekend getaway, a vacation or special experience!

• •

• •

• • •

pure water is the best hydrator! Ensure everyone has their own refillable water bottle (a quality stainless steel or glass bottle with a protective sleeve is best – it’s well worth the small investment) and encourage consuming 1.5 to 3 liters daily (depending on weight, activity level and climate). try adding lemon, lime or other fruit or herbs to jazz up your H20 eliminate pop (regular and diet), sugary drinks like juice and sports drinks, and caffeinated beverages. Not only are they unhealthy and completely void of nutrients, but they actually cause more dehydration! Get plenty of sleep Adequate restful sleep is one of the most important factors contributing to not only a good day but to longterm health. The detrimental effects of sleep debt are real…make sleep a priority! stick to a stable bedtime routine; the hours between 10 pm and 4 am are optimal for cellular repair and regeneration and resetting hormones dim the lights in your living area after 8:30 pm create a proper sleep environment; this includes removing all electronics from the bedroom, keeping the room completely dark, quiet and comfortably cool

Please contact me for information on my nutritional programs and services including coaching, workshops and custom seminars. Tina R. Ward Nutrition tinarward@gmail.com (905) 449-7097 Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


The Lakeside Advantage Lakeside Academy is a dynamic private school for student-athletes. Our curriculum combines the lessons learned in the classroom with our students’ passion for sports. The learning environment at Lakeside is based on small, technology enriched classrooms. The Ontario Curriculum is delivered by OCT certified teachers through our blended learning platform, which combines active, face-to-face learning and online activities, resources and communication.

EDUCATION is our first priority at Lakeside. Our

classes never exceed 15 students, so that students receive more ONE-on-ONE instruction. We have the most current textbooks, assessments, and learning tools available. These include all of our leveled reading books and PM Bench Mark Assessment Tools. Our curriculum is flexible and student-centered, enabling students to be actively involved by providing multiple ways to access content and express their learning.


Student SPOTLIGHT – MEET Jonah Lakeside Academy is very proud of all of our student-athletes. In this issue, we take a closer look at one of our bright students, Jonah. Photo by Newtown Photography www.newtownphotography.com

The Barn is equipped with one full size ice rink and one condensed ice rink for skating, shooting, goaltending and other hockey needs. The indoor turf is open year-round for lacrosse and soccer. The facility has a 7,000 square foot fitness and nutrition centre. When Jonah is not playing sports, he pursues his interest in music. Inspired by DJ Snake, Jonah wants to learn how to DJ! Our activity-based curriculum and athletic program is a big hit with Jonah and our active group of student-athletes. Playing competitive sports develops confidence, leadership, teamwork, and other important life lessons that support academic competence. Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca

Photo by Newtown Photography

Lessons involve the use of interactive Smartboards, online resources, activity based stations, group projects, guided reading, and other creative methods of engaging active learning.

Jonah is a multi-talented student. Not only does he excel academically, especially in math, he is mastering many different sports. Jonah is currently completing his Red Cross Swimming Level 4. He plays rep hockey with the Willowdale Blackhawks. He has Taekwondo Green Belt, Piano Level 1, and plays golf, soccer, and is a speed skater. Our campus is located inside The Barn Elite Performance Centre in Oshawa. The Barn’s multi-sports environment provides students like Jonah with the ability to compete at hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, and other sports.


Educating Student-Athletes

Student SPOTLIGHT – MEET Mrs. Lee Great education begins with a great teacher. Mrs. Lee is an Ontario Certified Teacher with a focus on French linguistics. She has taught Kindergarten to Grade 10, in English schools as well as Core French and French Immersion settings. She has a special talent for engaging our students with creative activity-based lessons and learning stations, which is especially important for highly energetic and competitive kids

Apply Now to Enroll for 2017 As a new school in our second year, we are currently accepting enrollment for grades 1 to 7. Our long-term vision is to offer high school as well. Visit our website to find out about early bird registration, open houses, and attend a day programs.

Contact us to book a TOUR or to ATTEND a Day Lakeside Academy 870 Taunton Rd., W. Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4 905-448-4228 info@lakesideacademy.ca www.lakesideacademy.ca www.facebook.com/LakesideAcademyCA Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


2017 A GREAT SEASON For WGSA Submitted by Whitby Lightning

Despite the rain this summer, 2017 has been a great season for the Whitby Girls Softball Association. Our membership has grown significantly this year, and we now have over 600 girls from Whitby and Durham Region playing in our house league and Select programs. Our house league season ran from early May through mid August. Each team played one game a week during the regular season, and we finished up each division with a playoff tournament and season-ending banquet.

The 2017 winners by division were: Regular Season • • • • •

Mite – Whitby Trophy House Squirt – Century 21 Novice – Mary Brown’s Chicken – Garden & Taunton Bantam – Win Marathon Midget – Roy’s Enterprise

Playoffs • • • • •

Mite – Whitby Trophy House Squirt – Century 21 Novice – Heathbridge Capital Management Bantam – Durham Pneumatic Automation Inc. Midget – Rotary Club of Whitby

• Once again, our Learn to Play program, for girls aged 5 through 8 years old, was a “hit”! In 2017, over 120 young players learned the basics of the game of softball, and had a fun time doing so each week! We wrapped up out programme with a “bring a friend” fun night….more than


30 friends joined us that evening, and we hope most of these girls will sign up in 2018. Of course, the Whitby Girls Softball Association is particularly proud of our Select program. Seven different Select teams representing divisions Mite through Midget participated in many tournaments across the GTA throughout the summer months, representing not only the WGSA, but the Town of Whitby. Plenty of medals were won by our teams, but particular recognition goes to our Midget team who won gold medals in 4 of the 5 tournaments the team entered this summer! The goal of the WGSA is for our players to have fun as they develop their individual athletic and team skills through team practices and friendly competition. It takes many volunteers – coaches, scorekeepers, conveners, board members – to make our program work so effectively. Thanks to all who contributed time and effort this year. Thanks as well to all our sponsors – these are local businesses and organizations who contribute money to our program to allow us to offer such a cost-effective sport to local families. If you’d like to contribute, please consider attending our 2017 Annual General Meeting which will take place on October 18th, 2017. Lastly, the WGSA program doesn’t end in August – we will once again offer players opportunities to learn through our winter clinics, and we will run several events throughout the fall, winter and early spring, so no need to wait to next summer to enjoy!

For further information please visit our website at whitbygirlssoftball.com Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca






Who should be Athletes of the Month? Send in your nominations with a quick bio of why this person was nominated. Contact us by email: Durhamtotalsports@gmail.com or @DTotalsports with your vote. Athletes of the Month will be featured in our next issue of Durham Total Sports Magazine.

Athletes of the Month this Issue ... Brooklyn High School Golf Team

The winning Brooklin team was led by Tyler McDowell, who finished tied for fifth individually after rounds of 75 and 71.

Marigold Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd Community Driven for over 30 years in Whitby

Lady Blue Knights U19 Elite Provincial Champions The Lady Blue Knights had an incredible season in 2017 winning the provincial championship at every age level! The U19 Elite team went undefeated at Provincials on their way to the 2017 Provincial Championship.

KINGSVILLE — The Brooklin High School golf team won gold at the 2017 Ontario Federation of Schools Athletic Association championships. Pictured from left are Jordan Breen, Nate Butler, Tyler McDowell, Keegan Mongru and coach Jason Taylor. Submitted photo by JT



The final game saw Oakville take on our Lady Blue Knights in a highly skilled and well-played game. Blue Knights took an early 2 – 0 lead, then the teams traded goals until the score was 7 – 5. Then Oakville scored three unanswered goals and took the lead making it 8 – 7. Blue Knights then took charge scoring the next 4 goals to secure an 11 – 8 victory. Congratulations to coaches Lindsay Palmer and Corina Mahorn and the entire U19 Elite team – 2017 Provincial Champions! Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


2017-18 WHITBY DUNLOPS - HIGH HOPES The 2017-18 Allan Cup Hockey season is about to kick off for the Whitby Dunlops, and the team is seeking revenge for their disappointing loss in last year’s finals to the Stoney Creek Generals. Currently, General Manager Jon Crawford is seeking several needed additions to bolster an already strong line up with virtually all players from last year returning. The 2016-17 leading scorers Captain Brett McConnachie and Corey Crawford will lead the offence, while stalwart Matthew Baxter will lead a solid core of defensemen. Goaltender Mathieu Cadieux, who played sensationally in net in last year’s playoffs, covering for an injured Jason Guy, will be back to challenge Jason for the number one spot. The Thorold Athletics team has taken a leave of absence for one year, leaving the Allan Cup Hockey League with 5 competing teams. Each team will play each other six times ( 3 home- 3 away) in what will prove to be the most competitive environment the League has ever seen. It’s common knowledge that all other teams have been extremely active this season in their recruitment programs which will create a season where any team can beat any team on any given night! At this point in time, it is safe to

say that every team feels that they have a legitimate shot at winning our League and moving on to the Allan Cup Championship. Not only will the League provide exciting hockey but the fans will benefit from an array of ex professionals competing at the highest level. The Dunlops aim is to win the Allan Cup for the fans, the Town of Whitby and the Region of Durham. We encourage all fans to watch our team each Saturday night at the Iroquois Park Complex ( 6:30 p.m. starts). The Dunnies offer free admission to all children 12 years of age and under, which is not only individually but teams of that age can come for free - TEAM BONDING NIGHTS! The Dunlop players need your support, as there’s nothing better than coming on to the ice each game with a full house cheering them on!

2017 Winter Training Programs GEAREDTOGOLF.COM ADULT GOLF TRAINING (Multiple Month Packages available)

- One Month Training Package

Unlimited Mat Access & Short Game Practice Package Includes: • • • •

One month Indoor facility membership Initial Interview/Goal Setting meeting with a PGA of Canada Professional 45 Minute Trackman Video Analysis using Hudl Technique & Trackman Dynamic Club Analysis using Trackman $325 Plus HST

See you there. Ian Young President



Whitby Dunlops Hockey Club gazeboian@gmail.com www.whitbydunlops.com

The structure of this junior coaching program is to provide your junior athlete with a solid start to the game. Juniors will participate in skills development weekly as a group. Players participate in athletic skill building exercises while training indoors with the latest technology.

8 Weeks ~ $325 plus HST 16 Weeks ~ $599 plus HST *1 Private Coaching Sessions 1 - Hour Sessions per week

The ULTIMATE Winter Training Package Three Month Training Package (Program begins November 1st) Unlimited Mat Access & Short Game Practice

• • • •

Three month indoor center membership Goal setting meeting with coach 1-Hour Short Game Assessment 90 minute Full Swing Assessment using Video, Analysis, Trackman and Bodi Trak

• • •

Road Map set by a PGA of Canada Professional 5-one hour coaching sessions Dynamic Club Analysis using Trackman $950 plus HST

For more information contact Jake Patte jake@GearedtoGolf.com 905-626-1658






AJAX WANDERERS Mini Flag & Junior Rugby 2017 Wrap Up

Congratulations to all Junior players on our successes this year! Registration for the 2018 season will open in the new year on our website: ajaxwanderers.com. All new members welcome – no experience necessary.

This past summer saw the largest enrolment for Mini and Junior rugby for the Ajax Wanderers with over 200 girls and boys playing summer rugby for the Wanderers! Wanderers Mini program successfully ran Co-Ed U6, U8 and U10 flag rugby teams and a U12 Intro to Contact Team. The U6 team enjoyed learning the game of rugby through fun Friday practices, while the U8, U10 and U12 teams participated in tournaments in various locations around the GTA against many of the other clubs in the area. Tournament highlights include festivals in Oshawa, Peterborough, Lindsay, Markham, a beach rugby day in Cobourg and the final festival day hosted by Rugby Ontario.

U18 Girls

2017 U-18 Girls - Forward MVP - Tiarra Hudson-Reimer 2017 U-18 Girls - Back MVP - Mallory Wright 2017 U-18 Girls - MVP - Mallory Wright 2017 U-18 Girls - Coaches Award - Shawna Strachan

A lot of fun was had all summer long along with many new skills and a growing love for the sport of rugby. Registration for the 2018 Wanderers Mini Rugby programs will be open in the new year through the website: ajaxwanderers.com The Junior Rugby programs also saw great success and growth this year. The Wanderers entered teams in all junior categories fielding two girls teams and four boys teams for the 2017 season. The summer saw much growth and development of skills and play for all Junior players with over 10 Junior players making various Rugby Ontario Hub teams and 5 players being named to Rugby Ontario traveling teams.

Highlights include:

Under-14 Boys 2nd place in Toronto Rugby Under-16 Boys 1st Place in Toronto Rugby Under - 16 Girls - Consolation Winners in Toronto Rugby

2017 Junior Award Winners U14 Boys

2017 U-14 Boys - MVP - Colton Mowbray 2017 U-14 Boys - MIP - Tyler Maguire 2017 U-14 Boys - Coaches Award - Rowan Closs

U16 Boys

2017 U-16 Boys 1st Team - Forward MVP - Ben Mowbray 2017 U-16 Boys 1st Team - Back MVP - Alex Kropman 2017 U-16 Boys 1st Team - MIP - Taylor Rowed 2017 U-16 Boys 1st Team - Coaches Award - Jared Cresswell 2017 U-16 Boys 2nds Team - Forward MVP- Dan Svoboda 2017 U-16 Boys 2nds Team - Back MVP - Sam Marler 2017 U-16 Boys 2nds Team - MIP - Gabriel Calmeira 2017 U-16 Boys 2nds Team - Coaches Award - Greg Taylor

U18 Boys

2017 U-18 Boys - Back MVP - Cole Brown 2017 U-18 Boys - Forward MVP - Erik Keppen 2017 U-18 Boys - MVP - Liam McLaughlin 2017 U-18 Boys - Coaches Award- Damian Bhoopaul

U16 Girls

2017 U-16 Girls - Forward MVP - Kate Burtney 2017 U-16 Girls - Back MVP - Macy Ince 2017 U-16 Girls - Back MVP - Sarrynn Hopkins 2017 U-16 Girls - MVP - Sarrynn Hopkins 2017 U-16 Girls - Coaches Award - Sierra Austin









The Original Play Station


By: Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary” In a game situation one of the biggest advantages that you can have over your opponent is quick acceleration. Your ability to quickly go from coasting to full speed will help you win foot races, out-skate your opponent, get more loose pucks and get more opportunities to shoot and score. Speed is one of the most important factors in today’s game and acceleration is a huge part of speed.

Turn your feet out and walk like a duck… We have our players start by turning their feet outwards and walking on their toes, then jogging and then eventually running up on their toes on the ice. If you can’t learn to turn your feet you will never get full power. In order to get all the power from each stride you need to turn your blades to a 45 angle. This ensures your blades don’t slip on the ice, if you don’t turn your feet you are basically just spinning your tires.

Dig your toes in… This point is VERY important for acceleration, but not quite as important once you get to full speed. When you accelerate your first three steps are basically all toes, you are essentially sprinting on the ice. You want three quick steps and try to dig the toe in, push hard, and then get the next toe dug in. You don’t want to coast at all. When you get to full speed you are using more of the blades and coasting with each stride, but the acceleration needs to be all power, all thrust and no coasting!

Push hard with both legs… Remember to EXPLODE with power from both legs. Some players push hard with the first leg to get themselves going and then go half power for the next few steps. Push hard with both legs, and practice using the right technique with both legs.

Bend the knees and extend your legs… This is very important, if you don’t bend your knees enough you won’t get 100% of the power you could be getting. The less you bend your knees the less power you will get, imagine riding a bike without bending your knees, you wouldn’t get anywhere. We always tell our skater that they need to learn to bend their knees and not their backs.


Extend your leg powerfully, and then quickly get it back underneath you to take another stride.

Lean forward…


You want to keep that energy moving forwards, so lean forwards. Some players extend their legs, but stand up while they are doing it. Make sure you are leaning forwards so all your energy pushes you forwards, you don’t want to lose power by pushing UP instead of out.

Until next time Scary Mary says see you at the rink ...

Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary” Head Instructor/Owner of Scary Skate Inc.


www.facebook.com/scaryskate @scary_skate

Now available at select Costco’s at a reduced price Our park is designed to not only challenge you physically but mentally. Our 65+ elements throughout four courses gives you a sense of empowerment. A day in the trees also promotes a team bonding and team building experience. After completing the courses participants will feel confident in their abilities and create a positive team environment.





Treetop Eco-Adventure Park

Oshawa, ON

The only park in the GTA employing the SafeRoller and CliC-It continuous belay system. Located on the grounds of the old Oshawa Ski Club as well as Trillium Trails Banquet & Conference Centre in Oshawa, Ontario only 10 minutes north of Durham College/ UOIT on Simcoe St. N. Reservations are required check us out online at www.izipped.ca 53 Snow Ridge Court, Oshawa, Ontario 905-655-1113

Start as low as $25.00 pp hst included



SCHOOL PROGRESS REPORT An Important Milestone for Students By: R.N. Whitehead

The first major milestone of the new school year is the first report card. Oxford Learning says that while parents worry and wonder, they don’t need to get too stressed about the first school report card. “The first report card of the school year is like a check-up on how your child is adjusting to the new grade,” says Oxford Learning. “The thing to keep in mind is that this report card is not the final word on grades—it is more about how your child is doing so far this school year.” If there are poor grades, Oxford Learning recommends reading the teacher’s comments for more insight into your child’s classroom behaviour. “Sometimes a bad math or English mark can be linked to being too talkative, or daydreaming.” These types of behaviours—and others—can mask a skill gap that is often the root of poor report card grades. Oxford Learning’s Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment™, an innovative testing tool that pinpoints learning strengths and weaknesses, can help parents get a better understanding of the causes at the root of their child’s poor grades. Oxford Learning recommends sitting down with your child to go over the report card as a simple way to get extra insight into your child’s grades and classroom performance. “A report card discussion is an important step in becoming an active participant in your child’s education.”

Five Tips To Talk to Kids About Their Report Card 1. Sit down and review together. Make sure that there are no distractions so you can focus on one another and the conversation. 2. Don’t get upset. If you’re upset or angry about grades, hold the discussion until you can speak calmly and rationally. 3. Start with empathetic and positive comments. Highlight something positive about the report card, no matter how trivial. For instance, “we are pleased with your spelling grade.” 4. Listen to your child. Recognize your child’s struggles. School can be tough. It is helpful to students to know that someone is listening to their concerns and complaints. 5. End with a plan. Be optimistic and identify any next steps before you leave the table. Founded in 1984, Oxford Learning uses innovative approaches to learning that have helped thousands of students to reach their educational goals. Do you have questions about your child’s report card? Get answers! Contact the location nearest you today!

BRIGHTER FUTURES BEGIN HERE All Ages. All Grades. All Subjects. Enrol Today!

Ajax 905.683.6660

Courtice 905.723.6999

Bowmanville 905.419.2428

Pickering 905.420.3141

Brooklin 905.655.9500

Whitby 905.688.6800


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Durham Total Sports Vol 7 Issue 5  

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