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[letter from leadership] Durham is a community of contrasts. The pillars of higher education and innovation stand tall, yet 41% of children read below grade level and 20% of high school students will not graduate. The “City of Medicine” contains some of the world’s best medical facilities, but health disparities abound and too many children remain uninsured. We are a renowned center of entrepreneurship and thriving businesses, but nearly 30% of young children and their families live in poverty. These are undoubtedly tough challenges, but our opportunity lies in early childhood. A child’s early years are a crucial window to create the best possible outcomes in education, health, and economic prosperity and to build a successful future both for individuals and for our community. As you may know, we do things a little differently here in Durham. We are Durham’s Partnership for Children. We are the only Partnership in the state with an apostrophe in our name. We don’t just operate in Durham, we belong to Durham. We are the conveners and facilitators of your early childhood system, and it is our job to respond to the needs of all 23,000 young children in Durham. This uniquely broad mission drives our work to lead community strategies for children birth to 5 and their families to ensure that every child in Durham enters school healthy and ready to succeed. Through our administration of programs such as Smart Start, NC PreK, and Early Head Start, we promote healthy development and learning and enhance access to high quality care. All with a Durham twist! Many of our local processes and practices now serve as models for organizations across the state and nationally. Just like the young children we nurture, we are growing and developing too. Some of our most groundbreaking work is in the innovative local

programs we have created in response to emerging needs.

Laura J.S. Benson Executive Director

The Durham Touchpoints™ Collaborative trained 49 providers from 12 different Durham-based agencies in just one year. The Partnership is now a certified Touchpoints Community Site, and it is exciting to see the Touchpoints approach creating a ripple effect and impacting families served by professionals across systems. Our Early Childhood Faith Initiative inspired a series of regional Faith Summits throughout North Carolina. The Transition to Kindergarten Initiative (TTK), a collaboration with Durham Public Schools, provides a wealth of activities and interactions that welcome families and children into kindergarten. TTK blends parent engagement, child development, welcoming schools, and community support to improve school readiness. We have seen huge success this year from these targeted, community-based activities. We know that this work is making an impact, and we still have a lot of work ahead of us. A child only has one chance at childhood, and we want all children in Durham to be prepared for success in school and in life. With everyone’s involvement, we will make the most powerful impact on strengthening families, transforming students, and growing a vibrant community here in Durham.

Laura J.S. Benson, Executive Director


Letter from Leadership Smart Start Partners Measuring Results Local Initiatives Durham Early Head Start NC Pre-Kindergarten Program Our Financials Our Contributors & Volunteers Board Leadership Staff & Consultants


13-14 Annual Report

Linzie Atkins, III Board Chair

Linzie Atkins, III, Board Chair

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[Smart Start partners]



ddressing the needs of young children is a shared endeavor. As the convener and facilitator of Durham’s early childhood system, the Partnership invests in and works alongside high-quality early childhood programs offered through our partnering organizations that receive Smart Start grants. The Partnership is responsible for Durham County meeting statewide benchmarks in the areas of early care and education, family support, and health. All funded partners provide evidence-based/evidence-informed services that are monitored and evaluated to document real impact. Our approach to programming in Durham is unique and comprehensive in addressing the needs of our local birth to five community.

EARLY CARE AND EDUCATION Child Care Services Association:

Child Care Referral Program School Readiness Quality Enhancement School Readiness Quality Maintenance Smart Start Child Care Scholarship Program WAGE$®

Communities in Schools of Durham: Incredible Years - Teacher Classroom Management Program

HEALTH & FAMILY SUPPORT Center for Child & Family Health: Healthy Families Durham

Durham County Cooperative Extension: Welcome Baby Family Resource Center

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND CAPACITY BUILDING Durham’s Partnership for Children: Community Awareness Program and Evaluation

El Centro Hispano, Inc.: Family Support Program

Exchange Family Center:

Early Childhood Outreach (EChO) Project

13-14 Annual Report


[measuring results]



of school readiness outcomes were achieved by Smart Start programs

45% 75%

of all regulated child care facilities in Durham received services from Partnership programs

of all children birth to 5 enrolled in licensed care benefitted from Partnership programs

Early Care & Education

Health & Family Support

high quality 4- and 5-star facilities


680 children received Smart Start child care scholarships 100% of children receiving scholarship funds attended 69 child care facilities received technical assistance to increase or maintain quality 1,368

parents/guardians received child care resource and referral services


child care professionals received a salary supplement to encourage pursuit of additional education and reduce teacher turnover


Durham Public Schools Pre-K teachers training to improve classroom management skills


10 center directors participated in a Leadership Academy for


parents participated in intensive parenting education, support or literacy classes

families participated in home visiting services to improve positive parenting practices


children with challenging behaviors were served through consultation and training with teachers and parents to promote social-emotional development and reduce risk of expulsion


children received a developmentally appropriate child care experience using the Creative CurriculumÂŽ while their parents/guardians attended parenting classes

professional development

Community Involvement & Early Childhood Faith Initiative

4,635 new books were given to children throughout Durham to promote early literacy 72 community leaders saw the early childhood system in action on Partnership Bus Tours 56 volunteers participated in beautification projects for outdoor learning environments at child care centers 220 children submitted entries for the Week of the Young Child poster contest, one of 12 WOYC events 12 congregations and 4 community agencies received consultation and assistance through the Early Childhood Initiative, a collaboration with End Poverty Durham

76 faith volunteers compiled 430 Blast Off to Kindergarten Kits and made 155 ABC books for school readiness 5 regional faith summits were held across the state, modeled after the Partnership’s Faith Summit on Child Poverty 4

13-14 Annual Report


[local initiatives]


Durham Touchpoints Collaborative

Touchpoints™ is an evidence-based theory of child development based on the work of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton. It is a strengths-based approach that focuses on building supportive relationships with parents during child development milestones and enhancing how providers across systems engage with each other. The Partnership is now a certified Touchpoints Community Site. SUCCESS HIGHLIGHTS 49 local providers completed training and are now active Touchpoints Practitioners

12 agencies participated in the Durham Touchpoints Collaborative

800-1,000 families received services from Touchpoints-trained practitioners

5 practitioners attended an intensive training in Boston with Dr. Brazelton and his staff to become certified Touchpoints trainers

Durham’s Transition to Kindergarten Initiative

In collaboration with Durham Public Schools, TTK is a series of activities that help build connections to prepare parents, children, and schools for a successful transition to kindergarten. The TTK mascot, Ready Eddy, is a little bull representing our vision that all Bull City children enter kindergarten feeling excited, ready to learn, and supported by their school, family, and community. SUCCESS HIGHLIGHTS

4 pilot schools held Transition Team events that reached up to 48% of the incoming class 1,500 rising kindergarteners received Blast Off to Kindergarten Kits

500 families attended transition activities funded by mini-grants at 16 child care centers and schools

100% of families surveyed said they felt more confident about preparing their children for kindergarten after attending a transition event

05 Durham’s Partnership for Children13-14 13-14Annual AnnualReport Report


[Durham Early Head Start]


Durham Early Head Start (DEHS) is a federally-funded, free, and comprehensive child development and family support program for low-income expectant women and families with infants and toddlers ages birth to three. Families participate through two program models: intensive home visiting and full day high-quality center-based child care. The Partnership collaborates with community partners to serve Durham’s most vulnerable children and families: Chapel Hill Training and Outreach Project, Inc. oversees the daily operation of program services; The Center for Child & Family Health provides home visiting services; and three local child care centers provide center-based care. In August 2013, significant financial cuts due to federal sequestration led to a loss of 20 slots in the home visiting program, reducing the overall enrollment in DEHS to 100 children.

Durham Early Head Start

Enrollment by age Children under one year of age

Expectant women



One year-olds


Two year-olds


Three year-olds



Total served throughout the program year


children served through home visiting


children in center-based care

Center-based sites: Bryson Christian Montessori School Early Start Academy Little People Day Care Center


57% of children received dental screenings and 109 children received Dental Health Kits distributed by Partnership volunteers


100% of children met or exceeded school readiness goals across all five developmental domains 100% of expectant women received Prenatal Health Care and 69% were on schedule for immunizations 97% of children had continuous access to health care and 16% had a diagnosed disability

100% of families received additional support services such as housing assistance, health education and emergency intervention 3 outdoor learning environments at partner child care centers were recognized as “innovative� by a federal review team 182 current and former DEHS parents volunteered 100% of teachers met education requirements for working with infants and toddlers


13-14 Annual Report

[NC Pre-Kindergarten]



orth Carolina’s statewide pre-kindergarten initiative for at-risk 4-year-olds is designed to help children be more successful when they enter school. In Durham, the Partnership administers NC Pre-K in 12 private child care sites, eight public schools, and four Head Start classrooms. Technical assistance and support guarantees quality and compliance with all regulations. The Partnership also leads a universal application process with six collaborative agencies to serve and assist families throughout the community in applying for 420 available seats.

Enrollment by educational site Public Elementary Schools: Burton C.C. Spaulding Eastway Hillandale Lakewood Oak Grove Sandy Ridge Spring Valley

Durham offers the NC Pre-K program in high-quality classrooms to children who will benefit most from services.


Children Served

89 children

(public schools)


64 children (Head Start)


267 children

(private child care)

Operation Breakthrough/ Head Start: Lyon Park Leathers-Meachem Private Child Care Sites: Brown’s Day Care Bryson Christian Montessori Schools Child Care Network #57 Children’s Campus at Southpoint Christian Prep Academy

A quality investment

98% of children live in low-income households (below 200% Federal Poverty Level) 28% have limited English proficiency 5% have a developmental need 2% have a chronic health condition Classroom Quality

82% of private sites were 5-star; 18% were 4-star 82% of lead teachers (27 of 33) held a Birth-

Kindergarten license; 6 are pursuing First Presbyterian Day School Primary Colors Early Learning Centers Triangle Day Care Tutor Time Child Care White Rock Child Development Center

87% of assistant teachers (26 of 30) held an

associate, bachelor’s, or higher degree in early childhood education; 4 are pursuing 3 new classrooms opened through expansion funding, serving an additional 37 children

13-14 Annual Report


[our financials]

Durham’s Partnership for Children

Statement of Receipts, Expenditures and Net Assets (unaudited) for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2014


Smart Start Grant NC Pre-K Grant Early Head Start Grant Private Grants and Donations Multi Partnership Accounting and Contracting Grant Local Grants Sales Tax Refunds Program Income

$5,079,830 $1,805,563 $1,672,142 $70,530

Total Receipts


Child Care Services Association WAGE$ Program

Total Funds Administered*

$18,613 $13,310 $2,240 $923

$ 597,595


State Contracts

Child Care Services Association WAGE$ Program

$ 597,595

Total Contracts

$ 597,595

Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Receipts

Private Contributions $70,530 / .81%

Early Head Start Grant $1,672,142 / 19%


Personnel and Contracted Services $967,287 Non-Fixed Operating Expenses $86,602 Fixed Charges $52,706 Supplies and Materials $11,259 Property and Equipment $3,381 Services/Contracts/Grants $7,863,578

Total Expenditures


Excess of Receipts Over Expenditures Net Assets at Beginning of Year

Net Assets at End of Year Net Assets Consisted of: Cash on Deposit

($321,662) $1,034,600

$712,938 $1,017,308

* Note: During FY13-14, the NC Partnership for Children and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) entered into a contract with and made payments to a service provider selected by Durham’s Partnership for Children. This service provider contract is not reflected in actual receipts, but is administered by the Partnership. A summary of this contract entered into by the NC Partnership for Children and DHHS is presented at left.

Local County Grant $13,310 / .15% Refunds and Interest Income $3,163 / .04%

NC Pre-K Grant $1,805,563 / 21% Smart Start and Accounting Grant $5,098,443 / 59%


13-14 Annual Report

[investing in birth to 5] Our work on behalf of Durham’s young children and families cannot be accomplished without the critical support and commitment of our contributors. Every dollar invested in early childhood programs has a $7-10 return on investment. Your gifts make a lifelong difference. You are building a strong foundation for a successful future and supporting the continued growth of our thriving city and county. Thank you for your generosity. The Partnership recognizes the following individuals, corporations and organizations that support our mission. Individuals Sara Abrons Tonya Anderson Bob & Patricia Ashley Linzie & Marva Atkins Trish & Rick Bean Laura Benson & Walt Sliva Richard & Katherine Bishop Nancy & Randolph Brown* Sam & Nancye Bryan Melanie & Jedidiah Busbee John Castellot Susan Chamblee* Linda Chappel Saade & Gail Chibani* Tom & Cathy Cogswell Drew & Amy Cummings Richard Dansky Krissy Dunn Gregory Eppard Drew Erteschik & Michelle Hall Nathan & Ann Erteschik Anna Gassman-Pines Katherine Gilliland Steven & Janize Gonzalez* John & Cate Grady-Benson Anthony & Kathy Grassia Alan & Deborah Gray Lawrence & Claire Hagenbuch* Ingram & Marilyn Hedgpeth Christiaan & Linzy Heijmen Greg Howes Paula Januzzi-Godfrey Bryan Kleinberg Scott & Sharon Laird* Elizabeth Logan William & Pebbles Lucas

James Matthews Taurean McClain Christa Moore Henry & Cindy Mull* Sol Osterkatz Karen O’Mansky Michael Page Aaron & Laurie Parker* Andrew & Dinah Parker Rhonda Parker Karen Ponder Dwayne & Tiesha Pope Denis & Suzan Pruiett* Jane Reed Gail Reid-Vestal Rebecca Reyes Daniel Robinson & Cathy Collie F. Glynn & Pat Rodean Terry Roper Cherie Rosemond Larry & Jane Rothschild* Jessica & John Rozier* Andrew & Alice Russ* Caryn Russ* Lisa & Charles Sanders* Delphine Sellars Jeanine Simmons David & Lois Slade Chris & Belinda Sliva Walt & Katherine Sliva Nancy Smith Joy & Bob Sotolongo Donald & Bettina Stanger Richard Sugam & Shelley Hartz* Henderika Sugar* Ashley Taylor Steve & Sandra Toler

Mark Trail Kara Turner Barbara Vaka* Barbara VanDewoestine James & Jocelyn Wheaton Ted & Jennifer Whiteside Darlene Williams Andrew Wycislak In Memory & In Honor of David Covington (In honor of Dan Hudgins) Jennifer Naylor (In honor of Gabby Naylor) Julie Wright (In memory of Carrie Phipps Arnold) Businesses & Organizations Amazon Smile Belk Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC Carey Family Fund of Triangle Community Foundation Chipotle Mexican Grill Duke Office of Internal Audits Duke Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Keels, Dr. Neal, & Dr. Dove EMC Corporation IBM (employee campaign) Kaplan Early Learning Company Lakeshore Learning MDC, Inc. Mechanics and Farmers Bank MicroMedic, Inc. Oak Grove Free Will Baptist Church State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) Telepathic Graphics

Watts Street Baptist Church Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP Foundations & Grants Durham County Community Care Fund of the Doing Good in the Neighborhood Campaign (Duke’s Office of Durham & Regional Affairs) Morgan Creek Foundation North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education North Carolina Partnership for Children Oak Foundation Office of Head Start Wells Fargo Foundation In-Kind Contributions Barnes & Noble Booksellers Burt’s Bees Camera Works Lakeshore Learning Locopops Micro Medic, Inc. JoAnn Miller Book Group Morehead Planetarium North Carolina Museum of Life and Science Northgate Mall Not Just Paper Office Depot Oriental Trading Company Parker and Otis The King’s Daughters Inn Vin Rouge Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club

*Gifts given in honor of Laura Sugam This list represents contributions made to Durham’s Partnership for Children between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. While we make every effort to be accurate and thorough, it is possible to omit or misspell a name accidentally. Please contact the Partnership at 919.403.6960 with any corrections.

13-14 Annual Report


[our volunteers] Board Committees

Allocations Committee Nick Allen Tammy Baggett Leigh Bordley Pauletta Brown Bracy Christie Cavanaugh Cathy Collie, Co-Chair Robin C. Gillespie Jane Hewitt Sharon Loza Lisa Perkins Yuridia Ramirez Angel Romero Max Rose Ashley Taylor Chris Tuttle Marye Vance Barbara VanDewoestine, Co-Chair Nancy Wykle Community Awareness Committee Bob Ashley, Chair Amy Blalock Deborah Bryson Jennifer Carolina Deborah Craig-Ray Karlene Fyffe Cheri Hodges Dwan Jones Dinah Parker Chrissy Pearson Jeff Quinn Stephanie Williams Evaluation Committee Brenda Berlin Christina Christopoulos Drew Cummings Mel Downey-Piper Lester Levine Toya Merritt


13-14 Annual Report

The Partnership recognizes the following local leaders who volunteer their time and talent to support our mission.

Joy Sotolongo, Chair Noreen Yazejian Executive Committee Bob Ashley Linzie Atkins, Chair Ilene Britt, Secretary Teresa Daye, Ph.D. Karen O’Mansky, Treasurer Daniel Robinson, Vice Chair Joy Sotolongo Barbara VanDewoestine Finance/Audit Committee Linda Chappel, Ed.D. Rebecca Freeman Tony Johnson Karen O’Mansky, Chair Queron Smith Fund Development Committee Michael Dial Patrick Hannah Christiaan Heijmen Greg Howes Investment Committee Bill Bryant Jennifer Credle Richard Keeter Harold Sellars, Chair School Readiness/NC Pre-K Committee LaDonna Allison Sharnetta Baker Ilene Britt, Co-Chair Cheryl Brown Terri Burris Danielle Caldwell Jennifer Carolina Brenda Carter Kimberly Chavis Suzanne Cotterman, Co-Chair Drew Cummings Terry David Vivian Eto Linda Hicks Dana Ramsey David Reese Delphine Sellars Katharine Smith Steve Toler Amber Wade

Touchpoints Advisory Committee Tammy Baggett Leigh Bordley David Covington Mary Mathew Jeff Quinn Pilar RochaGoldberg Joel White Jan Williams Catherine Williamson-Hardy Transition to Kindergarten Advisory Committee Jennifer Carolina Suzanne Cotterman Karlene Fyffe Phillips Kate MacDonell Ebonyse Mead Kendra Montgomery-Blinn Cindy Riley Kendra Lopes Rosa Cynthia Watkins Special Projects & Volunteers

Jenna Barnes Melissa Bent Lydia Bradford Ellie Bullard EMC Corporation Terri Burris Jennifer Byers Jennifer Carolina Jena Carter Jacy Chapmon Maddie Chapmon Meredith Chapmon Samantha Cole CONDUIT DEHS Policy Council Seraka Davis Beverly Ebron Ann Erteschik Nathan Erteschik Hayley Farless Sharon Fingerhut Anthony Grassia Kathy Grassia Ellie Hardiman Antoinene Hayford

Zoelene Hill Michael Honeycutt Demetria Jones Triana Kowalko Yuri Kue Jennifer Lacewell Kristen Larson Cheng Ma Judy Magee Robin Magee Angela Meyer Marian Mindel Shirley Nylund Justin Okafor Chrissy Pearson Patricia Plummer Jinna Pope Project BUILD (Duke University) Deon L. Ricks Marcia Saltz Becky Sanford DeRousie Itzy Santillan Stephanie Santistevan Diane Saulsberry St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Adrienne Stephens Brenda Stephenson Rachel Sun Stefany Tobel Triangle Family Shule Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church Union Baptist Church White Rock Baptist Church Pam Wilson Charles Xu Ryan Zhang Pat Ziel Josh Zukerman

[board leadership]

We thank and recognize our Board of Directors, local champions who serve as key advocates on behalf of children birth to 5 and their families. They advance Durham’s vision for its children, encourage progress, and energize local change. By empowering staff, responding to community needs, and strategically managing resources to provide for the needs of young children, our Board of Directors is involved wholeheartedly in the work of the Partnership.


Chair Linzie Atkins, III Department of Commerce, Division of Workforce Solutions

Vice Chair Daniel Robinson Atlantic Regional Center for Foreign Investment

Treasurer Karen O’Mansky Self-Help

Secretary Ilene Britt Durham Technical Community College


LaDonna Allison Community Volunteer

Bob Ashley The Herald-Sun

Tammy Baggett Durham County Library

Michael Becketts Durham County Social Services

Brenda Berlin, J.D. Leigh Bordley DPS Board of Duke University Children’s Law Clinic Education

Danielle Caldwell Linda Chappel, Ed.D. The Children’s Room Child Care Services Family Child Care Home Association

David Covington Drew Cummings Local Interagency Durham County Coordinating Council Government

Terry David Teresa Daye, Ph.D. Rebecca Freeman Patrick Hannah, J.D. Tamara Loza Careli Rental Head Start Durham Public Schools Durham County Dept. Liberty Mutual Services, LLC Operation Breakthrough of Public Health

Dinah Parker Another Beautiful Beginnings

Daniel Robinson Delphine Sellars B. David Reese Ashley Taylor Joy Sotolongo Atlantic Regional Center Durham County East Durham Adolescent Pregnancy United Way of the Children’s Initiative for Foreign Investment Cooperative Extension Prevention Campaign Greater Triangle

Rhonda Parker Durham Parks & Recreation

Barbara VanDewoestine Community Volunteer

Board Listing as of June 30, 2014 Not pictured: Ann Oshel, Alliance Behavioral Healthcare

Michael Page Durham County Commissioner

Kara Turner Primary Colors Early Learning Center

13-14 Annual Report


STAFF Laura Benson Executive Director Tina Bernardoni Contracts and Accounting Manager Candice Blount Contract NC Pre-K Program Assistant Wren Davisson Program Coordinator Krissy Dunn Operations Specialist Elaine Erteschik Communications Manager Sue Gilbertson Program and Evaluation Director Megan Gray Program Coordinator Danielle Johnson NC Pre-K Program Manager Mae Karim Contract Bookkeeper Christa Moore Program Coordinator Winnie Morgan Contract Faith Initiative Coordinator Sandra Roberts Finance Director Paulette Stephens Touchpoints Coordinator Jameka Wells NC Pre-K Program Specialist Ted Whiteside Development Manager


Anesnah Design & Marketing Brazelton Touchpoints Center Melanie Busbee Compass Evaluation and Research Helene Montgomery Ken Smythe-Leistico


Justin Okafor Kirsten Osborne (Duke Pathways)

Staff Listing as of June 2014

Durham’s Partnership for Children, a Smart Start Initiative Jim and Carolyn Hunt Child Care Resource Center 1201 S. Briggs Ave. Suite 210, Durham, NC 27703 919.403.6960 (p) 919.403.6393 (f)







Profile for Durham's Partnership for Children

Durham's Partnership for Children Annual Report 2013-2014  

Durham's Partnership for Children Annual Report 2013-2014