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Letter from Leadership

School readiness is everybody’s business. to Kindergarten and the Early Childhood

That’s not just a cute tagline, it is what Training Institute, to new collaboratives drives everything we do here at Durham’s bringing together stakeholders across all sectors and disciplines, we are deeply Partnership for Children. committed to this critical mission and to For nearly 25 years, we have served as the cultivating new ideas and relationships that only organization responsible for the well- can help us achieve it. being of all of Durham’s young children. Our work builds upon the support That is a lofty charge, and it is one that and partnership of so many different cannot be realized without a spirit of groups, including other non-profits and collaboration. agencies, parents, businesses, elected officials, and volunteers, among others. More than ever before, this year has In turn, the success of all of our children been defined by collective impact, builds upon our work, and that is a recreative partnerships, and community sponsibility that we all must hold dear. engagement. As needs arise in Durham, we continue to adjust our priorities, our We invite you to read more about focus, and our strategies to better serve our work in the following pages and children and families, keeping our consider how you can help us build a mission at the forefront: to ensure every child enters school healthy and ready to better future for Durham’s young children together! succeed. From publically funded programs like Smart Start, Durham Early Head Start, and NC Pre-K, to innovative initiatives like Transition

Laura J.S. Benson Executive Director

Karen O'Mansky Board Chair

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Building Together Durham’s Partnership for Children is the convener and facilitator of a comprehensive early childhood system, leading community strategies to respond to the needs of all of Durham’s 23,000 children birth to age 5 and their families. Through expansive, creative, and thoughtful community engagement, we are improving outcomes for young children. Here are a few highlights of our collective impact: • We played key roles in three United Way Collective Impact Collaboratives: Durham’s Early Learning TwoGeneration Alliance (DELTA), East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI), and Ending Family Homelessness. • DELTA coordinated 5 agencies with Glenn Elementary School to provide a network of services for children birth to age 8 to support families, build school readiness, and foster student success. • Through the EDCI collaborative, we served children at Eastway Elementary and Y.E. Smith Elementary by offering a variey of activities to help ensure a smooth transition to kindergarten. • The Ending Family Homelessness collaborative established developmental screening for all children in the shelter system with referrals to early intervention, along with parent education and training for staff. “Working collaboratively with Durham’s Partnership has helped expand programming and interventions for both parents and children... wicked problems like poverty and homelessness require creative solutions. This innovation is the key to addressing our community’s needs.” - Ryan Fehrman, Executive Director, Families Moving Forward

• We served on Durham’s Community Early Education/Preschool Task Force, which is working to expand pre-kindergarten and other early learning opportunities. • We co-led Durham’s Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and joined this national movement. You can read more about this exciting new initiative on page 7 of this report. • We continued to facilitate the Early Childhood Mental Health Task Force, addressing mental health needs and services for young children. More information about the work of this Task Force is on page 8.


Smart Start


EARLY CARE AND EDUCATION Child Care Services Association • Child Care Education & Referral Program • School Readiness Quality Enhancement • School Readiness Quality Maintenance • Smart Start Child Care Scholarship Program • WAGE$® Communities in Schools of Durham • Incredible Years - Teacher Classroom Management Program

HEALTH & FAMILY SUPPORT Center for Child & Family Health • Healthy Families Durham Durham County Cooperative Extension • Welcome Baby Family Resource Center El Centro Hispano, Inc. • Family Support Program Exchange Family Center • Early Childhood Outreach (EChO) Project

Smart Start brings the entire community together - from parents, to child care and health care providers, to educators, business leaders, and elected officials. Smart Start provides the tools and resources needed to ensure that every child is nurtured and cared for from birth. Smart Start expands access to early learning opportunities to help children grow up to be healthy, productive, and well-rounded students, parents, workers, and leaders. For almost 25 years, the Smart Start initiative has provided a broad range of highquality services in Durham and across the state. Here in Durham, we allocate Smart Start funds to our partners, who in turn provide evidence-based/evidence-informed services that are monitored and evaluated to meet state-wide benchmarks in early care and education, and health and family support. Our approach to programming is comprehensive in serving the needs of our local birth to 5 community, and we know this work is making a difference.


outcomes were achieved 93% of school readiness by Smart Start programs.

Durham Early Head Start We collaborate with community partners to serve the most vulnerable children and families through Durham Early Head Start. This federallyfunded child development and family support program serves low-income expectant women and families with infants and toddlers ages birth to three. Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project oversees the daily operation of program services; the Center for Child & Family Health provides home visiting services; and local child care centers provide center-based care.


of children showed growth across all domains of school readiness.


children served through home visiting.


children in center-based care at: Bryson Christian Montessori School, Early Start Academy, Little People Day Care, Primary Colors Early Learning Center, and Toddlers Academy.

All families receive high-quality comprehensive services, including health, dental, and nutrition aid, parent education, mental health screenings, and early intervention. This year, one parent in the program secured housing after being homeless for 3 years; two teen parents graduated from high school; and one family was able to purchase a house of their own for the first time. Durham Early Head Start serves the whole family with two-generation strategies aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty.


NC Pre-Kindergarten

A QUALITY INVESTMENT The NC Pre-K program is offered in high-quality classrooms to 4-year-olds who will benefit most from services.



of classrooms are in 4- or 5-star facilities.

of children live in lowincome households (below 200% Federal Poverty Level).

100% of children received a developmental screening to identify support services needed to achieve school readiness.

NC Pre-K served 490 children in 20 classrooms in private child care centers, 11 classrooms in Durham Public Schools, and 6 Durham Head Start classrooms.

The statewide NC Pre-Kindergarten Initiative prepares eligible 4-year-olds for school by providing high-quality early education in both public and private settings. The Partnership administers the program in Durham County and leads a universal application process with six other agencies to serve and assist families throughout the community.


Transition to Kindergarten Every child excited for school. Every child ready to learn. Every child supported by their school, family and community. This is the goal of the Transition to Kindergarten (TTK) Initiative, a collaboration between the Partnership and Durham Public Schools. Entering kindergarten is one of the most significant events in a young child’s life - it sets the tone for his or her entire educational experience and lays the foundation for future success in school. The TTK Initiative builds connections that prepare parents, children, and schools for a successful transition to kindergarten.

24 events were held at 8 elementary schools. Thanks to a partnership with Book Harvest, all rising kindergartners who attended took home 10 books to prevent summer learning loss. 100% of families who attended TTK events agreed that the activities helped them feel more

comfortable about their children starting kindergarten.

2,500 Blast Off to Kindergarten Kits containing school readiness materials were assembled by hundreds of volunteers and distributed to rising kindergartners.

Durham’s Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Durham’s Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (CGLR) is a collaborative effort which the Partnership has co-led with Book Harvest. Part of the National Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, this work is built upon the three pillars of school readiness, summer learning, and school attendance. This collaborative made big strides in its first year: • A Community Solutions Action Plan was submitted, paving the way for Durham to join the national Grade-Level Reading Communities Network. • Durham’s Campaign partners attended the national CGLR conference and joined a regional Triangle learning community. • Durham’s Campaign hosted a variety of events to celebrate National Summer Learning Day. Durham’s Campaign is founded on a strong belief in the important role of parents in achieving success for their children and is committed to engaging with families, schools, and community members to ensure better outcomes for Durham’s children. Ultimately, we hope to increase the percentage of 3rd graders in Durham reading proficiently from 45.7% to 70% by 2025. 7

Early Childhood Mental Health Task Force Durham’s Early Childhood Mental Health Task Force was established in early 2016, and the Partnership has been instrumental in guiding and supporting the work of the task force from day one. The mission of the task force is to support the social, emotional, and mental health needs of children under 5 in Durham County by increasing access to evidenced-based services through awareness and collective action. DPFC partners with other agencies and community members to: • Raise awareness of the mental health and social-emotional needs of young children. • Strengthen and expand evidence-based programs. • Increase understanding of the role of social-emotional development among early care and education professionals. • Develop a coordinated system for young children’s mental health needs.

Early Childhood Training Institute The Early Childhood Training Institute (ECTI) provides training and resources for professionals who work with families with young children. The ECTI was built on the foundation of the Durham TouchpointsTM Collaborative, and has since added additional trainings, including highly-targeted training for providers that work with vulnerable families with mental health concerns, and a racial equity training for community leaders across disciplines. The ECTI serves as a shared platform for providers, emphasizing a common language and a consistent, strengths-based approach throughout all of its trainings.

“A lot of the Touchpoints model is simply common sense that we have taken for granted over our years of service. It’s the ‘how’ of serving families with dignity and respect.” - ECTI Trainee

To date:


providers and leaders from 45 organizations have completed training through the ECTI in Touchpoints, Family Connections, and Racial Equity.


Our Financials Statement of Receipts, Expenditures and Net Assets (unaudited) for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017 Receipts Smart Start Grant


Early Head Start Grant NC Pre-K Grant Private Grants and Donations Multi Partnership Accounting and Contracting Grant Durham County Grant Other Receipts Sales Tax Refunds Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Grant Program Income

Total Receipts

Child Care Services Association WAGE$ Program

$5,059,354 $3,198,712 $1,874,207 $250,678 $18,366 $13,310 $7,356 $4,703 $1,500 $729


Total Funds Administered*

Child Care Services Association WAGE$ Program

Total Contracts

Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Receipts

$ 609,922

Total Expenditures

$788,469 $109,610 $56,453 $20,344 $5,128 $9,441,087


Excess of Receipts Over Expenditures Net Assets at Beginning of Year

Net Assets at End of Year

$7,823 $396,947


Cash on Deposit





Private Contributions $250,678 / 2.4%

NC Pre-K Grant $1,874,207 / 17.97%

Personnel and Contracted Services Non-Fixed Operating Expenses Fixed Charges Supplies and Materials Property and Equipment Services/Contracts/Grants

Net Assets Consisted of:

State Contracts

* Note: During FY16-17, the NC Partnership for Children and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) entered into a contract with and made payments to a service provider selected by Durham’s Partnership for Children. This service provider contract is not reflected in actual receipts, but is administered by the Partnership. A summary of this contract entered into by the NC Partnership for Children and DHHS is presented at left.

Durham County Grant $ 13,310 / .13% Other Receipts $7,356 / .07%

Sales Tax Refunds and Interest Income $5,433 / .05%

Early Head Start and other federal grants $3,200,212 / 30.69% Smart Start and Accounting Grant $5,077,720 / 48.69% The Partnership continues a long tradition of impeccable financial management and program oversight that meets or exceeds standards. 9

Our Donors Thank you to the following individuals, corporations, and organizations that so generously support our mission! High-quality early childhood programs have a lasting impact, and investing in a child’s early years is one of the best investments we can make.

Individuals Alicia Adrian Susan Armstrong Bob & Patricia Ashley Jacob Baldridge Richard & Patricia Bean Laura Benedict Laura Benson & Walt Sliva Richard & Paul Bishop Shannon Blakey Ilene Britt Leslie Bronner Heidi & Scott Carter Trisha Cassidy & Andrew Wycislak John Castellot Linda Chappel Cathy Collie-Robinson & Daniel Robinson David Covington Drew & Amy Cummings Richard Dansky Pam Dowdy Karen Dunn Elizabeth Erickson Nathan & Ann Erteschik Christopher & Darlene Farina Tiffany Foster Sally Franz Kaylor Garcia Anthony & Kathy Grassia Phillip Harris Jane Hewitt William Hooper George Horton Thanh Huynh Lena Hyde Patricia Inlow-Hatcher Angela Jeannet

Keosha Arnold Joyce Peter Kasbohm Richard Keeter Casey Lafferty Elizabeth Logan Laura Louison Amanda Mancuso Laura Vogel Milko Mary Grace Miller I. & S. Mitchell (In honor of Cameron Busbee) Samuel Mitchell Carlos Moreno Patrick Mucklow Jenna & Steve Nelson Karen O’Mansky & Andrew Barron Michael Palmer Patricia Petersen Charles Reece David Reese Donna Rewalt Victoria Reynolds Brian Rosenthal Steve Schewel Lisa Simutami David & Lois Slade Chris & Belinda Sliva Robert & Mary Sotolongo Don Southworth James Spencer Paulette Stephens Barbara VanDewoestine Josh Walters Edward Washington Carl Webb Linda Wilson Lois Wright

Businesses, Foundations, Grants & Organizations AmazonSmile Bertsch Family Charitable Foundation Blue Cross Blue Shield (Employee Campaign) Catalyst Project Fund Chiesi USA, Inc. Duke University’s Office of Durham and Regional Affairs Durham County Durham Mothers Club Fidelity IBM (Employee Campaign) Liberty Mutual Foundation (Employee Campaign) Mount Sylvan United Methodist Women North Carolina Division of Child Development & Early Education North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation North Carolina Partnership for Children Oak Foundation Pleil Family Giving Fund of Triangle Community Foundation St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church State Employees Combined Campaign The Gift Development Group Triangle Community Foundation Triangle Day Care United Way of the Greater Triangle U.S. Office of Head Start Vanguard Charitable Walmart Wells Fargo Foundation Yadkin Bank

This list represents gifts made from July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017. We make every effort to be accurate and thorough, but it is possible to omit or misspell a name accidentally. Please call 919-403-6960 with any corrections.


Board Leadership Bob Ashley The Herald-Sun

Elizabeth Erickson Duke Children’s Primary Care

Michael Page Antioch Baptist Church

Michael Becketts Durham County Social Services

Phillip Harris, Jr. Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Joanne Pierce Durham County Department of Public Health

Brenda Howerton Durham County Commissioner

David Reese East Durham Children’s Initiative

Ashley Taylor Jacobs Community Volunteer

Donna Rewalt Durham County Cooperative Extension

Diamond Bethea Durham County Library Deric Boston Durham Head Start Ilene Britt, Secretary Retired educator Danielle Caldwell The Children’s Room Child Care Home Linda Chappel Child Care Services Association

Jason Jones Durham Parks & Recreation Mike Lee DPS Board of Education John McCain Durham Public Schools

Cathy Collie-Robinson, Vice Chair Terricka Melton Durham Early Head Start Policy Durham Technical Community Council College Drew Cummings Durham County Government

Karen O’Mansky, Chair Self-Help

Delphine Sellars Community Volunteer Queron Smith, Treasurer The Redwoods Group James Spencer Local Interagency Coordinating Council

This list represents all board members who served during FY 2016-17

11 11

To ensure every child in Durham enters school ready to succeed, we lead community strategies for children birth to age 5 and their families that promote healthy development and learning and enhance access to high quality care.


INTERN Daijah Street

Debbie Abdallah

Mae Karim

Operations Specialist

Contract Bookkeeper

Laura Benson

Yalitza Ramos (Through Jan. 2017)

Executive Director

Program Coordinator

Candice Blount

Sandra Roberts

NC Pre-K Program Specialist

Finance Director

Wren Davisson (Through March 2017)

Paulette Stephens (Through Feb. 2017)

Program Coordinator

Director of Training & Community Engagement

Mary Jane Dunn

Fellow, Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation

FUQUA ON BOARD Sebastian Abud Rebecca Morgan

Contracts & Accounting Coordinator

Taylor Webber-Fields

Elaine Erteschik

Training & Community Engagement Coordinator

Communications Manager

Brittany Gregory (Beginning March 2017) Jameka Wells Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Danielle Johnson

Ted Whiteside (Through May 2017)

Director of Early Childhood Systems Development Manager Staff listing as of June 2017

CONSULTANTS Compass Evaluation & Research Interlink Translations & Interpreting Open Source Leadership Strategies Paula Renee Parks-Bryant RAPHA Red Broom & Associates Randy Rogers Photos on page 3 by Justin Cook Photos on pages 7-8 by DPFC Cover and all other photos by Melanie Busbee

Durham’s Partnership for Children

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