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Generals Celebrate 80 Years

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The Puck Stops Here Hockey Mom Rant

By Diane Sokoloski

Hockey folk are sentimental. My name should be Diane Sentimental-oski because I frequently get choked up. The lump-in-my-throat moments usually involve kids, animals, sports, (and any combination thereof); underdogs; a red tag sale at Value Village and when there is no line up in the women’s washroom at the cinema. There was a World Cup of Hockey television commercial that aired back in September featuring NHL player Drew Doughty. Doughty sat there with his dark scraggly hair hanging down and the gap where his front teeth used to be gave him the classic crooked hockey player smile. He was decked out in a red jersey and he talked in a genuine way about representing Canada at the World Cup. I sat with my hands cupping my chin like a kid and became misty-eyed as the seasoned professional talked about honestly getting chills when he puts on the jersey. I believed him. Never have I heard a professional baseball or basketball player talk about getting chills when they put on their jerseys. Maybe the thrill of cashing the latest million-dollar pay cheque beats the chill of putting on a jersey? I think Doughty was trying to tell us that everything we do is fleeting, and the day will come when he won’t be playing hockey anymore so he is going to put that jersey on as long as he can and hang onto those chills. Maybe I am getting more sentimental because of the passage of time. All three daughters used to play hockey. For years there were three giant bags and six sticks gathered near the front door and every furnace vent in the house was covered with a piece of wet equipment. Now, it is just our



youngest daughter -The Rocket – who still plays. Kip continues to play men’s hockey but before each game he must go through a body part check list: back pain (upper, lower); shoulders rotate; big toes free from gout; knees bend; neck turns; hands able to grip stick; trunk bends to tie skates. Hockey parents know that every season starts with slightly bigger equipment than the season before and then one day your kid’s team comes out of the change room with their skates clunking and sticks swinging and they stand as tall as their coaches. Is that the same girl whose skates I had to tie up and who needed help getting her chest protector off because the Velcro was too hard to rip? That day will come when Kip and I won’t have to go to the rink anymore. Until then, I am going to love every practice my kid goes to and every game my kid plays. I will enjoy the sound of the buzzer and appreciate my frozen nose hairs. I will ring my cowbell one more time and hang onto those chills Mr. Doughty. The End

The Oshawa Generals are Proud to Announce The Franchise’s 80th Anniversary This year will be a celebration of the success the Generals have achieved over the past 80 years. The Oshawa Generals are one of the oldest and most decorated franchises in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL), and the oldest in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). The Generals have an iconic past with many different records and accomplishments over the past 80 years. The Generals have produced memorable NHL’ers such as Bobby Orr, Marc Savard, Eric Lindros, and John Tavares to name a few. The Oshawa Generals have 184 graduates to the NHL, have won the Memorial Cup a record five times and

the OHL Championship (J. Ross Robertson Cup) 13 times. The Oshawa Generals are a team with deep roots in their hometown and with their dedicated fans. “We’re all very excited for the opportunity to celebrate and pay homage to our history with jersey that will commemorate our organizations 80th season. The colours and the logo are fantastic and I’m sure it’s something our fan base will cherish.” said Roger Hunt, Vice President and General Manager of the Oshawa Generals

These events will span over five anniversary games throughout the 2016-17 season. October 2, 2016, 6:05 pm vs. Windsor November 13, 2016, 6:05 pm vs. Sudbury January 1, 2017, 2:05 pm vs. Ottawa February 25, 2017, 7:05 pm vs. Kitchener March 19, 2017, 6:05 pm vs. Peterborough



Fueling Your Game


By Tina R. Ward, Holistic Nutritionist CNP, RNCP, ROHP

Performance nutrition quite simply depends on sound principals of basic nutrition. The healthiest of diets are composed of real, whole, unprocessed foods which includes a variety of nutrient dense whole foods containing highquality proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants which will provide the body with the raw materials needed to support the body in order to enhance performance and optimize body composition and health. An athlete’s diet should be sufficient to: • provide adequate energy and nutrients to meet the demands of training and exercise • enhance recovery and regeneration between training sessions (and competition) • include a wide variety of nutrient dense whole-foods such as whole-grains, vegetables (particularly leafy green varieties), fruit, clean sources of animal protein (if consumed) such as lean meats, eggs and fatty fish, raw nuts and seeds, beans/legumes all of which will enhance long term nutrition habits and optimal health • enable the athlete to achieve optimal body weight and body fat levels for performance • provide adequate fluids to ensure maximum hydration before, during and after exercise • promote the long-term health of athletes. Second question – What is the best way to fuel performance? Balance is key here...daily food intake should include whole “real” foods containing healthy carbohydrates, protein and fat. Never eliminate or greatly reduce any one of these nutrients (such as no carb/low fat, or high protein/high fat etc.) instead focus on the quality of the carbohydrate, protein and fat.



• • • • • • •

quality eggs, meat and fish beans and legumes nuts and seeds Fats raw nuts and seeds healthful oils salmon, avocado, coconut

Hydration is critical. Here are some guidelines: • drink before you are thirsty – hydrate 24 hours before training/competition • drink at least 500ml 2 hours before training/competition • avoid sugar, added colour/flavour, and caffeine • pure water is best or pure coconut water or homemade electrolyte beverage (recipe below) Pre-Game/Practice Plan and prepare according to how much time you have to digest before competition. • 3 hours = lean meat/eggs/legumes with a large mixed green salad with olive oil and lemon, sweet potato • less time = smaller, lighter meals – whole grain or quinoa pasta topped with tomato sauce, mixed green salad • ½ before = fruit During Game/Practice • water or homemade electrolyte beverage • orange slices or dates in between periods Post Game/Practice • within 30 minutes - fruit with some nuts/seeds • within 2 hours – full balanced meal – salmon, green beans, brown rice, spinach salad Do young athletes need to be consuming sport supplements and energy drinks? No. What young athletes need to be consuming is a nutritious wholesome diet which includes an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, quality protein, healthful fats and plenty of pure water. Avoiding fast/junk food, and processed and refined packaged foods is the best way to ensure your athlete will stay healthy and strong and perform at their best!

Homemade Performance Drink

combine the following: 750 ml water ½ tsp sea salt juice of lemon (fresh) 1 – 2 tbsp pure maple syrup or raw honey The quality of food plays an impactful role in helping athletes achieve their goals. Athletes who want results must give themselves the best chance for success. If they are not eating the right foods consistently, then no matter how hard they train or practice, they are not being the best athlete they can be. Please contact me for a free consultation or how to book a custom nutrition seminar for your team. Tina R. Ward Nutrition – tinarward@gmail.com (905) 449-7097

Continue your development during the off season with our fall and winter programs.

Stay on top of your game in 2017! Missed Fall 4 on 4

Don’t worry, we have a winter program too!








So, let’s address the first question - What is sports nutrition?

Here are some healthy examples: Carbohydrates: • vegetables (especially leafy greens) • fruits • whole and sprouted grains • Proteins:








So what is sports nutrition? What is the best way to fuel performance? Do young athletes need to be consuming sports supplements and energy drinks? These are some great questions and as a nutritionist, these are the most common questions I get asked.

Carbohydrates=Energy Protein = Building Blocks Fat = Energy, Cell and Nerve Function


It’s that time of year again. The lazy days of summer are behind us, days are getting shorter, and the local arenas are buzzing with action. Athletes train hard, perfect their skills through practice, and compete to win. But how are they fueling their game? Are they doing all they can to help their body repair and recover from all their hard work? Think about athletes as highperformance automobiles and food as their fuel which drives their performance. Unfortunately, all too often the emphasis is placed on “quantity” or calories and not “quality” or nutrients, so the fuel of choice ends up being low grade instead of premium. Performance is compensated…nutrition is their limiting factor! With having to juggle work, school, sports and other activities, we may feel that our schedules are just too hectic, so little thought is given to nutrition or it’s just not a priority. But it’s not complicated and actually quite manageable to maximize nutrition for athletes (or anyone for that matter!).

OSHAWALACROSSE.CA Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


A NEW ATTITUDE For School This Year By R.N. Whitehead

It’s back to school time again! Certainly, we have enjoyed

the company of our children for the summer. We have enjoyed our progeny for 9 1/2 weeks or 63 days or 1,512 hours or 90,720 minutes or – if you are really a masochist – 5,443,200 seconds! As happy as we may be to have them back at their studies, our fondest wishes are reserved for their feelings. We want them to want to return to school, to want to succeed, to enjoy the quest, to work hard – perhaps even harder – this year. But, how do we accomplish this? What can we do to help? A quick review of the two rules of motivation will help.

1. We cannot motivate children. We can create lots of stress for them (and us); we can complicate their lives, but motivation comes from within. Children motivate themselves when they discover we are offering them something they want. 2. Your child is already motivated to do those things that they feel are important or of value to them. They lose motivation when they are expected to do things they do not understand and that do not appear to be important to them. So what happens when our kids start back to school seemingly motivated and then lose that momentum? Where does their motivation go?

No matter how hard it is to believe, our kids are capable of logical and rational thought. How they are acting is a direct result of some conclusion or feeling they have – usually not consciously held – about themselves. If they don’t appear motivated, it’s because deep down, they have concluded that giving the appearance of trying is not in their best interest. The trick for us, as parents, is to make sure that our expectations are properly understood at our child’s level, not just at ours. Visualization exercises can often help. Have your child visualize success in school. Make the picture complete. See the classroom. See completed homework being handed in. See a report card. See him/ herself studying without distractions. See the final result – happiness and so on. And finally, here is the last, true secret. Motivation is a result of the action you take to achieve your values and goals! Action comes first; motivation follows. For the first few months of every new school year, help your kids devise a study time, help them get and stay organized and make sure they know how to start every assignment or homework piece. Enrolling in a good study program will help. Help them get started! That’s the key – starting – action! Action first, feelings later. Don’t expect deep feelings of motivation to arrive before action. Start the engines first. The celebration comes later! Contact the Oxford Learning location nearest you today! Or visit us at www.oxfordlearning.com for complete program information.

Whitby Challengers Baseball

Baseball games are played in a fun, safe environment where no score is kept. Each participant is treated like every other player in the conventional baseball program. All players are outfitted in uniforms, use the same equipment, and play their games at the local baseball parks. A team picture is a must for Challenger, as it is in the other divisions.

All Ages. All Grades. All Subjects.


Last but not least, the smiles are plentiful and free! The joy on the face of each participant in Challenger Baseball makes it very clear how much fun they are having. No pressures, no playing time issues, everyone just has fun! It’s what baseball is supposed to be all about. Looking forward to next year Whitby Challenger Team!

oxfordlearning.com Ajax 905.683.6660 Courtice 905.723.6999 Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca

photo: courtesy of snapd Whitby

Challenger Baseball is a program that provides an opportunity for children with cognitive or physical disabilities to enjoy the full benefits of participation in baseball at a level structured to their abilities.



Marigold Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd Community Driven for over 30 years in Whitby

Bowmanville 905.419.2428 Brooklin 905.655.9500 Pickering 905.420.3141

Whitby 905.668.6800

Check out the national website to see what Challenger is all about. www.challengerbaseball.ca Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


Cupcake Junkie Voted Top Comfort Food in Durham ! people happy”. Her dream was to open her own bakery in her community.

“So much more than a bakery”

A Cozy Cafe offering Cupcakes, Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Coffee, Loose Leaf Tea and Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream

Sean Aronson, a good friend with a background in the restaurant business and finance had an idea. What if they combined their skill sets and opened a different kind of bakery? Something special. A place that made more than just delectable treats – one that offered scrumptious sandwiches too. And everything would need to be made fresh daily, with the very best, all-natural ingredients. And so Cupcake Junkie was born with a goal to sell the very best cupcakes, treats, and sandwiches and mission to...

Jessica Kula-Trinier has always had a love for baking. Always trying new desserts and different treats, her creations pleased her family immensely. When asked one day why she loved to bake so much her response was, “it makes

404 Brock St South, Whitby Tel: 905.430.3200 info@cupcakejunkie.ca

MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY ! • • • • • • • • •

Get Results ... Achieve Your Goals! By Marianne Schlottke/ Town of Whitby Supervisor Fitness Services Doing the same old, same old, might be better than doing nothing at all, but are you achieving the results that you want? As Albert Einstein brilliantly said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Is it time for a change?

• • •

Do you look at the new gym down the street and think, “been there, done that, still here, nothing gained?” What you need is just the right support to motivate you, the right help at the right time to keep you on track, and just the right amount of push to efficiently achieve your goals.

If you need change now, and finally want to get moving, come and try the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex (CRC) Health Club. The staff are certified professionals by the Canadian Society of Exercise Science, and are all qualified personal trainers. The support that you need to achieve your goals is provided at the CRC Health Club, and is included in your membership. Our goal is to make your success seamless, and the value is priceless! • • •

Staff supervision and support, every day! Small program adjustments along the way. Re-assessment in 3 months to adjust your path to stay on track. Ongoing adjustments to your personalized fitness program as you improve. Access to the 25 m leisure pool, therapy pool, and saunas and hot tubs.

Yes, all of this is included in your membership. You can also put your membership on hold if you need to be away for vacation or work. And the benefits don’t stop there… refer a new member and get one free month added to your annual membership. Extra support is also available if you need it. One on one and group personal training is available for an additional fee. Family, youth and senior membership rates are available. Come by today, to see if this is where you belong. Give us a try, your first visit is free.

No initiation fee. Fitness assessment and goal setting. Personalized fitness program.

Cupcakes & Minis Cheesecakes Cakes Brownies Cookies & Bakes Soups & Sandwiches Kawartha Dairy Icecream Coffee & Loose Leaf Tea Catering


Let’s get Social! 10

cupcakejunkie.ca Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca



GIRLS SOFTBALL Something for Everyone Submitted by Whitby Lightning What a terrific softball season the Whitby Girls Softball Association had this past summer. The weather was unbelievably ideal throughout the entire league play and divisional playoffs. Even the weekend tournaments that our Select teams participated in were mostly blessed with good softball weather. Our house league program finished with yearend playoff tournaments and banquets on the weekend of August 13 and 14th for the younger divisions, while the bantam and midget divisions completed play-offs in the last week of August. Following are the results of the house league playoffs: Mite: Champions - Dodd & Souter, 2nd - Parfield Printing, 3rd - Lovell Drugs Squirt: Champions - Parfield Printing, 2nd - MacMillan Orchards, 3rd - Dr. Semotiuk Novice: Champions - Tenn-Tek, 2nd - Dickson Printing, 3rd Original Sports Art Bantam: Champions - SJ Mechanical, 2nd - Durham Pneumatic, 3rd - DeHart & Stauffer Midget: Champions - Kelron Inc., 2nd - Whitby Trophy House, 3rd – Durham Total Sports Our Select teams completed a very successful year overall with participation in the OSSTA Provincials. Two of our teams made it to the medal rounds, with our Whitby Lightning Squirt White and Midget teams taking bronze in each division. This summer we also heard the great news that softball is being returned as an event in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Softball enthusiasts around the world have something to look forward to in 2020 and, who knows, maybe a player from the Whitby Girls Softball Association will be lucky enough to earn a spot on a future Canadian Olympic team. While are on-field activities for 2016 are now over, there are more events to come. On Saturday, September 24th, 2016 many WGSA members and families will be attending a Blue Jays game to see them challenge the New York Yankees while

Check us out today at www.whitbygirlssoftball.com

Get EDGEucated with Edge Hockey Academy By Dallas Knowles

deeply involved in a pennant race. All 350 available tickets were quickly snapped up by our players and families. This day will be a Jr. Jays day and there will be lots of fun activities outside of the Rogers Centre, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Beyond this Blue Jays game, other events include participation in the Santa Claus Parade the first Saturday in December, a free skating night in late December before the girls return to school after the Christmas break, and our winter skills clinics starting up in January of 2017. The Whitby Girls Softball Association is dedicated to providing recreational softball for girls from ages 5 to 24 through our House League and Select programs. Girls of all softball skills are welcome to play, from the beginner who is just learning the basics of the game to the more advanced and skilled players who participate in competitive softball with our Select teams. Our mission is to promote, foster and encourage growth and development of the game of softball for girls, to teach the qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play through active competition and enjoyment. New players are always welcome and information on registering for the 2017 season will soon be posted on our website. For further information on the WGSA please visit our website at www.whitbygirlssoftball.com.

Anthony Cornacchia is the Owner and Director of Hockey Operations of Edge Hockey Academy and one of the most sought after hockey and skating coaches in the GTA. Looking back, Anthony’s love for hockey began like so many other Canadian kids. Growing up in Scarborough his mom started taking him public skating, along with his brothers and sister, when he was two and a half years old and at four he joined the Scarborough Hockey Association (SHA). Along with his brother David the two excelled in minor hockey playing on some very strong AAA teams and winning numerous regular season and playoff championships. “We loved hockey. We would be on the street every night shooting pucks, practicing and playing. It was fun! After minor hockey I was able to play NCAA hockey on a scholarship and my brother moved on to play in the Ontario Hockey League and then ten years of professional hockey,” said Anthony. Both brothers went on to have very successful playing careers with Anthony winning an NCAA ECAC Championship and David playing four years in the OHL and then the AHL and ECHL where he was an All-Star and won a championship. After playing in the NCAA Anthony became a high school teacher in Toronto and started up Edge Hockey Academy (EHA) in 2001. “He loved teaching but his true passion was hockey. With support from his wife he founded EHA and made it his full-time job and hasn’t looked back since.” EHA is now the skills and development coach for the Oshawa Generals, Whitby Fury, UOIT Ridgebacks, Whitby Minor Hockey, Ajax Minor Hockey, West Hill Minor Hockey, as well as other minor organizations and numerous professional and junior players. Cornacchia now works with players from the grassroots level all the way to professionals. “Working with players of all ages and levels keeps our job interesting! It’s great to work with many younger players as they are the grassroots of hockey. They are the stars of tomorrow! Working with our older athletes and pros is enjoyable as well as it gives us a sense of accomplishment knowing we had a hand in helping and assisting these young men and women achieve their goals,” said Cornacchia. Three local players who are now playing professionally attribute much of their development to the coaching they received at EHA. Los Angeles Kings forward and former Oshawa General Andy Andreoff has been training with Anthony and EHA for years. “Working with Anthony has had a major impact on my development. Anthony’s top priority is player development. He plans and executes every drill, play and situation without hesitation. Anthony has brought me up to the speed, pace and skill set I need to be at to play in the NHL. I have nothing

but positive things to say about Anthony and Edge Hockey Academy,” said Andreoff. Anthony has also worked with Dallas Stars forward and former Whitby Fury member Devin Shore. “Dave and Anthony have been helping me since I was 12 years old. Edge hockey has been very instrumental in my development as a player. I always get excited to come back in the summer and work on skills that I may not have as much time to work out during the season. I owe a lot to them for where I am today as a player. Anthony gives me tips on the ice and I give him tips on the golf course,” said Shore. EHA’s on-ice focus is on improving skating techniques, overall skill development and maximizing a players’ potential but their main philosophy is for players to build confidence and have fun! Being part of the local sports community is also very important for Cornacchia and EHA. “Durham Region is one of the leading hockey communities in the GTA. It is a great opportunity to play the game of hockey, meet new friends, and have memories from your childhood that will last a lifetime,” said Anthony. Anthony, Dave and the rest of the EHA coaches will continue to work with hockey players both young and old in Durham Region and across the GTA. Anthony’s reputation in the hockey community have players coming back year in and year out. Pickering native and Edmonton Oilers forward Drake Caggiula keeps coming back to train with EHA every summer. “I’ve been skating with Anthony and Edge Hockey every summer for four plus years now. He has helped me enhance my puck handling skills by creating challenging and creative drills. Every summer I look forward to fine tuning and enhancing my skills to prep me for the upcoming season,” said Caggiula. “Stay EDGEucated by skating with Edge Hockey. Anthony Cornacchia currently resides in Whitby, ON, with his wife, son and daughter. He looks forward to a bright future for EHA.

Pictured from left to right; Drake Caggiula, Edmonton Oilers and Devin Shore, Dallas Stars





Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca 13 info@edgehockey.ca @Edge_Hockey

Because, The Season

If you’re not getting better everyday ... someone else is

By: Jeff Roux, BPE, CSCS, TSCC - Gold

“The difference between excellence & mediocrity, is commitment.” – Unknown Hockey players in Canada have the best opportunity for seasonal development. The off-season arrives as spring merges with summer, school ends, and this creates the perfect combination of time and opportunity for physical and mental preparation for the start of the season. Strength and conditioning coaches are blessed with the perfect laboratory of training as we have a chance to create programs and put together drills within this almost perfect vacuum of training possibilities. Athletes generally have 12+ weeks to commit fully on setting and accomplishing the goals they have for the season and put the time and energy they need into achieving them. With the growth of new athlete specific training facilities, advanced programs, experienced trainers and coaches all over the country and even access to on-line and selfdirected training options, finding the right opportunity to prepare through the summer is easier than ever. Unfortunately, many players and teams still do not carry the momentum and development of the summer into the season. When this happens much of the hard earned summer gains quickly begin to disappear. As the summer comes to a close, many players pack in their off-ice training gear of focus on what happens on the ice, basically hoping all of the hard work they have done all summer stays with them through the season. After all the hard work, commitment, cost and sacrifice of valuable summer time, this is completely illogical. As Teams hit the ice to start the season, high amounts of time and energy are devoted to on-ice practices and games? Many athletes and teams embark on an in-season dryland training schedule as well but balancing hockey, school, and life puts time and energy at a premium and ensuring that the in-season program is efficient, effective and purposeful is essential.

Hockey demands 360° of mental and physical focus for optimal performance. The season is long, practice time is often devoted to technical development, tactical execution and positional/strategic rehearsal with the odd bag-skate mixed in (often to the detriment of conditioning & skating technique rather than improving it). How can players keep getting better, stay strong and continue to maximize their in-game conditioning as the season progresses?

“Athletes don’t RISE to the occasion; they SINK to the level of their training.” – Peter Twist – Hockey is a high-speed, collision sport (depending on the age). The sheer size, strength and power behind body contact and incidental confrontations with opponents, boards and nets can cause serious injury. Any time athletes push the boundaries of human performance, injury awaits those who exceed the threshold achieved through training. The nature of the game places intense stress on the muscles and joints, from the feet, ankles and knees as the skate blade cuts into the ice to the core and upper body absorbing forces from, shooting, hard stops and starts, hits delivered from other players and the hits players deliver themselves. This is a lot of stress for the body to handle.

Overload. Adapt. Perform. Repeat.

The game of hockey, while intense and physical, does not create adequate opportunity for strength and conditioning development. The opposite usually results. A well designed training schedule can stop the potential decline and should continue to allow the athlete to improve. It should develop athletic foundations, increase performance, improve mobility/stability, and help maximize recovery & regeneration.

Following the off-season summer schedule the players should be at a high level of strength and conditioning. As the season starts we can re-set and re-focus on the inseason schedule, building intensity and complexity back up again over a Fall progression, then re-setting again in December for one more build towards the post-season and playoffs in Feb/March.

Hockey Energy Systems

If a team practices regularly, the practices are organized and planned well, and a player receives a regular shift in games, their anaerobic conditioning can be maintained or even continue to improve. Performing high levels of skill while under fatigue and the ability to recover quickly between shifts are essential to performance and injury prevention. Most practices do not allow for this anaerobic conditioning to have enough impact and most players do not receive enough ice time for games to have a training effect. Other than 1-on-1 or small space drill rehearsal, practice time rarely offers the opportunity for reactive movement skill development, footwork patterning, stop and start direction changes and challenging athlete to shift gears. These are all areas that can be enhanced with inseason programming.

Hockey Athleticism

the season starts but there is still another level we must continue to develop. Players want to be at their best when the competitive season hits, not in September. No matter how hard, or how smart or how effectively the athlete works in the off-season, players who do not participate in a proper in-season conditioning program are often detrained by playoff time and, at the highest risk for injury when they need to be the most prepared. The current in-season programming mentality still focuses too much on maintenance and not enough on progression. It sells short the potential of the players along with the knowledge of a skilled strength and conditioning coach and it’s becomes a roll of the dice to the athlete to expect that they can avoid injury and perform at their best when the playoffs arrive. The goal should be to keep getting stronger, keep improving their conditioning and keep getting better.

Off-ice training that focuses on overloading the entire athletic engine will help enhance dynamic balance, speedagility-quickness, movement skills, and full-body reaction skills, and will develop more skillful attributes on top of the player’s foundation of anaerobic/aerobic fitness and whole body strength. The right exercises with the right coaching can take off-ice gains and see them expressed as improved on-ice performance.

A properly designed in-season program will carry the momentum of each training cycle into the next one and allow the athlete to keep climbing higher, moving faster and performing better. Integrating balance, movement and strength into each training session can ensure that each player stays mentally sharp, physically prepared and physiologically capable of performing their best, when their best is needed.

Movement efficiency, reactivity, nervous system firing and skill execution under fatigue are often what separate the top players from the rest. Injuries often occur during high speed braking and when exploding out of a stop-andstart. A full sprint into an immediate stop imposes over 1,000 pounds of force on the knees. Balance drills, agility, footwork, movement skills and plyometrics, with solid dryland coaching for improved mechanics, can help prepare players for these extreme demands and turn an injury risk into a strength; as the player becomes more evasive, more confident and more durable.

Jeff Roux

Hockey Strength

Upper body strength is the biggest loser over the course of a season. Since skating is leg dominant, weight room time can shift more of a focus to upper body lifts and core strength and conditioning. Athletic, multi-joint lifts are stabilized by the core and initiated and fed by the legs so they are the most efficient for continual in-season development. Two to three short lifts per week with moderate to heavy weights are needed to maintain upper body strength and mass. Hip and shoulder mobility, core stability and overall mobility and flexibility are key in-season elements to injury prevention and performance. Uncovering weak links with each athlete and knowing which areas require the most attention, can help keep the focus of in-season programming as personal and efficient for each individual athlete in order to minimize wasted time and energy.

Jeff is the Director of performance port for the Twist Performance + Wellness Centre in Whitby. His training philosophies are based on a model of long term development and age and skill appropriate training programs that promote physical literacy and athleticism and inspire a passion for fitness and conditioning for life. Coach Roux’s background boasts a wide range of experience coaching everyone from professional and elite level athletes to active adults, weekend warriors and youth development programs. He has coached and directed programs for hundreds of elite athletes from a variety of sports including the National Women’s Soccer team, hockey players from the NHL to minor hockey and more “fringe” sport athletes such as National level snowboarders, sailors and volleyball players. His passion for teaching, coaching and motivating athletes of all ages and levels helps drive the culture and coaching team at Twist Whitby.

#BecausetheSeason #TwistHockey #BeRelentless

Peaking for Progression vs. Maintenance



15-20 years ago players did not START training until they arrived at Training Camp; hence the name. In the last 10 years off-season training has evolved and progressed to maximize the size, strength, speed and skill of athletes as





Providing the Sport of Rugby to All Ages in the Durham Region Vikings Under 16 and Under 18 Girls Ontario Champions

The Girls Vikings Rugby program had a great Thank You to Our Volunteers season winning both Under 16 and Under 18 As the Rugby season comes to a close the Vikings Ontario Championships. would like to say Thank You our numerous volunteers who are passionate and committed Congratulations to all the players and coaches to making the Vikings Rugby program a success for an outstanding season. and provide a great rugby experience to our members. Vikings Dress Sevens Rugby to raise awareness for Mental Health. Want to know more about Vikings Rugby On August 21 the Vikings Rugby held our Annual Prom Dress Rugby tournament. This year the Vikings had over 50 players participate and

• Allergy Safe • No Trans Fats

raise $1000 to support and raise awareness for mental illness.

For more information visit our website at www.vikingsrugby.ca

• School Approved • No Refrigeration


HALENDA PEPPERONI STIX www.fundraising.halendas.com 16






activeOshawa Fall Winter Program Registration An affordable escape... recreation.

Fall 2016/ Winter 2017 Guide

OCHL Looking Forward to 70 Years in Oshawa! By OCHL - Oshawa Church Hockey League The Oshawa Church Hockey League (OCHL) is excited to provide Oshawa residents with another season of grassroots hockey. Founded in 1947, the mandate of the OCHL is to provide recreational hockey with an emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play. As the OCHL prepares for next year’s 70th anniversary, its volunteers are working day and night to register over 800 young players, train coaches and referees and evolve the OCHL’s hockey skills programs. “As a member of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), we are proud of what the OCHL has provided to players ages 3-17 in Durham Region over the last 69 seasons and look forward to continuing to grow this amazing hockey program for many years to come,” says Patrick Durack, President of the OCHL.. The key to the success of the OCHL has been the Instructional Program, which teaches basic hockey skills, sportsmanship and fair play to our youngest players. Also known as Tim Horton’s Timbits Learn to Play Hockey, this very popular program is designed for 3 and 4 year olds that need to learn the fundamentals and skills to enjoy hockey. According to the program’s leader, Art Mototsune, “All players receive instruction in the fundamentals of the game such as skating, skating with the puck, shooting and passing, in a fun atmosphere with the instruction being supplied by OHMA certified CHIP instructors.”


activeOshawa guide

stick & puck

online registration music preschool springboard diving affordable


musical theatre


basketball acro

mixed media fibre arts skating

The Oshawa Hawks have successfully represented the OCHL against other hockey associations for many years. From February 3-5, 2017, the OCHL will host the 42nd annual Heritage Tournament. At this time, we will welcome teams from all over Ontario to compete in what has become the largest Select hockey tournament in the province. The OCHL recognizes the importance of tournaments in the growth of our players, so we also host a houseleague tournament called the March Classic. Taking place from March 17-19, 2017, it is open to all age groups and associations. The OCHL has a long and storied history in Oshawa and its success is due to the tirelessness of it’s volunteers, coaches and parents. “As we embark on another hockey season, the OCHL thanks all of those who make this association a great place for our children to play a game they love. I would also like to welcome those who are new to the OCHL and look forward to many years of fun.”

For more information on the OCHL, its programs and its tournaments, please visit www.ochl.net.

healthy kids



hip hop


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crafty climbers totnastics learn to skate


shinny drawing skills lifeguard hockey skills ab attack tennis escape drama kids ballet social dance first aid photography squash pottery volleyball diaper fit camps lacrosse yoga cycling tiny tap soccer



Save time, register online.

As a grassroots organization with a vision to provide an affordable option for families, the OCHL offers several hockey development programs at no additional cost. These include goaltender, power skating and hockey skills clinics, as well as the CHIP Festival (for Instructional Program participants).

The OCHL is also excited about the upcoming Select season.

leadership volunteer

musical keyboarding


activeOshawa 905-436-3311 Follow uswww.oshawa.ca/activeOshawa on: /activeOshawa

@activeOshawa 18 Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca OSH_DurhamTotalSport_OCT.indd 1 www.oshawa.ca/enews


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Wanderers 2016 Wrap Up By Stew Dobbs - Director of Rugby, Ajax Wanderers Wanderers began play in the spring of 1949 as the Toronto Wanderers, moving to their home on Harwood Road in Ajax in the late 1970’s, where they remain to this day. The Wanderers have grown since the early years of a group of ex-pats looking for a place to continue their love of the game to a rugby club that offers rugby for all ages boys/girls from 5-80 years old. With the growth of rugby global-ly the Durham area is quickly becoming a rugby hot bed. With many local schools playing and excelling in the sport the Ajax Wanderers is continually growing its membership base and with this past summer Olympics inclusion of Rugby 7s (Canada women bronze medal winners) the local community is always looking for a place to either continue playing their rugby or try the sport of rugby. Ajax Wanderers programs are designed for all levels of the sport. 2016 marked the 67th season of Ajax Wanderers rugby - the club fielded Junior teams in the Toronto Rugby Leagues- 2016 also saw the first ever Wanderers Girls U-16 team and this side was rewarded with a Toronto Rugby Bowl Champi-onship! Our Senior Men competed in the Rugby Ontario Championship League. Also the club offered once again our Mini flag program designed for kids aged 6-12 years old to be introduced in a non-contact manner. The club has close to 300 members and continues to grow each and every year. As the summer season for our 15 a side programs is coming to a close, the fall sees the start of our 7 a side programs with teams in the Junior Toronto Rugby 7s circuit.

Junior Awards Banquet

The Ajax Wanderers wrapped up the 2016 Junior season with our annual awards banquet on Saturday September 10th. Awards were presented to players at all levels and it was a nice evening to celebrate a successful Junior season. Both the U16 Boys and U18 Boys advanced to the semi-finals in their repeated divi-sions, and the U16 girls team were TRU Bowl Champions in their first year in the league. Wanderers are proud of all our Junior teams and look forward to the 2017 season.

2016 Award Winners:

U14 Boys Most Improved: Carson Edwards U14 Boys Forwards MVP - Gavin Bryan U14 Boys Backs MVP - Colton Mowbray U16 Girls Forward of the Year - Tiarra Hudson-Reimer U16 Girls Back of the Year - Rachel Walton U16 Girls MVP - Tiarra Hudson-Reimer U16 Girls Coaches Award - Leah Jones U16 Boys Premiership Team MVP - Cole Brown U16 Boys Championship Team MVP - Adam MacPherson U16 Boys Most Improved - Michael Di lorio U16 Boys Coaches Award - Liam McLaughlin U18 Boys MVP - Jordan McGranachan U18 Boys Most Improved - Jeremy Gorman U18 Boys Coaches Award - Raekwon Coleman

Wanderers Clubhouse Rentals:



The Ajax Wanderers are located at 1717 Harwood Road in Ajax, the club has it’s own playing/practice field with a fully licensed facility that is also available for rentals. If you are looking for a place to host your Holiday Party look no further then the Ajax Wanderers Clubhouse. You also can find more about our rental fees and bookings as well as more about the Ajax Wanderers at ajaxwande-rers.com

Our Passions Fuels your Success!!

Follow us on Twitter - @ajax_wanderers Like us on FaceBook - facebook.com/ ajaxwanderersrufc

2016 Winter Training Programs • Junior Golf Training Center • Video Analysis with V1 Golf • Hudl Technique Video Coaching • BodiTrak Weight/Pressure Balance & Power Mat • 1200 Square Foot Short Game Area • Dedicated Coaching and Hitting Bays

• • • • • •

Adult Memberships Individual Coaching & Training Programs Trackman Analysis Physical Screening TruGolf E6 Golf Simulator Software The Ultimate in Grass Root programming

*New for 2016 Geared to Golf continues to grow in coaching with the introduction of BodiTrak. This pressure sensor mat is a tool that allows our team to analyze the relationship between the golfers swing and their interaction with the ground.

For more information on any of our winter programs please contact Jake Patte at: 905-626-1658 or by email at: jake@GearedtoGolf.com


GEAREDTOGOLF.COM Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


Whitby Eagles Another Successful Season! We are so proud of all of our 2016 teams on their successes and growth this year.


Canadian Championships 4th Place Grand Championship A Pool

Minor Squirt

Tournaments Bronze Medal Whitby Spring Fling Bronze Medal Halton North York Womens League Bronze Medal League Tournment Canadian Championships Qualified for B Grands

Major Squirt

Tournaments Silver Medal Whitby Spring Fling Silver Medal UTM Stradford The Big Show North York Womens League Regular Season Champions Tournament Champions Canadian Championships Silver Medal Qualifiers 4th Place Grand Championship A Pool Division

TREETOP - A Unique Christmas Gift Idea ….. Minor Novice

Canadian Championships Qualified for C Pool

Major Novice

Tournaments Silver Medal Vaughan Vikings Tournament Silver Medal Brampton Blazers Silver Medal Darien Lake


Tournaments 1st Place Whitby Skins 2nd Place Innerkip 2nd Place Ancaster Canadian Championships Provincial Champions Silver Medal Nationals Tryouts for our 2017 season have begun and we are happy to annonce that we will be fielding 10 teams this season! For more information on our Association, Teams, and Tournaments please visit our website at


Our gift cards are available online, www.izipped.ca or at a discounted rate at select Costco locations around the GTA. You can also purchase gift cards over the phone at 905655-1113. Gift cards do not expiry and make the perfect stocking stuff or outdoor experience for young and old adverturer’s alike. Nestled in the second largest private forest in the Durham Region Treetop Eco-Adventure Park provides a thrill that is unparalleled in the Durham Region and across the GTA. Our 130 acre forest in the Oak Ridges Moraine provides our aerial park with some spectacular and impressive views not only of mother nature, but of Oshawa itself. On a clear day from our Canyon zip line you can see all the way down to Lake Ontario and sometimes across the lake to New York State. We have four different courses, three adult’s courses built for ages 10 or 11 to 90-years-old, as well as a children’s course for those older than five that do not reach the adult course height. Our high ropes courses are designed after military training style challenge courses doing obstacles like bridges, tight ropes, and swings as well as zip lines which are imbedded in the courses. This year we added two new safety systems, the Clic-It system on our youth/adult harnesses and the Safe Roller system on our children’s harnesses. The Clic-It system

works with a series of magnets and wires which prevent the user from coming unclipped in the courses, it is physically impossible to take both off of the life lines while on the course mid air. The Safe Roller system on the children’s course eliminates the need for clipping all together, it is a continuous belay system. Children are put on the course at the beginning and do nothing with their pulley until they come down the final zip line at the end. We pride ourselves on our safety as well as our ability to deliver a quality experience to all of our clients. We have seen over 40,000 clients from over 100 different countries in the four and half years we have been open. We have seen professional hockey players, politicians and local newscasters through our park all saying the same thing; What a great experience! Treetop Eco-Adventure Park is the only aerial park open all year. We are available for upon request and availability throughout the winter for individual reservations as well as for teams and school groups. Our discount rates for schools, teams, corporate events and birthday parties can’t be beat and we also have food that can be provided from our on site banquet hall, Trillium Trails. In July of 2017 we will be celebrating our fifth year of operations with a big celebration in the month of July so keep checking out website and Facebook for that announcement. We hope to see you in 2017!


Purchase your gift cards at COSTCO, online or by calling 905-655-1113







LADY BLUE KNIGHTS ‘Do It Right’ - Syracuse, Michigan, Hosting teams from the U.K. and the U.S. and 4 Provincial Championships Submitted by the Lady Blue Knights For all intense and purposes the Lady Blue Knight begin their season in January, when the U.S. College girls kick off their season. This past season there were 19 Lady Blue Knights competing for their various colleges throughout the U.S. It is fun for fellow Lady Blue Knights to follow the College players and their teams each Spring, with many of the younger Lady Blue Knight players aspiring to follow in their footsteps. Julie Cryderman (Albany), Becky Hilker (Gannon), Rachel MacKinnon (Denver) and Kay Morissette (Louisville), completed their Senior year this past season, each of them having very successful college careers.

Lady Blue Knights annual Spring into Lax Clinic, to provide players a tune up heading into the season, was as popular as ever attracting close to 100 players. The first two weeks of April saw over 150 girls vying for spots on one of the clubs rep teams. Tryouts proved to be very competitive with good depth. What a great problem to have for a talented coaching staff as they worked very hard at evaluating players and selecting teams. The 10 Rep teams, both at the Elite (U11, U13, U15, U19 and Senior) and Competitive (U11, U13, U15, U19 Comp 1 and U19 Comp 2) levels began practices and set team goals in preparation for the start of the Ontario Womens Field Lacrosse season (OWFL), beginning May 21 in Halton Hills. But first, a little tree trekking at Tree-Top Adventure, to bond and work on team chemistry, before an exciting season full of opportunity got underway. The Lady Blue Knights House League program kicked off in April with the U15’s taking the field. These girls with the focus on development, showed tremendous improvement throughout their 8 week season. There were many competitive games throughout the season, setting up for a very interesting and exciting Championship Sunday, with

Team Blue – Play It Again Sports, being crowned U15 HL Champs. Then came the Baby Blue Knights (5, 6, 7 year olds) and Junior Blue Knights (8, 9, and 10 year olds) who provide so much entertainment packing the sidelines each week with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to watch the future of Lady Blue Knights in action. It was fun to watch the creative coaching and instruction provided for the girls, incorporating drills with ‘cool’ names, motivating the girls to play hard, and develop while having a blast. Snack time, players scoring their 1st ever goal, making new friends and certainly the medals, at the finale, are big hits. Congrats to Team Orange – Tammy Hanlon State Farm Insurance, on their Junior Blue Knight Championship. Open HL, while providing recreation and exercise, proves to bring out the competitive nature in athletes resulting in some great lacrosse, some very exciting games, and certainly skill development. The Championship Game was a great example of this going into triple OT before Team Green prevailed. Mid May, and the Rep Teams are ready to go…. Most teams got off to a great start while others worked to find their game. U15 Elite and U19 Elite attended The Syracuse Nike Cup, and faced many top teams, challenging them to elevate their game. All other teams headed off to the Great Lakes Tournament in Michigan, for a fun, challenging and exciting weekend of lacrosse. Congrats to the U13 Elites for capturing the tournament U13 Division Championship. A great international experience presented itself for the U15 Elite and Competitive teams as they hosted 3 teams from the U.K., meaning the girls played and housed the U.K. girls for their 2 day stay in Oshawa.

The girls had a ton of fun playing and entertaining these U.K. girls while enlightening them on everything Canadian. And the Redbirds from Baltimore visited and played against the U13 Elite team. With all this excitement going on, the teams maintained their focus on OWFL league play and preparing for Provincials. Senior Provincials were up first, in Kitchener. Lady Blue Knights senior team, for them, had an average season sitting in fourth going into Provincials. Knowing they could do better, the team worked hard with more focus, and made it to the final against none other than Orangeville (time and time again these 2 teams have met in the final). After a slow start and being down by 5 goals, the team mounted a fantastic comeback after the half and went on to beat Orangeville to capture Senior Provincials.

Lady Blue Knights were the proud hosts of Provincials, July 28 – August 1, for all other age groups. The Lady Blue Knight teams performed well in league play, with 3 teams - U11 Elite, U13 Elite and U15 Elite –going undefeated heading into Provincials. Provincials saw some fantastic competition – the ‘ups and downs’, the ‘thrill of victory and agony of defeat’. All 3 U19 teams, reached the final in their respective divisions – all finishing as silver medalists. The U19 Elite team gave everything they had versus undefeated Orillia in the Gold Medal game, coming up one goal short. All three undefeated teams U11 Elite, U13 Elite and U15 Elite had targets on their backs as other clubs were determined to beat the Blue Knights. The LBK #neverletup theme was exactly how each of these teams played in their Gold Medal games, going on to win Provincial Championships. One of the most exciting teams during Provincials was the U11 Competitive team, playing well so well and making it to the Bronze medal game. This

group of girls played their hearts out sending the game into OT, against a very determined team from Mimico. With Mimico scoring in OT, the U11 Competitive group narrowly missed out on those Bronze medals. They will be hungry next season….

In summary, a ton of activity throughout the Lady Blue Knights club - fun, excitement, player development, fantastic opportunities, friends made, and 4 Provincial Championships. Maddy Baxter, Mackenzie Beam, Jacklyn Hooey, Jacqueline Maclean, Corina Lyons, and Tyra Prince, were selected for Team Ontario, and went on to win the National Tournament held in B.C. The Ontario Summer Games for youth sport across the Province, were held in Mississauga. Womens lacrosse was one of 24 sports participating, with 6 teams made up of U17 aged players from the Ontario Womens Field Lacrosse program. Lady Blue Knights were extremely proud to have 20 girls selected to compete at the Ontario Summer Games. Congrats to Mac Beam and Corina Lyon being named as a 1st Team All-Star and to Maddy Baxter, Sophie Hofmann, Nicole Perroni, and Taylor Slugg on being named as a 2nd Team All-Star. The Lady Blue Knights wrapped up another successful season of House League and Rep lacrosse, for players and their families, with the Great Amazing Race, B-Que and Year End Celebration held Camp Samac. Games, activities, prizes, socializing, recognizing the Provincial Championship teams and reminiscing on the past few months - what a way to celebrate the 2016 Lady Blue Knights season.

Lady Blue Knights Off-Season skill development and 3 v 3 Program runs Thursday nights from November 3 to March 2. Registration can be completed at www.ladyblueknights.ca






HAWKEYES FOOTBALL Submitted by Pip McPhee

The Hawkeyes kicked off their fall season at Civic Fields last weekend against the Toronto Thunder. The Atom team, led by Head Coach Dale James and his staff had a good showing against the Thunder. This was the Atom teams very first rep game this year, as their previous experience had only been in House League in the summer. Although they lost 19-0 many players, who have never played the game before, stepped up and made great plays. At the Atom age, the main focus is on learning the game, working as a team, and having fun. The Peewee team, led by Head Coach Ryan Connell and his staff, continued their regular season winning streak with an impressive 40-14 win over the Toronto Thunder. This brings the team’s streak to 9-0 and the boys hope to continue the winning trend throughout the fall season. The Bantam team, led by Head Coach Erwin Melocoton and his staff came up short against the Toronto Thunder but they had a lot to be proud of. The majority of the team are new players to football and this was their very first game. Although they lost 30-8, they held Thunder back from scoring in the second half. Great interceptions, tackling, team work and perseverance were noticed throughout the game. All three teams continue to learn and develop those skills (commitment, perseverance, team work, etc) that will not only make them better football players on the field but off the field as well. Huge thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Head Coaches, GM’s, and Coaching Staff, as well, to the parents and the players for their continued support of the Hawkeyes and playing the best sport in the world - football. Although the season is already underway it runs until mid-November. This allows for registrations to continue to be accepted for players at the following age levels:

Atom: Peewee: Bantam:

Players born in 2006-2007 Players born in 2004-2005 Players born in 2001-2003 (Player born in 2001 must have a birthday after July 1, 2001)

The Hawkeyes will be hosting the OVFFL Championship this year at the Civic on November 19, 2016.

The 7 Skater th

Practice are full equipment (supplied after deposit given) and are held Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30 at the Oshawa Civic Recreation Complex.

To register for or more information, visit Hawkeyes website at www.Hawkeyes.ca

The 7 th Package Includes: • Skate in the starting line-up at the start of the game • Stand on the blue line during the National Anthem • Oshawa Generals jersey signed by the team • Ten tickets to the game

Hawkeyes upcoming home games are: Saturday, September 17th - Oshawa Civic Recreation Complex vs York Region Lions

Saturday, October 8th - Oshawa Civic Recreation

Complex vs Brampton Bulldogs Saturday, November 5th - Oshawa Civic Recreation Complex vs Etobicoke Eagles Game times are:


Atom: 10:00AM Peewee: 12:00 PM Bantam: 2:45PM


Book Your 7 Skater Today! th

Contact Jason Hickman at 905-433-0900 EXT. 2226 or jhickman@oshawagenerals.com Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


By: Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary”



U3 to U15

U8 to U18 10 month player to pathway program

Outdoor Season (May to August)

Indoor Season (November to February)

It’s September and hockey is fully back into the swing of things. At this point coaches want to know how to incorporate power skating into their practices. There is a lot for coaches to work on like shooting, passing, offensive and defensive zone coverage, and breakouts, so to add power skating may seem impossible, but trust me it is workable. Coaches know how important skating is to the game and want to incorporate it into their practice plan, but they don’t know the best way to go about it.

Be creative A great time to practice power skating drills is during the warm-up. This is even before the pucks come on the ice. However, hockey skating techniques can be practiced while using pucks, as well. One of the greatest problems I encounter in my travels is with the creativity on the part of some coaches and the lack of imaginative and well-rounded drills. For example, simply because the pucks are on the ice does not mean that the players have to carry it with them everywhere they go. Be creative. Maybe, place the pucks in a certain location and have the players do some fun and explosive skating maneuvers before they pick up the puck so they have no distractions and are free to concentrate solely on their technique.



Have fun I know that players need time to work on skills such as passing, shooting and stick handling the “fun” part of hockey. While these important aspects of the game should be practiced, let’s not forget that skating better only helps to make these skills stronger. Once you are a stronger skater hockey does become more “fun”. As a coach you need to stay away from using power skating as a punishment. This automatically sets the wrong tone for the players. Try to be creative when disciplining your team. If you threaten your team or a player, with suicide laps or other skating drills and no puck you’re sending the wrong signal. You’re now saying that that skating is only used for punishment. There are, of course, times to work on conditioning, stamina, and endurance drills and times to work on technique as well. With each individual situation being different it is the coach’s job to weigh all the factors and decide the best times for each. We at Scary Skate find that the beginning of the season September/October is the best time for technical power skating and it is very important to stick with it as the season progresses.

Until next time Scary Mary says see you at the rink ... Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary” Head Instructor/Owner of Scary Skate Inc. www.scaryskate.com www.facebook.com/scaryskate @scary_skate



These fundamentals include having the players bend the knees more than where they feel comfortable, pushing the legs to full extension in the forwards and backwards stride. Keeping their chest and eyes up. Also, make sure they do not hunch over and bend with their backs but rather bend with their knees while keeping their back straight. These are just a few examples of basic fundamentals that all coaches can repetitively talk about with their players.


If your association does not have designated power skating development for the player or teams, you as the coach will need to spent time on skating development in practice. Even though coaches are not trained as power skating instructors there are certain aspects of skating fundamentals that we can all see, and these are the fundamentals that coaches should stress.



Straight forward easy skating tips



Fitting Power Skating Into Your Practice Plan

u l er C

www.oshawakicks.com (905) 429-2424 Ball Mastery Striker Goalkeeper


Mens Womens Multiple Divisions




A campus first – UOIT Sweeps the Campus Cup




By: Scott Dennis - Sports Information and Marketing Coordinator The UOIT Ridgebacks have become the first school to sweep the Campus Cup with their 2-1 victory by the men’s soccer team over Durham College. The women’s game was played a week earlier in the pouring rain as the Ridgebacks cruised to a 7-0 win over Durham. “Both nights were fantastic on campus,” said UOIT manager of intercollegiate athletics Scott Barker. “Even with the rescheduled game we had a fantastic turnout by both schools and varsity programs. When the Ridgebacks scored the go-ahead goal it was an amazing atmosphere to hear our students celebrating so loud and showing school spirit.” In the men’s game, Ridgebacks’ captain Erik Petrovic (Sombor, Serbia) opened the scoring in the 11th minute of play in the 50-minute match. Durham College captain Bruce Cullen (Pickering, Ont.) answered in the 25th minute to take the game into the half tied 1-1. The Lords had a number of chances to get the go-ahead goal in the second half, including a bullet from distance from Cullen that rang off the post in the 35th minute. With the friendly looking like it was going to penalty kicks it was Chris Jaggarnath (Scarborough, Ont.), who was subbed in in the second half, that put the Ridgebacks ahead 2-1 in the 48th minute. Goalkeeper Fisal Ayoubi (Whitby, Ont.) made a diving stop off a strike by Noah Antenucci (Brampton, Ont.) but could not control the rebound, which Jaggarnath would bury for the game winner.

Late pressure in the dying seconds couldn’t do it for Durham as the Ridgebacks became the first school to sweep the Campus Cup with their 2-1 win, their first since 2012. In the women’s game, Cassandra Sribny (Pickering, Ont.) led UOIT with a pair of goals. Alyssia Robichaud (Toronto, Ont.), Sierra Simpson (Brooklin, Ont.), Bria DowsonChance (Ajax, Ont.), Sara Voisin (Waterloo, Ont.) and Helen Frampton (Toronto, Ont.) each added a goal to round out the Ridgebacks scoring. In goal Victoria Savage (Woodbridge, Ont.) earned the clean sheet. UOIT has continued their success throughout the regular season as they entered the CIS national rankings the week of Sept. 13. Men’s Soccer Campus Cup History 2009 – Durham College 2010 – Durham College 2011 – Durham College 2012 – UOIT 2013 – Durham College 2014 – Durham College 2015 – Durham College 2016 – UOIT

Women’s Soccer Campus Cup History 2012 – Durham College 2013 – UOIT 2014 – UOIT 2015 – UOIT 2016 – UOIT


Who should be Athletes of the Month? Send in your nominations with a quick bio of why this person was nominated. Contact us by email: Durhamtotalsports@gmail.com or @DTotalsports with your vote. Athletes of the Month will be featured in our next issue of Durham Total Sports Magazine.



Who will it be?

Who will it be?



Nominate your High School Athelete Now!! 30


Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


Networking in Hockey Today it is a must to network and promote your skill and talent to potential professional teams. Roster Point can help any players at any level. Competitive Novice players looking for the right Elite Teams. Roster Point services Peewee, Bantam, Midget and Junior players. We connect professional teams to players and professional players to teams who are looking for performers today and superstars for the future. You have to promote yourself and your career, if you want to make it in todays competitive hockey environment subscribe to:

ROSTERPOINT.COM Making Recruiting CostEffective

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HIDE/SHOW PROFILES If you have signed with a team, or are no longer looking, Roster Point comes loaded with great privacy interests, which include: Hide/Show option. You are able to control when and who will be able to view your profile, and only with Roster Point will you get this kind of control over your account.

We also offer 2 more levels of player membership Silver and Gold two levels for team’s membership – Standard and Premium.

We Connect Players with Teams and Teams with Players!

TRACK PROFILE VIEWS In today’s advanced hockey world, data is important, and with this in mind Roster Point allows you to track view times and who is viewing your profile. This will give you direct access to what kind of traffic you are generating, and trying different options on the profile to attract the right type of team or player.

SET YOUR OWN GOALS Finally, we like to set goals here at Roster Point, and with our platform you will be able to do just that. We give you the ability to specify what leagues you are looking to break into and will give an idea to perspective teams what level of hockey you aspire to play in.



*** SPECIAL *** 30 day FREE trial of our gold level for players and premier level for teams!!!



Sport of Hockey Has Deep Roots in the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame By Whitby Sports Hall of Fame Executive

In May 1994, the National Sports Act of Canada formally recognized and declared the game of ice hockey to be this country’s national winter sport. And before this raises any eyebrows or stimulates a debate among sports aficionados, it would only be fair to note that lacrosse was recognized and declared to be our national summer sport at that same time. Long before any official decree however, hockey has been the lifeblood of Canadian winters for many generations of players, organizers, and sports fans alike in communities large and small from coast to coast. This is especially true for residents of the Town of Whitby, as its hockey history can be traced back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. Throughout this rich history, Whitby-based teams have enjoyed considerable success on the ice, capturing numerous championships at the local, regional, provincial, or national levels. Perhaps the most distinguished of any and all titles occurred at the international level, when the Whitby Dunlops senior men’s team won the 1958 World Ice Hockey Championship in the global tournament held that year in Oslo, Norway. That team, known as the Dunnies, was managed by Wren Blair, who went on to become the first coach and general manager of the NHL’s Minnesota North Stars; its roster also boasted several past and future NHL executives and players like Harry Sinden, Syd Smith, Roy Edwards, Charlie Burns, and Connie Broden. All members of the 1958 Whitby Dunlops were the first inductees to the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame; the team was honoured at the Hall’s inaugural gala in May 1997. Since that time, the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame has acknowledged the careers of many local hockey players who went on to



enjoy successful careers at the professional level; these inductees are: Ross Lowe (1999), Keith Primeau (2007), Joe Nieuwendyk (2008), Dunc Wilson (2009), Gary Roberts (2010), Adam Foote (2012), Wayne Primeau (2012), and Jamie Allison (2015). In 2002, the Hall added a second Whitby team to its membership with the induction of the 1945-46 Ontario Junior C Champion Whitby Red Wing club. The team derived its nickname from its sponsor, Red Wing Orchards, and one of its star players was forward Doug Williams who subsequently added an international championship to his career resume as a member of the 1958 Dunlops senior team. In addition to the individual athletes and teams representing ice hockey among the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame’s inductees, there are a group of past and present Whitby residents who have been recognized for their contributions to the sport in an executive capacity at either the amateur or professional levels. Those honoured by the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame in the Builder category for hockey include: Jack Goddard (1999), Mike Keenan (2002), Clifford Johnston (2005), Gordon Hawes (2007), Steve Cardwell (2015), and David Branch (2016). With almost 60 inductees, the sport of hockey certainly has deep roots in the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame. The individual biographies for each of the Hall’s 230+ inductees are posted and can be viewed at:


John Donlevy | George Samolenko | Alf Treen | Bus Gagnon | Don McBeth | George Gosselin | Connie Broden | Stan Waylett | Fred Etcher | Roy Edwards | Gord Myles | Frank Bonello | Harry Sinden | Sandy Air | John Henderson | Wally Braben | Ted OConnor | Ed Redmond | Wren Blair | Sid Smith | Bill Hannah | Tom OConnor | Bob Attersley



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Bowers represents Canada as official at FIVB World Tour Finals Submitted by Durham College

OSHAWA, Ont. – Durham College women’s volleyball alumna Jenn Bowers will be representing Canada this week in Toronto as an official at the Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals. The event, which runs Sept. 13-18 features the top eight teams (both men’s and women’s), plus four wildcards on both sides from the 2016 Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour. “I am incredibly honoured to have been chosen to be an official for this event,” said Bowers. “I was selected as an elite line judge, based on my experience last summer at the Pan Am Games and my overall experience as a senior official for Volleyball Canada. There were only eight line judges selected from all of Canada, so I am pretty proud of this accomplishment.” For nearly 17 years Bowers has been a volleyball official, which comes after spending three seasons with the Durham Lords from 1998-2000. In 2000 she graduated from the graphic design program. “We have had numerous graduates go on to be successful after playing here, but we’re extremely proud of what Jenn has accomplished as an official on the national and international levels since her time at Durham,” said Durham College athletic director Ken Babcock. “She is an engaged member of our varsity alumni and is a great model for what our athletes can aspire to be once they finish competing at the college level.” Tickets are free for the event and it will be broadcast on TSN

Durham College graduate gets the call for team Great Britain LONDON, England – Durham College alumnus Jordan Edmonds’ baseball dreams are coming true this fall. After moving back to England upon graduation from the journalism program, Edmonds has been selected to represent the Great Britain national baseball team at the upcoming European Championship and World Baseball Classic qualifying tournament. “I was ecstatic,” said Edmonds when learning he had been selected. “For me it is the greatest honour to represent your nation in any sport. I’ve been in the Great Britain program from the age of 13 and travelled extensively with it but this is my biggest achievement to date.” Edmonds played the last two seasons for the Durham College baseball team and helped the Lords advanced to the OCAA championship final four in both years. “Durham helped me a lot, it gave me a chance to play at the college level which has always been a goal of mine. It also gave me the chance to train regularly and make more of a transition to the outfield where I am having success.” When selecting where to go to school, Sam Dempster was a big influence on Edmonds choosing Durham College, as the pair met while Dempster was the head coach of the national program. “The person I really have to thanks is Coach Dempster, not only being my coach at Durham but throughout a large part of my baseball life. We met when I was probably 12-13 and his coaching sessions in England had a big impact on not



just myself but many others. Durham was great, I had a very enjoyable two years, not always successful on a personal level but it allowed me to get stronger and taught me a lot.”

2016 Winter Hockey Registration

Dempster knows how special competing for the Great Britain national team is having worked with the British Baseball Federation in developing the sport and having coached the national program. “I observed Jordan as a baseball player in Horsham and watched him develop to the point where I would have him on my team,” said Dempster. “He has been an asset to the program here in every respect, as a journalism student, baseball player and a person of character. He has always played with passion and getting the opportunity to represent his country on this stage is an excellent accomplishment.” The 2016 European Championship will be held from Sept. 9-18 in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Great Britain opens up the championship against the hosting Dutch National Team, who enter as the defending European champions. Other participants include Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, Greece, Sweden and Croatia. At the World Baseball Classic, Great Britain will be in a group with Brazil, Israel and Pakistan. The event will take place from Sept. 22-25 at MCU Park in Brooklyn, N.Y. The qualifier will decide the 16th and final entry in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. “I want to help the team in any way I can,” said Edmonds. “Any role I have I look to influence or make a difference. I will be used mainly as an outfield but could see some time on the mound too. Ultimately I want to do whatever I can to help the team win.” Edmonds will get some expert advise while on the Great Britain pitching staff as former San Diego Padres and Milwaukee Brewers closer Trevor Hoffman is serving as the team’s bullpen coach.

Valleyview Clubhouse Friday Sept. 9th - 5 PM to 9 PM Saturday Sept 10th - 9 AM to 1 PM 81 Gladstone Ave. (Park Rd & Bond St area) “Skating is a key factor to enjoying this game that we love. Hockey is only fun when you’re playing the sport, not having to work at it.” “If you can’t skate, we’ll teach you!”

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Spring Break Training Camp Save the Date!

Off Season Training

By: Golf Performance Coaches

By: Jon Roy Golf Performance Coaches

Thank you to our partners, parents and junior golfers for a great season. We look forward to seeing you all back in 2017 as we celebrate our 25th season!!

Congratulations to our 2016 Champions!

Calling all DJGT Alumni to help us celebrate 25 years of providing the regions premier junior golf series. Come join us for our first ever alumni tournament. Interested alumni should email jeffrey@durhamjuniorgolftour.ca

Cameron Corbett U15

The Durham Junior Golf Tour has again partnered with Golf Performance Coaches and we are excited to be offering year round coaching and training programs.

Megan Fitchet U19 Girls

“Golf Performance Coaches” is a team of highly skilled coaches that offer year-round training options for young golfers. Led by Jon Roy and Jeff Overholt, the GPC team runs programs in the winter at the “Metro Golf Dome” which provides a superb environment where players can see full ball flight, work on putting and wedge play, and study the tactical aspects of the game. We work with many junior aged golfers, for many years now, and we present the following advice with the hopes of enhancing your child’s experience of the game.

Tanner BigCanoe U17

Spring Break Training Camp! Save the date: March 11—17, 2017 Help us kick off the celebration of our 25th Season.


Online at www.durhamjuniorgoltour.ca Or call (905) 655-8234

Nick Pacione U19 & Overall

Durham Junior Golf Tour 2 Price Street PO Box 175 Brooklin, Ontario L1M 1A0 Email: durhamgolftour@rogers.com

Ultimately, the fall and winter months offer a unique opportunity to develop skills, and we hope through this article to offer suggestions for maximizing your time through the coming off-season. In the end, our suggestion is that you will maximize off-season training if you can remember to prioritize 3 key items • • •

Dedicate time every week for golf training Balance the time spent training by focusing on all pillars of performance Find coaches with expertise to provide feedback and expertise

The first step is to devote time for golf training in what are almost always very busy schedules. On top of the schoolwork, socializing, hockey, music, tutoring, dance, etc… it can be tough to find suitable time in a week. It’s key to devote some time at least every week, and a rule of thumb would be to devote a minimum of 5 hours per week on golf development. The older teens might be looking for more like 15+hours per week, while young competitors should be looking at more like 5. But let’s remember, 1 hour is better than half an hour, the key being to find space in any given week to devote some time to mastering the sport. The second advice is to remember that the process should follow a holistic approach, so this would include time in the gym, hitting balls, short game, reading about sport psychology, to name a few of the disparate skills we could look at. Training for golf can take many forms, and doesn’t have to be measured by how many balls you hit – it’s more a question of devoting time to the study of the game, and this usually includes lots of ball strikes, but also lots of time studying various aspects of the sport. Our third recommendation would be to align yourself with good coaches who can guide and nurture the development process with your child. The coaching aspect is what will make your training time most efficient and will also help to provide expertise and structure for training environments. Great coaching, and parenting for that matter, involves caring for the process of learning and development. Similar to a skill like gar- dening, the goal is to provide healthy soil and create an environment where organisms can grow in healthy ways. The art of coaching young athletes is largely dependent on successful planning and managing of a young persons time, which creates the best possible envi- ronment for learning and growing. A healthy yearly cycle for a young competitive golfer will use the differences in these seasons to advantage. Healthy schedules involve recognizing that there must be peaks and valleys in terms of one’s attention. For example, focusing on performance in one phase might mean shutting down performance in another phase.

September and October - Focus on Reflection


As we leave one season we simultaneously prepare for the next one, and in the case of young golfers September Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca

and October signal the “reflection” phase, while November through March bring along the “preparation” phases. The reflection phase is upon us - now that school has started for most of our players. This phase is traditionally very light on competi- tion – players may be competing on school teams with weekly events, but the intensity of schedule is much lighter than it would have been in the summer months – and because of this it affords us a great opportunity to reflect on the past in productive ways. In reflection, instead of working to perform while competing, a player’s attention shifts to reflecting on their past competiti e experienc- es. The key here is to look back on your season objectively – to honestly identify those areas where you were very strong, and those other areas where you may have been a little weak. Ultimately our plan for the coming preparation phases will be built around these reflections.

November through March – Develop and nurture (a variety of) skills. In the winter months, players should be developing their golf swings, enhancing their physical capacities, and focusing on discovering mental and emotional strategies for optimal performance. They will also be working on timemanagement skills and laying a plan for their competitive season. The best yearly plans recognize that success in one aspect of the sport is dependent on balance in other areas. Great performances are a product of holistic preparation of the many skills required – be it physical, psychological, tactical, emotional, or technical. The real “work” lies in the balancing of these pillars, and as we start to plan out the winter months of preparation we need to carve space for development in each pillar. These months are critical for development because they come at a time when competition is non-existent, and so there is no harm in making errors and risking success in the search of deeper understanding of a skill. In the summer months it is less likely for athletes to take risks because they’re always keeping score, but in the winter months we create a nice environment where learning and growth are more likely. We hope you enjoy these suggestions from us and we welcome any questions you may have based on our ideas. The GPC team is happy to support your child’s

REGISTRATION Online at www.durhamjuniorgoltour.ca Or call (905) 655-8234 Durham Junior Golf Tour 2 Price Street PO Box 175 Brooklin, Ontario L1M 1A0 Email: durhamgolftour@rogers.com Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


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Profile for Durham Total Sports

Durham Total Sports Magazine--Fall Issue  

The Fall issue of Durham Total Sports Magazine

Durham Total Sports Magazine--Fall Issue  

The Fall issue of Durham Total Sports Magazine


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