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Durham Scout County Directory 2010–2011

Annual Report 2009–2010


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The County Commissioner’s Message

As we look back on another year of regular basis to in excess of 4,000 growth and changes in our County, young people in our County. Our we probably do so with a mix of membership profile is merely one of emotions: justifiable pride in what the issues addressed in our County has been achieved, regret or Development Plan, which has been frustration at unrealised objectives, distributed to all Districts and is joy, sadness, satisfaction and relief(!) available to view and download to name a few. During my visits to from the County website. Other District AGMs I have seen all of the objectives included in the Plan above, but the over-riding sense has relate to the structure of the been one of confidence for the year County, the relationship with Moor ahead. Good things are happening in House Activity Centre, governance Sections, in Groups, in Districts and in and Trustee issues, and our JEFF LEDGER County, and people are responding to County Commissioner relationship with external bodies these with a positive outlook and the including media outlets. Although belief that even better things are attainable. the final version of the Plan was crafted by the Among the positives in the last year is the fact County Team and DCs, much of the content that vacancies have been filled such that, at the draws on input from our much wider time of writing, we have a complete County membership, aligned to the Vision 2018 that Team and a full list of District Commissioners. the national Association is currently developing. Appointments have included John Moore as The result is a relevant and deliverable set of ACC(Scouts), Alan Mangles (DC, Crook & targets for the next five years. Apart from our Weardale), Gary Micklethwaite (DC, usual County programme in the last year (and Darlington), Gareth Clay (DC, Durham City), my thanks to all those involved in the planning and Colin Clarke (DC, Teesdale). They each and delivery of the many high-quality events) have the opportunity to build on the solid we saw the visit of the Chief Scout Bear Grylls, foundations created by their predecessor, and who took part in water activities at South have all already made positive contributions to Shields as part of his NE Region tour, and then the County. A new, but necessary, role has one of our Groups was awarded the Queen’s been created so Claire Bake is our Diversity Award for Volunteering. Next year, of course, Ambassador: if you’re not sure what that sees our Jamboree Unit (40 young people, plus means, why not ask Claire? Another change of 4 Unit Leaders, plus several other adults as face has been at Regional level. Mark Tarry has event management or support staff) head off to moved on to become Deputy Chief Sweden, while closer to home there is the Commissioner England, with Vicki Pearson opportunity to take part in “Northern Lights”, replacing him as Regional Commissioner for the the NE Scout Region extravaganza in Sheffield. North East, and we look forward to Vicki’s So, there’s always something to get involved in. guidance and support in the coming years. However, the biggest impact we have on the Some of the sadness felt over the last year has young people in our care is not through the big been at the loss of significant characters in our headline events, but is through the County’s history: John Lowerson, Peter le opportunities we give them, week after week Patourel and Roy Stewart have all Gone Home after week, for self-development and personal in that time. growth, and the evidence in this County is that Our County membership has increased by 15% our adult team (in its very widest sense) is over the last three years (compared to national doing an excellent job. growth of 9% in that period), and that is a I need to name a few people for the particular success that we all share in. However, deeper parts they play in the life of our County: Simon analysis of the figures reveals that there are still White as County Chair, Bridget Phillipson as some areas of concern. For example, some County President, our County Executive, the Sections in some Districts actually saw a County Team and all our DCs, Tony Lyon and decrease in numbers in the last year, the adult his RDS Team, and Graeme and his team at membership growth-rate lags behind the youth Moor House. As usual, though, my biggest membership growth-rate, and a comparison of thanks go to all those responsible for delivering our membership demographic with our Scouting at local level to young people in our community’s demographic discloses anomalies County: Section Leaders and Assistants, GSLs, to be addressed in co-education and other Active Support members, Group Executive areas. The overall picture, though, is very members and so many others. To you all, I say positive, and is evidence of good quality thank you for making Durham a Scout County balanced programmes being delivered on a to be proud of. 7

Chairman’s Report

are pleased to support Durham Scouts


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It is with great pleasure that I prepare my report for 2009 – 2010 and to celebrate the many achievements as a direct result of the vision, passion and unequivocal commitment by all members of the Scouting Association that has ensured Durham continues to be a vibrant, engaging and truly inspirational organisation for our young people. Throughout the year the Durham Scout County: Executive has worked tirelessly to ensure that the strategic plans continues to be implemented in such a way that improvements at all levels were realised with the ultimate aim of improving facilities and opportunities both our young people and adults. Particular thanks must be expressed the chairs of each sub-committee namely; Rob Arrowsmith, Carole Atkinson, Jonathan Chicken and Ken Robertson who have once again given many hours developing key aspects of our priorities and development plan. These developments will ensure Durham County continues to offer excellent opportunities for our young people, now and in the future. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all committee members for their dedicated work and in their support for their chairs in supporting the many developments that have been achieved this year. The strategic plan has enabled many developments to be realised at Moor House with Phase 1 nearing completion. These improvements include: a new shop situated in the car park, a temporary Activities Office at the entrance to the camping field, a new reception area which is currently under construction and upgrading the campfire circle and target ranges. These improvements have ensured that adults and young people have access to a high quality environment in which scouting activities continue to be offered at the highest level. As further funding becomes available we will continue to invest in line with the development plan. Many of these developments have been realised by the tremendous hard work and dedication of Graeme Popay and the Moor House team (both voluntary and paid). On behalf of Durham Scouting, we offer our sincere thanks. I would also like to thank Graeme and his team for their energetic, innovative and tremendous work to ensure all activities continue to be exceptionally well organised and ultimately offer fantastic learning opportunities for our young people. It is therefore fitting that I offer my thanks for both the professionalism and dedication of Michael Moran who is now stepping down as Treasurer. His attention to detail and capacity to support developments with fiscal detail has enabled these developments to be realised. On behalf of Durham Scouting we now offer a welcome to Stephen Scott who will become the

new treasurer. This year has seen a great contribution by all members of Durham Scouting. I would like to offer my thanks to Bridget Philipson, as County President and for visiting both Confido and the Chief Scout’s Award Presentation. It is also fitting that I offer my thanks to the District Executive committee members who have offered their time, supporting Durham Scouting and funding Jamboree members. The County’s achievements in 2009 – 2010 have been tremendous. We have seen many Scouting members be acknowledged for their achievements: Chief Scout awards, Queen Scouts and Gold awards. My congratulations to you and to the Scouts who have worked with dedication to attain these outstanding standards. I would like to thank your Leaders and your families for their support in your journey of achievement. As we prepare for 2010 – 2011, we are prioritising the operational structures of both County and Moor House Activities Centre, executing a review of our Governance issues, modernising personnel management and seeking additional funding opportunities. It is worth noting that new opportunities to deliver the Scouting experience are also being developed. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous work of our Leaders and volunteers throughout the County and to publically thank you for unequivocal support for Scouting, without whom, our Scouts would not have the opportunities to achieve on some many levels. I would also like to express the County’s gratitude to our County President and Vice Presidents for their support and wider contribution in supporting the vision and work of Durham Scout County. As many of you are aware, my central belief that young people deserve opportunities, experiences and challenges that develop their skills and talents in order that they make positive choices, be of service to others and have real life chances. This is clearly evident within Durham Scouting Association and is an organisation to be firmly proud of, as it continues to realise these values in a myriad of activities on a local and regional level. It is a pleasure to conclude this 2009 – 2010 reports acknowledging the many achievements on so many levels as a direct result of the commitment of the Executive, District Leaders and volunteers. It is therefore fitting that the final thanks are conveyed to our County Commissioner, Jeff Ledger. He is truly gifted leader and the culmination of his vision, commitment and dedication to the Scouting Association have enabled these achievements to realise the vision and priorities for our County.


Beaver Scout Report

Cub Scout Report

Hello and thanks for your support challenge. and help over the last 12 months. Beaver Scout events - as you may It’s been a challenging year as far have seen, in liaison with the ADC as Beavers Scouts is concerned – I Beaver Scout Leaders, we are doing am aware of a few colony closures our bit to review our practice to but a couple of new colonies have best benefit our young people. The opened so overall we have had a Beaver Picnic has moved from Moor small increase in numbers. As far as House and is now going to move events go we had the Beaver Picnic around the County from District to in June with over 500 people onsite District – it’s in Teesdale’s District including nearly 400 Beaver Scouts. this year and will be in South PAUL WOODS In December we had the Tyneside’s District next year – Pantomime and sold out all 396 ACC Beaver Scouts offers gratefully accepted for seats! So once again I thank you for future years and we are looking at your support of Beaver Scouting – it wouldn’t going back to Moor House soon. We are happen without you. looking to host a Beaver Leaders Skills days “We heard the same last year, so what’s for new leaders, helpers and supporters and new?” I hear you say – well here’s what’s new those who want to check/refresh their skills and changing: in pioneering, shelter building, archery, The County Development Plan – along with knots, etc. – you wont be expected to come the rest of the County Team and through our for the whole day, but can opt in for an hour Assistant District Commissioners we have or two and still have the rest of your been tasked with opening 15 more Sections weekend. Next year we are also looking at across the County in the next 5 years. Where another event for Beaver Scouts – I can’t say are we getting the Leaders from? Yes, that’s much at this time, but a clue is that you may a problem that we commonly come across, have to try to get to the location by the most but we have the Regional Development appropriate type of transport. Service to help with ideas and support. Some This year I have been to several groups across Districts have had great success with creating our County and seen good work and groups, sections and getting adult volunteers programmes being delivered to and for our so we must learn their secrets! Beaver Scouts. I’m aware of all the good work The North East Region is going to have a being done by all my leaders, helpers and challenge to celebrate the official 25th supporters and wish to thank you all for it – anniversary in 2011 of the start of Beaver THANK YOU! Scouts– yes I know that we have been running May I please encourage you all to support the Beaver Scouts in areas our County for longer Beaver Section as we change and update the than this, but please look for the challenge County delivered programme and I look coming up later in the year, ready for forward to meeting you all in the coming starting it in January. There will be a badge months. that can be worn on the uniform for this

In my report last year I stated that the Cub Section was being presented with two major challenges: • To halt the decline in numbers

not one of our big events like Cubboree but a parent’s presentation evening at a pack that had been formed for less than a year, that had a dynamic and robust leadership team that • To offer a varied and exciting included young leaders, and had programme to our young people delivered a marvellous, exciting and varied programme that In last year’s report I was delighted culminated in the presentation of to comment on the 8% growth in many badges to every Cub. IAN COOPER Cub numbers but also warned Speaking to those Cubs and parents ACC Cubs about complacency. This year’s reminded me of what Scouting is figures have virtually remained truly about. I repeat that I’m sure static when looked at as a County, a small this is going on in all corners of the County reduction of 2 Cubs to 1611. However we and I’d be delighted to be challenged to need to delve deeper into the figures to see come and see better examples that we can where action is needed. 6 of our Districts use in the development event so we can all showed growth, in 2 instances of over 10%. find ways of improving the programme we However, this was offset by an equal number offer to greater numbers of young people. of Districts recording a decline in the number of Cubs. Our challenge therefore is still present; we need to find ways of allowing young people to experience the adventure and enjoyment that Cub Scouting offers. The County Commissioner has issued a challenge to all Districts to look at way of forming a new section during this year. We need to ensure that all leaders are looking at ways of reducing or eliminating joining lists. To allow us to learn from each other and to assist Districts in working towards the County Development Plan I am planning to run a Cub Scout Leaders Development event at no cost to Groups or Districts. I don’t want this to be a boring series of presentations but a means of all Leaders being able to participate in discussion and for everyone to come away feeling they have gained something from the experience. I don’t want this to sound too depressing, over a five year period we have shown an increase of almost 20% in the number of Cubs, but I want us to be sure that we are doing everything possible to ensure every existing member gets the best possible experience and that every young person who wants to is able to enjoy the same experience. During the year I have witnessed some excellent events taking place and seen great examples of Cubs truly experiencing adventure and wonderful Cub Scouting. I don’t like singling out single groups as I have not been to every one and am certain that Cub Scouts across the County are having a great experience, However, my highlight was



Scout Report

Explorer Scout Report

Onwards and upwards. Leaders were of very high quality Or in the case of the ACC (Scouts) so much so I decided to invite 3 onwards and older … First let me back to act as judges (and mentors) introduce myself. I first took the in next years competition. If your Cub Scout promise in 1973 to the thinking of entering but are not rather formidable form of "Akela" sure - do it - its a positive of 26th Darlington. My first experience. leadership role was that of Communication, Communication, Assistant Scout Leader of 1st Communication. I am still getting Verden Scout Troop, Soltau District my feet under the table but I assure in the County of British Scouts you that by the time you are JOHN MOORE Western Europe. My role at the reading this steps will have been ACC Scouts time was that of Regimental Police taken to promote regular ADC and, as an ASL, I recall walking into meetings. My aim 100% the NAAFI in my Scout uniform. I was representation from Districts. ridiculed by two soldiers. I did what any self My email - if I respecting ASL cum Regimental Policeman can help I will. If I cannot I will know would do and promptly jailed them. This had someone who can. Use me. two suprising side effects - the first was that I was asked to be SL and secondly this act brought suprising kudos to the Scouts who's numbers doubled within weeks.. I have been the Scout Leader of four Troops now, been a GSL and ADC (S) too. As Air Activities Advisor for Durham County I have been involved in managing the Glider provision and the occasional flying event at Fishburn. 2010 brings a new challenge to the Scout section being the top end of the age range being, again, dropped. This time its down to just 14 years 6 months. Some will see this as a good thing … some not. What we can be certain of is that this will be "a challenge" as a lot of successful Scout Troops will see the loss of the cream of their Patrol Leader's. Keep this age trimming in mind when you looks at the membership figures.. Our loss is the Explorer Section's gain however. Whether or not you, or I for that matter, see this as a good thing or a bad thing is not a question that will be asked. Its POR now. Gillwell has decided and we must make it work. What makes SCOUTING work has never changed in my eyes. Activity, Adventure, Responsibility. Do these three things and your Troop will stand every chance of success. We have just had The Dryburn camping competition and I must say that the standard of Scouting was high but not so high as to prevent more Patrols taking part. The high standard was nothing different to that which I have seen in many Troops … honestly. The key, if any exists, is a good Patrol Leader … (ho-hum back to the 14 1/2 topic again) but I must say that these sub 14 1/2 year old Patrol

Last year I opened my report saying Thank You. This year I’m going to do the same. So, Thank You!

Ventures. The core age range changed, making the maximum age a Scout can be in the Scout section 14 and a half. At first we were all a little concerned on how this would Last year the Explorer Section had affect the Moving On process but a 19% increase, this year the through your hard work and most section has shown a 16% increase Units and Scout sections taking and I thank you all sincerely for advantage of the Best Of Both this. We now have just over 500 Worlds support, we have got Explorer Scouts in the County, through the issue. which is excellent! I would like to congratulate this STEVE PURNELL This year has been a difficult year ACC Explorer Scouts year’s Geoffrey Gordon Cup winners to ensure that we built on the 3rd South Shields Team B, the 5-asuccess of a huge increase from side football winners from last year and we have done it. Again, I thank Houghton-le-Spring and to Christopher Brown you for this. for winning the County Climbing Competition. After visiting Units around the County, it is I would also like to congratulate Daniel clear to see why we have so many Explorer Bryson, Hannah Clark, Nick Waite, and Scouts in the County. The reason? A Kristopher Sumner who this year won dedicated and committed Explorer Scout placements on the Outward Bound Course, leader team. It is evident that through your held in the summer. I hope to see you all dedication, an excellent programme and again next year, taking part in these great excellent support is there for your Explorers competitions and other County Events. and as a result, they keep coming back for Finally, it has been a great pleasure, working more. with you all for another year, in my roll. As Explorer leaders we have the biggest Once again it has been a great pleasure challenge in supporting the Explorers through meeting you all and gaining an excellent some of their hardest times in their lives. increase in Explorer Scouts in the County. Pressure from exams, peer pressure from Once again, Thank You for all your hard work their friends and the need to explore new and dedication to the Explorer Scout Section things and new experiences, this makes it in Durham Scout County and let’s make this very difficult to keep them interested in year another successful year for us all. I am Scouting. Due to the reason stated above, looking forward in working with you all again you have managed to do it and thank you for at least another year. once again. For the last year I have focused, as I said I would, on adult leader training and young leader training. It has been difficult to visit everyone and it has been a long process but I am getting there and will be round to visit everyone as soon as possible. In regards to the young leader training, I have a CD available which contains all Modules and Missions to help you support your Explorers through their Young Leader training. Please let me know if you would like a copy. Moving forward for this year I will still be focusing on Adult Leader Training and Young Leader Training. I am still hoping to get all Explorer Leaders through their Explorer Scout Leader Wood Badge. This will increase the knowledge you need to help support this section further. Last year we saw the biggest change in Explorer Scouting since it changed from




International activities within the will be under way in Sweden. County are on the up, the number most Districts within the County of groups and Districts who are will be represented at this event contacting me for "Visit Abroad" as part of the Durham Jamboree pack has increased again. Over 50% Unit, IST or as members of the of Districts in the County will have planning teams of both the UK members taking part in an contingent and the World International adventure this year. Jamboree. The 36 young people The range of adventures are very and 4 leaders are in full training diverse, Districts and groups having now to enable them to fully visit's to Hungary, France, Canada. prepared for their life change Leaders, attending the World Moot experience in Sweden. Many fund in Kenya, as members of IST, over raising events are being planned DAVID RUSSELL the last year Explorers and Network by the Unit members at both members have undertaking Explorer Belt District and County level over the next year, Expeditions in France and Poland, Explorers please support them in these ventures. helped build two new classrooms at a school It's my dream to see every member of in Zambia, a Young leader working as a Durham County given the opportunity to go "Pinkie" for 3 months at Kanderstag. Two on an international experience at least once. Districts will also be taking part in this year's This could be attending a international camp Tall Ships race from Norway to Hartlepool. in the UK or an overseas trip. Details of what That's without the group's who will be taking international events are being planned can be part in UK based International camps. As I found at Can I said "international activities" are becoming help you to achieve this? Have a question, truly International in Durham. Need some information or just advise, Just In just over a year, the 22nd World Jamboree ask.


What a year it’s been for Scouting! have not received this newsletter With a strong rise in female and then could I please ask you to teenage members my role as contact your District County Media Development Commissionaire or the County Manager has never been busier. As office, whichever is more our movement develops so does the appropriate to your role and stories of ingenuity, bravery and provide and email address so we good Scouting that make my job so can update the records. A print enjoyable. Externally, we have version can be made available to seen a further increase in positive those with no internet access and Scouting stories in the press both once again contact the nationally and locally, with this appropriate person so we can be county in the past year having made aware of this. SIMON STAFFORD coverage on radio, television and County Media Dev. Manager Finally, I would like to offer the print. This is either from nationally opportunity for districts to appoint led stories such as this year’s growth or District Media Development Managers; this International Service Team placements for exiting role will enable districts to generate the next World Scout Jamboree in Sweden, their own “on brand” stories which can be through to County/local specific stories such pitched directly to local media outlets whilst as Confido 2009, the Beaver Picnic and receiving full media support from County and special achievements such as Moor House’s Headquarters. If you think this is a role you top accreditation with the Learning Outside would be interested in taking on please the Classroom scheme. Internally we have contact your District Commissionaire. I hope developed the Durham Post into an email to work with even more youth and adult based publication called Durham Post + which members of Durham Scout County in the next is now released monthly and contains all of year and look forward to making sure the the latest information from the County as fantastic work we do does not go unnoticed well as more specific stories about Scouting and helping to cement the relevance of written by the members themselves. If you Scouting in society. 14

Safeguarding & Special Needs

The Association reviews its published, with the addition of safeguarding arrangements 'neglect' in the policy box but there constantly and following a formal are no other major changes. internal review and external advice 6) The following has been added to from the NSPCC, from January 1st the Child Protection Policy and is 2010, a number of changes took reflected in the revised version of effect. POR: 1) The role of County Child Adults must not consume alcohol Protection Co-ordinator ceased and when they are directly responsible was replaced by Safeguarding for young people on a Scouting Awareness Coordinator, along with activity and must not permit young a change in role description, people (aged under 18 years) to making it a much more pro-active consume alcohol on Scouting SHEILA GIBBON role. activities. More information is County Child Protection 2) The title Child Protection has available in fact sheet number Co-ordinator been replaced by Safeguarding, to FS185092. bring this in line with changes in As usual, I am available to provide emphasis. any support or advice when needed, so don’t 3) Training: The NSPCC Keeping Children Safe hesitate to get in touch. distance learning modular training programme SPECIAL NEEDS remains the recommended safeguarding Training: even though Module 36 is an optional training for new leaders. From April 2009 to module, leaders are still signing up to attend Feb 2010, 97 adults have completed the the course and many go on to validation. As modules – well done to you all. A further 50 well as being open to those who are working are in progress. Since the beginning of the towards the Wood Badge, it is also suitable for programme, 739 people have gained more experienced leaders and provides 2 certificates. hours of on-going learning. From April 1st 2010 the emphasis moved from Advice and support: the majority of requests paper-based to e-learning, with a reduction in for advice during the past year have been to costs. Whilst in some ways, this is beneficial, do with flexibility of age ranges between it remains to be seen whether this will be a sections and issues relating to all sections more accessible method of carrying out the when a young person with special needs asks learning. to join the group. By planning ahead and Additional safeguarding awareness training is involving all concerned (leaders, parents and – now obligatory within the life of an where appropriate, the young person) it has appointment. This training provides more usually been possible to ensure that the specialist content delivered by specialist youngster is able to benefit from scouting trainers who are equipped with a deeper activities. In December 2009, the factsheet DC knowledge of the subject matter. It Guidelines – Age Range Flexibility (Special supplements and builds on the training given Needs), FS250045 was updated to take the in Module 1, so adults have more confidence in revised core ages into account. This gives their safeguarding roles and responsibilities. comprehensive information about the process 4) Appointment reviews: leaders whose and includes a proforma to be completed. appointment is due for review must have Resources: a new factsheet, Emotional Health completed approved safeguarding training at and Wellbeing was produce in Jan 2010 the point the review is undertaken. As an (FS250064) and an existing one was updated in interim measure, while Counties are March 2010 - Managing Behaviour (FS185090) establishing training opportunities or in areas Edition 2. Both are very useful resources. where there is significant difficulty in Once again I would like to express my thanks undertaking training, an appointment review to all of you within the County who have may proceed, providing the individual disabled young people in your groups, for the undertakes the approved training within the hard work and commitment you give to next 6 months. From 31st December 2010 ensuring good Scouting for more young people. reviews should only take place where the This will be my last report, because I relevant training has been completed. relinquished the role of ACC(Special Needs) in In addition, the leader must have completed a January to take on the new (adapted) role of satisfactory Personal Enquiry (CRB check) Safeguarding Awareness Coordinator. within the previous five years. However, until a replacement is appointed, I 5) A fourth edition of the yellow card has been will do my best to help where I can. 15

Network Report

It’s been another mixed year for windy Confido last year, running Network across the County. We have the zip line in the woods. We also once again seen an increase in our ran a very successful Geoffrey membership, with a substantial Gordon Cup, which saw 21 teams increase in ‘lone’ members who battle it out to be crowned the want to stay involved after Explorers champions. Congratulations to but where there previously hasn’t South Shields who won the been a provision. However, we still ultimate prize. You can see face significant challenges setting up photos and news from the event local Networks where there is clear at need for them. The challenges are thegeoffreygordoncup. Thanks as not unique to Durham County – always to everyone who invests so IAN HAMMOND identifying Network Leaders, getting CS Network Commissioner much time and energy to make a critical mass of members involved the event so special. In April I had and delivering a genuine developmental the pleasure of joining 15 Queen Scouts at the programme. To help us, Peter Thorpe from National Scout Service and Parade at Windsor. the Regional Development Service has The standard and quality of the Queen Scouts initiated a project to help us focus on all was amazing and each had experiences and three issues and make progress on setting up memories which will last them a lifetime. three new local networks. Thanks to Peter for Congratulations to each and every one of his continued support. Our members continue them. If you need any help or advice on to organise events across the County, gaining the award, please get in touch. In the including a successful winter camp at summer, four of our members also went to Westhall under a metre of snow! The photos Poland on an Explorer Belt Expedition and had from the sledging outing at Cleadon Hills are a brilliant time. The Explorer Belt is such an brilliant, including some excellent training on undervalued but truly unique award and there ice axes. There have also been lots of will be some more detailed guidance coming informal events organised to go Gorge out later in the year to help you support your Walking, Coasteering, Ice Skating, Cinema, members in taking part. Climbing and Walking in the lakes. There are Finally, this will be my final Annual Report more activities planned in the future, before I stand down as CSNC in the Summer including a trip to Kandersteg by Derwentside after 3 years in the role. Many thanks to Network. Our members also continue to everyone who has supported me and the deliver quality Scouting in their local areas – Network Team over the last 10 years – it has as leaders, activity instructors or helpers in been very much appreciated. My best wishes groups. We now have members trained in a to all our members across the County, I hope huge number of activities.We attended a very they have a great time being part of Network.


Peter Le Patourel - Peter was born on 23 March 1933, he was a Wolf Cub and Scout before holding his first warrant as Assistant Scout Master in Gateshead in 1952. He held several other appointments in Gateshead before moving to Chester le Street District in 1970. He was ADC Scouts in 1972 and joined the County Training team in 1974, at position he held until 1998. He was District Commissioner of Chester le Street twice, first in 1977, then in 1981. He was Assistant County Commissioner Development from 1991 – 1998. He became Chester le Street District Chairman and was made an honorary Scouter of the County in 1998. Peter gave a life time of service to Scouting, this was recognised in 2002 with the award of the Silver Wolf, the unreserved gift of the Chief Scout for service of an outstanding nature. Graeme Popay, County Manager

Many thanks to all Fellowship Group Scout Leaders to set up members for the hard work they Support Units in their respective have done throughout the year in areas of responsibility to perform supporting Scouting within the a wide variety of valuable support County whether it be at Group, to the County, District or Group District or County level. Without thus giving a more structured pool your help and dedication Scouting of help where needed. This does would be much the poorer for the not stop the individual units from young people who we are providing having a social programme of Active Support for. As most of you events that helps to bind the will be aware Scout Fellowship is section together so that it is not changing name to Scout Active all work and no play. Please TERRY WILLCOX Support thus highlighting the main ACC Scout Fellowship continue to enjoy your Scouting purpose of this important section of and if I can be of any help to you the Movement. The new mandate for Scout do not hesitate to contact me. Active Support enables the County Commissioner, District Commissioners and

John Raymond Lowerson, “JRL”,” Sir”, “The Man” 25 October 1934 - 19 September 2009 When you’re asked to write an obituary you can only hope that you know a person well enough to do them justice. I fear that I only know of John’s life that what he wanted me to know. Why do I feel that I must appologise for calling him John? To a young cub and Scout he was always “Sir” and never ever anything but. So feared and respected was his reputation amoung us I still feel the need to call him Sir, and yes, it does feel wrong to call him John out of respect for who he was and the effect he had on our lives. I have little to tell of John’s family life and childhood. John was always a deeply personal man who would only explain things that he felt you needed to know. His memory’s of being a young boy scout where always top of the conversation tree. John had been involved in Scouting in Durham Scout County for many years. He joined 1st Herrington as a Wolf Cub in 1942 and stayed with the Group for the rest of his life. Within the group the need to discover which patrol John belonged is still debated with much regret that we will possibly never know for true. But then, that was always the interesting thing about knowing John. And always kept you guessing on that which you didn’t. His first formal role was in 1953 as an 18 year old Assistant Scout Leader and continued until retiring as GSL of 1st Herrington in 1989. John was District Commissioner of Houghton-le-Spring for 15 years and an Assistant County Commissioner Leader Training from 1972 to 1995. John very much enjoyed his role within training and had a strong sense of discipline with a wicked sense of humour. He was totally dismissive about any modern systems or ideas that he did not agree with (and there were quite a few over time), whilst demanding (and getting) complete loyalty to both himself and his preferred methods. He could easily prove what worked and what didn’t with a vast range of examples and anecdotes, supported by a healthy dose of background gossip, which he loved to collect to squirrel away for use later, often with devastating effect. John served on the County Executive for 53 years and would always have a view on every subject that effected scouting. If he didn’t agree with something, he made sure you knew about it. But in the end, scouting always won.In 1990, John was employed as the County Secretary, based at 47 North Bailey, and continued this role for ten years. He thrived in his role as County Secretary as it was the role in scouting where you need to know everyone and everything. And John certainly made it his business to do this. A five minute visit to 47 North Bailey to enquire about a Wood Badge would cost you an entire afternoon of your time. Yet the knowledge gained in that one afternoon will still be with you now.Since then John has been District Chairman (and for the last year District President) of Houghton-le-Spring a role which he never really wanted. John always wanted to be part of the decision making process, he wanted to influence the future of Scouting and help in whatever way he could. John was awarded the Silver Wolf – the unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout, awarded for service of the most exceptional nature – in 1989. It’s true to say that John never “wanted or agreed” to the award and rumour that he hid in a patrol tent keeping the county commissioner of the day “Roy Stewart” waiting is completely true. Yet he wore the award with hidden pride.The above belies many other areas of Scouting in which John was involved; both in an Executive capacity and in relation to Moor House where he spent many years as a voluntary warden. John did an amazing amount of work in so many ways. He knew everything that was going on. His group, his District and Durham Scout County were his life, and they all still reflect so much of what he made them into. I’m just one of the thousands of lives that he influenced. And I’m so much better for it. Always with us “Sir”



Scout Fellowship Report


Adult Training

It has been another good year , expeditions, be they Bronze, Silver with grateful thanks to Durham or Gold will have to be assessed by City SAS and Westy, exciting accredited assessors. County and water activities can be provided Headquarters will fund any leader to any member aged 14 and up(50% each) willing to join Bob, please see ‘H2O Adventures’ on Stephen & I on the team of the County website. assessors. We now have a few people to Other bits and bobs: Thanks to have gained the CWA (Climbing Keith Griffin and his team for the Wall Award). This National First Aid Competition, Ken Dunne Governing Body Award authorises for the Archery and Stephen you to use any artificial wall in Purnell for the football STEPHEN RAMSAY the country ( including Moor competitions. In creative activities: ACC (Activities) House Tower) and allows us to members of Darlington, 'rubber stamp' your AAP Derwentside and Durham City were (Adventurous Activity Permit) to take scouts seen in, or behind the scenes, in Newcastle to the wall. This course, along with the SPA, Gang Show. There is a lot of talent out there! is provided by Moor House. County Office also DERWENTSIDE GANG SHOW will be on 30th arranges First Aid, Archery,.177 Air Rifle and November until 4th December with rehearsals Hillwalking courses to support you as leaders staring in the beginning of September. All to get the qualifications to do the more members of the County have been invited to adventurous type of activities our Scouts join take part- please see County website to (and stay with us) for. Please see www.moorregister your interest either to join the cast for details and application or the Gang behind the Gang forms for these courses. And of course I wish to thank the team of I'd like to thank Mark Atkinson for all his hard people who help me enjoy running the work as County Climbing Adviser, he Mountain walking/navigation courses. In organised a brilliant Climbing Competition for particular to Gail Oliver and Hilary Rawlins us and has started a club for those of us for feeding and first aiding us and to Mark interested in developing our sport. We meet Atkinson, Bob Barnes, Colin Brown, Paul once a month at various indoor walls. It is a Kendall, Tom Oliver, Ian Walley, Steven West relaxed and fun evening, and can be used to (Westy), Adam Wilson, Chris Woolhouse be signed off for your wall-climbing AAP. (From DSU), David Yardley (ACC Activities Please contact him at Cleveland) & John Yardley for helping with if you would the instruction out on the hills in all like to join us. conditions. The next one is on 29th - 31st Latest news- he has organised our first ROCK October and we will return to our cherished CONVERSION COURSE- for those leaders who and refurbished Chesters Cottage in are thinking of taking their scouts outside to Northumberland. climb but need a little help to get started. The course is full but watch out for the next one … The Duke of Edinburgh Award is re-branding itself and will have a knock-on effect on how we run this within the County. Headquarters have run pilot schemes in 3 counties and we are being advised of the changes as they affect us. In preparation of these changes Bob Barnes and Stephen Purnell have completed the necessary courses to become Expedition Assessors so I thank them sincerely for that. If you are working on DofE and would like me to update you as and when things happen please send an email to my home address. Basically, from September onwards ALL

The number of leaders accessing From Jan 2010, a new training modules has steadied at 20+ and requirement was introduced – many people signed up early to be approved safeguarding training sure of a place. Where there has within the duration of the been a waiting list, we have appointment. This means that at managed to fit these leaders in. In review, people now have to show the previous year, there were an evidence of: unacceptable number of no-shows • up to date first aid certificate (a and so additional reminders have minimum of First Response) been sent automatically to remind • approved safeguarding training participants and this has reduced within the last 5 years the number. The new on-line • a satisfactory Personal Enquiry SHEILA GIBBON booking system, along with the within the previous five years County Training decision that most modules would • 5 hours on-going learning per Manager be free at point of delivery, has year from the date of their Wood reduced the workload of County Office staff Badge to the year of their review I’m pleased to report that a number of In the near future all adults who have an people have volunteered to become Training appointment will need to validate module 1; Advisers and so two Mod 25s have been run, for those who have regular contact with each for about 6 people. young people, there will be an additional Manager modules have been run with a small segment on safeguarding they will need to take-up; there are still a number of GSLs and validate. To this end, module 1 is currently ADCs in districts who do not have a relevant being re-written, but we have no date yet for wood badge. On the same theme, a reminder its launch. also to leaders who change role: if your wood Finally, I again want to thank everyone who badge is not for your current role, please talk has had an input into training during the last to your district training contact, Local year – District contacts, Training Advisers, Training Manager or myself and we will people who present modules, County Office arrange to have your training updated. staff and not least, you, the leaders for all Gilwell has continued to review module your hard work with the young people, content, the main change being with module because after all, that’s why we are in 16, Nights Away. There has always been Scouting. disquiet from leaders working towards the Wood Badge who aren’t able to go away with the young people overnight that they had to validate this module in order to gain the wood badge. Therefore, from 2011, the content of the current module 16 will be split into 2. The new module 16 will be a 2-3 hour session looking at the purpose of residential experiences and giving an overview of what is required when organising an overnight stay. A new module (38) will be available for leaders wishing to gain a Nights Away permit; the content will be linked closely to the NA permit scheme and should provide participants with all the relevant learning. Dave Russell, County NA Adviser will be coordinating the delivery of this new module, which is an optional module and will count as on-going learning. The new appointment process has been rolled out in most districts and, linked with this, two thirds of the districts in the county are now completely self-sufficient as far as record keeping is concerned.



Silver Cross


Peter Cowe, Chester le Street District In recognition of his bravery and prompt actions whilst putting himself at considerable risk to stop an out of control car on an elevated highway after the driver became unconscious, he administered first aid to the driver whilst calmly offering reassurance to the young passenger’. Tyne Bridge , Gateshead Highway Silver Acorn for especially distinguished service

John Addington, Houghton le Spring Mike Caton, Teesdale Ian Johnson, Bishop Auckland Bill Paterson, South Tyneside Graeme Popay, County

The Chief Scout has made the following Awards within Durham Scout County to the year ending 31 March 2010. Bar to the Award for Merit In recognition of further outstanding service.

Ken Dunne, Darlington Douglas Rowell, Darlington

Award for Merit In recognition of outstanding service.

Audrey Bellis, Bishop Auckland Christopher Burgess, South Tyneside Lisa Crawley, Gateshead Peter Crawley, Gateshead Gary Micklethwaite, Darlington Irene McBeath, Darlington Enid Peart, Darlington David Scrafton, South Tyneside Gwendoline Smith, Gateshead David Thompson, Durham City Karen Williams, Gateshead

QUEEN SCOUT AWARD 2009/10 Martyn Ross Daniel Hill Lisa Scott Marc Keating Deanne Dutton Christopher Chilton Laura Whitfield Katie Sheen Kathryn Gill Stephen Whitfield Joseph Newton Joanne Little Katherine Brown John McAtominey Mark Lindsley Josh Roberts Katie-Jayne Micklethwaite


Beaver Scout Section Archery (Barebow): Dylan Sharp

Cub Scout Section Archery (Barebow): Nathan Dunne Archery (Olympic): James Barber Five-a-Side Football: Pete Swinney Trophy: FW Dunn Trophy: Joseph Dredge Climbing: Scout Section Archery (Barebow): Jeffery Oseni Archery (Olympic): James Robson Five-a-Side Football: Dryburn: Vaux: Climbing:

Explorer Scout Section Archery (Barebow): James Swainston Archery (Olympic): Sarah Stokes Five-a-Side Football: Geoffrey Gordon Cup Climbing:

THE QUEEN’S SCOUT AWARD The Queen’s Scout Award is the highest Scout Training Award in the United Kingdom. It is awarded only to Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members. It was originally introduced as the King’s Scout Award by King Edward VII in 1909. The Queen’s Scout Award has a specific set of values based on a personal best, measured in terms of effort, commitment and selfreliance. A high degree of determination and persistence are called for to achieve its exacting demands. The gaining of the Award is marked by the wearing of a badge featuring a gold crown on the uniform and by presentation of a Royal Certificate bearing this message from the Queen: “As a Queen’s Scout you have prepared yourself for service to God and other people, and have shown yourself a worthy member of the Worldwide Scout Movement. I wish you God speed on your journey through life; may it prove for you a joyous adventure”. Elizabeth R


Darlington Teesdale 2nd Burnopfield 3rd South Shields 1st Newton Aycliffe Jonathon Burgon Houghton le Spring Chester le Street 28th South Shields (East Boldon) 1st Herrington 3rd South Shields Adam Fucile Darlington Blaydon 28th South Shields (East Boldon) EU Crook & Weardale District EU Christopher Brown

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Module No 7 13 11 15 16 12 5 17 14 9 8 36 13 7 11 15 19


Module Name Valuing Diversity Growing the Movement (section leaders) Administration (section leaders Challenging Behaviour Introduction to Residential Experiences Providing a Balanced Programme Fundamental Values of Scouting Activities Outdoors Young People Today Working with Adults Skills of Leadership Special Needs Growing the Movement (Section Leaders) Valuing Diversity Administration (Section Leaders) Challenging Behaviour International

Date Sat 11th Sept Sat 11th Sept Mon 20th Sept Mon 20 Sept Sat 5th March Sat 5th March Tues 22nd March Mon 11th April Mon 11th April Wed 4th May Mon 16th May Tues 14th June Sun 11th Sept Sun 11th Sept Thurs 22nd Sept Thurs 22nd Sept Wed 12th Oct

July 10 2nd – 4th Canoe Expedition 15th County AGM 17th Vaux 22nd DESC Meeting Aug 10

Time 9:30-12:30 1:00-4:00 7:00-8:15 8:30-9:30 9:30-12:00 12:30-4:00 7:30-9:30 7:00-8:15 8:30-9:30 7:30-9:00 7:30-9:30 7:30-9:15 9:30-12:30 1:00-4:00 7:00-8:15 8:30-9:30 7:30-9:00

September 10 9th County/Dist Team 16th DESC & ADC Scout 21st Executive 24th – 26th Kayak Camp

October 10 1st – 3rd Basic Kayak Camp 8th – 10th Confido 16th Jamboree Ball 21st ADC Beavers, Cubs, 29th – 31st Hill Walking

Manager modules and Module 25 by arrangement Evening sessions will be at Moor House Day session venues to be confirmed TAs meetings: Wednesday 13th October 2010 Thursday 10th March 2011 Monday 17th October 2011


W.A. Handley Charity Trust 09/10 W.A. Handley Charity Trust 10/11 W.F & S Gibbon Sir J Priestman Trust J Ledger Durham and Northumberland Ladies Golf West Rainton Parish Council

1,750.00 1,750.00 100.00 1,500.00 230.00

Durham North Guides 20.00 Sir James Knott Trust 11,000.00 M L Vasey 40.00 Scout Association Development Grant 500.00 DCC Grant 3,492.00 Gift Aid 125.00 Total £20,832.00

250.00 75.00


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November 10 3rd County/District Team 6th – 7th GNAS Archery part 1 9th County Executive 13th Pete Swinney & FW Dunn 13th – 14th 177 Rifle Training 14th First Response Training 17th ADC Scouts 20th – 21st GNAS Archery part 2 20th – 21st Midnight Madness 25th DESC December 10 January 11 14th – 16th Hill Walking 10th County Team & DC’s 19th ADC Scouts 20th DESC 22nd Food Hygiene Course 22nd Burns Night

February 11 1st Executive 12th Frostie Fun Day 14th DC’s March 11 7th – 11th GNAS Archery Course 8th County Team 16th ADC scouts 17th DESC Meeting 25th – 27th GGC

April 11 5th Executive 10th 5-a-side Football 17th County Climbing Comp May 11 9th County Team & DC’s 11th ADC Beavers, Cubs 18th ADC Scouts 19th DESC Meeting June 11 3rd - 5th Kayak Camp 11th Vaux 13th DC’s 15th Executive 17th - 19th Dryburn Comp 24th – 26th Cubboree July 11 1st – 3rd Canoe Expedition 11th County team 14th ADC Scouts DESC 21st County AGM

August 11 September 11 6th Executive 12th County team & DC’s 14th ADC scouts 15th DESC 23rd – 25th Kayak Camp October 11 7th – 9th Confido 10th DC’s 19th ADC Beavers, Cubs 28th – 30th Hill Walking November 11 8th County Executive 12th Pete Swinney & FW Dunn 12th – 13th 177 Rifle Training 13th First Response Training 14th County Team 16th ADC scouts 17th DESC Meeting 19th - 20th Midnight Madness December 11




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The charity’s main activities are the promotion, support and administration of Scouting in Durham Scout County, the running of a Scout store for the sale of uniforms, training manuals and related items, the running of an activity centre at Moor House, the holding of training courses, and the provision of activities and competitions. The charity is responsible for the establishment and running of a Scout Network in our geographical area. The year has seen considerable successes in the provision of these activities.

Training courses have been held at all levels, continuing our commitment to training for all our leaders. REVIEW OF FINANCIAL RESULTS

The financial results of the charity are shown in the annexed financial statements.

The Statement of Financial Activities shows that our operating income was £395,994 (2009: £338,663). Moor House income continued to rise to £188,926 compared to £136,733 in the previous year. Our operating expenses rose from £355,634 to £410,322.

Moor House has been improved significantly over the last few years, with improved toilet facilities for campers, modifications to the centre’s bedrooms, disabled sleeping facilities and a new kitchen. We also hold an Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) licence, confirming our position as a premier youth centre in our region.

Turning to other financial matters, we remain grateful for the support of donors and grant making bodies, with grants received in the year from the Sir James Knott Charitable Trust, W A Handley Charitable Trust, Sir J Priestman Charitable Trust and many other trusts and donors. The continued support of the Sir James Knott Charitable Trust has enabled us to invest £11,000 this year in capital projects to benefit Scouting.

The William Leech Charitable Trust has continued to offer us an interest free loan facility, which has enabled us to offer loans to our local Scout Groups for the renovation or improvement of their facilities and to finance development work Our overall result for the year was a surplus of £39,042 (2009: deficit of £85,554). The performance of investments over the period contributed to this surplus.


RESOURCES EXPENDED Costs of generating funds Scout store costs Moor House Social Committee Costs Investment management costs Charitable activities Training course costs Moor House costs Events and support provided to members Governance costs


63,215 1,496 963

67,117 1,703 912


53,370 ---------39,042 39.042

(68,583) ---------(85,554) (85,554)

OTHER RECOGNISED GAINS Gains (Losses) on revaluation of investments

715,307 ---------754,349 ======

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35,017 2,048 136,733 57,675 672 ---------338,663 ======

13,022 70,153 1,588


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STATION ROAD, WASHINGTON Telephone: (0191) 417 7488

41,608 1,311 188,926 69,819 – ---------395,994 ======

6,918 65,583 997


MG ROVER Specialists Contact us at; Temperature House Unit 21 Sedling Road, Wear Ind Estate Washington NE38 9BZ Tel. 416 8884




M.o.T.’s Petrol and Diesel Testing Station

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8,382 154,476 114,952 8,092 ---------355,634 ======

Balances carried forward


Total Funds 2009 £

7,024 201,378 128,679 7,567 ---------410,322 ======

Balances brought forward

Best wishes from

are pleased to support County Durham Scout Association

INCOMING RESOURCES Incoming resources from general funds Voluntary income Donations and grants Activities for generating funds Investment income Scout store sales Moor House Social Committee Incoming resources from charitable activities Membership fees Training course fees Activity centre bookings County activities Other income

Total Funds 2010 £



800,861 ---------715,307 ======


FIXED ASSETS Tangible assets Investments

556,208 180,232 ----------736,440 -----------

CURRENT ASSETS Stock Debtors Cash at bank and in hand

25,759 30,221 18,507 ---------74,487

CREDITORS: Amounts falling due within one year

(56,578) ---------17,909 ---------754,349 ======



Unrestricted: Designated funds Other charitable funds

90,461 637,509

Restricted funds

26,379 ---------754,349 ======

VENUE’S 2009 £

518,840 178,331 ----------697,171 -----------

24,283 27,330 20,566 ---------72,179

(54,043) ---------18,136 ---------715,307 ======

112,598 581,681

21,028 ---------715,307 ======

These financial statements were approved by the trustees on 15 June 2010 and are signed on their behalf by :M Moron Trustee

We report on the summarised financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2010 set out on pages 28-30. We reported as auditors on 16 June 2010 to Durham Scout County Council in respect of the full financial statements for the year end 31 March 2010 and gave an unqualified report. We confirm that the summarised financial statements are consistent with the full financial statements. STRAUGHANS LIMITED CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS and Registered Auditor Date 7 July 2010


WEEK 2 - Mon 2nd - Thurs 5th August St Thomas More RC School, Croftdale Road, Blaydon, NE21 4BQ. Football & MultiSports Course Tynedale R.F.C, Tynedale Park, Corbridge, NE45 SAY. Football Coaching WEEK 3 - Mon 9th - Thurs 12th August Bullocksteads Sports Ground, Ponteland Road, NE13 8AH. Football & Goalkeeping Course & South Street Community Primary School, Cramer Street, Gateshead, NE8 4BB - Football Course WEEK 4 - Mon 16th - Thurs 19th August Corbridge Ist School, St Helens Lane, Corbridge, NE45 5JQ. Football & Goalkeeping Course & Whickham Parochial CofE, Broadway, NE16 5QW. Football Course WEEK 5 - Monday 23rd - Thurs 26th August Bullocksteads Sports Ground, Ponteland Road, NE13 BAH Football & Goalkeeping Course & Prudhoe Castle 1st School, Castle Road, Prudhoe, NE42 6PH. - Football Course WEEK 6 - Tues 31st August Friday 3rd September St Thomas More RC School, Croftdale Road, Blaydon, NE214BQ. Football & MultiSports Course & Joseph Swan School, Saltwell Road South, Gateshead, NE9 6LE. - Football & MultiSport Course & Whickham School and Sports College, Burnthouse Lane, NE16 5AR. Football & Goalkeeping Course Please note: Hot & Cold Food and Drink available for sale at Bullocksteads Sports Fround only

£40 per course or ANY 3 FOR £99 Office: 0191264 2015 Mobile: 07889 618 718 Email:

S Scott Trustee


Straughans Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditor Hadrian House, Front Street, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham DH3 3DB

WEEK 1 - Monday 26th - Thurs 29th July Bullocksteads Sports Ground, Ponteland Road, NE13 8AH. Football & Goalkeeping Course Tues 27th - Fri 30th July Joseph Swan School, Saltwell Road South, Gateshead, NE9 6LE. Football & MultiSport Course

Ref: Scouts




Bringing our little animals to your little animals!


Cuddles, Reptiles & Mini Beasts Parties


90 mins of animals & games (also keepsake photo)

Fetes & Events

Tel: 01325 355366 ROASTER Email: HIRE Web: ue * CENTRE * VALUE IS OUR BOAST

Animal handling & talks, craft activities & plenty of photo opportunities

Tel. 07946738839

10% discount on production of this advert

Up to 15% DISCOUNT to all recognised uniformed organisations




Durham Scouts Annual Report 2010  

Durham Scouts Annual Report 2010

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