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TWIST Get (RE)Started Fitness & Performance

16 Lords Make History


Whitby Dunlops Undeafeated Fans Wanted!

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SPORTS MOM OF THE MONTH - Coline Shennan Coline has been nominated as the sports mom of the month by the coaches of MD 7 Gold. She is a proud mom of John 7 and Maisie 5. Coline goes above and beyond to ensure her kids are happy and active. Her 7 year old son John made the MD 7 Gold team this year and she volunteered to be the team manager. She puts in countless hours managing the team, coaches, parents, ice time, tournaments and more. This is in addition to making sure that John and Maisie are at all of their sporting events, present and on time. Aside from his MD7 team John also plays other sports with organizations like WISC, WMBA and Whitby Wolverines Spring hockey. Maisie keeps busy with her sports that have ranged from Durham Lightning, Highland dancing, WISC and Whitby figure skating club. No matter what sports Coline and her husband Dave are not far behind them. Congratulations Coline on being our Sports Mom if the Month this issue, you absolutely deserve it.

For nearly 20 years, our camps have build great athletes, skilled players, and strong characters.

CANLAN ICE SPORTS OSHAWA 1401 Phillip Murray Avenue, Oshawa ON L1J8C4 905-725-6951



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Christmas Break Hockey Camps

Train with EDGE HOCKEY ACADEMY, Durham Region’s #1 Training Development Academy and Player Development Skills Coach of the OSHAWA GENERALS and WHITBY FURY.




Junior Skating and Skills Development Camp Dates: December 26- 28, 2017 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 9:00am - 10:30am Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2012, 2011, 2010

Session #2

Intermediate Skating and Skills Forward/Defence Camp

Dates: December 26 - 28, 2017 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006

Session #3

Junior Skating and Skills Development Camp

Dates: January 2 - 4, 2018 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 9:00am - 10:30am Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2010, 2009

Session #4

Intermediate Skating and Skills Forward/Defence Camp

Dates: January 2 - 4, 2018 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2008, 2007

Session #5

Advanced Skating and Skills Forward/Defence Camp

Dates: January 2 - 4, 2018 (3 Days) Location: McKinney Centre Arena, Whitby Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm Cost: $180 (HST incl.) Ages: 2006, 2005, 2004

To register for any camp visit www. edgehockey.ca (camps page) and print off and complete registration form and mail with payment. For faster payment method, you can e-transfer payment! Payments in FULL required Edge Hockey Academy Inc. is insured. No refund for any clinic and/or camp program.


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GETTING (RE)STARTED On Your Fitness & Performance Journey for 2018

LIFT Stuff: Getting stronger is simple; pick up something heavy. Put it back down. Repeat. Increased strength is about more than just shredded pecs at the beach. Strength training improves bone health, cardiovascular health, minimizes injury risk and allows you to keep moving (see above). If we don’t use it, we lose it and muscular strength decreases quickly when muscles are not being used. The great news is it also comes back quickly once we get back to work. So, get back to work!

By: Jeff Roux, BPE, CSCS, TSCC - Gold

There is a mantra that we use at TWIST that says, “A Leader of ONE, a leader of many; if you can’t lead ONE, you can’t lead any,” Taking care of yourself, being accountable for your health and wellness, and setting yourself up for success is infectious. People recognize it, people respect it and people react to it. It sets the tone for other people and suddenly they want to follow your example. This is how a movement begins. This Leader of ONE concept always hits home with me personally and motivates me directly as an active adult, as a team leader, as a parent and as a role model. As we get older, get busier, have kids and distractions begin to overlap in our lives, we have to continually remind ourselves to keep our own health and performance at top of mind and be accountable for every move we make, every bite we take and every choice we make (hey, I think there is a parody Police song in there somewhere). Winter is here, this is the time to make plans, not excuses. NOW is the time to set yourself up for success, to do better, to adapt to schedule changes, to make good decisions at dinner parties and holiday events and most importantly, to continue to take care of yourself and be a Leader of ONE with your daily actions. NOW is the time to get better. The good news is there are tons of great ways to do it. The bad news is there is also lots of confusion, mixed marketing messages, bad information and nefarious quick fixes, designed to take advantage of your desire to improve your health, fitness and performance.


We are inundated with information on how to eat and how to train, and yet in North America we are less healthy than ever. This can be confusing, discouraging, and depressing. People often focus on what they are doing (strength training, cardio, yoga etc.), where they are doing it (what club, facility etc.) and how they are doing it (yoga or group fitness classes, running groups, personal training, etc.) often, without first truly understanding why they are doing it. Embarking on or re-setting your health and fitness journey is not easy - that’s why they call it a WORKOUT. It should also be fun, rewarding and inspirational to keep you moving forward and to see what happens next. Motivation for the wrong reasons in anything we do may lead to short term success but ultimately, is unsustainable. For a health and fitness plan to be successful, it has to be intrinsically inspired and create a fundamental change in your lifestyle approach, in your daily actions and interactions and become part of your regular routine. In order to determine what truly motivates and inspires you, you need to find your why. Everyone has one.

“Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you. Knowing your WHY gives you a filter to make choices that will help you find greater fulfillment in all that you do.” – Simon Sinek -



Eat Real Food: No one expects you to be perfect but everyone can do better. Keep it simple. Eat real food, avoid processed food, minimize or eliminate sugar and avoid excessive anything. Be careful of what you read on the internet; no diet is perfect for everyone. For a true look into your specific nutritional needs, find a holistic nutritionist who can determine what you need to find your optimal health.

What is your health and fitness why? Why do you do (or not do) what you do? Is it about health, performance, how you feel, how you look? Is it about achieving a specific goal, overcoming a new hurdle or being a better role model for your kids? What is holding you back from achieving optimal health?

Chillax: Working hard is overrated, working smart gets results. Recovery and adaptation come when we are not working. Relaxation, mindfulness, mobility, rest and sleep help us reboot, re-charge and re-focus to take on the next difficult tasks. We can always use a little more of that. Ahhhhh, I feel better already.

Your why has to be powerful enough to motivate you to get started. It has to be resilient enough to help you keep pushing through difficulty and failure. It must be forgiving enough to understand that failure helps you learn and surviving failure is how you break through to not caring what other people think, because you are not doing it for them.

“It ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” Robert (Rocky) Balboa Once you have established your why you can begin to plan out the how you are going to reach your goals and who you might need to help along the way. Finding the right fitness facility can be a bit like looking for a needle in a stack full of needles. The world of marketing is built upon telling people the things they want to hear but when it comes to delivering on the promise of the services they provide, the curtains do not always match the drapes. It is easy to say the right things but it is more difficult to actually accomplish them. There is no shortage of people, places, and programs hoping to take your money and promise to help you reach your goals, but usually there are only a few that will truly match your why.

Culture is King

I will let you in on a little secret; it is not the equipment, paint colours, the technology, the Dyson hand dryers, 4K televisions screens or the fresh pressed juice bar that helps you reach your goals; it is the culture and philosophy of the people inside the walls who drive the energy, atmosphere and environment inside to help you match your why. From service focused Performance + Wellness Centres like TWIST to specialized martial arts, boxing clubs and spinning studios. From Crossfit boxes to Yoga studios, and from Globogyms to Community Centres, there is truly something for everyone. In most cases, the vibe attracts the tribe and the tribe is often motivated by the same why. These are your people, find them, mingle, multiply, and maximize your goals. When you find your why, you are home. The true strength in any service business is the people you interact with every day. The knowledge, experience, energy and enthusiasm of any business should let you leave informed, inspired and energized. Are the coaches, trainers and nutrition team educated and certified? Do they give energy and leave you wanting more? Do they offer something unique? Are the current customers happy to be there every day and getting the results they are looking for? We are all looking for the most efficient, effective ways to improve our health, fitness and performance, in our sports and activities and in our day-to-day lives.

Here are a few secrets of success for 2018:

Get Moving & Keep Moving: We all spend too much time sitting. When you get to the gym, the last thing you need is another seat. Get on your feet, move in different directions, move like an athlete, learn to move better and keep moving. Don’t sit still for too long no matter where you are. Your joints and muscles need to keep the blood flowing and your heart and lungs will love the extra attention as well. Walk to the store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, get yourself a stability ball or standing desk instead of a chair to keep the blood flowing and CORE active. You don’t necessarily have to be working out all the time to stay healthy; just keep moving. Author’s Note: Lifting the glass and/ or fork up and down do NOT count!

Get Out and Play: There is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. Unless you are made of sugar, a little rain or snow won’t hurt you. Go for a hike or a trail run. Get on your bike or give snowshoeing or cross-country skiing a try. Fresh air, a little sunshine and vitamin D does wonders for the body and the soul. Quality NOT Quantity: You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get fit. Time is at a premium but an efficient workout that focuses on functional strength and stability for the entire body does not have to be a 2 hour torture session; even if you only have 30 mins that is 30 mins better spent moving than sitting (see above). Set Audacious Goals: A greater achievement can often be made by failing big. Sometimes you must aim high enough that failure is almost certain to know what you can truly accomplish. Setting a goal to walk around the block creates an easy win but rarely leads to completing a 10K run. Setting a goal to run a marathon, Obstacle Race or triathlon, may result in failure but almost always achieves many 10K runs. Take aim a little higher; even failed goals can net bigger accomplishments than smaller targets. Have Fun: This is the most important thing of all. No matter what else is going on, make a point of enjoying the journey. Don’t get caught up in the stress, cold and short days of the winter season. Hire a trainer to help motivate your workouts. Plan group activities with your friends and family so you can be together and stay active all at the same time. As you look to get (re)started on your fitness journey for 2018, Be a Leader of ONE. Lead by example. Find a place that you feel comfortable, a place you want to be and a place that fits your why. Take care of you; the rest will follow.




By Holistic Nutritionist Tina R. Ward, CNP, RNCP, ROHP


Providing the Sport of Rugby to All Ages in the Durham Region

Vikings Rugby 2017 Team Accomplishments

New this Season – Minor Flag Rugby House League

In 2018 the Vikings will be offering a Coed Flag Rugby House League for our minor program. The House League games will be played in town on Wednesday evenings and practices on Friday evenings for 14 weeks. There will be 3 age categories for players that include:

• • • • • •

The Vikings Rugby Club had another very successful season in 2017 Under 14 Boys Third in Ontario Under 16 Girls Toronto Rugby Champions and Ontario Finalists Under 16 Boys Ontario Sevens Finalists Under 18 Girls Toronto Rugby Champions and Ontario Finalists Under 18 Boys Ontario Champions Senior Women Toronto Rugby Finalists

Join the Vikings Rugby Family – 2018 Rugby Registration Registration is available for 2018 and the Vikings are accepting players of all ages and abilities. For registration information or to find out more about the Vikings Programs please visit our registration page on our website at www.vikingsrugby.ca or call 905-925-2453.

Under 11 (born 2007 & 2008) Under 9 (born 2009 & 2010) Under 7 (born 2011 and under) This program is suitable for players of all abilities and there is not out of town travel for games. Players in the House League program can progress onto the Vikings Tournament Teams in July and August if interested.

For more information call 905-925-2453 or visit our website at www.vikingsrugby.ca

“Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be or medicine. Our medicine our food.” ~Hippocrates 460 – 370 B.C. There are four seasons – and Cold & Flu is not one of them! Just because it’s winter does not mean that you are bound to get sick! There are many ways to protect yourself from illness. Our best defense against disease and illness is our immune system. Concentrating on immune-enhancing whole foods and a balanced health promoting lifestyle will rev up your immune system and keep it vigorous.

Here are just a few tips to keep your immune system healthy and strong: Increase Vitamin C Intake - Vitamin C is a key antioxidant; it also increases activity of white blood cells. Luckily this vitamin is found in a variety of whole foods such as bell peppers, cauliflower, oranges, lemons, dark leafy greens, strawberries, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Consume Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial Foods - Onion and garlic are very potent immune boosters. Garlic is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It contains a special compound called allicin which helps to protect us against infection. Onions help fight inflammation, contain sulfurous anti-bacterial compounds, and are also a good source of vitamin C. Zero in on Zinc - Zinc is a very important mineral which supports the immune system (and healing in general). Good sources of zinc include pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, quinoa, lentils, cashews, beef and lamb. Grab Some Ginger - This is truly a potent herb for so many health benefits but it does wonders to boost our immune system. Add ginger to everything! – make teas, add to stews, soups, stir fries, sauces, dressings etc. Mushrooms are Magic - Mushrooms are terrific immunity boosters because they have immunomodulating properties – meaning they help increase our immune fighting power when needed but can also temper an over-active immune system if necessary. Great varieties of mushrooms to incorporate into meals include shiitake, cremini, portabello, chanterelle and oyster. You could also try tea made from chaga and reishi mushrooms. Water is a Weapon - Keeping well hydrated allows the body to flush out toxins, reduces aches, pains and headaches, supports the digestive process and aids in transporting hormones throughout the body. Without sufficient water, your immune system will be challenged. Aim for a minimum of 2 -3 litres daily.



Stifle Stress - Perhaps easier said than done but stress management is critical for a healthy immune system. There is

no greater hindrance to our health than stress. That’s where stress reduction activities come in. Go for a walk, work-out, sit in a sauna, stretch and breathe deeply; these all help boost your immune function. Mindfulness meditation has been shown in studies to increase circulating antibodies. A variety of adaptogenic herbs may also be used to aid in restoring a weakened immune system caused by stress. Avoid Sugar – You’re Sweet Enough! - Besides making our bodies acidic (an acidic body is a great host for disease!) and feeding our “bad” bacteria, sugar competes with Vitamin C for uptake. The more sugar we eat, the less we are able to absorb Vitamin C. Get your ZZZ’s - Sleep is crucial to our healing process and is one of the greatest natural immune system boosters. Long term sleep debt can lead to a host of serious diseases and even general malaise. Make it a priority to get adequate sleep every night. The hours between 10 pm and 4 am are the most beneficial for restoration and regeneration.

Tina’s “Immune-Booster” Soup INGREDIENTS: 1 tbsp. raw, unrefined coconut oil 2 large onions, chopped 6 garlic cloves, minced 3 ribs of celery, sliced 1 large carrot, diced 1-pound shitake mushrooms ½ pound cremini mushrooms 1.5 tsp Himalayan salt 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper 1 tbsp. freshly grated turmeric root (warning – will stain work surface and fingers!) 1 tbsp. freshly grated ginger root 12 cups water 2 heads baby bok choy, chopped 1 head of kale, chopped *Optional – 1 tbsp. raw pumpkin seeds for sprinkling on top when serving


• • • • • • • • •

Chop off the bottom of the stem from your mushrooms and discard. Separate stems from tops and slice tops and remaining stem if necessary, into large pieces (be sure to use the full stems as they are loaded with many nutrients!). Heat up coconut oil in a large pot over medium-low heat. Add onions and sauté for 5 minutes or until translucent. Add in garlic and cook for 1 more minute. Add in celery, carrot and mushrooms and sauté for about 10 minutes or until mushrooms have wilted. Add in the spices and sauté for 1 more minute. Add the water and bring to a boil. Then turn heat to low and let simmer, covered for at least 1 hour or for a few hours (the longer you leave it, the better!) Add bok choy and kale in the last 10 minutes of cooking to wilt. Taste for seasoning adding more salt/pepper to taste. Serve right away (topping with seeds) or may be stored for up to 1 week in the refrigerator.

For more information on my nutritional programs and services including 1-on-1 coaching, custom seminars and group workshops, or to book a consultation, please contact Tina R. Ward Nutrition tinarward@gmail.com (905) 449-7097 Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


Lady Blue Knights Off-Season Development Program Lady Blue Knights top-notch development program WILL make players better! LBK Off-Season development is designed to challenge players of all ages from beginners to top level players. Players will receive exceptional instruction from our very experienced and top notch coaching staff, highlighted by a small, player to instructor ratio. Players will experience increased confidence as their fundamental skills, situational play, fitness and overall game sense improve. Sign up for one or both of the following sessions.

Breaking it down, Game skills Thursdays Nov. 30 – Jan. 18 (Christmas Break - Dec. 28 and Jan. 4) 6 - 7pm – Players born 2006 - 2013 7 - 8pm – Players born 2000 - 2005

Enhance your lacrosse IQ with specific game situations and play. Players will be exposed to different game situations in a controlled, small-group setting allowing for plenty of reps and understanding. Game play will be officiated with certified referee’s.

Featuring Guest Coaches:

Dec. 7 - Katie Rhodes - Colgate University Assistant Coach Dec. 21 - Rachael McKinnon - Robert Morris Assistant Coach & Lady Blue Knight Graduate

Ramp It Up! Preparing for Season Thursdays Jan 25th – March 1 6 - 7pm – Players born 2006 - 2013 7 - 8pm – Players born 2000 – 2005

It is time to fine tune your game having your fitness, skills and game play ready for the 2018 season. Players will be challenged to implement their newly acquired skills into high tempo game situational drills, along with high tempo game play. All game play will be officiated with certified referee’s.

Featuring Guest Coach:

Jan. 25 - Kaylin Morissette Canisius College Assistant Coach & Lady Blue Knight Graduate

All sessions are at: Civic Recreation Complex 99 Thornton Rd S, Oshawa

PICKERING PANTHERS A Tradition Since 1972

The Pickering Panthers are a Junior ‘A’ hockey team based in Pickering, Ontario. The Panther Tradition started in 1972 as part of the Metro Junior ‘B’ league and the team has been active for the last forty years. Today, the Panthers are a part of Central Division Hockey League. In the summer of 2010, the Panthers accepted a merger with the Ajax Attack, eliminating the struggle for players and fans between the two neighbouring communities. The team remains based in Pickering. Our last championship win was in 1985 when the Panthers were a member of the Metro Junior ‘B’ league. Pickering joined the Ontario Junior ‘A’ hockey league in 1998, and have had three conference championship performances since then (98-99, 05-06, and 06-07 seasons). Some key players who have suited up for Pickering include NHL hall of famer Joe Nieuwendyk, and ex-Toronto Maple Leaf goalie Glenn Healy.

photos: Shawn Muir & Amy Deroche OJHL Images

The Panthers are sitting in fourth place in the OJHL North Division with a 14-14-1 record. The current team is comprised of many local talented players from Durham Region including Captain and leading scorer Josh Argier. A Whitby native, he came to the Panthers through a trade with the Stouffville Spirit last summer. Argier is having another strong year in 2017 with 15 goals and 21 assists so far. Another Panther who is off to a strong start is Dustyn McFaul. The 6 ‘2 defenseman was invited to the World Junior A Challenge, Team Canada East training camp and was also named to the NHL Central Scouting’s Watch List for the 2018 NHL Draft! The Panthers will be looking to make a big push in the second half of the season and a long run in the playoffs. Come out to support the team at an upcoming home game.

REGISTER TODAY AT www.ladyblueknights.ca

Remaining Homegames



Whitby Stouffville Aurora Buffalo Milton Newmarket Trenton Markham Cobourg

Thu, Dec 28 12:00 PM Fri, Dec 29 7:30 PM Sun, Jan 14 6:30 PM Fri, Jan 19 7:30 PM Sat, Jan 20 7:30 PM Fri, Jan 26 7:30 PM Sun, Jan 28 6:30 PM Fri, Feb 09 7:30 PM Sun, Feb 11 6:30 PM

Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


ACCEPTING 2018 Registrations and Sponsors! Submitted by Whitby Lightning Our 2017 softball season has come to an end, and despite the record number of rain outs, the Whitby Girls Softball Association had a lot to celebrate! We had a the highest number of girls registered in House League since 2000, and this was an increase of over 10% from our 2016 season. Though our softball season ended late in the summer players and families in the WGSA remain active! In September, our WGSA family & friends met again at the Rogers Centre to watch the Toronto Blue Jay vs. New York Yankees. We sold over 350 tickets which was another record. This was a great opportunity for our girls to see their teammates once again & Blue Jay’s Ace heard that our WGSA girls were in attendance and came to visit them in the stands for some pictures & t-shirt toss! Our Junior Board coordinated our 2nd Annual WGSA Halloween Night. The Junior Board consists of players from Squirt to Midget divisions, and these girls meet regularly throughout the year to bring forward ideas from the players’ perspective and plan special events throughout the year. This free event was another great success which brought our girls together to dress up in costumes and reconnect with teammates and friends from the past season. There were many softball related activities with a Halloween twist that the players participated in, along with some treats to take home.

Fall Clinics are new this year and we had an overwhelming response to the clinics which quickly sold out. We ran pitching, catching and advanced skills and agility training for the girls which were a great success. In our pitching clinics we had some of our players from our older divisions helping coach, giving them a great opportunity to share their pitching skills with our younger pitchers and develop leadership skills. Clinics will continue in the new year, and any player registered for our 2018 season is eligible to participate. Our clinics range from the basics for younger players and those new to the game of softball, to more advanced clinics which can help prepare players for Select tryouts that will take place in the early April 2018 timeframe. For over 40 years, it has been the mission of the Whitby Girls Softball Association (WGSA) to promote, foster and encourage growth and development of the game of softball for girls. The WGSA also understands that our impact is not limited to just the diamond. We provide opportunities for our girls to learn about the value of commitment to a team, the value of effort and perseverance, the value of learning new skills, and importantly, the opportunity to develop new friendships. We are looking forward to an incredible 2018 season. We are currently accepting 2018 registrations and sponsors. For more information please visit us on our website www.whitbygirlssoftball.com or on social media @whitbylightning What will be your game next summer?

Beyond these events, our focus is turning to preparing for the summer of 2018, as we once again offer our players indoor learning and training opportunities to improve their softball skills.





LORDS MAKE HISTORY By winning first men’s soccer championship in 20 years DURHAM COLLEGE LORDS

Submitted By: Scott Dennis Sports Information and Marketing Coordinator Durham College and UOIT Athletics The Durham College men’s soccer team won their first Ontario Colleges Athletic championship title since 1997 by defeating the Algonquin Thunder 2-1 at Fleming College. Making the victory even more special was having Tony LaFerrara, the last coach to win gold at Durham College, in attendance. “It’s an unbelievable accomplishment for the players and the team, but what was really nice to see today was the last coach that won, Tony LaFerrara, was here and so was Stan Bombino, who spent 16 years with the program,” said head coach Dave Ashfield. “To see the support from our alumni and our old coaches today was absolutely outstanding. I can’t say more about our team. It was probably our best game of the weekend and when the game was on the line we got a late goal and then a great save by Dylan (Yeo) at the end. As a coaching staff, we’re just proud of the team and it’s an unbelievable feeling to be OCAA gold medalists.” Jeremy Bangala (Pickering, Ont.), who scored the opening goal for the Lords in their qualifying game against St. Clair, headed a cross from Colin Reilly (Whitby, Ont.) past Algonquin’s goalkeeper Colin Gibson to give Durham the early lead in the 19th minute. The Lords maintained the momentum as they outshot the Thunder 6-3 heading into halftime.

said Ashfield. “The guys we had come into the game were fantastic and helped us hold a talented Algonquin team from a comeback victory.” Although they didn’t come back to win, the Thunder did start the second half with a lot of pressure, with the equalizer coming from Justin Gibson in the 51st minute. Less than a minute later Dylan Yeo (Newmarket, Ont.) was forced to stand tall as he turned aside what looked like a sure goal to keep the game tied 1-1. Algonquin held the shots on goal advantage in the second half, 7-4 over the Lords and with the game looking poised to go to extra time as it did for the Thunder and Humber Hawks in their semifinal on Friday night, Durham College broke the stalemate. Kevin Thibodeau (Pickering, Ont.) will go down in the Lords’ record books as the player to score the game-winning goal, finishing on a ball in the 18-yard box in injury time. The official signaled there was still three minutes remaining in injury time, during which the Thunder had one more quality opportunity, but Yeo made a diving save to close out the match.

Unfortunately for Durham, captain and the eventual championship MVP, Bruce Cullen (Pickering, Ont.) went down late in the half and after speaking with the coaching staff and team therapist and trainer wouldn’t play the second half.

“I’ve scored nicer goals, but probably not as important,” said Thibodeau. “I was out, I was down for the count (exhausted), so that 90th minute burst just came out of nowhere. I’m happy we didn’t go into overtime cause we’re all tired.” After the match Yeo was named the player of the game and a tournament all-star. Nicholas Axhorn (Pickering, Ont.) was also named a tournament all-star.

“He was great all weekend, ended up as the tournament MVP and was great in the final, but when he went down we knew the best thing was to make sure he didn’t injure himself further,”

At the CCAA national championship hosted by the Vancouver Island University (VIU) Mariners in Nanaimo, B.C., the Lords finished in fifth place overall with wins over Ahuntsic and NAIT.

A FALL TO REMEMBER This fall, student-athletes had one of the most successful semesters in the fifty-year history of Durham College. For the first time since 2002-04, the Durham College women’s softball team won three straight Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) championships after beating the St. Clair Saints 9-0 in the gold medal game. This was Durham’s unprecedented 19th title since OCAA softball started in 1981. To make the math easier, that means the Lords have won 19 of a possible 37 championships – just over half. The Seneca Sting have six titles, the second most in OCAA history. On the pitch, the Lords men’s soccer team won their first OCAA title in 20 years, beating the Algonquin Thunder 2-1 in the gold medal game. Kevin Thibodeau (Pickering, Ont.) will go down in the Lords’ record books as the player to score the game-winning goal, finishing on a ball in the 18yard box in injury time.


Rounding out the medal haul was the golf team who won an OCAA bronze medal, their first time reaching the podium since 2014. At the end of the third round they finished with a team total of 963 behind Humber’s 920 and Georgian’s 960 for a bronze medal. The Lords also edged out Fanshawe by eight strokes, although the Falcons were eight strokes better than the Lords on Wednesday.

The Durham College golf team won an OCAA bronze medal

The baseball team would have a final four appearance at both the OCAA championship and Canadian Colleges Baseball Championship, as head coach Sam Dempster approaches his 400th career victory on the bench. In addition to their success on the field, the athletic department hosted two national events including the PING CCAA Golf Championship and the second annual Canadian Colleges Baseball Championship.


460 - The number of birdies made at the CCAA golf nationals hosted at Royal Ashburn Golf Club


Women’s soccer qualified for the OCAA championship


Sport: Men’s Soccer Program: Energy Systems Engineering Home Country: Cameroon Nickname: The Lion DID YOU KNOW: Stephane was named a championship all-star at nationals in Nanaimo, British Columbia



The women’s soccer team had a rebound year, qualifying for the OCAA championship for the first time since 2009 after a 4-0 win over the Sheridan Bruins in the crossover round of the playoffs.


Baseball finished in the final four at the Ontario and Canadian championship

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By: Dallas Knowles

With the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea set to take place in February, we are looking back at all of the athletes inducted into the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame who have also represented Canada at the Olympics. There are several athletes with connections to the Town of Whitby who have competed in previous Olympics in a number of sports including hockey, swimming, gymnastics, sailing, cycling, softball, and judo. Beginning in the pool, there are two Olympic swimmers in the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame. Lori Melien, a graduate of Anderson Collegiate, began swimming when she was nine years old and quickly started setting records at both the provincial and national levels. Lori competed at the Olympic trials in 1984, 1988, and 1992, and represented Canada at the 1988 games in Seoul, Korea where she earned a Bronze medal in the 4 x 100 Meter Medley Relay. Anne Ottenbrite took the swimming world by storm at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Her Gold in the 200 meter Breaststroke was the first-ever for a female Canadian swimmer. In addition to the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame, Anne has been inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, the Canadian Aquatic Hall of Fame, and the International Swim Hall of Fame, and was awarded the Order of Canada in 1984. Anne also serves on the Canadian Olympic Committee and the swimming pool at the Iroquois Park Sports Complex bears her name. Moving to gymnastics, the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame boasts three more Olympic athletes: Lori Strong, Larissa LowingLibby, and Christina McDonald. Lori Strong competed in the 1988 games in Seoul and the 1992 games in Barcelona. She continues to serve as an Olympic commentator for gymnastics with CBC Sports. Larissa Lowing-Libby was one of Canada’s top female gymnasts in the late 1980’s and competed in the 1988 games. Christina McDonald qualified for the 1984 games but a broken ankle prevented her from

participating. She later realized her dream by qualifying and taking part in the 1988 games. The Whitby Sports Hall of Fame also has Olympians from cycling, sailing, softball and judo. Joe Jones was a member of Canada’s Cycling team at the 1968 games in Mexico City, where he took part in the individual Road Race and Team Road Trial competitions. In 2000, Canadian Cycling Magazine gave Joe an Honorable Mention in its list of top 25 Canadian Cyclists of the Century. Glenn Beauchamp competed at both the Los Angeles and Seoul Olympics in judo and Chris Cook was a member of the Sailing Team at the 2008 Beijing games. Both men are the sole inductees in their respective sports. Another member of Canada’s Beijing contingent was Erin McLean, who started third base on the Women’s Softball team; the Town of Whitby recognized Erin for her Olympic participation at a ceremony in October of that same year.


BLUEJAYS register online www.baseballoshawa.com


Campus Ice Centre • 2200 Simcoe Street North February 17th • 9:00am - 5:00pm March 3rd & 24th • 9:00am - 5:00pm April 7th • 9:00am - 5:00pm

Finally, the sport of hockey started to allow professional players to take part in the Olympics in 1998; unfortunately, for hockey fans, NHL players will not be at the upcoming Winter Olympics. However, Canada has enjoyed great success in the last five Olympiads, and the Town of Whitby was well-represented on the 1998, 2002 and 2006 teams. Keith Primeau, Joe Nieuwendyk, and Adam Foote were members of the inaugural professional team at the Nagano games in 1998, while Nieuwendyk and Foote were also members of the 2002 Salt Lake City Gold Medal team. That team was the first Canadian squad to win an Olympic Gold Medal in hockey in 50 years. Foote then returned to the Olympics for a third time with the 2006 Team.


When you are watching and cheering for our current Canadian Olympians in Pyeongchang this February, take a moment to reflect on all of our local athletes who have proudly represented our town and our country at previous games.

2018 Whitby Sports Hall of Fame Gala Saturday, April 28th Royal Ashburn Golf Course 2018 Inductee Announcement Wednesday, January 31st




Whitby Sports Hall of Fame - Recognizing Our Olympic Athletes














































Make It Happen! Tips to Stay Active By Marianne Schlottke/ Town of Whitby - Supervisor Fitness Services

Family Fitness is Important.

The Whitby Civic Recreation Complex (CRC) Health Club

Being physically active as a family together has many benefits, so take the time to make a plan. You need to evaluate realistically how much physical activity each family member is getting, then develop a plan on how you are going to change what you are doing, set new activity goals, and schedule activity into your day. Slow consistent change over a period of time achieves results.

Located at 555 Rossland Road East, the CRC has professionally certified fitness staff available on the gym floor at all times, ready to assist you as part of your membership. The fitness staff are all certified personal trainers by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) with CPR, First Aid and Public Defibrillator training.

Here are some tips to help you stay active as a family together: • Create family activity goals outlining what you would like to achieve together and why. • Get commitment from each family member to participate and encourage each other. • Post your family activity goals in a common area where everyone can see them every day. • Add your physical activity plan into your daily and weekly calendar. • Each week have a mini physical activity planning meeting and commit to what you will do together, for that week. • Find an interest that is important to everyone to keep it fun. • Try something new or challenge each other to learn a new skill. • Have commercial ‘exercise breaks’ while you are watching your favourite show. • Post a family activity tracking chart to challenge each other. • Use a smart phone Health app to track your activity and challenge each other. • Post your successes and share with each other. • Challenge your extended family members and your friends’ families to an activity challenge. • Create healthy mini rewards along the way when you reach your goals. • Take time once a month to reflect on what you have done, how you feel and the changes that you’ve seen. Don’t worry if you hit some bumps in your plan. Keep focused, re-adjust and stick to it. Taking a healthy step forward, no matter how small, will take you in the right direction to a healthy family.

Support And Resources For Healthy Families. The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines set out targets that should be reached daily and weekly for all age groups. Challenge yourself to reach the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity each week by trying something new and fun. The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines can be viewed in detail at csep.ca. Try some of the Town of Whitby’s recreation and fitness programs at Whitby.ca/recreation. There is something for everyone. The Durham Region Health Department has great resources to help families stay active at durham.ca/health and the Whitby Civic Recreation Complex Health Club fitness professionals can help you to make life lasting changes.

Fitness staff are qualified to work with all levels of participants, from beginner to elite athletes and teams. Members can add on the Abilities Centre Associate membership for only $10 per month and have unlimited use of the indoor track and facilities at the Abilities Centre. Unlimited babysitting can be added to an annual membership for an additional $10 per month per child or hourly drop in fees are available for parents participating in other programs in the facility. Family Health Club memberships include unlimited access for you and your family to public swimming at two great pools, public skating at three world class facilities and drop in gymnasium sports programs at the Brooklin Community Centre and Library. Family members age 14+ have full use of the CRC Health Club and private members change rooms that include saunas and hot tubs, as well as, the Healthy Start Program that includes 2 hours with a CSEP certified personal trainer who will provide a fitness assessment and design and demonstrate a personalized fitness program. Everyone can have fun in an affordable way, and stay active together to get your 150 minutes of activity for Canada’s 150.

For more information visit whitby.ca/fitness or call 905.666.1991 Stay active and stay healthy. Come by today, give us a try. Free trial workouts for all first time Health Club participants.





The Lakeside Advantage

Near the end of the hockey season, our students look forward to coaching by Rich from the Butler Baseball Academy. If you are looking for baseball instruction, we highly recommend you check out their programs at butlerbaseballacademy.com

Kids should play a variety of sports. When the hockey season is over, Wayne Gretzky played baseball and tennis. Diversity in education is also important, which is why our curriculum provides students with multiple way of viewing, listening, expression, and engagement.

When many schools are banning soccer and physical sports during recess, at Lakeside we believe students should play soccer during recess! Our solution to rough play is to give each player a turn at being a referee. Our students learn the rules and they are empowered to resolve their own conflicts, which keeps everyone playing safe.



At Lakeside we believe that great education is a combination of both academics and athletics. Our focus for this issue is on our sports program.

Athletics at Lakeside Lakeside is located inside The Barn, a multi-sports facility. Our athletic program includes hockey, lacrosse, golf, soccer, baseball and other sports. The Barn is equipped with one full size rink and one condensed rink for skating, shooting, goaltending, and other hockey needs. We also have an indoor turf.

Lacrosse Friday is our multi-sport day. The Barn’s experienced Lacrosse instructors understand that some of our students are beginners while others are experienced players. The Barn’s instructors provide a wide range of development opportunities for our school. Check out The Barn’s website to find out more about their lacrosse programs.

Hockey Lakeside students enjoy hockey development Monday to Thursday for one hour each day. Our Director of Hockey Development, Mike Tilson, provides hockey instruction 3 days a week. His development program focuses on skating, puck handling, shooting, and other key skills. Mike played defenseman in the OHL for the Frontenacs, Sudbury Wolves and the Belleville Bulls. He was a two-time, Central Hockey League (CHL) All-Star defenseman and won the leagues’ hardest shot competition. In 2016-17, Mike was the head of the North York Rangers Minor Atom ‘AAA’ development and recruiting program and Head Coach of the Atom AAA team. For more information about Mike and his training camps, visit his website at D2D Hockey Academy www.d2dhockeyacademy.com

Photo by Newtown Photography www.newtownphotography.com



Golf Ashlea Jones provides one hour of skating instruction every Tuesday. Students work on their edges, power, agility, and skating technique. Most aspiring skaters in Durham and elsewhere know about Ashlea’s program of excellence. After 15 years of competitive figure skating Ashlea has spent the last 7 years developing this passion. “Skating is so critical in today’s game’” Ashlea says. Hockey now moves at a faster pace than ever. With the increased speed of the game players need more power and more agility. There are more technical elements. Check out her website to find out more about her programs at Ashleajones.ca

Geared to Golf recently opened a new location at The Barn. Our students are learning to golf during school and after hours from the certified coaches at gearedtogolf.com.

Attend Lakeside for a Day The best way to experience Lakeside is to join our school for a day. Meet our staff, see our new campus, and experience our academic and athletic program. Pick a convenient day to visit us by emailing us at: info@lakesideacademy.ca or registering at: www.lakesideacademy.ca/tour/

Our doors are always open! Contact us to book a TOUR or to ATTEND a Day Lakeside Academy 870 Taunton Rd., W. Oshawa, ON L1H 7K4 905-448-4228

Educating Student-Athletes



DUNNIES UNDEFEATED WHERE ARE THE FANS? At point of writing the Whitby Dunlops sport a 5 and 0 record to be in the running for first place, with the Stoney Creek Generals leading by points but with Dunlops having two games in hand..... victories in these games would vault them in to first place. The players truly believe that they have the collective abilities to take the League Championship and move on to the Allan Cup in April but are mystified at the lack of fan support. Since re-entering the Allan Cup Hockey League in 2004, the Dunlops have consistently provided excellent hockey, and challenged if not won the League title every season. The current team is a fast and efficient squad, providing excellent hockey, but as importantly are dedicated to protecting the legacy of the Dunlop history ( World Champs in 1958, Allan Cup champs in 1957 and 1959) and to bringing the Allan Cup to Whitby and Durham region.

Come out and cheer on your Dunlops!

Unlike many teams in the League, the Dunlops have full attendance at all practices, with players coming from as far away as Peterborough, Toronto as well as Durham . Coach Shane Bowler and Assistant Coach Ken Shepard push for high tempo practices and instill defensive and offensive systems in the players, which has resulted in the team’s fast start. Fans in attendance marvel at the pace and skill level in games, while enjoying the tight, competitive nature of every game. With all minor hockey teams admitted free of charge for the Saturday night tilts, and ticket prices remaining the same ($15, $12 seniors), the attendance has been mystifying. The Dunnies are close to the League low in this regard, not rewarding the team for their stellar efforts. For their commitment, every player would love to see a loud, large crowd for all remaining games this season.... I know the players and staff would appreciate it. So, Whitby come out and cheer on the Dunlops in their quest to bring the Allan Cup home (Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. Iroquois Park Sports complex). You won’t be disappointed!

www.whitbydunlops.com 24







Who should be Athletes of the Month? Send in your nominations with a quick bio of why this person was nominated.

Marigold Ford Lincoln Sales Ltd Community Driven for over 30 years in Whitby

Contact us by email: Durhamtotalsports@gmail.com or @DTotalsports with your vote. Athletes of the Month will be featured in our next issue of Durham Total Sports Magazine.

Athlete of the Month this Issue ... Carson Young Grade 11 Donald A Wilson Secondary School Young, a Grade 11 student at Donald A Wilson High School, plays for the Oshawa Vikings, Toronto Rugby Union and Team Ontario. Young, who has been playing rugby for seven years, plays Scrum Half to take advantage of his tackling ability and speed when on the attack.

He captained the Ontario Blues this summer and also serves as team captain for Toronto Rugby Union U18 team, which recently travelled to New York for the prestigious New York 7s tournament in Randal Island, N.Y. Young will make his Rugby Canada debut in a tournament in Arizona in December.

Team of the Month--Brooklin High School Varsity Girls Hockey Team The Brooklin Bears have started the 2017 season the same way that they ended last season--on a winning note. The girls are once again the team to beat in LOSSA and have yet to taste defeat in regular season play. The Bears hosted the first ever Girls Elite 8 high school hockey tournament earlier in December. The goal of the tournament was to see some of the top teams from Durham, York and Peel Regions competing against each other. The Bears faced a very strong team in the finals from St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic High School in Aurora. After trading goals in the first period Brooklin took the lead in the second and never looked back. The final score ended up 4-1 for Brooklin. The girls and coaching staff were very happy to win their own tournament in the first year and are looking forward to defending their LOSSA title later this winter. Congratulations to the Brooklin Bears Varsity girls hockey team!





Wanderers Spotlight on U18 Rugby Canada players

870 Taunton Road Oshawa, Ontario Just west of Thornton

Submitted ByJonathan Demaray Ajax Wanderers Ajax Wanderers wish to congratulate two of our Under 18 members who have just recently made the Rugby Canada East team, Cameron Davey and Liam McLaughlin. Liam and Cameron were pivotal players this past summer on the Ajax Wanderers U18 boys team. This past summer they also made the U17 Rugby Ontario team along with another strong Wanderers player, Cole Brown. The three travelled with the Rugby Ontario team to Calgary for the 2017 Summer Games. Their play at the tournament earned them all an invitation to the Rugby Canada East hub that was held on November 1013. Liam and Cameron were then selected for the Canada East team that will travel to Arizona from December 27- January 3 where they will play against the Canada West team and both the Western and Eastern United States teams. Good luck Cameron and Liam, Wanderers are behind you as you strive to be named to the U18 Rugby Canada team that will travel to Europe in 2018.

Holiday, Special Events and Birthday Rentals

Ajax Wanderers has a fantastic facility that is fully licensed for all holiday or special event parties. Our facilities are available to the public for rental and centrally located in North Ajax at 1717 Harwood Ave. For more information, rental prices and contact information please visit our website at ajaxwanderers. com

6 Nations Rugby Championship Over February and March 2018 the Ajax Wanderers will be once again be showing EACH 6 Nations rugby game live at our clubhouse. Come out and support the club and enjoy watching world class rugby as well! Cover charge of $20/day

or $30/weekend goes toward covering the cost of the live feed provided to the club. Public are welcome. Information and game times will be up on our website in 2018

Try Rugby Day – March 2018 Wanderers will once again be holding a FREE “Try Rugby” day in March 2018 for any child aged 5 and up. Come join us for a free afternoon of fun focused games to introduce your child to the best sport on earth! For more information on this event please go to our website in early 2018 or contact Stew Dobbs: directorofrugby@ajaxwanderers.com

2018 Registration Registration for all rugby programs will be open in February 2018. Ajax Wanderers have teams for boys and girls of all ages – NO EXPERIENCE is required. Mini and children teams play a modified Non-Contact Flag version of the game. Youth and adult teams compete against other rugby clubs in Ontario. More information and how to join our club please contact Stew Dobbs: directorofrugby@ajaxwanderers.com

Follow us on Twitter - @ajax_wanderers

Like us on FaceBook - facebook.com/ ajaxwanderersrufc

GEAREDTOGOLF.COM Adult Winter Membership

Junior Coaching Packages

PACKAGES 4-Plus Month Membership November 20th to March 31st 3- 1 hour sessions per week $850 plus HST

Individual & Team Training Geared to Golf Winter Program 2017/2018

4-Month Membership December 1st to March 31st 2 - 1 hour sessions per week $600 plus HST

Geared to Golf offers the following programs:

Monthly Membership $250.00 plus HST Access to Private Bay when available

Juniors receive the ultimate access to the Indoor Center

Private Instruction Trackman Coaching and Combine Training Grass Roots Programming School Day Trips

For more information contact Jake Patte jake@GearedtoGolf.com 905-626-1658

Practice at the Ultimate Training Center in the Durham Region this winter







BE MENTALLY PREPARED GOING INTO THE PLAYOFFS By: Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary” We are heading into the 2nd half of the season and before you know it playoffs… Mental imagery is just one of the pieces of the puzzle that every hockey player needs to complete themselves. He/she need to work and develop their skating shooting, stickhandling, off ice strength, and knowledge, or hockey sense of the game. Mental toughness is just as important as the previous skills I listed. Here is one of the most famous quotes by Wayne Gretzky that leads right in to my article this month on Mental Imagery “What you see is what you get. Great goal scorers see, feel, and think about great shots before they happen.” Wayne Gretzky”


1) Find a quiet place to relax and start thinking about something in your game. Imagine one of the following situations: skating and stickhandling with speed around a defenseman, shooting low hard shots, making great passes, giving a great hit or check ect. HEAR the sound of the puck or stick, the noise your blades make as you dig in the ice with your edges, ect, in the situation you have decided to imagine. Then stop and “replay” it again in your mind how it felt. FEEL the difference between theses plays. See the difference in each shot/play. First imagine the play then execute it! Use the same technique with all your skills. 2) Imagine yourself playing a full game. Plan your strategy and SEE yourself doing one of the skills perfectly. SEE yourself in your mind’s eye like you’re watching yourself on a DVD. Then SEE yourself from the inside out –looking at the puck from inside your body. Focus on the image and FEEL of the play at the same time you see it from inside your mind’s eye. HEAR the play as you replay it in your mind. 3) Coming off the bench imagine yourself having an awesome shift. Picture where the puck is and how you’re going to react, how great you’re skating. Then when you get the puck, picture a burst of speed (3 or 4 powerful strides) while moving the puck. 4) If you’re starting to feel like you have no energy, use the energizing imagery. Think about how explosive you’re first few steps and strides are, and picture your feet moving so fast. Imagine what you want to happen.

5) If you start to feel yourself getting hyper, stressed, or anxious, imagine how your body feels when you’re angry or tense, then feel it when you’re super relaxed and playing your best.


1) When you first get to the rink check it out. Find a place in the stands or near the ice against the glass and visualize yourself preparing to be successful. Make yourself super comfortable with the rink you’re in. 2) The night before go through all your mental rehearsal techniques that we just covered. If you have an area of your game that needs work, go through it a few times in your head to makes sure you are mentally ready. If you have a tactical question talk to your coach about it as well before the game to be sure you are ready. 3) On top of going over all the visualization for all the technical aspects of your game make sure you are emotionally ready. A lot of players have different levels of emotion for teams they play. Some teams intimate you, make you nervous, or you struggle to play against them. You need to start preparing for this at the beginning of the week. 4) Prior to competing (in the car ride to the game or at home) go through your daily plan. Make sure you have visualized all your best moves. 5) When you get to the rink go through different situations in your mind. This should help you to get ready and comfortable and into the “competitive mode.” Hockey Night in Canada has shown clips of players such as Mike Cammalleri (Calgary Flames) and Braden Holtby (Washington Capitals) sitting out on the bench prior to their games staring out at the ice and just mentally going over plays and moves in the their minds. It is a form of training/ preparing that is so important to many hockey players. Good luck to everyone going into their 2nd half of the season and playoffs.

Until next time Scary Mary says see you at the rink ...

Mary Giacalone “Scary Mary” Head Instructor/Owner of Scary Skate Inc.








Ontario Scotties Tournament of Hearts January 10th to 14th 2018 Watch the Best Women’s Teams in Ontario! 12 Teams 10 end games Modified triple knockout format

Opening Ceremonies Wednesday January 10th, 2018

The Whitby Curling Club is proud to host the 2018 Ontario Scotties Tournament of Hearts to be held on January 10 to 14, 2018. Things are really getting exciting now! Our Volunteer team is complete! Thank you everyone who has volunteered, you have put us in a great position to make this Ontario Scotties one of the BEST ever! The Whitby House of Hospitality is going to rock this town! We are just at the one month mark to the Ontario Scotties Championship! If you were watching the Roar would have been able to catch some of Team Tippin and Team Flaxey! They will be VERY hungry for success at this year’s Scotties and should make for some exciting curling! The sponsors are pouring in! Brock St. Brewery is our major sponsor responsible for that! Scheduling and training will be taking place in the next couple of weeks for all of the different areas.

Admission to Draws #2, #3 and #4 Friday, January 12th $10.00 Admission to Draws #5, #6 and #7 Saturday, January 13th $15.00 Admission to Draw #8 & PAGE Game (1 vs 2) & PAGE Game (3 vs 4) Sunday, January 14th $15.00 Admission to Semi Final and Final Games Tickets will be available for purchase in advance or at the door on each day of the event. Advance tickets are available to purchase online on the Whitby Curling Club website. Advance tickets must be prepaid via Credit Card. Advance tickets will be available for pickup at the Whitby Curling Club on the event day The Whitby Curling Club is looking for sponsors and advertisors for this event. For more information on participating in this opportunity please contact info@ whitbycurlingclub.com and a representative will be pleased to respond.

WHITBY CURLING CLUB Interest in the Sport is Growing The Whitby Curling Club is a member-owned, six-sheet curling facility located in Whitby, Ontario. The interest in the sport of Curling has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. With the exposure of Curling through the Scott Tournament of Hearts, Tim Horton’s Brier, Grand Slam Events and the Olympics, more and more people want to try out the game. We are always looking for new members to join our club. As a member of the Whitby Curling Club you become part of a community. Members take pride in the club and are encouraged to get involved in helping out in a volunteer capacity. The Whitby Curling Club is fortunate to have certified instructors to help new curlers learn how to slide and to teach you the rules of the game. The Whitby Curling Club rents out available ice to groups or individuals wanting to learn or play the game. If you are interested in learning more about how you can bring a group into the club or if you are just curious to try out the sport then contact us at the Whitby Curling Club. We also cater to office or staff meetings that want to incorporate Team Building Skills. This unique way of holding business meetings or training seminars will definitely be one that will be talked about around the water cooler the next day. We can provide you with a meeting room, coffee, tea and a light snack, and curling instruction. For more information on the availability of our “Team Building” Ice and Meeting Rental facilities contact the Whitby Curling Club. Additionally the Whitby Curling Club has rooms for a variety of events such as a wedding reception, anniversary and birthday celebrations, lunch meeting, bridal/baby shower, Jack n Jill, or staff Christmas party. Our lounge contains the bar, dance floor and a comfortable sitting area for up to 140 guests; and our dining room can accommodate up to 115 guests for dining functions. The Whitby Curling Club provides you with a great facility that has the experienced staff to make your social gathering a definite success.

The Committee is now at the fine tuning part, so watch for more updates as we get closer! Prices: Full Event Package $50.00 Admission to all 5 days of the Event Prices: Daily Admission Wednesday, January 10th $10.00 Admission to the Opening Ceremonies & Draw #1 Thursday, January 11th $10.00





Email: info@whitbycurlingclub.com

MIXED CURLING Join as an individual, with a friend or as a couple members of any skill level who wish to curl in a social atmosphere. The mixed leagues are social-oriented leagues where curlers of all skills (beginners to experts) can enjoy the sport. Members may curl in one or more of the following leagues. Day Ladies League WOMENS Welcome! The day ladies section of the Whitby Curling Club has a variety of leagues available to you. All our games are from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. MENS CURLING Monday/Thursday Evening Leagues There are 4 draws in the league during the season. Each draw lasts about 5 games. The regular season starts in October and ends late March. The playoffs begin after the regular season and end about the middle of April. There are usually 16 teams that go into the playoffs. The men’s closing ceremony at the end of the season is very popular because both the Men’s Rated and Thursday Night Men’s Divisional leagues combine for it. It starts off with the final games for both leagues followed by dinner and the awards presentations. There are many draws during the evening and everyone who comes will win a draw prize or door prize. YOUTH CURLING The season runs from mid-October to end of March. Curlers may participate in competitive and recreational in-club bonspiels each year. Out of club bonspiels and leagues are also available at an additional fee. Club brooms available and equipment is also available for purchase from our Pro-Shop. LITTLE ROCKS This recreational league is for players aged 8 to 12 years, with ice time each Sunday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. OnIce instruction and coaching is provided. U18 and U21 (formerly known as Bantam and Juniors) This league is for players 13 to 20 years of age providing members with a recreational and competitive development program. Recreational programming is on Sunday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm; competitive development is Mondays from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Whitby Curling Club 815 Brock Street North Whitby, ON Phone: 905.668.5021 Fax: 905.665.0770 Durham.Totalsportsmagazine.ca


SCHOOL PROGRESS REPORT An Important Milestone for Students By: R.N. Whitehead

The first major milestone of the new school year is the first report card. Oxford Learning says that while parents worry and wonder, they don’t need to get too stressed about the first school report card. “The first report card of the school year is like a check-up on how your child is adjusting to the new grade,” says Oxford Learning. “The thing to keep in mind is that this report card is not the final word on grades—it is more about how your child is doing so far this school year.” If there are poor grades, Oxford Learning recommends reading the teacher’s comments for more insight into your child’s classroom behaviour. “Sometimes a bad math or English mark can be linked to being too talkative, or daydreaming.” These types of behaviours—and others—can mask a skill gap that is often the root of poor report card grades. Oxford Learning’s Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment™, an innovative testing tool that pinpoints learning strengths and weaknesses, can help parents get a better understanding of the causes at the root of their child’s poor grades. Oxford Learning recommends sitting down with your child to go over the report card as a simple way to get extra insight into your child’s grades and classroom performance. “A report card discussion is an important

step in becoming an active participant in your child’s education.” Five Tips To Talk to Kids About Their Report Card 1. Sit down and review together. Make sure that there are no distractions so you can focus on one another and the conversation. 2. Don’t get upset. If you’re upset or angry about grades, hold the discussion until you can speak calmly and rationally. 3. Start with empathetic and positive comments. Highlight something positive about the report card, no matter how trivial. For instance, “we are pleased with your spelling grade.” 4. Listen to your child. Recognize your child’s struggles. School can be tough. It is helpful to students to know that someone is listening to their concerns and complaints. 5. End with a plan. Be optimistic and identify any next steps before you leave the table. Founded in 1984, Oxford Learning uses innovative approaches to learning that have helped thousands of students to reach their educational goals. Do you have questions about your child’s report card? Get answers! Contact the location nearest you today!

BRIGHTER FUTURES BEGIN HERE All Ages. All Grades. All Subjects. Enrol Today!

Ajax 905.683.6660

Courtice 905.723.6999

Bowmanville 905.419.2428

Pickering 905.420.3141

Brooklin 905.655.9500

Whitby 905.688.6800


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Profile for Durham Total Sports

Durham Total Sports Vol. 7 Issue 6  

January Issue

Durham Total Sports Vol. 7 Issue 6  

January Issue


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