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Wildcats Bantam MD Team Set for Europe Adventure

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Passed Ball Team Canada's Jenna Caira Shares Softball Tips Mother Nature is certainly not anxious to hit the diamonds with the long winter, but we certainly are! The Whitby Girls Softball Association has been hard at work both training & preparing for a successful & fun 2019 season! Between off-season clinics and fun events, it’s been a busy few months off the diamonds. After the holidays, we were back to work with our off-season skills clinics, running two 6-week Winter & Spring sessions. We offered skills & agility training for Mite-Midget divisions for all skill levels. Specialized clinics for both pitching & catching were also offered, to give these players the opportunity to try out these in-demand positions & develop current skills before the season begins. We had a record number of over 200 players attend the Winter & Spring clinics, so our players loved to keep their softball gloves on this winter! We had the privilege of having a special Guest Coach during one of our clinic sessions. Jenna Caira, a Softball Pitcher on Team Canada joined us to help coach! She not only provided great feedback & tips to help our players improve, but also was a

great role model for our girls sharing great advice about teamwork & working hard to achieve great success! Jenna is such an inspirational softball player, so having this opportunity for our players was priceless! Special thanks to one of Jenna’s sponsors, Rawlings Canada, who provided some great Rawlings swag that we gave to girls in these clinics. The results of the increased attendance at our off-season clinics, was evident in our Select Tryouts in April. The skill level was impressive & made for some tough competition. The WGSA is very proud of our Select program, which offers softball at an advanced, competitive level. Players attend tryouts in April and vie for the opportunity to make the Select team in their division. These girls continue to be part of their individual House League teams, playing & practicing weekly, but they also receive extra weekly practices and the opportunity to play in weekend tournaments against Select teams from other softball organizations across Ontario. The Whitby Girls Softball Association offers softball programs for girls from

ages 5 to 24, including a fun atmosphere for girls ages 5-8 in our Learn to Play & Advanced Learn to Play programs. The focus is on fun while the girls rotate throughout skills centres teaching them different softball skills, and maintain the girls focus with the rotations. At the end of the centres, the teams play a one-inning game so that they may practice the skills they are learning. This program has been very successful in both of their goals, to teach softball more effectively to young girls and to have fun doing so! We are busy preparing our teams & always grateful for all our volunteer coaches that are a big part of a successful season. We are looking forward to many of our senior players that will be Assistant Coaches & mentors for our younger players. The girls gain leadership skills, earn volunteer community hours, and are great mentors to our younger players. It’s a winwin for both players! 2019 is going to be another fun season! Stay up to date with all the fun on social media @whitbylightning!





sports mom of the Month Sponsored by the Pandora Store at the Oshawa Centre

MEET LISA ... Lisa Boyle is our Sports Mom of the Month this issue and really deserves this acknowledgement. Not only is Lisa playing her own sport of baseball but she makes sure Griff and Colt are involved and participating in high level sports. Griff plays AAA hockey and Colt plays AA for WMHA. Both boys

are amazing athletes not only with hockey but soccer and lacrosse and whatever can keep them busy! Not to leave out her husband Brian who helps with both the boys hockey teams and is also a baseball and hockey player himself. Lisa I know that your family appreciates you and knows how special you are to them. Congrats!



Training Pitch Physical Demands of Soccer Much More Than Running By Jeff Roux B.P.E.; CSCS Soccer demands 360° of mental and physical focus for optimal performance and is often fraught with opportunities for injury. Practice time is mainly devoted to technical development, tactical execution and positional rehearsal with extra end of practice “conditioning” mixed in, often to the detriment of speed, explosiveness, and running technique due to fatigue and lack of focus. How can players keep getting better, stay strong and continue to maximize their in-game performance as the season progresses? Since Soccer is all about running it is easy to get caught up working on more running and more soccer but when it comes to injury prevention and performance, the ultimate goal is for the players is to stay healthy and peak during big tournaments and playoffs. Too often teams and players focus so much on playing soccer that they often do not properly train to prepare their bodies properly for the demands of soccer. The importance of off-field development and foundational strength and conditioning can often be neglected. SOCCER’S BIGGEST MYTH: Endurance is everything. Sure, soccer players might run more than 10K in a match but it is the ability to go, stop, change direction and recover during explosive high intensity actions that can ultimately decide a match. The ability to produce force explosively and absorb force for injury prevention are key elements of soccer success. Soccer is a high-speed sport where the athletes are always starting and stopping, changing gears and going from zero to full effort in an instant. Any time athletes push the boundaries of human performance, injury awaits those who exceed the threshold achieved through training. The nature of the game places intense stress on the muscles and joints, from the feet, ankles and knees as the cleats dig into the turf to the core and upper body absorbing forces from, shooting, clearing the ball, hard stops and starts and incidental

Luca Gasparotto (right) plays for York9 FC in new Canadian Premier League (CPL). collisions during play. This is a lot of stress for the body to handle. Keepers have an even more unique profile of physical demands to stay strong during the season. OVERLOAD. ADAPT. PERFORM. REPEAT: The game of soccer, while intense and physical, does not create adequate opportunity for ongoing strength and conditioning development. In fact, the opposite usually results as players wear down through the season. A well designed in-season training schedule can stop the potential decline of off-season preparation and continue to allow the athlete to improve as the season progresses. Effective soccer conditioning involves not just training hard, but training smart and ensuring that the athlete’s time and energy is spent maximizing the benefit and focus for each individual player and meets the needs of their position. Off-field strength and conditioning development must translate into on-field production to allow their tactical skills to shine through. SOCCER ATHLETICISM, MOVEMENT SKILLS & MECHANICS: Soccer is a multi

directional Sport that involves quick change of direction, fast cuts, and movement transitioning. Goal keepers need to be able to move explosively in all directions (forward/back, laterally and vertically). Improved movement skills allow the player to get to balls faster, make creative offensive moves and take away space from an opponent quickly. Teaching footwork, quickness and agility is much more than just simply going fast, running through a speed ladder or repeating cone drills. Soccer involves movement in all directions, requiring athletes to view the field, process the information and react to the situation, opponents and team mates to achieve the desired outcome. On the field players must successfully react to the constantly changing environment (the playing surface, weather), the opposition, the speed and direction of the ball, the location of their teammates etc. If they do not train for unpredictable situations, they will not be prepared for them. Movement efficiency, reactivity, nervous system firing and skill execution under fatigue are often what separate the top players from the rest. Injuries often occur




for the body to adapt and regenerate to help make the athlete a little better each day. ithout enough sleep, hormone levels are effected, energy is low, athletes are more prone to in ury and illness and all of the hard work, nutrition planning and skill development will not have a chance to create their desired effect. Training hard without proper nutrition or proper sleep is like “stepping over dollars to pick up dimes�, wasted effort for less benefit.

during high speed braking and battling for the ball. A full sprint into an immediate stop imposes a huge amount of force on the knees, ankles and feet which can lead to significant in ury potential. If the muscles can’t handle the load, the ligaments and oints will be the next line of defense. Increasing strength and force absorption control along with improved mechanics, can help prepare players for these extreme demands and turn an in ury risk into a strength as the player becomes more evasive, more confident and more durable. SOCCER STRENGTH: The demands of soccer dictate that movement skills should be trained in parallel with Strength. Multi directional stopping and starting requires a foundation of strength and the resilience and stability a player needs to avoid in ury plays a significant role in development. occer players must be able to produce strength in multiple planes and various ranges of motion for sport success. Soccer requires strength and power through the lower body, core and hips in order to shoot, kick and pass effectively, to decelerate quickly and safely and accelerate explosively into open space. Core development is essential to allow the player to stabilize the spine and provide a platform for the upper and lower limbs to move. Once a stable base foundation has been built, athletes can then be trained to create powerful rotation. occer players should develop the ability to produce rotary force from a variety of angles. Developing this linked chain of strength from the ground up also allows them to absorb force which is crucial to maximizing performance and minimizing in ury. SOCCER ENERGY SYSTEMS: player s position on the field dictates specific energetic demands that each player will require to be successful. layers need to be prepared within a wide range of energy systems, from short explosive bursts, longer sprints and runs across the field to sustained effort and recovery throughout a match. onditioning is not only about sustaining effort throughout a game, a tournament and the season, it is also about recovering from multiple high intensity individual efforts and this is a significant factor in programming to fuel skill execution under fatigue and recover from explosive efforts

Luca Gasparotto, who plays in the Canadian Premier League, trains at Twist Performance. in a fast paced, complex game. RECOVERY IS WHEN THE MAGIC HAPPENS: Sometimes for athletes putting in the work is easy, it is the buildup of volume and a lack of recovery from the work that sets them back. A well designed program priorities quality over quantity. ny coach or trainer can make an athlete tired. Understanding how to program the correct amount of effort and planning purposeful, productive drills is the true art and science balance that allows them to train, adapt and recover fully between drills, training sessions, practices and competition. romoting overall recovery involves a mix of physical rest during and between workouts, practices, games etc), nutrition, and sleep. hysical rest begins with ensuring that the training load and volume are ideal for the athlete each week and that they are able to recover well from hard efforts to be ready for the next one. ometimes, load management is ust as important as training intensity. roper nutrition and hydration fuels energy expenditure, replenishes the cells, minimizes illness and in ury, and helps keep the body healthy and running efficiently throughout the season.You cannot out train a bad diet but a good one can truly help athletes perform at their physical peak. ecovery is not fully complete without the proper amount of sleep. This is the magic elixir that helps maximize the benefit of all of the physical preparation tools to give the body time for the brain to relax and process new information and

PEAKING FOR PROGRESSION VS. MAINTENANCE: In the last years sport science has made huge strides in understanding soccer athletes. Off-season training has evolved and progressed to maximize the strength, speed and skill of athletes as the season starts but there is still another level we must continue to develop. The key is to create a seasonal progression strategy that shifts throughout the year to focus on different aspects of skill strength and conditioning development, but maximizes performance when performance matter most. layers want to be at their best at the end of games, at the end of tournaments and when the competitive season hits, not ust in the spring. o matter how hard, how smart or how effectively the athlete works in the off-season, players who do not participate in a proper in-season conditioning program, have a high level of aerobic fitness but can often lose strength and even be de-trained by playoff time and, at the highest risk for in ury when they need to be the most prepared. properly designed seasonal program will carry the momentum of each training cycle into the next and allow each athlete to keep climbing higher, moving faster and performing better. Many in season soccer program focus too much on maintenance and not enough on progression, on running more instead of maintaining strength and resilience, often selling short the potential of players and often becoming a roll of the dice to hope that players can avoid in ury and perform at their best when the playoffs arrive. The goal of all aspects of player development should be to keep getting stronger, improving skills, strength and conditioning, to train hard, play hard, eat well, sleep well, recover and, most importantly, to keep getting better.


Elite Hockey

ELITE BOYS HOCKEY CAMP FEATURING BRYAN BICKELL POWERED BY SCARY SKATE Location: Campus Arena Oshawa Cost: $500.00 includes free jersey, gift, & HST per camper Dates: July 29th-August 2nd 2019 Time: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Full Day Camps HIGH PERFORMANCE SUMMER HOCKEY CAMPS POWERED BY SCARY SKATE Week 1 Location: South Courtice Complex Cost: $375. 00 includes HST & a free Scary Skate Jersey Dates: July 15th- July19th 2019 Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm Week 2 Location: South Courtice Complex Cost: $375. 00 includes HST & a free Scary Skate Jersey Dates: July 22nd- July 26th 2019 Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm



Atom/Peewee Players/Goalies Location: Campus Arena, Oshawa Cost: $550.00 per skater includes HST, jersey, clothing, and souvenirs Dates: July 1st thru July 5th, 2019 Time: 8:00am - 4:00pm Bantam/Midget Players /Goalies Location: South Courtice Complex Cost: $410.00 per skater includes HST, jersey, & souvenirs Dates: July 29th thru August 2nd, 2019 Time: 8:30am -12:00pm




team of the Month Sponsored by Marigold Ford in Whitby

BROOKLIN BEARS Sport: Rugby Association: OFSAA Division: Junior Boys The Brooklin Bears Junior Boys rugby team won their second consecutive LOSSA Championship this year. The team won the gold medal as Bantams last year and repeated this year as Juniors. The Bears started the year off by winning the Thomas A. Stewart tournament in eterborough and went on to finish first in their division in the regular season before capturing the LOSSA title. The team continued their success at the 2019 Barbarian Cup in Fergus. After going - and winning their pool on the first day the ears lost a heartbreaking semi-final game to ollingwood ultimately finishing fourth in the province. Congratulations Bears on another great season!




Trip of a lifetime Whitby Wildcats Bantam MD Team Travelling to Europe The Whitby Wildcats are packing their bags — their hockey bags — for a European adventure this winter. The Bantam MD hockey team will experience the trip of a lifetime over this year’s Christmas break when they travel to Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic for a series of exhibition games. “We wanted to do something special this season,” head coach Craig De Blois said. “To be able to give the boys a chance to see different cultures and interact with kids from other countries was an opportunity we felt worth pursuing. It is going to be incredible” The Wildcats and their families depart on December 27 and return January 5th. The squad will play against Czech teams HC Roudnice, BK Zubri Bystrice N.P. and HC Bruntal before taking on JKH GKS Jastrzebie in Poland. As part of a WMHA pilot project for the 2019/2020 season, the team will be playing non-contact games in Europe and at home this season. This non-contact MD team replaces one of the Whitby Bantam AE teams and will play in the York/Simcoe League. Off the ice but still at the rink, the Wildcats will have the opportunity to cheer on Team Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships being held in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The team will attend four games of the tournament including the game between Canada and host Czech Republic. “I am not sure what is going to be more fun, playing against European kids on the big ice or going to the world junior games,” Wildcats goaltender Isaac Ashton said. “It is going to be an awesome trip. Being able to hang out with the boys and seeing a different part of the world.” The players and their families will spend some time in Prague and OloMouc in the Czech Republic as well as Katowice and Krakow in Poland. Also included in the itinerary will be an exciting day trip to Austria for guided tour of historic city of Vienna. Another highlight of the trip will see the players participate in oor ball drills and games. Floorball is the same game played in school gyms across Canada but it is a developing sport in Europe. Floorball was included in the World Games for the first time in and there is a biennial World Championship.

Many families on the team are excited about experiencing New Year’s Eve in a different country and they will be celebrating in Olomouc Town Square. These Wildcats will join a small group of other Whitby teams that have made the trip across the Atlantic Ocean over the years to play against teams from Europe while experiencing different cultures. The first team to travel abroad was the Whitby Canucks, who visited Finland in 1985 and included future NHL players Keith Primeau and Adam Foote. The 2019 trip is being organized by Moore Sports Tours, a company that specializes in creating customized tour packages for sports teams to travel internationally to enjoy their sport. Over the past 20+ years, Moore Sports has taken many OMHA teams, including

the Whitby Wildcats 2002 AE team earlier this year, on exciting trips to many fantastic destinations throughout Europe. This trip will be a terrific experience for everyone in the group, but it will be especially memorable for the players," said John Brioux of Moore Sports. "This trip will truly create memories that will last a lifetime.” The team is currently working on fundraising for the trip. The biggest project is a magazine-style program with details about the team and their trip that will be distributed around Whitby and given to the players on the opposing European teams. If you are interested in advertising in the program or would like a copy, you can message the team from their Wildcats Bantam MD 2005 Facebook page — @WhitbyWildcatsHockey.




Hall of a Welcome Whitby Sports Hall of Fame Honours Latest Inductees On April 27, 2019, the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame hosted its 22nd induction ceremonies at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. This Gala is held annually to recognize and honour individuals and teams who, as a result of their respective efforts, have contributed to the advancement and the quality of sports within our community and have brought acclaim to the Town of Whitby. Our inductees in 2019 included three athletes: Troyhann Santos (Lacrosse), Kristina Vaculik (Gymnastics), and Zack Greer (Lacrosse). The formal part of the Gala evening began with a procession in which the inductees were led by a bagpiper into the banquet hall, followed by welcoming comments from Rocky Gualtieri, the President of the Whitby Sports Hall of Fame, and Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell; both spoke about the importance of the annual induction ceremonies in preserving and promoting the rich history of sports in Whitby. Rob Snoek, Sports Director, Durham Radio (CKDO) and the radio play-byplay voice of the Peterborough Petes, acted as Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Lindsay Hamilton, Anchor, TSN SportsCentre was the keynote speaker. The program included a full meal service, as well as a silent auction, raf es, and a spirited live auction during which participants bid on a microbrewery tour, a TSN studio tour, and a foursome plus dinner for four at a charity golf classic featuring several current players from the National Hockey League; and as a bonus, winning bidders each received complimentary gift certificates from local restaurants. The evening concluded with video tributes for each of the three inductees, followed by their individual remarks to all those in attendance. A common theme throughout their speeches was their immense pride to represent our town on the world stage throughout their careers. All three also commented that they

The Whitby Sports Hall of Fame welcomed 2019 inductees Kristina Vaculik (Gymnastics), Troyhann Santos (Lacrosse) and Zack Greer (Lacrosse) during its annual Gala in April. were very honoured to be recognized by their hometown Hall. The Whitby Sports Hall of Fame committee could not sustain the Hall without the continued support that we receive from members of our community. We extend our sincere thanks to our Corporate Partners, Gala Sponsors, Program Advertisers, Auction Items Donors, and all friends of the Hall who chose to share their evening with us on the 27th of April. We are indeed looking forward to hosting our 23rd Annual Induction Ceremonies at Royal Ashburn Golf Club on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

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Zack Greer ATHLETE - LACROSSE orn and raised in hitby, ack first suited up on a lacrosse oor at ust years of age. He spent many summers playing with the Whitby Warriors and the Oshawa Blue Knights, while also playing hockey for the Whitby Wildcats each winter. ack played his unior lacrosse for the Whitby Warriors and received the Joey Nieuwendyk Award as Rookie of the Year for 2002. He also earned the Dean McLeod Award for Playoff MVP in 2004. In the fall of 2005, Zack headed to Duke University on a lacrosse scholarship. In his four years at Duke, Zack was named an All-American three times, including two first-team selections. e ended his career at Duke as the alltime leader in goals scored for both the university and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and was the recipient of the Jack Turnbull Award, presented to the USILA (United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association) Attackman of the Year, following his 2008 season. Zack began his professional career in box and field lacrosse in . e was drafted third overall in both the Ma or League Lacrosse (MLL) and National Lacrosse League (NLL) drafts. He spent time with the Long Island Lizards, the Denver Outlaws, and the Dallas Rattlers of the MLL, winning a championship with Denver in 2014. During his nine seasons in the NLL, Zack amassed more than 500 points (including 275 goals) and he won back-to-back league championships with Edmonton and Saskatchewan in 2015 and 2016 respectively. He also played one season in Ma or eries acrosse M for the Brampton Excelsiors, winning the Mann Cup alongside his brother Bill in 2011. On the international stage, Zack won a silver medal with Team Canada and was named to the ll- orld team at the World Field Lacrosse Championships in . e was first selected to the enior Men’s National Field Lacrosse Team in 2010, followed by another selection in 2014 where he helped lead Canada to a gold medal victory over the United States. Zack also won a gold medal with Canada’s Senior Men’s Box Lacrosse Team in 2015 at the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships.

Troyhann Santos ATHLETE - LACROSSE Troyhann began her distinguished career in when she registered for boys box lacrosse in the Whitby Minor Lacrosse Association, and she continued to develop her knowledge and skills by competing with and against boys’ teams for the next eight years. n , Troyhann s considerable skills helped her earned a position with the Team Ontario Girls’ Field Lacrosse squad, and she would eventually compete for the province of Ontario at 10 National Women’s Field Lacrosse championships, capturing three gold medals along with five silvers and three bronze. er prowess in field lacrosse caught the attention of coaches at no less than six universities in the United States, and she would ultimately become only the second Canadian woman in history to be awarded a lacrosse scholarship by an American school, choosing to attend James Madison University in Harrisonburg,Virginia. During her collegiate career as a member of the James Madison University Dukes, Troyhann helped lead the team to third place finishes in the olonial thletic ssociation in both and while garnering All-South Second Team honours in and ll- outh irst Team honours in she was also named team cocaptain in her senior year . At the international level, Troyhann represented Canada on four occasions, including the Commonwealth Games in ictoria, ritish olumbia in and the Women’s Field Lacrosse World up championships in , , and 2005. She served as the team captain for the Commonwealth Games squad and was Canada’s leading scorer in that tournament she was also a co-captain of the 2001 and 2005 World Cup teams and finished seventh in scoring at the tournament. Upon her retirement as a player, Troyhann has coached Team Ontario boys and girls squads in both field and box lacrosse at numerous national championships, earning 12 medals, including nine gold, two silver, and one bronze. In November of 2018, Troyhann was named as Women’s Program Director for EDGE Lacrosse.

Kristina Vaculik ATHLETE – GYMNASTICS At the age of 4, Kristina Vaculik attended her first gymnastics class at emini Gymnastics in Oshawa. By the age of 7, Kristina was competing at gymnastics meets in the Greater Toronto Area. Kristina then moved to the national stage where she excelled at the pre-Novice and Novice levels, winning several titles including ll- round hampion at the Eastern Canadian Championships. The following year, she won the All-Around title in the Novice category at the 2004 Elite Canada Championships. t age , she oined the anadian National team and set her sights on the Olympics. From 2005 to 2008, she represented Canada at several World Cup competitions, winning one gold medal (balance beam) and one silver (uneven bars). She also competed for Canada in two acific im hampionships, earning two individual and two team medals. In 2008, Kristina placed second in the All-Around at the Canadian National Championships, but a chronic elbow in ury required surgery, forcing her to miss the ei ing Olympic Games. Despite this heartbreak, she chose to return to the sport and accepted a 4-year athletic scholarship to Stanford University. Before her freshman year, Kristina rebounded on both the national and international stages, winning the AllAround title at the 2010 Canadian National hampionships. fter her first year of university, Kristina returned home for a full year to train at the Gemini club in preparation for the 2012 London Olympic Games. During that year, she competed at the 2011 Pan American Games, winning bronze in the All-Around and silver on the balance beam while contributing to Canada’s team silver. After earning her spot on that Olympic team, Kristina contributed to anada s historic fifth place team finish at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Kristina returned to Stanford in the fall of . n her unior year, she won bronze medals at both the 2014 Pac-12 Championships and the 2014 NCAA Championships. As a senior, Kristina led tanford to a fourth-place finish at the NCAA Championships.




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MEET DON ... Don Campbell is our Sports Dad of the Month and sincerely deserves this acknowledgement. Don was a great athlete back in the day and has passed on his sports talent to both of his two boys. Oliver and Callum are both great athletes and love to play hockey and/or baseball. Don has been Oliver's AA coach for the past two years and an amazing coach at that. Don is a great dad, a devoted husband to Julie and and all around amazing person. Looking forward to a great season Coach Don and congratulations!

Located Across from Iroqouis Park!


Hockey stories and photos capture 75 years of minor hockey in Whitby in an upcoming Commemorative Magazine ... COMING THIS FALL!




U19 ELITE OWFL U19 'A' Provincial Champions

U19 COMPETITIVE 2 OWFL U19 'C' Provincial Champions

U13 ELITE OWFL U13 'A' Provincial Champions

U13 COMPETITIVE OWFL U13 'C' Silver Medalist

U11 ELITE OWFL U11 'A' Provincial Champions

U11 COMPETITIVE OWFL U11 'C' Provincial Champions




FC Oshawa Kicks Off Team joins Ontario's semi-professional Women's League Despite being a new team in League 1 Ontario, FC Oshawa has been making their mark in the semi-professional women’s soccer league. The team has put themselves in a good position to make the playoffs sitting mid-table in the 14-team league heading into a crucial part of their schedule. With only one match left in the regular season FC Oshawa is brimming with confidence after defeating orth Mississauga 10-0 highlighted by an an amazing five goal performance by Megan Arsenault. They face Durham United at Kinsmen ark in ickering in their final game of the season. Durham United, who are the

defending Playoff Champions, are sitting three points behind FC Oshawa in a very tight table. The third team from Durham Region, Darby United, has an identical 6-5-1 record as FC Oshawa. Oshawa FC started as a partnership between the Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club and FC Durham Academy. The team features players from both local soccer organizations and provides women from Oshawa an opportunity to play semi-professional soccer. The team has also featured players from the Oshawa Turul Soccer Club giving all three soccer organizations in Oshawa representation on the team.





Summer Adult & Youth Programs July 2 – September 1 High Performance Hockey Camps July 2-Aug 23



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